Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's time...

What a surprise. Kathleen Subelius is backing Chad Taylor in the Shawnee County District Attorney’s race. I’m sure Mr. Taylor’s more than happy to accept this endorsement, I mean what politician wouldn’t want the support of the governor. Just remember though, this is the same governor who hand picked Paul Morrison to be the guy that was going to restore dignity and respect to the Kansas Attorney General’s Office. That worked out pretty good, didn’t it. Maybe she’s not as good a judge of character as she thinks she is.
I’m not saying Chad Taylor would be anything like Paul Morrison. I’m not saying he wouldn’t either. I’ve never met the guy. But I have heard from several people who believe if Mr. Taylor becomes our next District Attorney, Paul Morrison would be one of the first people he’d hire. Yeah I know, Mr. Taylor is on record numerous times stating these kind of claims are false and misleading. He has vowed on more than one occasion not to hire the man. So what. If enough people believe it and if enough of those people repeat it often enough, it becomes the truth, right?
It’s the same thing Chad Taylor’s hoping to do by constantly trying to make us believe Eric Rucker would bring Phil Kline along with him if he were elected. I guess it doesn’t matter that Eric Rucker’s repeatedly vowed not to hire the Mr. Kline if elected. Like I said about the Paul Morrison thing. If enough people believe it and if enough of those same people repeat it often enough it becomes the truth, right?
It’s a tactic, plain and simple. It’s a smoke and mirrors tactic by the Taylor campaign to divert attention away from their guy’s lack of any real experience to even do the job he seeks. He said in his own words that he’d never actually prosecuted a single felony case. Yeah but quick, look over there. Eric Rucker’s going to hire Phil Kline and besides he’s evil and wants to ban books. I‘ll bet he even wants to eat your children. So vote for me. See how that works?
Here’s the deal. Like any other part of the country, Shawnee County has some serious problems to deal with. Gang related violence is a huge problem whether you want to believe it or not. Most of the armed robberies and home burglaries are gang related. Almost every single one of the drive by shootings that have become so common in Topeka are retaliation of some kind or another between rival gangs and it’s almost always drug related.
Who do we want to deal with the violent criminal element in our community? Do we want a man with 15 years of experience in prosecuting these kind of criminals? Do we want a man who has a 90% conviction rate in prosecution these exact same kind of cases? Or do we want a guy who probably means well but has none of the experience needed to get crime in our community under control? You guys do what you want but I’m going with Rucker. It just makes sense.
Well guys, this is the last column before the big day. I wanted to talk about Obama and why I thought you should vote against him. But to be honest, I really couldn’t think of anything to say that hasn’t been repeated at least 100 times. By now most of you have a good idea where I stand anyway. My wife and I both voted last week so in all reality, I‘ve done all I can. Now it’s up to you. Get out and vote and let the chips fall where they may. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say about the results next week. I’ll talk to you then.
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  1. where is your proof that these shootings are gang related? or the armed robberies?

  2. Do this, google gang related shootings and see what you come up with. It shouldn't be hard to find the proof you seek...
    Anyway, thanks for stopping by...

  3. Hi Kevin ...

    Keep up the good work. I wrote about my mother.

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