Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Racism My Ass...

Okay, I know I promised to drop the political stuff for a while. I really just wanted to talk about the State Fair and all.

I will say it's now Day Six and we're reached the half way point. It's been a lot of fun, I've met a lot of good people from all across the country. But it's been a hell of a lot of work and I'll be glad when it's over so we can all take a break.

But here's the deal. I'm really pissed by the way the "irrelevant", so called main-stream media, Obama, members of Congress, and Democrats in general are constantly playing the "race card" as a means to discredit their critics.

I don't have a lot of time this morning, so I'm not going to be able to get into it till later.

In the mean time, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the subject.

For now though, I have about two hours to get ready for the masses. Today is "Kids Day." Great!!!


  1. I was also disappointed to see Jimmy's interview this morning. Unfortunately, it's just another in a long line of weak defenses for bad ideas.

    It has become almost comical to watch these two lousy parties react when someone offers up a credible line of questioning that may show weaknesses in legislation they want to get passed. It's just like little kids on the playground. When they know they've lost the argument, they're only comeback is "Oh yeah, well my dad can beat up your dad!!!".

  2. Well said, Hawks. There was probably a time when they could cry racism and actually make somebody shut up.

    But since they do it almost every day of the week, it's almost become comical.

    I'm not going to pretend that racism doesn't exist because it does, we all know that. It's funny though no one cares or believes there are black recists too. Hmm, weird...

  3. Yeah, I've always been quite perturbed about the "one-way" racism as well. I know darn good and well racism exists. However, I also know that racism is evident among EVERY race. I guess that fact is not yet P.C. enough to be recognized by many of our elected elite.

  4. Wow Kevin, I'm surprised to see that your Anonymous Buddy hasn't shared his thoughts with us yet.

    Anyhow, on the subject of black racists, it really kinda torques my crank to hear the phrase "reverse racism". It's not "reverse racism". There is no such thing as "reverse racism". If a black person hates a white person because they're white, it's not "reverse racism", it's racism.

    And Mr./Mrs. Anonymous, if you're reading this, I would be absolutely honored if you would call me a name. Thanks.

  5. Good point, Jason. A racist is a racist, is a racist.

    I'll probably get more into this whole thing once this fair thing is over and I have more time to devote to it.

    It's pretty simple to see what they're trying to do though.

    The Dems. are playing the race card as part of a strategy to divide us and keep us fighting among each other. They believe if they can change the subject from health care and socialism, we'll lose focus on the crap they're trying to shove down our throats.

    Don't let them get away with it.

    How about it, Anonymous? You out there lurking in the shadows somewhere???

  6. I'll be anonymouse today:

    "McGinty you old Mick racist. Why don't you go crap in your depends while you dye of the hatred in your sole [gotta misspell, here, a little]. rember your kind are dying out and you and your looser frends like that kraut nazi fred and your imaginery friend jason, there will be gone soon. love always wins."

  7. Racism does cut both ways. Although some media supporters of the current Administration are beginning use a Jimmy Carter incompetence analogy without having the label pasted on them.

  8. Another thing that gets me fired up is all the talk about the first black president. Ok, so he's black. Well whoop-de-doo. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks like this, but if we're a socialist country, it doesn't make much difference in my mind if the president who did it was black or white, he's a dumbass either way.

  9. And by the way, Anonymous, don't you think you could come up with something a little better than "imaginary friend"? I mean I would hope my comments deserve something a little more harsh than that.

  10. Sorry about the "imaginery friend" thing. It was my first day filling in for anonymous. For now I'll fill in, but I'd like to see us all take turns eventually.

  11. Trust me when I say you're not the only one who thinks that way, Jason.

    The whole first black, first hispanic, first latino, first left-handed black muslim female thing is stupid.

    I think most people see things like I do. We don't really get all tied up in whether or not a person is black or white, green or brown.

    I work with whites, mexicans, as well as black people. Hell, the guy I'm working with this week in Hutchinson is as black as they come. His name is Huey Nelson, he's one hell of a good guy and works his ass off. That's all that matters to me.

    The race baiters hate that too. They do their best to make race an issue as a way to distract our attention instead of debating their policies.

    And, Fred, you did a pretty good job of filling for our buddy. You crack me up man.

    Sorry I haven't had much time to write the way I'd like this week. Next week's not looking much better either. I'll be in Manhattan on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I'h headed out to Beloit and Phillipsburg. Should be back home sometime late Thursday night. Hopefully I'll have time for a good, long rant. I feel one coming on...

  12. Guess what? I was the first white 16-year-old right-handed brown-haired brown-eyed male to drive a dark green 1997 Ford Ranger down Highway 24 at precisely 63.7 mph for 14 minutes and 48 seconds on a Tuesday in June. What? You mean that's not an achievement?...