Wednesday, May 14, 2014



Sometimes the hypocrisy of the left-loons is almost more than I can handle.

They rail on and on about this and that.

They cry about the right's war on the environment and claim we're trying to destroy the planet.

They accuse us of hating Mexicans simply because we support the idea of requiring a photo ID before casting your vote.

They call us bigots for believing marriage should remain as it always has: One man and one woman. Period.

They call us racists for even questioning the obvious lies coming out of the Obama administration on a daily basis.

But their made up "War on Women" is the one that gets me.

Especially in light of a recent vote in California where Democrats voted to kill a bill meant to outlaw Sex-Selection Abortions.

You want to talk about a war on women?

According to U.N. estimates upwards of 200 million babies have been terminated simply because they were the wrong gender.

Even countries like China and India have outlawed this barbaric practice and there's growing evidence that women from those countries are now coming to California where it's perfectly legal to kill a baby simply for being an unwanted little girl.

And those righteous Democrats are leading the way.

What a sad, sad country we've allowed ourselves to become...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Kevin I am going to sit back and hope for one of those sonsofbiches that love killing babies to show up.

  2. heard about this too....this stuff is evil and those who support it are playing in the devil's playground. I truly believe that people who support and engage in this are born without a soul...

  3. Either that or they've done like the rest of the current batch of today's extremists and sold their souls...

  4. Of the 36,000 illegal aliens Obama released before their deportation hearings, 28,000 of 'em have some sort of serious criminal convictions. We need a new hashtag, #BringBackOurBorders. You know, if I was on Twitter, I could be having some real fun with this.
    Many of these illegal were rapists, now that is a war on women. How long will it be before another women is raped by one that has just been freed to do so? By obama.

  5. Sarge I heard this all day on the radio.

    Boko Haram are not the bad guys; they never have been! Certainly in the eyes of Mrs. Clinton or John Kerry, Barack Obama, or official US government positions they are not the bad guy. The Christian government of Nigeria is.


  6. and that hash tag they are using to "save" those poor girls...yah that's really effective, isn't it? what a bunch...what a bunch. any democrat progressives reading this have to live with what these fools do. all of it. just shows what they really are.

  7. Don't worry about it punk, go play with your self in your closet. Yup I am talking to you gimme. aka Dr asshole.