Wednesday, May 20, 2009


You can say what you want about Obama. But you can’t say he isn’t doing exactly what he told us he’d do. His campaign was all about “Hope and Change,” right? Well, he’s changed things alright.

One of the first things he did was to make good on his campaign promise to close that dreadful place called GITMO. Remember that? Remember how the left-wing loons went into a frenzy over that one?

Problem is though, like most liberal ideas, he did it because it sounded good. He did it because it made his base feel good. He did it because it was the politically popular thing to do. And that was about it. There was no plan in place on what to do with the terrorists who now call this place home. All he knows is that he needs $85 million dollars. He’ll figure the rest out later. Whatever.

Then came the first ever by an American President, “Blame America” tour where he trotted off around the globe sucking up to and bowing down to some of the world’s most despicable dictators. Remember that one? Kind of makes you proud, doesn’t it.

Then he took over some of the biggest banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies in the country, telling them what they’d do and how they’d do it. He followed that up by taking over the U.S. auto industry. And just to make sure there was no doubt in anyone’s mind about who was in charge, he fired the CEO of General Motors, again, the first ever by an American President.

Still not satisfied, Obama set his sights on Chrysler. He pushed them into a deal with Italian car company, Fiat. Remember the Yugo that Fiat tried to dump on us back in the 80’s?

Now he’s decided that in order to save the world from global-warming we need to make cars that get at least 35 miles per gallon. Sounds good, right? I suppose there are a few different ways for car companies to meet that goal. They can keep the same size cars we’re used to and put in a much smaller engine in it making it woefully underpowered and dangerous or they can develop new engines that use less fuel and can produce the same amount of power we’re used to. But once they get all that accomplished, the price will be so high on a new vehicle that no one will be able to afford to buy one anyway.

More than likely, since Fiat will be taking over Chrysler, they’ll try to re-introduce another crappy little, underpowered car like the Yugo.

But hey, it’ll be good for the economy, right. I mean, Obama has promised to create more jobs and more than anything that’s what we need. Just think how busy the cemeteries, funeral homes, and the companies that build things like caskets and vaults will be. It’ll be good for trucking companies who deliver them too. There will be a big spike in the floral industry as well as the hotel/motel business as people travel from place to place as they’re attending funerals of family members and friends who’ve been killed in these crappy little death traps they’ll soon unleash on us. Greeting Card companies will have to put on extra employees just meet the demand for sympathy cards that will surely follow.

Yeah, it’s a good thing alright. And it was all brought to you by a man named Obama and his left-wing, environmental, wack-job, friends.

Oh yeah, he talked constantly about “Hope.” My hope is that in 2012 there will be enough people who have had enough of his brand of “Change” and kick him to the curb. YES WE CAN!

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  1. It should be so easy to defeat liberalism in 2012, or even 2010. But I can't get excited by Michael Steele's begging letters for more money to the RNC. More money is not what they need. They need leadership like Newt supplied in '94. But even Newt's new book on the environment put me to sleep. We have got to stop talking nice about global warming and stomp on it with both feet. It is a HUGE fraud that should be easy to expose. But I'm holding on to my money, just yet. I'll support some candidate who will crack some science books, read some reports (not the stupid "Summary for Policy Makers"). The Republicans in charge are on the wrong message. Calling Obama a wack job may be the first blow, but any fighter will tell you that you have to follow up with other techniques. The RNC are scared, and I'm not financing them. I don't think we're going to pull it off unless . . . unless Gov Palin is studying up and getting ready!

  2. Again, Fred, we're on the same page. You know, both party for everything is to throw more money at it. Bullshit!

    that's exactly what we've been doing for years now. And it's becoming clearer every day how that's turning out. Just look at California.

    I like Michael Steele, I think he's a good man but Gingrich was a hell of a lot more effective.

    Can you imagine the shockwaves a Gingrich/Palin ticket would send throughout the liberal world?

    Talk about an exciting election!!!

  3. i see you're still unable to come to terms with the fact that the world has changed and old white racists like yourself have been left behind.
    Obama is the best thing america and the world has ever seen.
    the only thing more pathetic than a mccain-palin ticket would be a gringrich-palin ticket. what a joke.
    the sooner you face the fact that your beloved rethugligan party is dying a slow agonizing death the sooner you can do the same thing. thankfully your kind is a dying breed.

  4. Wow, more words of wisdom from my Anonymous friend.

    I'll tell you what, Bud. Why don't you try to put your thoughts together and then come back and try to actually add something to the conversation instead of your usual insults.

    You tell me that Obama is the best thing American and the world has ever seen.

    Pretty broad statement there. How about giving us a few examples to back it up.

    You're welcome to play in my sand box anytime you want but your stupid name calling and such is really boring...

  5. When I taught composition, any generalization was required to be supported with some sort of example or evidence or at least deductive reasoning (which is easy to fake, by the way). Failure to do that minimum resulted in a failing grade on the paper. Your Anonymous reader, here, has made quite a statement, and it is only fair to ask for some support. Frankly, I think Barack himself would laugh at statement made about him here.

    I feel that the charge of "racist" may have been directed at me as well as at you. I may be wrong. But, either way, Anonymous ought to provide examples of racism on your part. Hell, Kevin, for all I know, you might be of some minority race yourself. Seriously. I've never laid eyes on you, but I'd never assume you were racist.

    Come on, Anonymous. Enlighten my old, white mind! I've missed you the last few weeks.

  6. You're wasting your time, Fred. Ol' Anonymous is just another left-wing loon.

    Name calling and insults is all he has. Pretty typical though. You ought to see some of the e-mails I get. They're all pretty much the same. And I do get called a racist quite a bit. It's become the ultimate insult for a lot of them.

    You could call me a lot of things. And old white guy, a right-wing whatever, and since I'm against gay marriage, you could probably get away with calling me a homophobe. Whatever.

    I guess our Anonymous buddy can call me a racist if he so chooses. But he's just wrong and it's that simple.

    Thanks for having my back, Fred...