Wednesday, April 15, 2009

President Wonderful...


  1. I know no one has asked but here's my perspective on anonymous' opinions: When he/she has served in uniform, held a leadership position of some kind and accepted the personal responsibility that goes with same, performed some sort of selfless act with little regard for his/her personal safety and owned or managed a small business, I will give some consideration to his/her opinion. Until such time as he/she can demonstrate any of the above I will afford it no credence.

    Kevin, I agree that Obama did the first right thing he has done when the National Command Authority (let's see if anonymous has a clue who makes up that little clique)allowed the On Scene Commander and the Seals to do their jobs in the situation with the pirates. The question is, however, how many ah sh**ts does one atta boy wipe out. President Wonderful has a long way to go in that regard.


  2. Farmer, no need to wait for someone to ask your opinion here. Anytime you got something on your mind, lay it on us.

    Oh yeah, the answer to your question about how many ah sh**ts does one atta boy wipe out. Not nearly enough!!!