Saturday, April 30, 2016

Choose to be Offended or Open Your Mind

Watch This Video Before Proceeding

Go back and watch the video if you didn't because it really sets up this blog.

I read an article by Joseph Williams, a freelance writer penned an article titled, Why Kids of Color Don’t Need “White Hero” Teachers.  Williams contends that white teachers cannot effectively teach black students because black students are different and white teachers do not understand them. 

Williams goes on to suggest that white teachers try to teach black students like they were white, imposing the same expectations on the black students as they would on white students. He quotes Christopher Emdin, author of the book, For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood….and the Rest of Y’all Too who wrote, “It’s unrealistic, however, to expect kids from poor neighborhoods in crumbling schools with metal detectors at the doors and bars on the windows to sit down and shut up like their peer in the suburbs.”

My first reaction to the article was outrage.  How dare this person attack white teachers who go into black neighborhoods where they have to pass through metal detectors to teach?  He should be praising them for committing their lives to educating poor students.  But then I did what everyone needs to do today.  I walked away from being offended, sat down and opened my mind to ponder what he wrote.

I came away with the conclusion that he is right.  America is not a homogeneous society.  We are a mix of varying cultures.  We seemed to have forgotten this as we have been made to bow to the god of political correctness or feel its wrath.  There was a time when we recognized differences of culture, often with humor.  What was funny is now offensive.  It was great material for comedians to make fun of the differences between white people and black people.  White people can’t dance; white people are stiff with no rhythm and so on.  Was it true of all whites?  Of course not.  Was it disparaging of whites?  It was only if you wanted to be offended (I laughed out loud at the video I posted).  I choose to laugh because there was a lot of truth to it.  The same, by both white and black comedians was done in regards to the idiosyncrasies of black culture. 

I really thought our country was on the path to being color blind and realizing Martin Luther King’s dream, but I have seen race relations deteriorate in the last seven years.  We are a powder keg of racial tension and it is exploding across the country.  This tension is fueled by race-baiters, movements like #BLM and organizations like the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam who are the flip side of the KKK who I condemn.  These movements and orgainzations promote hate and violence towards whites which in turn creates an equal and opposite reaction - hating blacks.  Everyone needs to reject hate groups and the evil they promote.

Instead of attacking one another we need to recognize that despite cultural difference we are Americans all riding on the same bus.  We can fight and let the bus careen out of control or we can work together to drive it to a better place.

We need to acknowledge that not all behavior is acceptable nor does it lead to success in America.  Not being quiet in the classroom and focusing on what the teacher is teaching will not lead to learning.  But as Williams pointed out these kids come from a different culture, it is unrealistic to expect them to conform to these standards no matter how important the standards are.  We have to admit that people, especially those who live in abject poverty, have a different set of values and lack the skills and resources many of us take for granted.  We have to slowly transition those living in poverty and a culture that requires metal detectors and bars on the windows at their school to a culture where that is not the norm.

I have said this before and will say it again and again.  Attacking white people, blaming white people for the problems facing many blacks today and acting violently will not solve any problems.  They will divide us further and cause our country to be weak.

Stop being offended; stop blaming racism for your failure to be successful in a country that allows uneducated illegal immigrants to be successful.  This is America and anyone can be successful if they work hard.  The government is not your friend.  They feed you scraps to keep you dependent on them. 

We the people need to work together to eliminate poverty and violence in our country.  It is in all our best interest to raise the quality of life for every American.  When I look at my fellow American the only colors I see are red, white and blue until they decide to bring race into the picture.  Let's all wrap ourselves in being American and work together to make America great again.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Free For All Friday...

Good morning fellow Bunker Dwellers.

Oh, and good morning to the shadow lurkers who for some reason or another spend their time screen capturing and filing away everything my friends and I have to say in hopes of using our words against us one day.

Knock yourselves out.

Maybe one of these days when you finally get the complete and total fascist controlled world you're trying to create your hard work will finally pay off.

In the meantime piss off.

I came across a video of one of the leaders of your, "oh so tolerant" movement.


Kevin McGinty

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Second Annual Room 235 Summit or as Captain Howdy Calls it Truckhenge II is a Go...


After months of waiting and weeks of planning it's almost that time again.

What: Appreciation picnic/party for those of you who've supported this little blog of ours.

When: Saturday May, 21st 2016.

Where:         Lessman Farm and Truckhenge Art Park.
                    4124 NE Brier Rd. Topeka, Kansas 66616

Time: That's still kind of up in the air. My partner in crime, Sarge and I will be there all day long getting things ready and I suppose we'll probably start cooking somewhere around 1:00 or 2:00 ish. But if you want to show up earlier or even later that's fine with me.

What we'll provide: We'll provide enough steak burgers, brats, hot dogs, and sausage links to make sure no one leaves hungry.

We'll also provide paper plates and bowls, plastic forks and spoons, folding tables, and a few chairs, and all the toppings for the burgers and brats we could possibly need.

We'll have one Johnny on the Job available and yes, it's gender neutral.

We'll provide plenty of good music. And if things work out we may even have a little live music to kick things off with.

We'll have name tags available but it's up to you whether you want to wear one or not.

There'll be plenty of room for a little target shooting and a place to kill a few clay pigeons.

And once we get closer to evening we'll build us one hell of a bonfire.

What you could bring: First and foremost you need to bring yourself. And it'd be cool if you could bring along your spouse and kids, too. 

My wife, kids, and grand kids will all be there and are more than willing to help out any way they can.

If you're interested you might bring some kind of side dish like baked beans, salad, potato salad etc.

You'll need to bring the beverage of your choice and it might not be a bad idea to bring along a few lawn chairs.

Just like last year we've agreed to give Ron Lessman $200 for hosting us again this time around and if you can I'd appreciate if you could throw in five or ten bucks to help cover it but if you can't or if you just don't want to don't worry about it.

Rules: There's really only one rule. "Don't be a dick."

Why do I do this? It's simple really. 

When Vent died last year it hit me like a ton of bricks.

But it was weird because I'd never actually met him in person.

That's when I decided I wanted to meet as many of the people we interact with on the blogs as possible and I was pleasantly surprised that so many others felt the same way.

Who's Invited? Everyone involved in the community blogs including right-wingers, left-wingers, and cjonline staff members.

This isn't intended to be a political event.

And I can't help but believe that if we'd all put our politics aside for one lousy day we'd find out we're really not that much different from each other after all.

One of the things I keep hearing from our left-wing friends is something about building bridges instead of walls.

Well, here's the bridge.

It's up to you whether to cross it or not.

Kevin McGinty

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Ku Klux Klan Endorses Hillary Clinton for President...

Just came across this on Drudge and thought you guys might want to check it out.

Whether she likes it or not.

Whether she appreciates their endorsement or not.

The KKK has made their choice...

Kevin McGinty

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Free For All Friday....

Hillary continues her blatant pandering to get black votes by telling whites they need to recognize their privilege. How is that privilege working for the nearly 26 million whites living below the poverty level - more than all of the other races combined. Unfortunately facts don't matter to people like those in the video. They will vote for her and life won't change for them.

It is Friday and it is your day. Have at it. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Well Vent, It's Been a Year Now...

Quote of the day: "My how time flies, seems like just yesterday I was at the hellspital,,,,,,,, AGAIN! Because I was.
They almost gave me another blood transfusion but my numbers improved so I got outta there by the skin of my teeth. I do like the cafeteria though.  Sonofbettysventilator  40/17/2015

Those were the words of our good friend, Vent in his last and final blog.

The really sad part was the very beginning where he spoke of how time flies.

Of course he was right. It does indeed fly by.

But I'm sure he didn't realize when he posted that blog it'd be his last and final one or that his time on this earth had almost run it's course and within 48 hours he'd be dead.

It was a year ago yesterday that Sarge emailed me explaining that Vent had passed away and asked me to let you guys know.

The news hit me like a ton of bricks and it was one of the hardest blogs I'd ever written but it was one that I had no choice but to write.

Vent's no different than the rest of us though.

Each and every one of us will eventually run out or time.

To me and my way of thinking the key is to use whatever time you have wisely.

And I believe our good friend did just that.


I still hear from Vent's dad from time to time and he wanted me to let you guys know that even though they still miss him dearly his wife and kids are doing okay.

He says he's misses the political debates he and Vent used to have and can't help but wonder who he'd be backing for president this time around.

And I can't remember whether or not I ever mentioned it before but back in the 70's Vent's dad had his own band and was a pretty big deal in the night club and bar scene all over South Florida.

In his last email Vent's dad talked about his old band and how they got back together after 40 years and had a little reunion at a night club called "The Hut."

Check out the following video. His dad is the one singing and playing the keyboard.

And if you have a little time to spare today let the video keep on running and it'll take you to a long list of singles they put out in their heyday.

Pretty good stuff.


One thing I know for certain is that life isn't fair.

And time moves on with or without every single one of us.

But as far as today goes, I'm going to celebrate whatever time we all have together...

Kevin McGinty

Friday, April 15, 2016

Free For All Friday...

I just love listening to the left-wing loons babble on about Trump's Wall.

That's not who we are, they whine!!!

Can you imagine how they'd freak out if he suggested taking the same steps Peace Loving Switzerland is preparing to take to protect it's border?

"Switzerland has announced it is considering stationing a tank battalion at it's southern border with Italy, after news that Austria is ready to completely shut down the Brenner Pass between Italy and Austria..."            Click on the link below to continue reading.


Poor little cupcakes would shit their pants.

Anyway, that's enough babbling from me.

It's Friday and it's your day so you might as well get after it...

Kevin McGinty

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Tiny Fraction My Ass, Mr. President...

Is it just me or is anyone else tired of hearing Barack Hussein Obama go on about how just a tiny fraction of Muslims are terrorists?


I'm going to throw out a few numbers today and then ask you to give me 15 minutes to listen to what this Muslim woman has to say about the president's bullshit.

79 to 86% of Muslims in Afghanistan, Egypt, and Jordan believe anyone leaving the Muslim faith should be executed.

27% of Muslims elsewhere around the world believe anyone leaving the Muslim faith should be executed. That equals roughly 237 million people.

39% of all Muslims surveyed believe honor killings are justifiable. That equals 345 million people.

Western Muslims between 18 and 29 years old believe suicide bombings can be justified.

French Muslims--- 42%
British Muslims--- 35%
American Muslims--- 26%

And this is the next generation.

53% of Muslims in Muslim controlled countries Sharia Law should be the law of the land.

And 52% support public whippings, stoning to death, and cutting of the hands of thieves.

So much for Obama's bullshit narrative about the religion of peace, huh?

Like I said, give me 15 minutes of your time to hear this woman with first hand knowledge explain that that tiny fraction equals literally hundreds of millions of people.


Kevin McGinty

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Free For All Friday....

I felt better about the conservative revolution a month ago than I do now.  I'm afraid the GOP establishment is going to muck things up and hand the presidency to Hillary.   I will feel just like the young girl in the race when she fell flat on her face, but I will be just like her and pull myself up. I Will Not Give Up!

Have at it....

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

You Can Take Your Gender Neutral Locker Rooms and Shove em...

Quote of the day: "Can you imagine an Armed Forces built on the drafting of today's college age pansies?"  ruralpreacher 4/4/2016


You can say whatever you want about me.

You can call me every name in the book till the cows come home.

I couldn't care less.

But you "Gender Neutral" locker room pushers (pervert enablers) are just wrong and have been since the day you dreamed up this crazy shit.

And to be honest here, I don't even know where to start.

I guess pointing out that it wasn't that long ago that the fanatical left was railing about how horrible and dangerous it is to be a woman in America today would be a good starting point.

Remember how they railed on about the "Rape Culture?"

You remember the whole micro aggression, trigger words, safe spaces, and rape whistles they were going on about?

Of course you do.

We all do.

But that was before the latest craze caught their attention.

Today they're very successfully going on about and demanding men who claim they identify as a woman be allowed to get naked with, use the restroom with, and shower with as many women as they want and at any time they want.

And the 98% of the women who aren't exactly comfortable with the idea of being seen naked in front of a member of the opposite sex they don't even know can just sit down and shut the hell up.

We tried to tell you it was a horrible idea from the get go.

We tried to tell you sexual predators would use your stupid idea as a way to get their kicks.

You called us extremists.

College campuses all across our country as well as one's in Canada jumped on the tolerance band wagon.

Look how progressive, tolerant, and inclusive we are, they gushed.

Well, that was before those of us who hadn't completely lost our minds were proven right.

The University of Toronto was recently reminded why separate rest room/shower rooms were established in the first place.

They've been forced to rethink the whole stupid idea when two separate incidents of male students recording female students as they showered with their cell phones.

Hard to believe, huh?

Here's the deal.

Nobody cares what you do to yourself or your own body.

You want to have a sex change and that makes you happy, knock yourself out.

That's your business.

But you go and put everyone else's daughters, wives, and mothers at risk from sexual predators due to your extremist views then it becomes all our business...

Kevin McGinty

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Run For Your Lives Little Snowflakes... The Chalkening Has Begun...

Quote of the day: "Weak people are easily offended and need others to protect them. That just isn't who I am."    BrendaWeir 4/3/2016


Hide the kids!

Call the police!

Grab your Teddy Bears and Skittles then run as fast as you can to the nearest government provided safe space.

That right-wing extremist Kevin McGinty is at it again.

Suck it up Snowflakes. There are no safe spaces here in the Bunker.

I know you guys have all heard about the delicate little college children crying their little puppy dog eyes out because someone wrote the name of Donald Trump around campus with sidewalk chalk.

The little pussies actually claimed they were traumatized.

They were in real pain.

They no longer feel safe.

And they demanded action.

Back in the 40's kids your age were dying by the hundreds of thousands literally trying to save the world from fascism.

Back in the 60's kids were dying by the tens of thousands in the jungles of Vietnam.

More recently kids your age were dying by the thousands fighting Muslim extremists in and around Iraq.

How about you seek out some of the people that were there.

They can tell you a thing or two about being traumatized.

In the mean time how about you growing a pair of balls, stop your fucking crying and stand up like a man.

Too much reality for you?

Fuck you!!!

Kevin McGinty

Friday, April 1, 2016

Free For All Friday...

It's Friday and it's your day to steer this ship.

And something tells me there'll be plenty to talk about today.

Before you watch today's video though I should probably warn you Kid Rock's not big on political correctness and uses a lot of really, really bad words.

Now that you've been properly warned crank it up and enjoy.


Kevin McGinty