Thursday, February 12, 2015

More people every day are becoming sick and tired of being pushed around...

Seems like every day we hear about another thug pushing people around like they own the damned place.

And more and more we're hearing about regular every day citizens who've simply had enough of it.

Check out today's video and watch as a mini van driving mom takes matters into her own hands after this stupid SOB rams her while he's fleeing from the cops.


Kevin McGinty


  1. I am really sick and tired of this POS and his cronies putting this country back into some time warp. It is going to have to come to a big push back as these Lib Tards are bound and determined to take this country and its people down the pike to a very bad ending. They have now lost three U S embassy's to those towel heads. Guess that Arab Spring is going as he had planned? And yet I still see those little rats following him out to sea. I never thought I would see so many people brainwashed as there is now. It is mostly all what I would call younger people. In their mid 30's to mid 40's. And I have noticed something very strange with these people A lot of them have come from broken homes or homes where they only had a female to care for them growing up. It seems that when you have people that had to have help being raised they seem to be more dependent on government hand outs. And with this POS in office and his crud cutting helpers to bring every one under government control with hands outs because they have no future working and this country has no future, we are doomed. History is repeating its self and the people either dont want to see it or care what is happening. Yes we are being pushed around, just look around and see who and what is pushing us. Scary Get ready people its real and its coming to a place near you soon. Be Prepared to get pushed around some more

  2. Very well said Sara.

    And you're right about the broken homes thing, too.

    Take over the public education system and destroy the American family and time will take care of the rest.

    None of what we're seeing today just happened by accident...