Wednesday, April 6, 2016

You Can Take Your Gender Neutral Locker Rooms and Shove em...

Quote of the day: "Can you imagine an Armed Forces built on the drafting of today's college age pansies?"  ruralpreacher 4/4/2016


You can say whatever you want about me.

You can call me every name in the book till the cows come home.

I couldn't care less.

But you "Gender Neutral" locker room pushers (pervert enablers) are just wrong and have been since the day you dreamed up this crazy shit.

And to be honest here, I don't even know where to start.

I guess pointing out that it wasn't that long ago that the fanatical left was railing about how horrible and dangerous it is to be a woman in America today would be a good starting point.

Remember how they railed on about the "Rape Culture?"

You remember the whole micro aggression, trigger words, safe spaces, and rape whistles they were going on about?

Of course you do.

We all do.

But that was before the latest craze caught their attention.

Today they're very successfully going on about and demanding men who claim they identify as a woman be allowed to get naked with, use the restroom with, and shower with as many women as they want and at any time they want.

And the 98% of the women who aren't exactly comfortable with the idea of being seen naked in front of a member of the opposite sex they don't even know can just sit down and shut the hell up.

We tried to tell you it was a horrible idea from the get go.

We tried to tell you sexual predators would use your stupid idea as a way to get their kicks.

You called us extremists.

College campuses all across our country as well as one's in Canada jumped on the tolerance band wagon.

Look how progressive, tolerant, and inclusive we are, they gushed.

Well, that was before those of us who hadn't completely lost our minds were proven right.

The University of Toronto was recently reminded why separate rest room/shower rooms were established in the first place.

They've been forced to rethink the whole stupid idea when two separate incidents of male students recording female students as they showered with their cell phones.

Hard to believe, huh?

Here's the deal.

Nobody cares what you do to yourself or your own body.

You want to have a sex change and that makes you happy, knock yourself out.

That's your business.

But you go and put everyone else's daughters, wives, and mothers at risk from sexual predators due to your extremist views then it becomes all our business...

Kevin McGinty


  1. You know I got booted off the cj urinal for identifying the left as unholy people. And now we have just one more example that proves how correct I am about that.

    This whole degrading of our civil society is laid directly at the feet of the left. Not content with normalizing the murder of unborn babies, it also feels compelled to normalize sexual perversion.

    It's not like God didn't tell us this was coming. The bible told us that as the end times approach, things like this will happen. I know many of my friends here don't agree with me theologically, and that's OK. But many here also agree with me that these things are signs of the end of our civilization.

    When there is no moral base left, when evil becomes good and good becomes evil, the end draw near. Either the end of the civilization, or the end times. You pick.

    Our society cannot survive when we have sexual perverts in the military. When we have men using the restroom our daughters use, and we are supposedly powerless to stop it.

    Several states are paying the price for standing against this. North Carolina passes a law so people were protected from harassment by sexual perverts and now corporate American is punishing them for not accepting the groupthink that is the ungodly left.

    PayPal is the latest. Now announcing they are withdrawing an expansion to their office in NC because of their position. Of course PayPal maintains their relationship with Malaysia, where being a sexual pervert will get you killed. And moving forward on setting up in Cuba, who has hundreds of thousands of political dissenters in prison, and who is responsible for the murder of thousands who hold an opposing position.

    But then, that fits the left agenda, doesn't it? If you disagree you deserve whatever punishment we deem appropriate. All in the name of "tolerance".

    So we will watch our society decay and turn rancid, filled with cancers like sexual perverts and baby killers and ungodly left wingers fighting to support them using any means they can.

    And we are labeled as the extremists because we oppose our teenage daughter being forced to shower in a locker room with a man standing next to her leering at her. And we are supposed to believe we are the ones who are wrong.

  2. P.C. Folk really are a strange bunch. They have no problem sharing latrines with literally anyone, but have conniption fits over "Trump" written in chalk on the sidewalk.

    Safe, I'm beginning to wonder how far society (American, anyway) can go. When my lady Jelena was on vacation in New York, I had gone to shower before bedtime and she had fooled with the TV remote. When I came out, she was watching something "reality" about a single teenaged mother. Jelena was aghast that we could have TV programs like that in America. I tried to explain it with a free speech argument, but in fact I think it's detestable, too. I think the "entertainment" industry concocts stupid ideas and attempts to foist them on the rest of us.

  3. Permission to repost you excellent analysis safe?

  4. Phenry, post away. You may have to edit a few words or it will get pulled. They hate the word unholy or ungodly. They hate people pointing out the truth.

  5. Ken, it can't get much worse. No actually, it can.

    But TV is a great place to see a reflection of our sick society.

    A reality show exploiting a mentally ill person, former Olympic athlete who now imagines himself to be a woman. Shows about teenage mothers and mafia housewives and I don't even know what all. About all I watch these days is home remodeling shows and old westerns from the fifties and sixties.

    And this is coming from someone who has close family members in the entertainment media. My daughter just sold a script for a sitcom which I will reluctantly watch because it's her work.

    Unfortunately Hollywood for the most part does just what you said, and the sad part is they succeed. They construct the society they want to see, and America seems to be conforming to it.

    Bumbling helpless fathers, mostly useless in the family. A token gay person on every show. Broken homes and modern families without a male and female parent. Rampant illicit and perverse sexual conduct.

    Liberals are always virtuous characters who do the right thing. Conservatives are always evil schemers, racists, hate filled religious nuts who try to ruin everybody's life.

    The bad guy in most every movie and TV show these days is an evil corporation run by evil greedy heartless bastards who starve people and ruin lives and endlessly destroy the environment for no apparent reason other than they enjoy it.

    It's no wonder when people like Alan and Lucy and Bernie the commie come along preaching the same message these mind numbed skulls full of mush have been spoon fed for years they gobble it up and believe it's true.

    I miss The Rifleman, Have Gun Will Travel, The Rebel, Gunsmoke. Those truly were the golden age of television. And unlike buttstash's vision of golden age it really was a better time.

  6. "Oops. I forgot."

    New blog is up and running...

    Good Grief, Just can't good help anymore.

    SSAH all those programs are on TV daily on channel 11

  7. Sarge, I get all the great old shows. I've been watching Have Gun Will Travel lately. I forgot what a great show that was. Better than most all the crap on there these days.

  8. Phenry, nice job. You cleaned it up so buttstash doesn't even have anything to cry about. Not that he hasn't already flagged it, you know he has.

    Thanks. Nice to know people appreciate what I say.

    And thanks to everybody who has kept old SSaH alive over on the urinal.

  9. You're welcome safe. I actually screwed up and accidentally posted it verbatim. Had to do a quick edit. Fast and furious pecking on my tablet.

  10. Indiana University Cupcakes freak out when someone reported a man walking around campus wearing a KKK robe and carrying a whip.

    Residential hall advisor Ethan Gill emailed his students.

    "Please PLEASE PLEASE be careful out there tonight. Always be with someone and if you have no dire reason to be out of the building, I would recommend staying indoors if you're alone."

    Be afraid Cupcakes. Be very, very afraid.

    The man they were freaking out about turned out to be a priest.

  11. You're welcome safe. I actually screwed up and accidentally posted it verbatim. Had to do a quick edit. Fast and furious pecking on my tablet.

  12. Good morning. Nunya here.

    Hey, Kev....maybe the hall advisor should have told them all to go the "gender neutral" "safe space" restrooms...where they wouldn't have to encounter dangerous priests. Or...those extremely dangerous....'Sidewalk Chalkers'!

    Freakin' idiots.....

    Anyway, I kind of 'worded myself out' for the day, over at the Urinal, on today's blog of this blog's same subject.

    Either the leftists ARE actually that clueless...or thay know exactly what they are doing, and they ARE that dangerous.

    I think it's a bit of both. Those in power absolutely do know, and those mindless sheeple following them have absolutely no clue.

    Gotta get to work!

    Have a good day!

  13. Nunya later you have a good day also.

  14. I love watching Alan get his ass handed to him over there...

  15. Kevin, you need to encourage Alan to come here to entertain us. I'm trying to bait Bat, but he probably won't bite.

    But it's easy to play one of their treasured minorities against another. It's also plain whose side they'll take then - the weirdest minorities. After all, in this the Muslims are too close to normal. I once saw someone turned away from Passport Control at Kuwait airport for looking like a woman, sent back to whatever "enlightened" place he/she/it came from. Yes indeedy, we CAN learn things from other cultures.

  16. You notice how this has become a big wedge issue now? Sexual perverts and mentally ill people and the left is all over it demanding we consider their behavior perfectly normal and creating laws and Supreme Court cases over it? Suing the Little Sisters of the Poor to force them to pay for contraception and abortion drugs? Suddenly this is used as a battering ram to attack Conservatives?

    The ungodly left is taking advantage of mentally ill people, manipulating them and exploiting them to their political advantage?

    Pretty sad statement about the left. And pretty sad statement about America in general that they buy this nonsense and let the left tell them that everything they believe is now hate speech and will not be tolerated in the new totalitarian system.

    We've got more boy who think they're girls and girls who think they're boys than ever. They are multiplying exponentially. Because the left creates causes then manufactures victims where none existed.

    And that's far from the only issue they are doing that with.

  17. Safe that has been posted and the credit give to you in a sly way, the last line. By NEVERGIVEUP.

  18. Thanks Sarge. I just saw that. I bet that pisses buttstash off more than anything. And there isn't squat he can do about it, is there?

    Hey, you must be friends with this Nevergiveup guy, huh? Like you and him are almost are the same person. Weird.
    Thanks. I feel like I'm still posting over there sometimes.

  19. Yes SSAH that is Weird us Military Guys all sound and act alike. :) Well except for Capt Howdy, LOL

    1. Oh to answer your question yes I do know him.

  20. I heard he's an asshole.

    But I figured it was probably just a Roomer...

  21. Observe how many therapy blogs just sprung up on cj. Like I said before, at least baseball guy knows what he's talking about.

    Although it is boring as hell. Nonetheless, compared to "biking around Topeka" it's about as exciting as a Royals game.

    Rebecca is at least nice. Keri is confusing.

    They need to keep the meaty blogs up. Even if Kevin and KTT are the only ones who know how to make one.

  22. You gotta love those therapy blogs, Captain.

    Batshit loves and celebrates the hell out of them...

  23. And Sarge, if you run into your friend, Never, tell him he done good posting Safe's comments over at the other place...

  24. Kevin will do, oh and he assured me he will be at the summit, imagine that. The more the merrier.

  25. Sarge, I heard the two of you have never been seen at the same time. So we'll all be llooking forward to meeting you both.

  26. SSAH, no problem we all put on name tags out there, mine might be just a little longer than others, and I love to carry many hats with me, we improvises adapt and over come, what ever it takes to build a small Army. BE Prepared, Hear Me.

  27. Sarge, I think there's enough of you to make a basketball team. With a couple on the bench.

  28. SSAH, I pride myself of having many friends, and it wouldn't be a list of them with out your name on it. And besides my friend I am not about to let a bunch of whining socialist commie Ungodly perverts get the best of me.

  29. Alan is about the dumbest cocksucker I have ever read in a blog. About as worthless as a dindu that walks into a Dillon with an AK. Accomplishes nothing.
    Blathering blubber about some "muh oppression".
    Stating rare instances of sexual misconduct in bathrooms.

    And then there's the rare instance that Alan states anything relevant.
    Haven't seen it yet.
    Never will.
    Probably doesn't even wash his hands, either....

  30. Dont know how many of you have seen this. I havent got to check it all out yet.

    1. Russia gets the uranium rights. China gets rare earth metals. Clinton and Reid slowly selling America off. While people sleep...
      Speaking of which, catch ya'll on OBF...