Monday, September 7, 2009

A friend of mine asked me to post this for him.

Letter to the Editor 9-3-09

Are You Smater than a Congressman?

Take this simple test. Maybe you could be smarter than a Congressman, especially in the North East or West Coast States, if you were to move there.

1. Would you read a bill, before voting for it?

2. Would you avail yourself or your staff to actually understand what you were voting on?

3. Would you care if it added trillions of dollars to our national debt, indebting future children and grandchildren of the citizens you represent?

4. Would you think about future negative consequences of the bill you were about to vote on?

5. Would you show leadership by putting yourself and your family under the same program you were voting for, I.E. Health Care Plan?

If you answered in the affirmative on any of these first four questions you could be smater than 50% of our current Congressmen. If you answered yes to question 5 you have more guts and integrity than most Congressmen. This country needs a serious recruting effort for next year's elections for Congress. American deserves a better effort from those we elect.

Joseph Ledbetter, Veteran, J.D.
Topeka, Kansas


  1. We should know better than to mix common sense and government these days. Here's my answers:

    #1 No, I didn't read it because I only had a few hours between the time the bill was released and when the vote is supposed to happen.

    #2 See #1. I can't understand what I haven't read.

    #3 The last administration got us started well on our way down this path. We'll let them fix it when we're voted out of office.

    #4 WE DON'T HAVE TIME TO WASTE WORRYING ABOUT THE FUTURE. THERE'S A CRISIS NOW THAT MUST BE FIXED OR WE'RE ALL DOOOOOOMED!!! (Insert public panic call here to justify ramrodding of legislation. Choices are: 9-11, Economic meltdown without bailouts, Health Care Nightmare or The Earth is Melting)

    #5 In order to show how well a government funded plan can work, I think the best thing would be for me to demonstrate it by keeping my current government plan that kicks some serious butt!

    Kevin, we had a great time last weekend. Take care and watch out for the anonymous internet tough guy.

  2. Loved your answers to the quiz, Hawks. Don't be surprised when the Democrat recruters start knocking on your door though.

    Yeah, last weekend was great, wasn't it. I wish there had been more people though. I
    d really like to see us have one next year in Claflin. Maybe you can kind of point your mom into that direction. How cool would that be? Man, that's where it all started and think of the story it'd make...

  3. Sadly, the questions are an accurate indication of the current quality of Congress. Most of the members are mediocre ax grinders who elect medicore ax grinders like Pelosi and Reid as leaders. I've been around the process for a good long time and the current Congressional leadership is the worst I can remember. Barb and I had a blast last weekend. I will plant the Claflin seed but am not sure where we'd all stay - Great Bend, I guess.

  4. Ledbetter really ought to be in politics. I've enjoyed watching him over the years. Doesn't give a rip if hypersensitive people are offended. Government needs that.