Thursday, May 12, 2016

Liberty for All

The greatest threat to our country is loss of liberty.  When we are no longer free men and women we are powerless and ultimately will become slaves to the State.  The threats to our liberty come not only from the government, but from their allies in the media who launch insidious propaganda attacks.  The attacks take decades to become effective, but effective they are.

The government employs the “frog in the pot” tactic to rob us of our freedom.  They know they cannot use the full power of the government to shackle us overnight because we would fight back   so they instead do it slowly.  Their goal is to  convince us to pick up the shackles and wear them proudly like some ornate bracelet.  This attack on freedom began the day we became a country and put in place a government for it is government's nature to control the people. 

Freedom has and always will be under attack and must always be defended.  The government is a powerful and deceitful enemy because they are a benevolent enslaver; they are the good master rewarding their slaves with food, shelter, medical care and even phones. Many people are decieved and happily wear their shiny shackles. 

Perhaps, while not obvious, the greatest liberty stolen from Americans is the freedom to fail.  No one is allowed to fail anymore.  We bail out failed businesses and we bail out failed people. We are told businesses are too big to fail and it is the purpose of government to take care of the people.   Nothing but destructive lies – businesses and people must be allowed to fail.  Failure makes not only the individual stronger, but also makes our country stronger.  It was not John McCain’s successes in life that allowed him to survive the years spent as a POW, it was his exposure to adversity and failure prior to being captured that forged him into a strong individual that could withstand the harsh conditions imposed upon him. He was a prisoner but he never was a slave. 

When we protect our children from chalk boogeymen on the sidewalk and give them safe spaces we rob them of the ability to grow into strong individuals.  The knife is deadly because it is beaten and placed in fire by the blacksmith.  It withstands the beatings and the fire to become strong, sharp and deadly.  

The government has abolished life’s forge and replaced it with the right not to be offended, the right not to be held accountable for your own poor choices and the right to punish the strong, the winners by taking their spoils of victory and  distributing them among the weak and worthless.  We must care for our weak, but not reward those who choose to not provide for themselves. 

This election may be the turning point for our country.  The choice is between Hillary Clinton who by her lies has shown she is without morals and Donald Trump who by his actions has shown he is equally immoral.  I will vote for Trump because unlike Clinton who will further the government agenda of crushing our will to be free, he will by his nature destroy the government cartel’s power.  He craves the power they have and will take it from them. This is why they oppose him. 

I hope Trump becoming president against monumental odds will give others who are not politicians the courage to stand up and run for election because it is the people who need to govern; not politicians.  He will expose the Republicans and Democrats for who they are – different sides of the same poison coin.

Trump is not our savior, but he is the poison pill that will weaken government so the people can begin taking back their liberty  Remember liberty is not given it is won.  The revolution to win it back begins at the ballot box and continues from rising up against the government using our God given rights that the founders fought to protect and codify in our United States Constitution.


  1. Amen Truthteller.

    Very well said...

  2. But the biggest problem we face today is that kids are taught from grade school on that it's the government job to take care of us...

  3. Thanks KTT, putting some patio furniture together now. But will be back.

  4. Kevin you're absolutely correct about the schools. Definitely where it starts.

    As much as I want to like Trump I can't but support him I will. Heck I might not even support him if the Dems and Repubs didn't hate him so much. The old enemy of my enemy thing.

  5. Obviously he wasn't my first choice but I really do think he'll beat the hell out of Hillary Clinton...

  6. Last man stand is my motto, took out 16 pro's. So he gets my vote.

  7. I agree, Trump will defeat Clinton or Sanders.... if he keeps winning primaries, it's gonna be a toss up between Clinton and Sanders.

    side note: just added this to the blog on Cj...

    further disappointment -

    I've seen countless people booted for lesser offenses (and I'll be bold enough to add that those booted for lesser offenses NEVER THREATENED ANYONE AT ANY TIME) - and here comes along Zulu Warrior and right out of the bull pen starts his intentional terroristic threat, racist rant and still has an account to post. The removal of the offensive material is not enough - if ever anyone deserved the boot it's Zulu Warrior.


    1. Rikki they don't care. They hate conservatives and boot them for small transgressions. Wel except for me. I asked to be booted and even posted the bat poop pic and called Patty stupid but they only deactivated my account. My bat poop pic and avatar remains.

      Maybe I will come back as Great White Hunter and post about capturing Zulu Warriors. LOL

    2. Maybe have a open season on Batt's And a clean up crew for Batt Shit @ the urinal

  8. Great White Hunter :) I'll look forward to that.
    Thanks KTT. (smiles)


  9. KTT, I respect you for what you did. I really do.
    But,you pissed away a fleeting opportunity to represent the right, conservative, the libertarian etc....
    They would take a bicycle blogger, or new lefty in a heart beat.
    But not a conservative/libertarian.
    Thats the part that disappoints me the most.

    I'm sure it's true, that heavy is the crown for those on top. Changing one standards to remain, is unacceptable. I respect ya, man.

    1. Hammertime, I second guess my decision from time to time but it was the right one for me. CJ has created a toxic environment by allowing the likes of lying Lucy, Don Stacione and half wits like jjimmie to spew crap unabated while banning conservative posters.

      I got tired of watching what I say and checking my inbox to see if I got another abuse warning for no specified reason. My emails were ignored and I said CJ doesn't deserve my blogs. I have a venue here that I write and say what I want. I like it here.

      I am glad I got to see BS get his ass handed to him by Bluestater, the Captain and Brenda and in the same week before I left. It was beautiful.

  10. In other news.....

    A shrinking middle class. Especially the last six years. I wonder why?

    And a violation of the 1987 nuclear proliferation treaty, by our worthless administration. Russia ain't happy about it either. Search aegis ground defense/ Romania. You will see it. When you to busy manufacturing SJW's, and bathroom distractions, and fake racism..... Behind the smoke you get a real fire. Terrible, to piss on the work the Reagan administration was able to accomplish.
    My kids will see another cold war, one of which I saw and wished to never see again....