Saturday, April 30, 2016

Choose to be Offended or Open Your Mind

Watch This Video Before Proceeding

Go back and watch the video if you didn't because it really sets up this blog.

I read an article by Joseph Williams, a freelance writer penned an article titled, Why Kids of Color Don’t Need “White Hero” Teachers.  Williams contends that white teachers cannot effectively teach black students because black students are different and white teachers do not understand them. 

Williams goes on to suggest that white teachers try to teach black students like they were white, imposing the same expectations on the black students as they would on white students. He quotes Christopher Emdin, author of the book, For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood….and the Rest of Y’all Too who wrote, “It’s unrealistic, however, to expect kids from poor neighborhoods in crumbling schools with metal detectors at the doors and bars on the windows to sit down and shut up like their peer in the suburbs.”

My first reaction to the article was outrage.  How dare this person attack white teachers who go into black neighborhoods where they have to pass through metal detectors to teach?  He should be praising them for committing their lives to educating poor students.  But then I did what everyone needs to do today.  I walked away from being offended, sat down and opened my mind to ponder what he wrote.

I came away with the conclusion that he is right.  America is not a homogeneous society.  We are a mix of varying cultures.  We seemed to have forgotten this as we have been made to bow to the god of political correctness or feel its wrath.  There was a time when we recognized differences of culture, often with humor.  What was funny is now offensive.  It was great material for comedians to make fun of the differences between white people and black people.  White people can’t dance; white people are stiff with no rhythm and so on.  Was it true of all whites?  Of course not.  Was it disparaging of whites?  It was only if you wanted to be offended (I laughed out loud at the video I posted).  I choose to laugh because there was a lot of truth to it.  The same, by both white and black comedians was done in regards to the idiosyncrasies of black culture. 

I really thought our country was on the path to being color blind and realizing Martin Luther King’s dream, but I have seen race relations deteriorate in the last seven years.  We are a powder keg of racial tension and it is exploding across the country.  This tension is fueled by race-baiters, movements like #BLM and organizations like the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam who are the flip side of the KKK who I condemn.  These movements and orgainzations promote hate and violence towards whites which in turn creates an equal and opposite reaction - hating blacks.  Everyone needs to reject hate groups and the evil they promote.

Instead of attacking one another we need to recognize that despite cultural difference we are Americans all riding on the same bus.  We can fight and let the bus careen out of control or we can work together to drive it to a better place.

We need to acknowledge that not all behavior is acceptable nor does it lead to success in America.  Not being quiet in the classroom and focusing on what the teacher is teaching will not lead to learning.  But as Williams pointed out these kids come from a different culture, it is unrealistic to expect them to conform to these standards no matter how important the standards are.  We have to admit that people, especially those who live in abject poverty, have a different set of values and lack the skills and resources many of us take for granted.  We have to slowly transition those living in poverty and a culture that requires metal detectors and bars on the windows at their school to a culture where that is not the norm.

I have said this before and will say it again and again.  Attacking white people, blaming white people for the problems facing many blacks today and acting violently will not solve any problems.  They will divide us further and cause our country to be weak.

Stop being offended; stop blaming racism for your failure to be successful in a country that allows uneducated illegal immigrants to be successful.  This is America and anyone can be successful if they work hard.  The government is not your friend.  They feed you scraps to keep you dependent on them. 

We the people need to work together to eliminate poverty and violence in our country.  It is in all our best interest to raise the quality of life for every American.  When I look at my fellow American the only colors I see are red, white and blue until they decide to bring race into the picture.  Let's all wrap ourselves in being American and work together to make America great again.


  1. Very good KTT, I read the whole thing. But I have to ask if the white teachers don't teach them who will? I don't see a big crop of black teachers spring up all over. I served with the 25th infantry where there were many black soldiers, we didn't seem to have many problems like seen today.

  2. Sarge. Great question. The problem is there fewer and fewer black teachers.

    The point I took away is teachers must recognize the difference between black and white cultures especially in the inner cities, not to say speaking out in class is right, but to understand who these students are and how they have been raised.

    Kind of like how we treat radical Muslims. We somehow believe applying our culture to them will be accepted. The difference is with radical Muslims we can and should defeat them military but these students aren't our enemy and we have to figure a way to correct a problem that is largely due to our government's social engineering. As you said, in years past we don't have the problems we have today.

  3. Sarge, that's because you were many races but one culture in the infantry.
    Same applies in America.
    If we continue to harbor many divisive cultures amongst the races in America, we truly are divided. Divided we fall.
    Thats where I agree with KTT the most. His last words in the blog. We need American culture, amongst all races.
    "let's wrap ourselves in being American and work to together to make America great again"

    And with all do respect, I'm certainly not trying to answer for KTT.

  4. I have a dream that ethnocentristic cultural behavior will be replaced by multiracial nationalism in America.
    Multi racial, one culture.
    One goal.
    America first.

  5. Hammer good points, my chances of been alive to see that is Zero, I am sad to say. In the meantime I am just going to jump Batshit all the time. Just Saying...He is on my Prick for life list, matter of fact when I made the list he was on it first.

  6. American culture is the same as History we are not working for it groups are working against it. Last 7 years obama and the liberals has destroy everything MLK accomplished. And they are working their best to eliminate God from everything. No God no morals.

  7. Okay i'm over here at the Bunker, can someone tell me where the hell the light switch is?

    United We Stand today's date.

  8. Hammertime thanks for the comments. Always want to hear your view.

  9. Did anyone watch the video? I think it is damn funny.

  10. Yep. I did and laughed. Especially the part of his momma threatening him, and him turning into a roots character. And the white friends reaction, and he turning into roots character too....

  11. It's called Balkanization. It's the tactic of dividing a nation into many factions that are hostile to each other. This destabilizes a nation and makes it easy to control by whatever despot panders to enough groups at the expense of the others. The term comes from what happened to the Balkans after WWI and led to WWII.

    Today our despots are the democrat party. They have divided our nation and turned us against each other. It's the only hope they have. And it's only getting worse.

    Until we drive these people out of office it will only get worse.

    So will I vote for Trump if he's the Repub nominee? Hell yes. Do I think he's the best candidate the party could run? No. But considering the alternative of surrendering our country to these people it not even an option.

    If you refuse to vote because you want to punish the Repub party, you are punishing the entire country and probably will help change the course of the future of America.

    So don't let them turn us against ourselves even more.

    Let's fight these bastards right here and right now.

    Fuck a bunch of godless democrats.

  12. Anyone hear from that buzzard breath Kevin yet, hope he isn't stuck in some snow bank.

  13. Good morning. Nunya here.

    KTT...couldn't agree more with everything you wrote. The main obstacle is...liberals. Filled with hatred and envy, and unwilling to concede that the only people who can change things for the better are the people who are affected by, say, changing their 'victimization' mindset into determination and a willingness to stop blaming others, and participating in a positive way to the betterment of their situation. The 'positive way' means to put aside all that negativity towards others, and allow themselves to allow everyone to actually work together. I don't mind one bit contributing to the help of someone who shows responsibility, and is willing to work hard, themselves, to help them help themselves. What most of us DO object to, though, is working hard, ourselves, to keep giving more and more to people who are flat-out unwilling to do anything positive with the help.

    It's a hard sell, though, when all the professional 1%er race-baiters in government, in 'advocacy' positions and in media keep blaring that 'racist' horn, continually and most-loudly. And, when they keep promising more and more 'free stuff'...something for nothing. Screw that!

    Yes, it's obvious to any thinking person that the liberal agenda is to actually divide us to weaken us, and to subjugate all people more and more under the boot of bigger, meaner, more-oppressive government.

    It's hard to get people to think about it, when the majority of their propaganda comes from the leftist mainstream media. Hell...even the Urinal has sold its soul, and has joined in the crackdown of any thoughts not in line with their leftist/Socialist/Communist/fascist agenda...and has started a concerted censorship campaign.

    It looks unlikely that the new guy is going to back up what he wrote, which is to let debate flow freely. Maybe the rest of the commies over there have veto power over him?

    As long as liberals have any power, it's going to continue. In fact, WITHOUT all that divisiveness and hatred and 'blaming', it's unlikely that the Democrat party would survive, at all.

    It is their keystone, and holds it all together (to tear us all apart).

  14. Nunya here, again.

    Is nobody supposed to be offended by the following song?

    Is everyone supposed to be offended?

    Were the different-race members of the band each offended when one, or the other, word was uttered?

    Or, is it just a very popular and successful multiracial funk/rock group of the 70's making a statement that is pretty much the same thing that KTT wrote (and the liberals are doing everything in their power to destroy)?

    1. LOL about the song. Not very creative but I get the point and wasn't at all offended.

      I find it interesting that we are supposed to disarm ourselves of words intended to hurt when we do want to hurt someone with them.

      If I want to give someone a verbal beating why not use the words that will hurt the most?

  15. Good morning. Nunya here.

    Yeah, point was that back in '69 when they put out the album that was on (Stand), that band was trying to get a positive message across to quit all that blaming and bickering and crap. With "Everyday People", "Stand", and a lot of other songs in their discography, Sly and the Family Stone were trying to say..."Hey...let's all cool it, everyone take a step back, start taking responsibility for yourselves, and let's all work together to stop this hate and animosity".

    But, the Democrats, and liberals in general, had other ideas.

    THEY decided they could REALLY push all that hate, divisiveness and blame to gain votes, and gain even more power...even though they've had most of the balance of power for most of the 20th century (if you look at the president/congress which the Dems had a president and at least the Senate or House, or they Republicans had the presidency, but the Senate and House was held by Dems. Which says something, since the Dems have had more control, more often, for longer periods, than the Republicans...and usually to disastrous results). So, they started throwing cheap baubles to buy more votes, and started doubling-down on the hate and blame.

    Without all that, and without catering to the listless and lazy, the greedy and immoral...the Democrat party would cease to exist.

    It's a true insult to great civil rights leaders like MLK, and spits in the faces of even people like Sly and the Family Stone, who were trying to get the message out to stop all that nonsense.

    Most liberals do not want to face the truth, because they want something the liberals are "giving"...and don't want to have to face responsibilities. They are OBVIOUSLY being used and manipulated in a most insulting manner by the Dems, but just can't seem to admit it to themselves. Plus, they surte don't want to admit that THEY are a very big part of the problems.

    The only thing conservatives (and libertarians) want to be 'given' is the 'opportunity' and 'freedom' to make our own choices, try to succeed, have companies strong and vibrant and ready to provide well-paying jobs, and without being crushed under the tyrannical boots of ever-expanding, ever-more-expensive, more-wasteful and failure-prone out-of-control government.

    Have a good day!

  16. Another great blog with well-considered content. If undecideds could read this sort of opinion piece and not the monkey vomit that too often passes for "punditry" we could begin to convince people to critically examine themselves.

    Unfortunately KTT has given up on our local rag and one can scarcely blame him. The only Dems who have any sense of reflection are Boz and Slash, the rest put as much "thought" into their postings as Pavlov's dogs did.

    I don't know about youse, but I'm definitely looking forward to the 21st.

  17. Me toose. I won't be drinking cause I'm driving so I'm hoping I can tolerate all you guys sober.

    Wonder if handy will be there as threatened with his camera to film us all for, you know, evidence. Isn't it just like a liberal to image our picnic and social event would be illegal. Where do these people get this stuff?

    So I guess if he does he gets a free medical procedure. You know they have a new colonoscopy where you swallow a camera in a pill and it films your gut as it passes through. He might get a reverse version of that.

  18. SSAH, don't worry I didn't see one person out there last year get drunk, little tipsy on a couple way after most all were gone home. You will have good conversations and some laughs for sure. And plenty of good food.

  19. Don't worry, Safe. There'll be at least two people there that won't be drinking.

    I gave all that up about 20 years ago.

  20. LMAO...

    Yeah but remember Sarge, you were the best mother fucker out all the mother fuckers out there last year...

  21. And Safe, hang on to your ass when you meet Sara.

    You're in for the surprise of your life...

    1. Drop dead Gorgeous and never without a long neck in her hand.

  22. Kevin I think I remember a young man saying something like that to me last year, Lol

  23. I remember Sarge had about Three or four name badges on last year.....imagine he will have to wear six or eight this year.

  24. New blog up and running boys and girls...