Thursday, May 5, 2016

Free For All Friday

"Trump comes out of nowhere. Stop and think of what's happened here: A genuine, real outsider with no polling unit and no real fundraising -- no campaign management, no speechwriting -- has come to just blow out the Republican Party."

Rush Limbaugh 

The quote just points out how worthless and clueless the GOP is. And this is why we have a conservative revolution. 

Britain is facing many of the same issues as we are. Listen to the Britain First chairman discuss making Britain great again. 

It is Friday so have at it.


  1. Good morning T-Town!

    Well, Trump wasn't my first pick, but I will support him all the way.

    Be afraid Democrats, be real afraid.

  2. It's obvious who's side the guy doing the interview is on.

    He's also part of the problem...

  3. He might as well come over here and run for president.

    America's leftists would love him...

  4. Good morning. Nunya here.

    The GOP 'establishment' STILL seems to not be able to quite understand what the hell is happening.

    They promised a fight against Obama. They went to bed with Obama the past 8 years...and are waking up COVERED with fleas! THAT is what is happening. "Lie with dogs..."

    This is just how out-of-touch the entire D.C. political system is with the American people.

    Being told right to their face that THEY are the problem...and they seem to just get a blank stare and say "Uh...I don't understand. just go away, and let us take care of everything".

    They don't seem to understand Main St. America saying "HEY!!! SCREW YOU and your LIES! If YOU won't do it...we'll find someone who WILL!!!"

    The liberals, same thing. That's why Sanders is pretty much walloping that lying, criminal Hillary...but the Dems are flipping THEM off, and saying..."WE don't CARE who YOU like! WE are installing HILLARY!" Made sure they had the rules in place to completely ignore the votes and wishes of the people.

    Ironic that these huge steps towards the liberals' true Socialist/Communist takeover are by telling their own supporters to 'fuck off', ain't it? What's more curious is...WHY are their supporters so glad to support the people who have just told them to 'fuck off'?!

    Answer to that mystery is no mystery. Liberals are just plain stupid. And greedy. And lazy. And non-compassionate. And hateful.

    Self-loathing, hatred, envy and greed will do that to a person.
    Since schools and mass media are trying to indoctrinate kids into that kind of crap...much more difficult to fight the societal-suicide onslaught of the liberals.

    They don't teach kids about the always-failed attempts at socialism. They just don't teach them the truth about history.

    Trump wouldn't have been my first choice, but he's STILL a million times better than the other two.

    He needs to start pulling in some really good, knowledgeable people to help him win, first, and to help him run things right.

    Of course, Obama installed and cavorted with some of the MOST radical anti-American leftists in existence (domestic terrorists, Muslims, perverts, , Racists-R-Us activists, anti-Semites, etc.) and the liberal sheeple loves him for it. Obama did his best to do what the liberals' platform is ALL about. "Divide and conquer".

    Maybe Trump can be less radical, and more pragmatic? Maybe Trump can get things done that need to be done, but with more a unifying spirit, than the liberals' hateful, divisive tactics?

    He'll need GOOD, smart people. What he REALLY needs to do is to start getting people to explain things properly. TRUTHFULLY, about how 'this' affects 'that'...and how 'that' is going to affect YOU!

    The liberals' tactics are always short-sighted, emotional reactions. They are NEVER about considering unintended consequences. ("We need to PASS this bill to find out what is in it!")

    I still don't really trust Trump. But, then...I didn't trust Cruz, either. I certainly don't trust any of the other Republican establishments types. I would have trusted Carson, or Fiorina.

    The libtards blasting Trump for being 'unqualified' is just plain laughable, considering the 100%-WORST there now, who was no more qualified than a 3rd-grader. not to mention the 'qualifications' of Hillary and Bernie! In Hillary's case, I guess abject failure in everything she has ever touched, total dishonesty and very, VERY low 'trustworthy' ratings, and very, VERY high 'unlikeability' ratings...well..."she's a woman, and that's all WE need!"

    Bernie? He'd be the absolute MOST perfect candidate...for some failing Socialist country! But...NOT the U.S.!

    Liberals. I know the term 'retards' is (GASP!!!)un-P.C.

    So...I'm going to say it.

    Liberals are freakin' retards!

  5. Nunya, again.

    All this fretting about Trump and Hillary may end up being for naught, anyway.

    The Obama anti-American criminal syndicate still has time to perfect plans to cause, or allow, something to institute a "Crisis", suspend the elections indefinitely, and remain emperor.

    It is certainly not beneath him to try. (Actually...when you are as low as he and the Dems are...nothing else could possibly be 'beneath you'...ruling from your lair in Hell, and all!)

  6. Nunya again.

    That host in the video is a typical, lying liberal MFA.

    I applaud the guest. Patient man, indeed, for standing his ground everytime the asshole host throws out accusations and doesn't want to allow a response.

    Typical liberalism. Lying hypocrites.

    1. I posted the video to show the problems we are facing in the US are not unique. Britain is facing identical problems and it is actually worse there.

  7. Yup what Nunya said, I agree with every word.

  8. good morning everyone (smiles & hugs)


  9. things sure are slow around here

  10. oops... the "slow" comment was made by me.. Rikki

    Sarge - I like peaceful...

    hugs - Rikki

  11. The boys are all busy working the Trump phone banks, raising campaign dollars, learning skills they'd need if the jackass got elected.

  12. Gosh, that sounds a lot like our local ex con disbarred lawyer trying to make pithy comments. Trolls gonna troll.

    Hey hand, don't you have some community service to be doing? Does your parole allow you to harass us law abiding citizens?

    But really, is that the best you can do? Pretty pathetic trolling there. Guess all that time spent being somebody's girlfriend in the joint took the edge off, didn't it?

    Well, as long as you're rehabilitated. That's what really matters. We're all pulling for you, really we are.

  13. Good morning. Nunya here.

    I see y'all are taking care of MFA bullshit over at the Urinal.

    Definition of mulatto

    1: the first-generation offspring of a black person and a white person

    2: a person of mixed white and black ancestry

    Obama is mulatto, mulatto, mulatto,
    An MFA brain, is like mashed potAHTo!!

    Mulatto...MULATTO! Hey, Bat....MULATTO!

    A certain MFA must just really hate the 'white' part of that equation. Just like Obama has admitted that he is emabarassed, ashamed and hates the part of himself that is 'white'.

    Too bad. Seems someone would be more 'liberal-minded'...y'know, tolerant, inclusive, compassionate...and 'celebrate' the heritages of all their ancestrial background that makes one a unique individual. Self-loathing of even a part of oneslf is...well...kind of a 'mental illness', would it not seem?

    I mean...OBVIOUSLY...Obama is mentally ill...and it's apparent that his (admitted in his book) hatred of his mother's race, and his loathing of that part of him, has contributed to his mental instability and outright racist hostility towards white people.

    Anway...keep shoving the Rhodes Scholar janitor back to work in the toilets, where he belongs, folks. You're doing a fine job over there!

    (Speaking of Rhodes Scholars....I imagine our very own extreme-racist Batshit MFA may cheer this fine, upstanding fellow...seeing as how they think alike):

  14. Nunya again.

    I see Steve and Cokehead are over there advising Shrillary to go all-out on the divisive, sexist (and dive-bombing)'women' thing.

    Man...they must REALLY think their followers are really THAT stupid! (Actually...I'm sure they KNOW they are!)

    And, to highlight how stupid the two-headed mutant that is Steve-Cokehead Roberts is...there's this just plain outright stupid statement:

    "What she offers as a candidate is steadiness, experience, competence —"

    WHAAAAT?! STEADINESS??!!! Shrillary is about as steady as a spinning top, about to topple.

    EXPERIENCE??!! COMPETENCE???!!! Shrillary was a do-nothing senator, and fuck-up secretary of state, and a failure of a First Lady who has never accomplished anything meaningful or positive, but has accomplished nothing BUT failures, and left a trail of scandals, mysterious and NOT mysterious dead bodies!

    YIKES!!! Could ANYONE write something as idiotic as the Roberts mutant??

    Well...we have our answer.

    Loosey the Lyin'-Hearted has responded. (She apparently thinks she is responding to "Kathleen"...which is no surprise. it's been apparent for some time that ol' Lyin' Loosey is in the dark throes of deep, deep dimenetia.)

    GOOD GRIEF!!!!

    Just thought I'd bring that up, so maybe a few of ya's can go over and give ol' Lyin' Loosey a little 'moral support'...if ya knows what I mean?!

  15. Just a heads up. Ya'll know what's on deck, and about to step in the batters box?
    Fat shaming and the salad complex.
    Yep, just the next wave in a shit storm of liberal agenda propaganda.
    The SJW's don't sleep at night, plotting the next days movement....
    Triggers at the ready.

    Later peeps.

  16. Nunya here. Hard labor day. Figured I'd see if I could get ahead of spring storms tomorrow and my house ain't ruined.

    DAMN! Redoing 'cheap labor' hired to 'fix' 'done-wrong' guttering and downspouts on house I bought last year is hard work! Even though the material is light! Slogging 40-80 lb. computer servers around all day at work, fixing and testing them seems like light work!( takes some fuckin' intelligence and COMMON SENSE!)

    I would have hired some cheap...uh...'labor'...but I didn't wanna pay 'hardwoking people who only come here to..uh..'be American'(?)(but never assimilate but wanna find those streets of gold.)..(or game the system because they are..uh..CRIMINALS breaking the laws of our country)...just to have to do it myself right...FUCKIN' AGAIN! freakin' STUPID do you have to be to not use a level, and not lower the downspout ends from freakin' center?!

    Cheap labor.

    Worth every penny.

    And...not a cent more....than a fuckin' penny.

    Yeah. How much...REALLY...does 'cheap labor' cost this country?

    Sorry...I'm PISSED that I have to REDO in time, sweat and money....'professional work' ...(which I KNOW for a fact was 'cheap labor').

    Time for a beer, a heating pad, and relaxation. (I just HATE dealing with someone else's fuck-ups! No personal responsibilty, these days)....

    And, Bat? "Mulatto"...."Mulatto"..."MULATTO"...MFA.

    Have a nice night! ;^)

  17. Ahhh....much better. A beer starting to relax me after redoing "good, honest, hard-working"....CHEAP LABOR CRAP!.

    Yes folks. Been a busy day.

    Let's see what's happening at the Urinal.

    OH!!!! Well....

    No surprise.

    The Obama/Clinton/Sanders voters are ALREADY tearing the shit out of the brand-new...(expensive)..stuff in our spiffy new downtown.

    To be expected.

    Stay tuned for more anarchy, destruction and complete irresponsibility from that unholy Godless crowd.


  18. Nunya again..once more. What OTHER stupidity that the Urinal thinks is 'important' is happening in the world?'s something....

    In other "Other Than In This World Complete Stupidity From the Urinal" news from the Urinal...

    "The store’s manager, Chelsea Bethel, says they’ve dubbed him “Sleepy Sasquatch” because he’s seen on surveillance cameras wearing red pajama bottoms and is tall."

    Yeah. The first thing I would think of when a tall guy robs a place in red 'Sasquatch'. Y'know..because 'Sasquatch' is KNOWN by his 'red pajamas'.

    GOOD grief....

  19. Good morning! Nunya here.

    Where'd everyone go?! Did Buttstache get everyone banned?

    Sore today! Gotta get moving and work out those kinks.

    Have a good day!