Tuesday, May 10, 2016

False Narratives for the Sheeple

The left is very good at creating false narratives to lead the sheeple astray.  Here are just a few that are told so often that many actually believe them to be true.

Trump is anti-woman.  They cite his attacks on Rosie O’Donnell and Megyn Kelly as examples of him being anti-woman.  They actually demonstrate just the opposite.  He may be crass, he may be rude and he may even be juvenile, but his attacks on these two women are actually examples that he treats women like equals.  “Lying Ted,” “Little Rubio,” and “Low Energy Jeb” didn’t whine and cry when he attacked them.  They took it, excuse me for this, “like a man.”

Beyond that, look at how he treats women around him.  He provides opportunities for them to succeed in business, promotes them to positions of power and treats them, as he should, as his equal.

On the other hand, look at Hillary “Stand By My Man” Clinton.  Not only has she stuck by her cheating husband, she has enabled him and allegedly tried to silence one of his rape accusers.  If that isn’t anti-woman then tell me what is.

The Right is Against Transgendered People using the Bathroom of Their Choice.   The left accuses the right of labeling transgendered people as perverts and peeping Toms.  This is a lie.  Transgendered people having been using restrooms without incident for decades.  It has only become an issue when men, not transgendered people, but when men wanted to use the women’s restroom and women’s locker room.

In the past, no one complained that men were not allowed in the women’s restroom because it is just common sense to segregate restrooms and locker rooms based on gender especially when minor children are present.  No one can convince me that there are not pedophiles and perverts who will exploit being able to go into women’s rest rooms unabated to catch glimpses of women and children doing things that should be private.  I have no problem with a true transgendered person using the rest room or locker room that bests fits both their physical and psychological identity, but they must transitioned to that gender either chemically or surgically.  What about the person that is in the process of transitioning, but not completely transition?  Again, common sense.  Use the restroom or locker room they best identify with and be discreet.  If you’re a man transitioning to a woman then takes steps not to expose your genitalia to women or children.  It really is that simple.

Border Security is Racially Motivated.  Border security is necessary to protect American citizens against terrorism, the spread of disease, and economic theft.  An unsecure border leaves us vulnerable to terrorist coming into our country to kill us; nothing racist about wanting to protect Americans.  People coming here legally are screened for diseases.  People coming here are not.  Do we want contagious diseases being spread because there are no screenings?  Again, not racist.  We have over a hundred million people in this country not working.  Why should they compete with illegal immigrants for jobs?  How is it racist to care that all Americans of all races have an opportunity to work?  Hint, it isn’t, but the truth seldom makes a good narrative to lead the masses over the cliff.

Black Lives Matter.  All lives, including black lives, matter.  The problem with this narrative is not that it is false in the sense that black lives don’t matter – they do, but those propagating the meme really don’t care about all  black lives.  They care about black lives to the extent that they can further their anti-conservative agenda by making conservatives appear to be responsible for the plight of some blacks.  You will only convince me that the race baiters, the BLM movement and other supposedly pro-black groups care about blacks when they fight against job robbing illegal immigration, when they work to ensure that parents parent, when they go into the poor neighborhoods to provide job training and  march in the streets demanding that there be justice for the hundreds of black murder victims, men, women and children who died at the hands of a person living in their own neighborhood.

Oh there is more, but this is enough to get the converstation started.


  1. Yup, Ktt. I for one am saying all lives matter, but we have to deal with those that only think in groups, The trouble is it is the same groups of people killing their own, but I am okay I guess for that, better then them coming after the peaceful ones out there. But if they did turn on the groups I support we would defend and fight back.

  2. Okay I got it all read now, good blog good info, now if we can get the needed ones to just open their eyes and mines.

  3. False narratives.
    Yep, exactly what we see every day.
    Spread by our current media faster than a rampant infectious disease.
    But I think you forgot one, KTT.
    Anyone familiar with he current missile testing being allowed?
    Ya know, with the 150 billion annually that was gonna build schools and churches.
    Funny how that works, eh? Another reason the leader of the current administration needs to be imprisoned.
    Squish Iran together with North Korea.
    Congratulations America.
    Cold War all over again.
    But this time people with common sense arent the ones with keys......

    And just to be clear.
    Hey Zulu warrior. I dare ya to bring that shut onto my side of the fence.
    All day long.....................

    1. Good one.

      I did forget an important one. Just one more fun law will save the life of a child. No gun laws will stop or significantly reduce murder by gun. The laws only impact law abiding citizens. The true goal is to disarm us.

    2. Yep. Once again you would be correct,KTT.

  4. Mr Truth teller, may I present to you a win for the little guy. Many here may know this is a subject near and dear to me. So a win, little as it may be is huge. And those that care about details be sure and pay attention to the settlement details. EPA doesn't win every time. And wins in the future may be possible. There are other links, but here's one site people here are familiar with.


    And hey Obama. Put that in your dindu nuffin pipe, and smoke it.
    Go fuck yourself.
    November can't come around fast enough.....

  5. Hammer don't push time to fast, there is a few of us that are trying to slow it down. :):)

  6. Peeps. IWNGU is using new lingo over at cj I noticed.
    Looks like sarge could take lessons from that poster. IWNGU seems alright, if sarge would just come around now.
    Hear me sarge? Lol...

    And as always, later peeps.

    1. IWNGU is okay but he sure ain't no Sarge.

  7. Hammertime How could I not hear You? :):)

  8. Good morning. Nunya here.

    I see ol' Pattysnakes is using her SOOperior intellect to beat down on us he'ya uneducted rednecks!

    Here's a gem of statement:

    "Oh Lucinda, I am sorry but your blog is far to intellectual for the average reader. Avarage readers read on the 5th grade level. You and Alan both present ideas that take abstract thinking with the need for a dictionary to learn the meanings of many words."

    Well she IS 'sorry'..I'll give her THAT!

    Lucy is just far 'to' intellectual for us? Well...it IS 'far' to 'intellectual', any time Lucy blogs.

    And how's about us 'avarage' 5th grade level readers? I wonder if'n you rednecks knew 'average' was spelled with three 'a's!?

    And, i suppose she is specking of herself, when she says she needs a dictionary for wods most ordinary 9but too intellectual for her)?!

    OH...T-storm! Gotta get off here!

  9. Nunya again. WOW!

    Typed that last part WAY too fast. Started hailing, and lightning WAY too close!

    But...can't expect perfect spelling, typing fast, from some backwoods hillbilly who can't even read at a 5th grade level, anyway...huh?

  10. Nunya again.

    Who's this "Zulu" character?

    "My sister Lucinda has the courage to speak the truth and she will not be spoken to in any way other than yes ma'am and no ma'am."

    Hey, Zulu. Eat shit. What are you...the 'new' unofficial moderator at the Urinal?

    "Allah and his prophet Muhammad will guide young African men and women by ANY means necessary."

    OH...I seeeee. You are a radical Islamic jihadist! THAT'S why you so identify with Lyin Loosey'! BOTH of you want our country destroyed!

    And about your 'young African men and women'? In America, people are called "Americans". Period. You can take your racist, divisive bullshit and stick it up your ass. You wanna be "African"? FINE! Go to Africa. We won't miss you, here. Take any racist, hateful anti-American 'African' men and women back with you. I even propose a good use of taxpayer money to pay for your trip.

    Actually...y'know what? Making terrorist threats against the United States may be something the authorities may be interested in. I'll call my friend in the Sheriff's office, and direct him to that terrorist threat that's left standing over at the Urinal, and see what he thinks.

    Too bad I don't post over there...I'd post that last statement.

  11. Patty states Lucy is far to intelligent for us. Yeah, Patty, you and Lucky just keep on speaking in tongues, discussing your high level ideas, you know, the ones we don't understand. At least the two of you will know what you are saying, and nobody else cares. Well keep it your little secret.

  12. And once upon a time, long, long ago I had a comment deleted for salling someone a "silly head."

    But you can call yourself a Zulu Warrior, make blatant remarks, and as along as you bring up Allah you're allowed to make terroristic threats (by ANY means necessary) and everything's fine and dandy...

  13. Well Rose, at least now I understand why so much of what Patty has to say makes no sense to me...

  14. A little something to ponder this morning.

    Besides Alan who has a long history of riding in on his white horse to save his beloved "Sister Lucinda?"

    Our very own troll otherwise known as Batshit.

    He's finally had all of this being civil (think Golden Age of Community Blogging) he can take.

    He created a new fake identity so he can let the real hateful and racist Batshit say what he's too afraid of afraid to say himself.

    Brand new account with 2 points and where's his very first stop?

    Room 235.

    Shove it up your ass, Batshit, you're not fooling anybody...

  15. Nunya again.

    Pattysnakes over there yammering about how SHE is so smart, and SHE understands what we don't...which is..."the Blue Wall".

    Here, she wrtites: "Like the Blue Wall. Since it cannot be seen too many people think you are blowing smoke. They do not understand symbolism. But I understand what the Blue Wall is."

    The thing is...I don't see any posts prior to that wondering what "the Blue Wall" is.

    So...WTF is she babbling about? Somehow, she got it into her head that nobody but good, loyal liberals (and, now...murdering Islamic jihadists who post terrorist threats on Urinal blogs), cannot POSSIBLY know what Illucid Lucy means by 'Blue Wall'.

    Actually...being liberals with no creativity, and always feeling a need to take from someone else...the "Blue Wall' was stolen from police-oriented lingo (Blue Wall of Silence).

    I suspect poor ol' Patsy sat there wondering..."what the heck is Lucinda taling about..this "Blue Wall"? And, then...she did what she (or Lucy) apparently never does, and Googled it. "OH...I see..." says Patsy!

    And, then...feeling all prideful, and MUCH smarter than us...(who couldn't POSSIBLY be in on the secret)...she writes how SHE knows what it means (like an annoying 5th-grade know-it-all who doesn't, got her hand up waving..."Pick me! Pick ME! I KNOW..I KNOW THE ANSWER!!!!')...when us backwoods idiots CERTAINLY have NO clue!

    Geezzz....those two just keep getting more and more insane by the day.

  16. Nunya again.

    I did a 'screenshot' of our new-old friend, Zoo-Loon, and his radical jihadist terrorist threat against America.

    Maybe he'll at LEAST get on the terrorist watchlist for that. (But, I doubt anything would be done until Mullah Obama is outta office!)

    I mean...personal insults are one thing. And, in this country...you can take all the screenshots you want, but the 1st Amendment protects what is written.

    Blatant Islamic jihadist terrorist threats, though? THAT'S an entirely differnt animal (from an entirely different animal)!

  17. We'll be ready for the Dick head on open Blog Friday, you know he will be at it hot and Heavy. We still got a few over there to kick ass and take names, This terrorist shit will come to a end, you know that saying you hear or see something say something, and some will go over CJ's head. Be Prepared.

  18. AND THE rains came....Gush!!!

  19. Patty is a moron. Telling people how smart she is while butchering the English language.

  20. OP here.
    Good Morning all of you who can't comprehend above the 5th or 6 grade level!! What a stupid Bieoch Patty Kinnet is! Did you notice Patty, I spelled it wrong just for you! LOL! Patty is so stupid, when she fills out a job application, under “education” she puts “Hooked on Phonics”!

    I think Zulu may be another character in Batshit's closet! Either way they are both such Assholes!

    If you noticed on Dave's blog, after I gave Batshit crap about being a state employee, he tried to deny it and said there is no proof that he ever said that. I know there is, I just don't happen to have a "screenshot" of one of his earlier rants. Looking back, I think much of his stuff, where he talked about it went "poof" a long time ago. If anyone has a statement saved of his, about being a State employee, I would love to see it, and rub his dipshit face in it!

  21. Let him deny it. Doesn't matter. We all know the truth. Buttstash is a toilet scrubber at the Docking building.

    And the truth is, it doesn't matter if he is or not. I say he is, and I'll keep repeating it as fact.

    Remember when he posted a blog under MWN saying George Zimmerman was a racist who assassinated Trayvon Martin? I do. I argued with him about it and he just kept repeating it. True? Not in the slightest. But that's his style. So what works for him works for us.

    See, the left believes they can just say anything, true or not, repeat it and never back down and it is just as good as true. So I guess we can do the same thing.

    Buttstash is a toilet swamper at the Docking building. That's a fact. I said so and I stand behind it. Oh, and it also happens to be true.

    So just like when Dingy Harry Reid stood on the Senate floor and said he had it on good authority Mitt Romney paid no taxes, so it was up to Romney to prove it wasn't true, it's up to buttstash to prove we are wrong.

    That's just the way it works buttstash, or Zulu gibsmedat warrior or yellow pearl or whoever you decide to be today.

  22. OP, are you going to help with the cooking at the summit again with me? Oh and tell Irene she is in charge of making sure we have good weather. :):)

    1. You got it Sarge! Ilene is phoning up Mother Nature as we speak! Oh, and if I am helping with the cooking,,, I didn't realize that we were having Romen Noodles this year!!:)

  23. Just read Kevin's new blog on CJ.... Kudos Kevin.

    I am appalled that the mods haven't booted newbee Zulu for terroristic threat...


  24. Appalled?



    Not in the least...

  25. just read patty's comment - "Zulu seemed over the top to me. I was confused about some of his/her statements."

    if his comments bothered patty so much then why didn't she bring it to the mods attention? You're right about the leftists Kevin.


  26. But she has 3 college degrees

  27. I didn't realize colleges were now offering degrees in dumbass...

  28. Just got through blasting CJ on Kevin's blog.... and it felt real good to post it.


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