Friday, May 14, 2010


Depending on who’s telling the story, we have somewhere between 12 and 20 million illegal immigrants living in America today with 465,000 or so in Arizona alone. How much higher must those numbers climb before we quit pretending it’s not a problem?

They say we have around 75,000 illegal immigrants currently detained in our Federal prison system. Again, how much higher must that number climb before someone finally has enough common sense and say, this is ridiculous? There’s no reason for it.

I haven’t seen a study on it, but common sense should tell us that way too many local, county, and state, jail and court systems, especially in the south-western states, are overwhelmed by cases brought on by illegal immigrants. At least that seems to be the case in Arizona.

What are they supposed to do? How many more rapists, murders, and thugs in general should Arizona be forced to let in? How many more drug related kidnappings should they have to deal with? How many more armed robberies? How many more violent gang members (M 13) do you think Arizona needs? How many more cops and land owners need to be gunned down before it’s okay to do something about it?

How many more terrorists should be allowed to come in through South America, work their way up through Mexico, and simply walk across our southern border? Yeah I know, that’s just crazy talk, right? Is It? You know that for a fact, right? Think about it. Right after the attacks of 9-11, the first thing we did was to tighten up security at our airports. It didn’t make it impossible to sneak a terrorist in that way but it did make things harder. You can say what you want about the terrorist organizations who want to do us harm, but you can’t say they’re stupid. If they can’t get in through the front door, they’ll just come in through the back door which everybody in the world know, is wide open.

No guys, this isn’t about racism. It’s not about hating someone simply because they come from somewhere else. It’s not about denying someone the chance to come here in order to provide a better way of life for their families either. Those are the people we want. Since we all came here from somewhere else, these people are no different than we are and we should do everything we can to make room for them, period.

What’s at stake here is public safety and our national security. We can either do something about it. Or we can do like we’ve been doing all along and pretend it’s not a problem…

Kevin McGinty

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