Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Decision Time...


To say Ted Cruz suspending his campaign last night was huge would be an understatement.

And now it seems the "Never Trump" crowd has some serious decisions to make.

You say your conscience won't allow you to cast a vote for Donald Trump.

I get that.

Seriously, I get it.

But riddle me this.

Will your conscience allow you to hand Hillary Clinton the keys to the White House?

Will it allow you to sit by knowing that one of the first things she'll do as president is appoint the next Supreme Court Justice?

The consequences of a leftist dominated Supreme Court would be a disaster for our America for generations to come and you know it.

Just something to think about but by all means, let your conscience be your guide.

And now for you America hating Hillary Clinton supporters.

Hang on to your asses because you're in for the ride of your lives.

I can already hear your stupid attacks.

Trump has orange hair!

He's a reality TV star!

He's filed bankruptcy!

He's a racist!

He's a bigot! 

He's a clown!

He's not a conservative!

He's a fraud!

Blah, blah, blah.

Just sit down and shut up.

Besides, you're just repeating yourself and making yourselves look stupid all over again.

You'll no doubt be all giddy over the prospect of your favorite gal beating the hell out of Donald Trump in the general election.

Hillary will beat the hell out of him, you'll scream.

The funny thing is, that's the exact same thing every one of his former republican opponents said.

It's the same thing the establishment republicans said.

It's the same thing every so-called political expert and talking head in the business said.

How'd that work out?

Trump beat every single one of them every time they they came after him.

Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on attack ads trying to destroy him.

They pulled out the weak and failed former republican front runner, Mitt Romney out of hiding to ruin him.

That didn't work.

George Soros financed left-wing agitators and thugs did everything they could to stop him.

They failed miserably.

And why's that?

Because the American people have his back.

We're sick and tired of being lied to.

We're sick and tired of watching millions of illegals pouring our country and being told to shut up about it.

We're sick and tired of watching our jobs being shipped overseas.

We're sick and tired of watching roving bands of Black Lives Matter assholes marching down the streets of our own cities calling for the murder of America's cops.

We're sick and tired of watching American cities being burned to the ground.

We're sick and tired of the crap we see going on on college campuses all across the country.

We're sick and tired of being played for fools on the world stage.

Basically were sick and tired of this left-wing nightmare that's being shoved down our throats and we're not going to put up with it anymore.

And that my friends, is exactly what a Hillary Clinton presidency would bring us.

So you Hillary people go right on believing what you want.

Go on cheering the George Soros funded anarchists as they continue to close down Interstates, throw rocks and bricks at passing cars, attack and beat down anyone with opposing views, stomp on and or burn the American Flag while waving their Mexican Flags.

You're playing right into Trumps hands and if you think otherwise you're delusional.

One more quick thing then I'll shut up.

Welcome to the revolution...

Kevin McGinty


  1. I've said it before, I'll say it again: I'll support that loudmouth WWE impresario the second he is actually nominated. Not one nanosecond before. My third choice is still in the race and, while I'm sure my positions align more with Trump (non-intervention, support for some health care and abortions, refusal to make a mountain of a molehill on latrines), I just don't like his temperament. One bit. So with Kasich I stay. Until Trump gets nominated.

    Because I don't have the option of voting for Johnson this time. If the Dems nominate Kerrys or Obamas, they give me the option. Hillary, however, is another matter. Her temperament is no better than The Ego's. And her positions far worse.

    I'll doubtless be taking a good shower right after voting in November.

    1. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

    2. You don't even think I'm "good" Mousey, so why did you post that since, by your lights, it doesn't apply to me?

    3. If you don't think you're a good man, do nothing. What I think won't matter.

    4. What you think now doesn't matter...

    5. To me, helping Hillary isn't "good." Hell, if she wins and Obammy would attempt a coup, he could probably count me in. Does that give you a clue how I feel about her?

      I've already made plain that I'm between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

    6. Who's more likely to wake up in the morning, read about a mass shooting close to where he lives, pick up the phone and order the confiscation of guns "until we get this figured out": President Clinton or President Trump?

    7. How very short-sighted, to characterize voting for a repugnant but otherwise traditionally-stable candidate over a more repugnant and patently-unstable candidate as "helping" the former rather than responsibly facing the common adult challenge of choosing between the lesser of two bad choices.

      It was a crossroads for you and I'll expect you to be consistent after the decision by actively campaigning for Trump.

    8. You know, it depends on your perspective, Mousey. You know, I'm going to pull out my "Never-Erring Ouija Board" right now and check something.......

      Looks like it's saying I'm just going to be attacking the Harridan and not directly assisting The Ego.

      So until you get some Clairvoyant powers of your own there, Mousey, I guess we'll have to leave it at that.

    9. How about this for a question: no matter which gets elected President, what can we do about the perpetual, demagogic, constant, soon-to-be-even-more-ramped-up politicking that'll happen?

      If we thought (as we do) that the Obama administrations resulted in non-stop obstructionism, isn't it going to get even worse when the opposition (you) confronts the reality of another 4-8 years of Democratic incumbency? (It'll be more than interesting, in that Chinese proverbial way, to watch it play while the Republicans simultaneously labor to rebrand themselves.)

      If Trump wins won't it happen that nobody's won since both sides will be busy with their respective problems of nitpicking every misstep he makes (the Democratic side) and distancing themselves from those gaffes while, again, rebranding (the Republican side)?

  2. That's good enough for me, Captain.

    At least you're clear about the real goal here.

    Stopping Hillary Clinton...

  3. And I know that you already know this but Donald Trump wasn't my first choice either. But you gotta play the cards you're dealt...

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Well since you probably like sniffing underwear, Mousey, you can count on me to save THAT for you.

  5. Well, mousey is in his rational phase. This is the part of the trolling where he pretends to just be the jovial opposition, making witty observations with no real malice.

    But soon enough the real mousey will emerge. Watch for it. When the name calling, the snide remarks, the imagined rapier wit unholstered and the inane pointless attacks begin. This guy is a little bit schitzo to say the least. But predictable. Oh so predictable.

    But then, prison does that to a person, doesn't it? Doing a little time for, say, robbing a incapacitated client of his life savings and getting yourself disbarred will change you, won't it hand job?

    How's that parole doing? Have they let you out of the halfway house to reside among us law abiding types? My vote would be to keep you confined. You have demonstrated repeatedly just on this blog you are not able to control your anger issues. But prison can make an old man bitter and angry. Especially when he has no means to support himself and has to lobby for the party of redistribution to be elected to keep the welfare taps turned up on high.

  6. Ol' Safe - keeping The Remf in stitches since 2007!!! At the expense of lefties of all stripes.

  7. As for Mr Trump. We hear endlessly how he is no conservative, but he's actually a liberal.

    Why on earth then are the liberals crapping their pants to keep him out of office? I would think they would be supporting him.

    Rush always says you can tell who the ungoldly left is the most afraid of by how vicious they attack them.

    With the level of lies and slander the left is unleashing against Mr Trump, I would say they are scared of him at a full adult diaper load level.

    The hard core godless left would support Hillary if she roasted and ate a baby at the next town hall. They are brain dead lurching zombies and are incapable of thinking, only following whatever their masters tell them.

    But the sort of rational left, and there are a few, are going to have a hard time with Hillary. She is the most pandering, lying, corrupt candidate possibly in our history. I mean she says outright she wants to put coal miners and coal companies out of work and out of business. Then she gets confronted by an actual coal miner and she dances and dodges and lies and makes herself look like a complete idiot. I mean really.

    "Gee, I didn't say that".

    Here's the tape.

    "Well, I was taken out of context".

    Here's the tape.

    "Well, nobody has a better record than me fighting for the coal miners. I didn't really mean that. Trust me".

    Are there people who are actually stupid enough to believe what this woman says? Hell yes there are. Millions of them. And they have the nerve to look down on us. Funny really, isn't it? And sad. Very sad.

  8. How come the ungodly left always labels the Republicans as "obstructionists" for blocking as much of the radical destructive agenda of Obama as they can?

    Seems to me although he was elected prez twice, there were two mid terms where the Republicans were overwhelmingly elected to a super majority in the House and a majority in the Senate, not to mention record levels of leadership at the state level and a bunch of governorships.

    If I read my constitution correctly, and unlike obama I have actually read it, the members of congress are the duly elected representitives of the American people in this constitutional republic we live in. So if the people who we elected to represent us go to Washington and do exactly what we elected them to do, how is that obstructionist?

    I suggest the ungodly left has a serious lack of understanding of exactly what a constitutional republic is. And of what the constitution says.

    They perhaps are confused and have reverted in our history to the days of King George, pre revolution. But we overthrew that government and replaced it with the one we have now. We don't have a monarch who decides what is best for us. We have congress. And the president is not the equivalent of the monarch. Sorry democrats, but everytime you start that obstructionist blathering you violate the old canard that says better to be thought a fool, than open your mouth and prove it.

    You prove yourselves to be uneducated and foolish everytime you use that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  9. Looks like things are going to be between Trump and Clinton... well y'all already know I ain't voting for Hillary. Nope - no way - no how.

    btw - kevin.... was able to read your blog on the other website... two thumbs up. Also, I love it that the lefties are stumbling all over themselves over there....


  10. Oh yeah, they've been stumbling and bumbling all day long.

    Oh, and I found out that there's a little box you can click before you actually post your blog over there that allows it to be seen free of charge...

  11. Cool - thanks for the tip.


  12. an interesting read on Clinton... just posted on NBC website at 2:57 pm....


  13. Wouldn't it be an interesting turn of events if Hillary was indicted before November's election??


  14. It'd be interesting but it's never gonna happen...

  15. What will be nice is the fact that in mid November there will be a massive clearance of pantsuit and maos and all the department store in America.
    And that my friends, is a win.

    Vote Trump 2016

  16. pardon my grumbling.... grouching...

    all I did was make a little phone call to check on my dad's well being since he was in the hosp. a couple of weeks back....and it's been about a week since I visited with him last. (that phone call a week ago went ok - dad didn't piss me off).

    in the phone conversation this evening he brought up some things that ticked me off... y'all know that my dad and I have had our problems.... but he's still my dad - but I'm not close to him. But I still care so I call to check on him... I assure you he's not lacking for attention nor company nor anything... he has his preferred circle of friends around him

    since the major blow up dad and I had over what he did to my beautiful mom back in 2009.... his family on his side - in short I do not exist... when they all get on the Heaven side of life, they'll realize how much they were lied to by my dad.

    dig no. 1... oh did you know that your cousin Andy and his wife are going to be at Melvern Lake camping this weekend... "dad, no, I don't exist to them."

    dig no. 2 - did you know your sister is coming up this weekend to spend time with them.... "dad, no, I'm out of the loop and no one tells me ****."

    All I did was want to check on his health and well being.....

    well it's gonna take a while to get myself calmed back down again.

    The Christian part of me forgives him, the human part of me is pissed off at him.

    (if we don't forgive, then God won't forgive us the sins we commit) (and I want to see my beautiful Mom again so it's a no brainer - I have to forgive him and let God take care of my dad,

    my dad isn't worth me going to hell over.

    ok, I'm done bitching for now I guess.


  17. You bitch all you want, Rikki...

  18. thanks Kevin - hugs


  19. I think starmao and batshit are the stupidest two dindu pieces of crap I have ever interacted with online. I've traded posts with a few of them. Maybe it's there age and frame of mind.
    This ain't 1982.
    It takes a special kina dindu to get hammers respect.
    And neither one of you motherfuckers get it.
    Dumb as a box of rocks at the bottom of a pond.
    I swear their EBT card has a higher IQ.
    I'm willing to bet they struggle pumping gas.

    If they are allowed a driver's license, that is.
    Sorry sacks of shit....

  20. Got a post removed, don't know which one cuz I've been throwing up a lot lately. No mention of which post or why. Bet it was one dealing with black people though, as batshit cannot stand reason or logic when it comes to race.

  21. Dindu will be dindu....
    As much as a dog will be a dog and lick his balls.....

    Ain't that right batshit.
    Probably locking your balls right now
    Aren't ya?

    Screenshot that you fucking pleeb.

  22. Ooooo. ....I figured it out. The one about the principal where i said she "was not a pleasant looking woman.....dour & stern ".....

    That's enough to get a post removed. My are we sensitive.

    Anchor Babies, Anchor Babies, Anchor Babies, Anchor Babies,...take a screen shot of that batshit

  23. Hammer, shot a friends AK based 12ga this afternoon. 10 round mags, lots of fun. Not the quality I would buy, but fun to shoot nonetheless.

    My next purchase will be a compact 45 for cc. Any suggestions?

  24. Saw a sign today. ...said "This premises is protected by a high speed wireless device ".....included a picture of a 1911.

    LOL....if they wanted high speed m should have pictured my 10mm.

  25. Did y'all see the CJ article about the Topeka police officer who was arrested for drunk driving? Get this, his name was Randall Batman. Guess who I thought of when I read his name.

  26. Good morning. Nunya here.

    Looks like a pack of mottled, mangy, rabid mutts on the attack over at the Urinal, Kev! I love how you so EASILY got them to prove the exact point you made in the blog!

    Idiot-morons are so easily agitated into complete idiocy, ain't they? The liberal morons over there are running around in circles, doing everything they can to display the exact behavior that you pointed out!

    Quite the freak show!

    Hey Hammer? You making fun of Hillary's attire? She looks quite fashionable, and VERY 'presidential', in those stylish, colorful "repurposed" wall tapestries, tablecloths, couch upholstery and curtains...some made into a tribute to Chairman Mao, some made into mumus that any self-respecting woman wouldn't even wear just around the house, some made into big, round, straight-down-the-sides pantsuits! Here sense of fashion is second-to-none (in this case, meaning, far WORSE than NO sense of fashion!).

    Yes, the "Hillary Line" of casual and formal wear. Coming soon to a dollar store near you!

    It's entirely appropriate that she wears loud, obnoxious, poorly-designed, FUGLY clothing. It just screams "HILLARY!", as it perfectly exemplifies everything about the woman, herself!

    The GOOD thing about her clothing choice, is they do cover up Hillary, for the most part. ('Cover-up''s 'Hillary'!)

    Actually, I think her clothing choices are calculated, manipulative choices.

    When she appears at a rally, and starts her loud, obnoxious SCREECHING (her dialect DISRESPECTFULLY changing to fit the crowd...white audience in the south, she goes all-out Dixie, black audience...she goea all-out ebonics) ...she is hoping that the real attention will be paid to her gawd-awful gaudy clothing, so that less attention will paid to her continual stream of lies and deception! I attacking Hillary because ...gasp!....she's a WOMAN?!

    Naw...I make fun of her because she's a manipulative, dishonest, obnoxious, failure-prone, compulsively-lying, hateful, unnattractive poor excuse of a human being.

    if she doesn't get tossed into the pen (which she probably won't, as she's a greedy liberal 1%er with 'low-life friends in high places') , she really just needs to fade into nothingness...which is much better than she deserves.

  27. Reading about PHs post getting pulled reminds me why I don't post over there.

  28. Nunya here again.

    The MOST honest noise to EVER come out of that lying, obnoxious, yapping Hillary's mouth? (She's YOUR girl, liberals! BE PROUD!!!)

  29. Nunya, again.

    Yeah, KTT. The Urinal censors seem to have everything all ass-backwards.

    When you are cleaning the toilet, you are supposed to scrub the shit out...NOT dump more in.

    Batshit apparently hasn't learned much with his "on-the-job" training, even after all these years. (Of course, it WOULD be callous for the state to fire someone who clearly has such mental and emotional disability, even though he can't comprehend the simplest of concepts of they let him stay.)

    I think what they let him do? He scoops it all out over there, collects it all, and then dumps it over in the Urinal!

    And, the Urinal staff, being far-left Communist liberals, and willing to give mentally-handicapped people much more leeway (even if it jeopardizes their own existence)...just lets him go at it.

    Maybe he's kind of like their 'token moron', a 'mascot for the mentally-handicapped'...and they feel a need to protect him at all costs?

    Maybe that's why they let him get away with all that, and do his bidding?

    Then, again....maybe he's just VERY good at 'working under the table'...if ya know what I mean? (Wink, wink...nudge, nudge...say no more!)

  30. I see I am still in bat shits head. I'm gone and he is still posting about me. Poor guy.

  31. Not trying to freak you out, my friend but I think he's got a man crush on ya...

  32. KTT, he just can't stop thinking about you. That's a pretty sick thought, isn't it? Buttstache, head inside a toilet scrubbing away thinking about KTT all day.

    You know what I like thinking about all day? Thinking about how the liberals are truly going to go crazy after the next election. They are repeating over and over how easy it will be to beat Trump. They haven't even seen Trump in action against Hillary yet. Look how he went after the people on his own side from his own party. Can you even imagine what he will do to Hillary? I would feel a little sorry for her if she wasn't a soulless heartless lying corrupt evil communist piece of shit. She deserves everything that's about to happen to her.

  33. just had an odd little thought... in Indiana, the polls were open to independents... so the independent voters pushed Sander's victory over Clinton.

    Now my odd little thought...

    With a lot of the dems who won't vote for Clinton, what if Sanders continues his campaign but as an independent.... he could pull enough votes away from Clinton that would enable Trump to be elected.


    1. personally, I also feel that it's going to be a very close race between Trump and Clinton - with Trump edging over Clinton.


  34. I think it's he's gonna beat her by a landslide...

  35. Vicente Fox, ex president of Mexico crawled on his belly to beg Mr Trump to forgive him. He apologized for saying all the terrible things he said about Trump. He licked his boots and basically groveled at his feet. Think he knows something? Like he insulted and attacked the next President of the United States and suddenly realized what a stupid thing that was to do? So he's trying to save his ass from the Trump grinder? That's what I think. He all but offered to pay for the wall. That will happen later, no doubt.

  36. And in further news, the mayor of New York, the godless left wing radical DiBlasio has slandered Chik Fil A and should be forced from office by the people. He publically said people shouldn't eat at Chik Fil A because of their "policies" against sexual perverts. They have no policies against sexual perverts. None. This was a complete lie that is easily proven to be a lie. DiBlasio and the city of New York should be sued at a minimum, and he should be forced to resign for attempting to destroy a private business for political gain. If we actually had a Justice Dept they would charge him with violating the First Amendment rights of Chik Fil A by attacking them because the CEO expressed a political view he disagrees with. This is the very definition of the first amendment. The government taking political action to restrict free speech by threats and intimidation.

    The unholy left is a disgusting group of people who hate America, the constitution and me and my fellow conservatives.

    This is just another example of why we need to take our country back from these Totalitarians before they destroy it altogether.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  37. And the Justice Department, a political arm of the democrat party and totally and completely corrupt is telling NC their law telling the men to use the men's room and stay the hell out of the girls room is illegal.

    So this administration, which allows cities to defy federal law in creating sanctuary cities is persecuting a state for passing a law to protect it's citizens from sexual perverts.

    They allow cities to decide federal law can be ignored and shelter federal criminals which has led to thousands of crimes committed by these people. They see no problem with that. Even though that very thing is what caused the civil war. When the Confederacy decided the law did not apply to them because it was an illegitimate law. That caused Lincoln to go to war. But these people allow it, and in fact support it. But preventing sex perverts from walking into the bathroom with our daughters? That they will fight tooth and nail.

    Almost seems like these people favor criminals, sex perverts and illegal aliens over the law abiding American people.

    Revolution coming folks. Fuck a bunch of ungodly unholy America hating perverted democrats.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. This has been argued, dissected, and debated over on the blogs on the other website and you know it.

      Slavery wasn’t the sole reason for the American Civil War….

      The “root” reason for the American Civil War was to keep America from separating – slavery was only a byproduct reason… not the main.

      The plantation owners of the South wanted to protect their right to keep slaves – no argument there.

      What’s really something is how people like you defend the Democrats… when the Democrats were controlled by the slave owning Southerners.


    3. Wow, no rebuttal? Anony-mouse


    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. You're a real piece of work - jerk. You have no clue as to what you're talking about - and the pain my personal life is off limits to assholes like you.... when you walk a mile in my shoes then you can judge me - but since you're too chicken shit.... you can just shut the hell up.

      And as for the American Civil War, you need to read up on your history - and see for yourself that the South's secession from the Union was the main primary reason for the Civil War - slavery was only a byproduct of the Union's victory over the South.

      You've got a computer - research it or you can go to the Topeka Shawnee County Library and check out literature for yourself.

      And I've done nothing to be embarrassed about or for.... so you can just scram!


    6. I've had some time to calm down "Anonymous" Not that any of this is your business , I will give you a shortened version about the issues with my dad. my dad badly neglected my Mom-she had Alzheimer's/dementia. I tried to help as did my husband and sons-my dad made things difficult. He was told countless times by medical doctors that my Mom couldn't be left alone he left her alone countless times regardless.

      she got down under 100 pounds because he didn't see to it that she had enough to eat she got so weak that she needed the aid of a walker and a cane - hubby n' I prepared many dishes and when we realized that he was eating it. we started making things that she liked and he didn't like-it helped some.

      ultimately,2009 he dumped her into a nursing home because he didn't want to take care of her - wasn't even with her when she was shuttled over to the nursing home.
      He made a point to call me and let me know she was in the nursing home-and not to go see her until she got adjusted to her new surroundings-I went right over to the nursing home saw she had nothing but the clothing on her back and one pair of shoes which she was wearing. I told the nurse that I was taking Mom to the mall to buy her some clothing etc., and that I would be back with her in about an hour or so. Which I was. I happily purchased clothing, etc., to get her by until my dad got off his butt and brought her more things.... his excuse his reply: "oh I thought the nursing home would take care of that."
      Regardless of how horrible the circumstances was in how he literally dumped her into a nursing home, it was a blessing in disguise - she was blessed with a good group of nurses who worked with her, she got physically stronger, gained weight, and eventually did not need the use of her walker nor her cane-what helped with her gaining weight is that I worked with the nurses on her menu-that pissed off my dad and he raised a stink about it. the nurses clamped down on him on that and said that he needs to realize that it was helping Mom because she was eating better.

      He screened his phone calls - when he didn't want to talk to the nursing home-the nursing home called me.

      The last time that dad screened a call from the nursing home was the day that Mom passed away - they called me. They said they tried to call dad but there was no answer. I went over and found him outside the apartment chit chatting with people and I told him to lock the apartment and come with me.

      When he got inside my car I asked him, did you know that the nursing home tried to call you - he said yes, but he was screening calls. I told him that they tried to call him because Mom passed - that was 2011.

      Now asshole just you try to tell me that I'm to blame for shit. My personal life is off limits to you - and don't you ever talk to me like that ever again in regard to my personal life-dude you have no frickin clue what I've been through - I endured many a battle with my dad in regard to my Mom.

      Mom is in Heaven, she's free of dad and she's healed from her Alzheimer's/dementia

      you're not worth me going to hell over so I sincerely forgive you for being disrespectful to me in regard to your nonsense regarding my personal life but that doesn't give you free reign to attack me further about my issues with my dad-kapeesh!

      And as for the American Civil War.... It was right for the slaves in the South to be freed - but when you research you'll find that the primary initial reason for the Civil War, the root of the whole damned war is because the South wanted to separate from the Union....

      With all this being said - "Annonymous" I bid you adieu.


    7. Your father failed to live up to your expectations. He wasn't a perfect human being, particularly when, as you might say, he was tested. The last, 2011 straw was when you found him chit-chatting just after he didn't pick up the call intended to let him know his spouse had died. More recently, last Tuesday or Wednesday you phoned him--saying, here, you just wanted to see if he was okay--and instead of virtually falling to his knees and confessing his monumental transgressions he said unacceptable things about others in the family. Things that seem to have amounted to telling you how he felt he was being treated.

      You're a harsh judge, lady. You're a judge who sentences only on the facts she picks that she likes the best. You did it with your dad and you're doing it with everything you say when you type here about anything else.

      You're a daughter and whether you know it or not, want to admit it or not, you're shatteringly disillusioned by your father's apparent true nature. Who's to say you're wrong to feel that way? Nobody. Who's to say that those feelings should trump everything in your relationship with him that went before? Some might. Who's to say that you'd have behaved differently if you had been him when the disease hit your mother and the woman he'd known for decades disappeared to be replaced by a spectre seemingly intent on sucking the joy out of existence and mocking any of his efforts to derive any meaning out of even a single day? You.

      You claim you're better than he is.

      I've waxed somewhat biblical previously in referring to motes and beams in eyes and I'll do it again by suggesting it's appropriate not to judge unless you want to be judged. Now it's time for a little Shakespeare:

      The quality of mercy is not strain'd,
      It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
      Upon the place beneath: it is twice blest;
      It blesseth him that gives and him that takes:
      'Tis mightiest in the mightiest: it becomes
      The throned monarch better than his crown;
      His sceptre shows the force of temporal power,
      The attribute to awe and majesty,
      Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings;
      But mercy is above this sceptred sway;
      It is enthroned in the hearts of kings,
      It is an attribute to God himself;
      And earthly power doth then show likest God's
      When mercy seasons justice.

    8. "Anonymous" being that you personally were not there through the raging sea of turmoil and pain with me, you have no right to say that I "pick and choose" - what I wrote above is only some of the heartache - there's only so many characters allowed in the comment space.

      I willingly, happily, selflessly helped my Mom a lot and would do it all again in a heartbeat.

      As for the issues where I battled my dad - I have no regrets.

      God is love - He forgives in love - I have forgiven my dad - and I forgive you "Anonymous" (again).

      This topic is now closed -

  38. SSAH, I couldn't agree more.

  39. Was skimming the NBC news weblink. Watched a video interview that NBC had today with Ben Howe of the Never Trump Movement. As the interview unfolded, this guy is a reflection of the "L"oser leftists idiots who regularly argue with y'all on political issues.

    Ben Howe, a Republican, said that a third party candidate would be great if it were realistic... He calls Trump a sociopathic liar, maniac, and unstable.... calls him bombastic (i.e. high sounding but with little meaning, inflated). He continued to say that he disagrees with Clinton on pretty much all of her policies but that he doesn't want Trump in office either. He feels she's a more calmer, more rational human being.

    Ok - does anyone have some lipstick so I can paint a "L" on Ben Howe's forehead?


    1. This country has needed a shot in the arm for too long, things have gone beyond haywire, I feel that Trump is the guy to do this.... Clinton would only continue Obama's policies and sell America out (as a figure of speech).

      In short - I'm voting for Trump.


    2. for Ben Howe to say that he'd vote for Clinton though he disagrees with pretty much all of her policies... makes him worse than an idiot.


    3. Voting for someone just to keep someone else out of not a valid reason to vote. When America's future is at stake... it's far better to vote for the one who will help America, not hurt America....


  40. And as far as the idiot leftists who are grasping at straws with their complaints on Trumps' hair... etc.

    I wouldn't care if his hair were dyed purple...polka dotted...or even black with a white strip down the middle.... no he hasn't held any political office - yada yada yada....

    Of the two, Trump is by far the better choice for President.


  41. I'd take Trumps' hair any day over that Hillary face.

  42. "Everything is negotiable." Worry you? Doesn't worry me.

  43. PHenry.
    Have seem many different versions of Springfield and S&w. Personally I'm intrigued with the Springfield XD-S. It's size is shocking for a
    Haven't put my hands on it yet. So it's just my thoughts. But check it out. And by the way, why not a glock 29? Power in a small package, eh?
    Good luck with your search.

    I got a buddy who has saiga. With a drum. An AK or AR style shotgun is an awful lot of fun. They are pricey though, my friend.
    Also wondering if you ever dabbled deeper in that Creedmoor round you mentioned awhile back? Just curious...

    Vote Trump 2016

  44. Lying Lucy just wrote a blog full of lies and basically admits she has no proof of what she wrote.

  45. Are you sure it wasn't a screenplay?
    Somebody will have to tell me, because I won't even click on it. It's click bait, and no more important than a circular from Walmart to me.

  46. I don't know if it was a screenplay but it was definitely delusional. Brenda called her a liar.

  47. Good morning, another rough night.