Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Invasion of Europe is Complete and We're Next...

You know, watching these leftist blindly defend bringing ten of thousands of Muslims from Syria just kills me.

They'll be fully vetted, they cry.


That's the same thing European leaders told their people before unleashing a hell on them like the world has never seen before.

All in the name of diversity, multiculturalism, and political correctness European leaders threw open their borders, rolled out the red carpet and were literally overrun by millions of deranged, stone age minded Muslims seeking only to destroy those foolish enough to allow them in.

The left wants to whine about the Rape Culture on American college campuses.

They rally behind left-wing politicians who pound their chests and bitch about their made up Republican War on Women.

But for some reason they've remained completely and totally silent as Muslim Rape Gangs rape and pillage their way across Europe.

Evidently it isn't political correct to ask the bastards to not rape our daughters, our mothers, wives, and cousins.

In Germany during a New Years Eve celebration an estimated 1,000 Muslim immigrants attecked, groped, beat, and raped hundreds of helpless German women.

What was the response of the hundreds of police on hand?

They stood by and watched.

What was the response of the German government?

They warned their citizens not to jump to conclusions about the incident having anything to do with their immigrant population and warned German women not to go out alone at night.

They encouraged them to travel in large groups.

And they warned them about how to dress.

The following is a 20 minute translated version of a video made by a 16-year-old German girl named Bibi Wilhailm who tells her story of what it's like growing up in a country she no longer recognizes.

She tells us about living in constant fear of being attacked and raped by the Muslim savages that have invaded her country.

The fallout directed toward this brave young girl has been swift.

She's been banned from Facebook for posting here video.

And there's little doubt that her life is now in danger.

I'd like to ask you guys to keep her in your prayers if you can.

She's going to need all the help she can get.

And in case you don't have the 20 minutes to spare the folowing is the transcript of her plea for help.

Hello, you can read the newspapers but this video is about the real situation in Germany.I would like to tell everyone about this on Youtube and Facebook. I am almost 16. I would like everyone to know what is going on, what I am authentically feeling at this moment.
And I am so scared everywhere. For example, if my family and I go out together, or if I see a movie with my friends. Usually I stay at home, but sometimes I stay out until 6 pm in winter, and it is so scary. It is just very hard to live day-to-day life as a woman.
I just want to say that I am not a racist. But one day, a terrible thing happened at the supermarket. I ran all the way home. I was so frightened for my life. There’s no other way to describe it.
My aunt and her friend have said you have to grow up. Why should we, children, have to grow up in such fear? It’s not just me, my friends too. You can see on Facebook, a 17 year old attacked, a 15 year old attacked, two 12-year olds attacked, so many. It is really so sad that this is happening … because of YOU PEOPLE.
I cannot understand why they do this. But more importantly, I cannot understand why Germany is doing nothing! Why is Germany standing by, watching, and then doing nothing? Please explain, why. Men of Germany, these people are killing your children, they are killing your women. We need your protection. We are so scared, we don’t want to be frightened to go to the grocery store alone after sunset. The politicians live alone in their villas, drink their cocktails, and do nothing. They do nothing! I do not know what world they live in, but please, people, please help us! Please, do something! I cannot understand why this is happening. One day, my friend and I were walking down the street, and a group of Arabs were protesting and demonstrating. They shouted, “Allah! Allah! Allah is the one God! Kill those infidels! Allah Allah!” What should I do? Should I wear a burka? Why should I have to convert to Islam?
It’s fine if you believe in Allah, but why do you want to make everyone else believe in Allah too? I just think it would be better if there were no religion. Stop trying to make everyone else believe in your God when they do not want to.
Please, people of Germany. Do something!
When I try to tell the authorities about what has happened, they hold their hand up towards me and they say it is a problem and then ignore it. and they laugh. It is unfair. They laugh at us. They say we are dumb. They think this not only of me, but of the entire state of Germany. They don’t care about our fear. Please help us. This is an emergency! There are more and more of them.

One time in summer, the Muslims said we were sluts for walking outside in a t-shirt. Yes, we were wearing t-shirts. It’s summer!
Another day, I was wearing this. My friend and I purchased it while shopping hehe. If we feel like wearing it, we will wear it! And you Muslims have no right to physically assault or rape us for it! God willing, never in my life. You have no right to attack us because we are wearing t-shirts. You also have no right to rape.
The life of Germany has changed because these people cannot integrate. We give them so much help. We support them financially and they do not have to work. But they only want more babies and more welfare and more money. Men of Germany, please, patrol the streets and protect us. Do this for your women and your children. If you do that, I believe that we will have a chance.
This sort of action would be wonderful. We would be so grateful and thankful. So many thanks, if steadily, more men would come to protect us. We are so scared.
I am so upset about what Merkel has done.Thank you, Angela Merkel, for killing Germany! I have no more respect for you, Merkel. I do not think you know what you have done. You do not see how our lives have changed. Open your eyes! Is this normal? Should I, a 16-year old who is almost 17, be so scared to walk outside my house? No, it is not normal. You have killed Germany!
This is the truth. We are no longer allowed to walk outside. We are no longer allowed to wear our clothes. We are no longer allowed to live the German life. This is the sad truth.
I think it’s about time to end this video. I believe I have given a full account from a normal person. I hope others can see this and understand. I only want to end with one message:
Men, please, help your women. Help your children. I am so scared. My friends have the same fear. We are shocked that this has happened. I hope this video can convince you, and that this terrible events can stop.
Kevin McGinty


  1. It is time we stop worrying about this bullshit that this government is doing to this country and start Kicking some Muslims asses, And close this f-ing borders. And get rid of these F-ing lifers in Washington both side, And we have no reason to have a f-ing black Caucasus either that is segregation. Get back to living by the Constitution and the Ten Commandments. This Country is committing self destruction. .

  2. SSAH, when you get around to posting your comment on this subject, make it a good one like always and I will see to it that it gets over on Kevin's other blog.


  3. Alan is the lamest liberal I have ever seen. Pretending the situation is due to international media proliferation. Biggest crock of shit I read in a while.
    Kevin did put it well, with the ability of that douche to bury his head in the sand.
    I hope the women in his family always stay safe, and may he never see the atrocities that could become them by ignorance...

  4. Complete and total collective group programming.

    This is the crap we're up against...

    1. I agree Kevin. I shared your cj blog on this with a few liberal ELCA women pastors who support open borders and bringing in as many Muslim refugees as possible. To a woman they called it and me hateful, saying I was racist and also that the girl was lying and so where the women in Cologne liars. This from Lutheran woman pastors!!! Made me cry, but that is why I am no longer with the ELCA.

  5. It's a sad testament of the world we live in today...

  6. Those liberal asshole won't be happy till this country is over run and their sorry asses are hanging from a tree what a bunch of Pricks.

  7. Maingate and Jacques saw a little action today.... What a pity.
    Oh whatever.... Lol

  8. Liberals literally have to be insane to hold two such diametrically opposed views in the same cognitive space. We have a "rape" culture on our campuses, but muslim immigrants pose no threat.

    I would say "unbelievable" but I have ceased to be suprised by anything they dobor say.

    Middle, you know you will have an army of patriots behind you, right?

  9. Phenry, their is no doubt in my mind of that.

  10. Alan could not have been a Republican. Unless he lost most of his brain cells to some CIA drug experiment. E wouldn't even make a good RINO today.

  11. Hahahaha...
    I lost a post today. Any ideas what I could of said? Honestly, it's trivial, but it was pulled without notification like they have been doing. Any thoughts from you guys? I've been pushing it, but seriously?

  12. Well hammertime, did you happen to say to the liberals that they are a bunch of crazy sonsofbitches, that will do it every time, or maybe you said whats your point, that did it for me.!!

  13. I responded, hopefully it can be seen. If not, just have to adapt, improvise, and overcome.
    Someone said that once.

  14. Hey hammer, you gonna provide over watch for sarge. ...i mean middles squad?

    I understand you are accomplished at dispatching varmints at long range.

  15. Consider it done . High speed.
    The way it looks nowadays, it could be one foot, or a thousand feet. Either way, I'll win.

  16. Good morning. Nunya here.


    "I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God."

    If people from other countries want to come here, and assimilate, fine. They should be told CLEARLY what is expected of them, and that they have absolutely no rights reserved for citizens until they officially work to become one. That means they cannot come in and try to change our culture, or ignore our laws, or have separate laws (Sharia Law, etc.).

    They should be told that they are welcome ONLY if they work to become a citizen within a certain amount of time, and failure to progress towards that goal will be a reason for them to be deported.

    They should be told that any attempt to subvert our system will be considered treason (even though they are not citizens), and will face the mandatory maximum sentencing allowed.

    ANY laws they break will be reason for prosecution, prison/jail time, then deportation.

    Any violent crimes they commit shall be considered acts of terrorism by members of a foreign force, and they shall face the mandatory maximum sentence allowed.

    In other words...they fully-acknowledge and affirm that it's our way from the very beginning...or they may as well not even come here. And, they have been fully warned about the consequences.

    A foreign non-citizen who rapes any of our women shall fall under the category of "foreign terrorist".

    "So, you fully understand your responsibilities, and are you absolutely sure you still want to come here?"

    1. Excellent idea Nunya. Let's go after the one's that are already here as well.

  17. Nuny, That sounds like a excellent plan.

  18. Now I feel like my old self, got my new pair of boots back on. :):)

  19. Born again as some would say.

    1. Oh and batshit eat your heart out asshole.

  20. Maybe I need to convince PW to get a google account so she can revive the avatar that got her booted from cj.

  21. And hammer, when I got the boot on Christmas day 2013 I had gotten zero abuse warnings before that day, didn't get one the day I was booted either. Suddenly my account had been suspended. A week later good ole Sherm replied to my email that I had been booted because of my "habitual" attacks of another. Care to guess who?

  22. I don't know why I ever expect any response from the ungodly left other than the one we are seeing from this issue.

    I think it is part these people are so ideologically entrenched they are incapable of looking at issues themselves, they only know to respond however their handlers have told them to.

    And part of it is they are so reflexively opposed to anything people like us believe, patriotic Americans who don't see America as the root of all evil but the great city on a hill they don't even stop and consider if it makes any sense. They just launch the vitriol and let it fly.

    The issue of importing hundreds of thousands of muslims, primarily young adult men without even knowing who they are is nothing short of insane. These are people who are living in a religious/political system that is based in 7th century thinking. They are at their best horrible people who hate everything we love. They hate everything about us. They consider women to be less than human, to be abused and used. They don't come here because they want to embrace the American dream, they come here because they want to destroy the American dream and replace it with their hate filled ungodly Satanic religious system.

    And liberals, out of pure hatred for this country and hatred for anything any of us might believe or say will welcome them here if for no other reason than it pisses us off. They will destroy America out of a deeply misguided belief system, fueled by hatred for God and America and guided by Satan himself.

    They welcome these hordes of mongrels who are as opposite of us as they can be, and have no intention of changing as if they were poor war refugees in search of the American dream. This is so convoluted and twisted it can't possible come from anywhere but the Devil himself.

    If we don't stop these people, if they get Hillary or worse Bernie elected this country is dead as we know it. It will succumb to the long held desire of the unholy left to dilute our population with people who refuse to support our civil society, just like the rest of the ungodly left.

    Their desire for 50 or more years has been the destruction of our civil society. And they have made more progress in the last seven years than the previous fifty.

    Make no mistake. This country is at a tipping point. We could survive, and that won't be easy, or we could accept and surrender and America will die as so many other great civilization have.

  23. Ray, Farm girl used my avatar after I got booted but she used the one that had writing on it that wasn't excepted by CJ ,I remember it wall.

    aka Sargejr

  24. Here's a good one. Natalie Mains, singer for the Dixie Chicks (remember them?) says she's "ashamed Ted Cruz claims to be an American". Sounds to me like somebody is desperate to sound relevant and is trying to repeat her big publicity stunt she pulled with George Bush.

    They're a band that can't give away their crappy records, and they have a little fat chick for a singer and they figure they'll get a bunch of publicity for saying something exceptionally stupid.

    Liberals just aren't the brightest bulbs are they? I mean really. Can you try to be a little less obvious? Or should I say odious?

  25. Hey All! Can't seem to keep up with all of you! I check the Bunker out and you are on to the next one before I know it!
    Was reading your comments about Shit Head Alan and was laughing....I sometimes think Lucy must be his mother, the way he defends what she says! :)
    After not seeing Lucy's blog for a couple of weeks or so, I thought maybe she had finally given up, but Noooooo, not Lucy! Blogging about Sarah Palin..yada, yada, yada!
    Now I am hearing Michael Bloomberg is considering getting into the race. I can't even remember if he is supposed to be a D or an R!
    I think so many of these just get into the race to say that they ran for President without any real desire to actually get the job. Just like to have it on their resume!

  26. OP just do the best you can on keeping up, hell to get old. Lol

  27. News Flash...

    I'm gonna post a new blog here in a few minutes.

    Do me a favor, Sarge.

    Be sure to let our opinionated friend know we've moved on...

  28. I will do Kevin....

    OP Kevin is about ready to post a new blog... HEAR ME!!