Sunday, January 31, 2016

BLM Out Of Control...

Yesterday our good friend Hammertime tried to educate us on what's going on with the federal government and the way they're terrorizing ranchers out west.

Give me 10 minutes today and watch the video and you'll get a first hand look at exactly what Hammertime was trying to tell us.

The following link explains the events centered around the Hammond family that eventually led to the stand off in Oregon.

Father and son Dwight and Steven Hammond sentenced to five years in prison.


Kevin McGinty


  1. That really sucks!!

    And good morning shitheads, and Battle shithead you can kiss my ass, PUKE.

  2. Nice work as always Kevin. That's two links I should of posted earlier, but I hate to harp on you guys. I just have the feeling it doesn't hit close enough to home to catch the attention of many.
    But just know this: there are ranchers I clear coyotes for just west of Topeka that are extremely concerned about this situation.
    Do not ever underestimate the government when they target you. God forbid, the flint Hills are next.

  3. Hammertime, if you want to harp on something knock yourself out.

    That's what we're here for...

  4. Kevin I sent you a e-mail!! Let me know if you got it.

  5. Oh, and in case I forget to tell you later.

    Thank you for everything you do...

  6. Well that's what friends do. And you are welcome.

    1. And thanks you for allowing me to part of it, means a great deal to me.

  7. Well I'am late again. I have the darndest time keeping up with whats going on. Guess it comes with the territory Huh Sarge?
    I also am real interested in what happens to our land. I just hope we get someone who will step up and put a stop to this. We need a real American for the POTUS. We have got to win this fight or I am afraid it will be the end of it for all. Yes Hammer your right on with this the hills can and could be the very next step for these libs. And then what are we going to do? We have to take this fight to every one of those Liberal Shit Heads and whip them at their own game. If we dont stand up now we will be laying at their feet. Hold the fort and keep your powder dry.

  8. How many of you remember our then secretary of state cow clinton having money poured into her foundation by the russians and putin after slick willey gave putin a visit? How many of you remember the sale of some of the US uranium deposits to the russians by our then secretary of state cow clinton, giving the russians 1/5th control of all uranium in the world? Easy to find the information it's out there.

    Now put 2 and 2 together and figure out where and how much land the Hammond ranch covers, and how much of that uranium lies beneath not only his private land, but the land he had contracts on and leased for cattle grazing? Look up Harney county Oregon.

    Now after you add the 2 and 2 together you may get a clearer picture of why the trouble was started by the BLM to remove the hammonds from their private property.

    And who was behind all of it, yup you guessed it, hillary cow clinton.

    Not only did 4 die and hillary and obammy lie, but the cow sold out the US to the russians and now an old man is going to jail even after seving his sentence issued by a court and a liberal US attorney and judge sent him back to prison.

    Amazing what the clintons will do for money and power and you idiot jackass liberal democrats want to elect that cow to be president for no other reason because she is a woman.

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  13. 160 hits in the last 24 hours.

    Good morning shitheads...

  14. Good morning!

    Nunya here.

    Hey...I see "Auntie Em's" much-anticipated live blog was a huge success! A whopping total of four whole posts...and one of them is ol' Batshit on his knees!

    Meanwhile, over on Kev's "Planned Murderhood Baby Parts" blog...looks like Cow Patty's personal attack entry went missing. i know I didn't flag it. I think it's important to let the idiocy stand, so people can see just how STUPID someone like Kinnett is.

    I dunno. Maybe Auntie Em removed it, herself. Maybe she thought, "Oh geez! That damn Kinnett lunatic! ALWAYS writing the most ignorant crap and making us liberals look even more insane than we already always do! WELL...I'll just have to remove that, for the sake of our hateful, Godless, anti-American party!"

    Yeah...I can see that. And, Auntie Em zaps it.

    Sigh...always removing the most amusing stuff....

    ANYWAY...the liberals seem to be quite the schizoid bunch, huh?

    They burn down cities, indict the government and call for widespread cop-killing when a cop shoots a dangerous criminal who attacks the cop...and then turn around and get vile and mean towards the victims of oppressive government when the government starts treading all over good, honest, hardworking, God-fearing folks trying to protect their own land and livelihoods!!

    Something is SERIOUSLY wrong and demented with today's liberals. It really DOES seem that absolutely EVERYTHING is backwards, upside-down, inside-out, up-is-down crazy with them, huh?

    Alice in Wonderland doesn't even contain a millionth the level of psychotic mass-hallucinatory behavior as the liberals of today!

    Have a good day!