Sunday, April 13, 2014

Another Two Time Loser Bites The Dust...

Poor old Kathleen Sebelius just can't seem to catch a break.


First off she couldn't hack it when it came to being governor of Kansas so she just up and quit for greener pastures in that hell hole known to the rest of us as Washington DC.

Looking back I guess I don't really blame her for resigning her governorship.

I mean along with her minions, George Tiller and Paul Morrison they'd already accomplished everything they'd set out to accomplish in this state anyway which was to make Kansas the Abortion Capital of the World.

So why stick around?

Especially when her idol and #1 hero Barack Obama asked her to be a part of his cabinet where she could play a huge part of history in the making.

She would be the person most responsible for making sure babies were aborted in numbers never even imagined before and all at tax payers expense through the implementation of what would become known as Obamacare.

There's no way such a staunch pro-abortion crusader coould pass up such a prestigious assignment.

So off to Washington she went.

She had five years and millions upon millions of tax payers dollars to prepare for the day the train wreck known as Obamacare was to roll out.

She blew it big time!

Now she knows what happens to people who embarrass King Obama.

Like everyone else he's thrown under the bus suddenly she's on the outside looking in.

Evidently not even Obama likes a loser.

Good Riddance...

Kevin McGinty

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  1. Well those Democrats always eat their own , now wonder they are so sick. I am really interested in how these in washington when the shit which it will hits the fan, maybe plenty of them out of Jobs and drawing some of those welfare gimmes they were passing out or in Jail.

  2. I'll cast my vote for throwing them all in jail...

  3. Well thats two votes for Jail 2-0

  4. I will vote for that. It sure would have been fun to watch all those idiots face's when they found out that she was going to have to take the sword. I bet there are some real nervous libs in DC about now. And they all thought that ole Obamma ma ma was going to cover the rears for them. Ha ha
    And now I see that ole slap happy has had all his posts POOFED over on Lunatic Lucy's blog. I wonder if got the ax or they just got his copy and paste posts? Ha Ha I bet he is crying like a little troll.

  5. About time CJ jump on that little son of a bitch. Hummm can I say that here. Thanks for the good News Sara:):)

  6. Shouldn't be hard to tell if he got the guillotine.
    he's worse that me commenting on every frickin article.

  7. Dave1001 April 13, 2014

    Still a few of those trolls over there, Like to see Yellow Squirrel bite the dust, I see he always goes after Joey59 and poor Joey doesn't even know what the digs Yellow squirrel is throwing at him. Anyone know if the squirrel has been on the Bunker yet?

  8. I don't think Yellow Pee and St Jackoo [alass closet queen and b buddy of Gimme] will ever set foot over here. They know they will get back slapped in a second here. They have no friends here and if anything happens to them like their daddy ole slap happy had today they will be hidding out at Loony Lucys place.
    And news just showed a shooting at a Jewish center in Overlabd Park Ks.

    And at least the feds decided to pull out nd let the local people settle that deal in Nevada. Maybe old dirty dingy harry was worried about his and son's name being opted out there.
    They need to hang more than one. It could be a whole day party. I will bring the beer. All you want all day.l

  9. OK, guys, you convinced me. This does seem to have a bit freer discourse. The only thing I can say in Chatty-Kathy's defense in summation is that she did manage the Dem caucuses so that Hillary didn't get a single delegate in 2008. I wish somebody would do that again. I'll have to look and see how one gets registered here.

    1. Welcome aboard ??? If you go down you see a Reply as click on one of the choices. If you have a Google with a picture avatar works best. That helps keep the Trolls from trying to use your name. Or use the one that says Name and type it in and then hit publish. Good luck and let us know how it works out or if you need some help.
      And if your a Troll you will go POOF in a matter of minuets.

  10. Someone mention BEER? Sounds like a plan.

  11. Now the shooting moved from the Jewish community center to a Jewish retirement home.
    this does not look good.

    By the way,
    can't find Happy's post's anywhere.

  12. Vent I hear that Punk Dick head bit the dust, heeheehaw

  13. 3:56 pouring down rain and small hail Cant see but about 1/4 mile. Direct TV keeps going off and on Very dark and heavy rain

  14. Oh Oh Three dead. Shooter not from Ks. Did use a shotgun and maybe a handgun.

  15. You all stay safe, I will be back good Lord willing next Sunday. Has been a interesting week for sure. Looks like global warming is leaving also. some cool nights ahead.

    Joey59... Ho by the way I think Mr Happy bite the dust on CJ, He will not be sorrily missed.

  16. Woo! boy your temperature sure dropped.
    for a while you were hotter than me.
    Yeah Joe I do believe he unhappily went to that big shit can down below.
    Have not seen any comments of his anywhere.

    but he'll resurrect himself and it might take a few to figure out it's him.
    We sure won't be able to tell by the holes in his hands and feet.

  17. Evidently I wasn't supposed to tell my story of the first day I met our old buddy, Slap Happy.

    The comment was removed and an abuse warning was issued.

    It is interesting that they let it stay up all day long before deleting it though.

  18. Yeah Kevin I had a feeling that one was not gonna pass the Musturd.
    so what reason did they give you?
    The Curtains don't match the Couch?
    you Didn't install low flow turletts and Shower heads??

    you took the Trash out too early????

  19. as you can see
    I.m confusing terms of agreement with Code Enforcement

  20. They didn't think cj was the place to call out one's enemies for the lies they tell.

    Or some such...