Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Small Miracles

Thank God for small miracles.

Because of the massive blizzards that have pounded the entire eastern seaboard over the last few days, Washington D.C. and Congress has been shut down for the last three days in a row now. How many trillions of dollars do you suppose that has saved us?

Also because of major winter storms throughout the entire United States the last two years now, Al Gore has gone into hiding. Don’t worry though, his allies of the faith, are still out there. I heard a guy the other day claiming the downturn of the earth’s temperature the last few years and this years major winter blizzards are further proof of global-warming. Sorry, but a lot of us just aren’t buying it anymore.

On the upside, I heard a report that the ten American’s being held in Haiti could be released as early as tomorrow. Hopefully, by the time you read this they’ll all be on their way home and we can have a little good news for a change…

Kevin McGinty


  1. I agree with shutting down D.C. That's why gridlock was placed in the Constitution. It's fun to think that the snow gods shut down the city because the money printer couldn't keep up with Congress.

    I like the way you held the line on that Haitian thing. I didn't agree at first, but you made a good case while everybody beat up on you. I hadn't been following it as closely as you were. I hope there's still a way to prosecute. The crime didn't happen on our soil or against our citizens. On the other hand, if Haiti wants to prosecute, then they have to keep a system running.

    Give 'em hell, McGinty!

  2. The fact that Al Gore has gone into hiding is a great thing to be thankful for. He's probably lost somewhere in his 10,000 square foot home contemplating how to reduce the carbon footprint of every body else. Maybe he's reinventing the internet.

  3. More than likely, he's calculating how many hundred's of millions of dollars he's going to lose once enough people have finally said "Enough is Effing Enough." When we finally tell the global warming nuts to be on their way, we're not falling for it any more...

    Good to hear from you, Hawk...