Wednesday, March 18, 2009


  1. Hey Kevin, it's good to be back! When you come back through Nebraska, check out Carhenge if you get a chance. I hear it's really a COOL replica of Stonehenge. Heck, maybe you can mention Truckhenge to them? lol

    That's a sad story about the guy from Nebraska. It's so sad that some people really can get that down that they feel killing themselves is the only way. And it's even more terrible for the survivors they leave behind, who loved them.

    Thomas Lessman

  2. It's funny that you mentioned Carhenge Thomas. I've seen it mentioned in a few of the pamplets I've picked up along the way. I thought it was a really COOL replica of "Truckhenge" though.

    Yeah, the suicide thing. The whole thing really sucks. You're right, it's sad that someone can get so down that they think it's the only way out. But it's far worse for the survivors. How's a kid supposed to go on after something like that. Right now the guy's wife is having to deal with her landlord. He's demanding that she hire someone to repair the damage to the walls from the shot gun blast as well as cleaning up the brains and the blood. What a damned mess he left her to deal with...