Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh hi...

Last week, Pat Robertson, the holy rollin’ founder of The 700 Club, made a fool of himself few days ago by claiming Haitian leaders had made a deal with the Devil and as a result is now a cursed nation. And that was what brought the earthquake to their country.

Then just a day or so days later, ultra-liberal, America- hating, Hollywood actor, Danny Glover blamed the whole thing on global-warming. He told us that the earthquake was a result of the world not to reach an agreement in Copenhagen.

So, who’s the crazy one here? The right-wing extremist or the left-wing extremist?

Sorry, I got sidetracked. What I really wanted to talk about today was the special election taking place Tuesday in the liberal stronghold state of, Massachusetts.

Stop by tomorrow. I want to talk what this election means to the Democrats and all they hold dear.

We’ll probably start out by talking a little bit about those redneck, tea-baggers. You know the one’s. They’re the one’s the liberals have mocked and ridiculed. They’re the same one’s who are going to take this country back. And believe me when I say a, Scott Brown win Tuesday will be huge.

With all due respect. It’s not, The Kennedy Seat. It’s the People’s Seat. What a great line.

Freedom of Speech. Don’t take it for granted…

Kevin McGinty


  1. Actually, the Devil told me this morning that Pat's a bloody idiot who cannot read the Bible. We were smoking a joint over a couple of lesbians, when the Devil reminded me that he himself got the entire world cursed long ago in Genesis 3:17. He was pretty sure that the Lord included the future country of Haiti when he cursed the entire world all those years ago. I was going to point out that it was actually Adam who got the world cursed, but I've learned not to mess with the Devil when it comes to his pride. I just left it at that. He brings killer weed.

  2. You crack me up, Fred.

    Oh and, hrx. Thanks for stopping by. I think.

  3. Glover and Robertson meet on the political spectrum in the same place - full 360 crazykooks.

  4. "Full 360 crazykooks. Hmmm, must be a technical term or something. LMAO...