Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who's The Racist???

Remember back when I ran the “Obama as the Joker” avatar? It took about thirty seconds from the time I first posted it till I was automatically and permanently branded a racist by some of my fellow bloggers. Yeah, thirty seconds. Evidently enough of you complained enough to Ric Anderson that the following week he deemed it inappropriate for Cjonline and removed it. I expected that.

I have a question today for those who were so quick to label me a racist: How much longer are you going to pretend that Obama isn’t the biggest racist and most divisive president we’ve ever had?

You refused to even consider it when it was revealed that for twenty years your guy sat in the church of one of the biggest American-hating, racist preachers out there, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. You unconditionally believed him when he claimed he’d never been present during any of the Reverends more objectionable sermons. Whatever.

You didn’t even bat an eye when he told the story of him grandmother being scared at the idea of being followed by two black men. He described her as a “typical white person.” And you believed him when he claimed “the police acted stupidly” when he automatically sided with the black professor over the white Cambridge police officer, admittedly without even knowing the facts of the case.

Are you going to simply dismiss the testimony of J. Christian Adams, an ex-Justice Department official who quit over the handling of the Black Panther voter intimidation case? He testified under oath that he quit his post because his department had been ordered by his former boss, Eric Holder, who gets his orders from his boss, Obama to drop all charges in the case even though it was an open and shut case that had already been won? I suppose he was lying when he also testified he was ordered to ignore cases that involved black defendants and white victims.

Are you willing to take an honest look at Obama’s actions and judge him accordingly or are you going to continue to live in the make believe world of denial?

Kevin McGinty

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  1. This is a tough topic. I'm going to go a step further. I don't even mind if he's a racist. Lyndon Johnson was probably a racist. Thomas Jefferson was a racist. I can't remember the details, but when Jefferson was shown an advanced mathematical computation performed by a black student, he claimed that someone must have helped the student. I don't mean to pick on Democrats. Those are just two examples that come to mind. I'm sure plenty of Republican presidents were racists. Once again, who cares. It's not a crime to think a certain way. But, racism in great minds has historically moderated by a noble concern for the common good. And don't throw Hitler at me. Hitler was a powerful imbecile. Anyway. People who brand us racist, Kevin, are simply substituting name-calling for argument. They think they've won the argument. The WBC Phelpses use this tactic almost exclusively. They cannot argue.