Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Whole Lot of Horse Shit...

It's good to know that in a world that's constantly changing (for the worse) that you can count on some things staying the same.

And Mike Ditka telling it like it is is one of those things.

Here's the deal.

Don't get all butt hurt when you ask him a question and he tells you the truth.

Thank you Mr. Ditka...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Kev, Telling it like it is always gets me in trouble. But you are right!! Too bad this liberal PC don't hurt anyone's feelings crowd is taking this country down the tubes. Can't hurt my feelings anymore, well, just because I really don't give a crap what anyone else thinks anymore. And besides that, I only have one feeling left and it is too short to worry about now!!

  2. It's been a while since I visited over here at the bunker. It's kinda quiet. I'll still check in from time to time so keep putting out the blogs. Besides I'm usually busy on another blog If you know what I mean :-)

  3. To ALL Those; Whining, Panty-Waisted,
    Bleeding Heart,Pathetic Citizens,
    It's Time For A Little Refresher Course On Exactly
    Why We Americans Occasionally
    Have To Fight Wars To Keep This Nation Great.

    See If You Can Tear Yourself Away From Your "Reality" TV And Starbucks
    For A Minute, Pull Your Head Out Of Your Ass –
    And LISTEN UP!

    Abu Ghraib Is Not "Torture" Or An "Atrocity."

    Got That ?

    THIS IS An Atrocity! Beheadings!!

    So Was This!

    WHICH PART DON'T YOU GET? (9-11 the towers!!

    Islam Extremists Are Peaceful People?
    My Ass!
    Millions Of These Warped Misled Sons-Of-Bitches Are Plotting,
    As We Speak,
    To Destroy Our Country And Our Way Of Life Any Way They Can.
    Some Of Them Are Here Among Us Now.

    They Don't Want To Convert You And Don't Want To Rule You.
    They Believe You Are A Vile Infestation Of Allah's Paradise .
    They Don't Give A Shit How "Progressive" You Are,
    How Peace-Loving You Are, Or How Much You Sympathize With Their Cause.
    They Want Your Ass Dead,
    And They Think It Is God's Will For Them To Do It.

    Some Think If We Give Them A Hug Or Listen To Them,
    Then They'll Like Us, And If You Agree -
    Then You Are A Pathetic Dumb Ass!

    If They Manage To Get Their Hands On A Nuke, Chemical Agents,
    Or Even Some Anthrax, You Will Wish To God We Had Hunted Them Down
    And Killed THEM While We Had The Chance.

    How Many More Americans, Brits, Canadians, Aussies Etc.
    Must Be Beheaded And Killed In Barbaric Ways?
    You've Fallen Asleep AGAIN - Get Your Head Out Of Your Ass!
    You May Never Get Another Chance! Something George Patton may have said to Obama.!!!!!!!! (Sargejr/Stan)

  4. Yup! That's what baffles me. It's that liberals think somehow they will be immune to all this crap they've been wishing for when it actually happens.

  5. Agree with both of you guys.

    And I apologize for not keeping this blog more active than I have been lately.

    Been running ass off from one end of this state to the other.

    But it looks like things are going to quiet down for the next few weeks.

    Two runs to Marysville and back a day for the next ten weeks or so.

    But then they've lied to me before...