Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Barack Hussein Obama... America's First Muslim President...

I never thought I'd see the day when an American President would side with our enemies.

None of us did.

From the very beginning it started becoming clear just exactly where his loyalties lay and it wasn't with the American people or our friends and allies around the world.

Remember the Arab Spring that generated the complete and total chaos of large parts of Africa and the Middle East?

I do.

Remember the chaos it resulted in.

I do.

Remember how he backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt?

I do.

Remember when he started releasing gitmo terrorists back into the fight?

I sure as hell do.

We all do.

Now we learn that just a couple days before ISIS released a video of them burning a human being to death and promising the Jordanian King America had his back, what's he do?

His friggin State Department hosted a meeting with their friends and allies of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Nothing says I got your back like having a little get together with with your Terrorist buddies of the Muslim Brotherhood...

Kevin McGinty


  1. it is my hope that the next President can undo some of the stuff that Obama has done. Rikki

  2. Lol... It's my hope that the next president can undo everything Obama has done.

    Oh, and good morning Rikki. Thanks for stopping by...

  3. He is going to keep running this country down until he leaves. [ If he does] He doesn't care and his looney toon wingers just keep following him along like the piped piper. He will leave us a mess because he doesn't want to step up and do the right thing. Then he and his cronies can set back and blame the republicans. It just keeps on getting worse day by day. Just when we think it can't get any more crazy he ups his hand.

  4. True that.

    Gotta love how he justified his Terrorist buddies by comparing what they're doing today and will do tomorrow to the Crusades that happened like a thousand years ago...

    What a piece of crap...

  5. This just goes to show more about him. He is a true Muslim. No doubt. He hates this country and he hates the Christians. he has proved it over and over. He only acts like he cares to keep his lib tard buddies sucking up to him.He only pushes back [and its very little push] against the muslims when he thinks he is about to lose some of his ass kissers. The whole world needs to wake up and see what he is. Israel has found out exactly what he is.

  6. And now Nancy Pissola has come out that the lib tards are going to be to busy to attend the speech the Netanyahu s going to give.I guess they are going to back up the radical Muslims along with O-Baa-Maaa.No wonder the are in the loonet toon bin. They really Cant Understand Normal Thinking