Tuesday, June 28, 2016

So just what do I mean when I say unholy left?

Any of you who have read what I write over the years has heard me use that phrase. Unholy left. Sometimes I say ungodly left. Those are pretty interchangeable. So I thought it was time I explained what that means and why I say it.

Examples. Today I hear on the radio that obama has named a site as a national park to celebrate sexual perversion and the left celebrates it as a landmark achievement. The Supreme Court makes abortion even easier to get in it's ruling on Monday, and the left celebrates it as a wonderful thing.

How did our country get here? What happened to the America lots of us grew up in and loved? How did God become a stranger to so many people?

I learned much about this from a book by Michael Walsh, titled The Devil's Pleasure Palace. I'm not going to explain this nearly as well as he did, I'm going to give a thumbnail sketch and hope it at least gives you the idea.

Well, much of it can be traced back to something called the Frankfurt School and something called Critical Theory. There was a group of Marxist Communists in Germany in the 20s and 30s who were advocates of this idea and a group of them immigrated to America pre WWII to escape Hitler, who hated Communists as much as he did Jews. So they came to the fertile ground of America to sow their seeds of Marxism and rejection of everything held dear for generations.

This little group of Marxists worked to get their roots planted and infiltrated our schools and political movements with their poison which took root and blossomed in the sixties when the young people decided to reject everything the past generations believed and try to remake America in their own vision. Sound familiar? Something like "fundamentally transform America". Yes, that's where that idea came from.

So these weeds grew, and spread. We saw the sexual revolution. They decided you couldn't trust anybody over thirty, don't trust the establishment. Reject everything. And most important reject our American belief in freedom and individualism. They adopted the Marxist Communist ideas and sought to plant them in our government. They supported North Viet Nam in the war. They supported the Soviet Union and defended them. But worst of all they rejected God and his morality.

They have been working to remove God and Christianity from America ever since. Remove symbols. Harass churches and Christians. Pass laws that defy God and announce to the world they no longer care what He thinks.

We have a president and his party that booed and jeered God's name at their last convention.

Someone once said Christianity is the immunization against Communism. You can't be a Christian and a communist. The two require totally opposite beliefs. So the goal of the Marxist movement in America and the unholy left has always been to suppress Christianity.

So was the Frankfurt School successful? Have they achieved their goals? I'll let you be the judge. But has there ever been a time in our history when Americans were so openly hostile to God and Christianity? Or when Americans openly embraced Marxist ideas as superior to Capitalism? America has an openly Marxist presidential candidate this election. Have those weeds taken root?

As my friend Kevin points out so often, there is a revolution under way. A war for the soul of America. And the battle lines are drawn. The godless left will destroy America and everything we love about her if not brought to check. So let's keep up that fight. God wins in the end, I've read the book. But we don't have to surrender to the unholy forces at work in this world in the meantime.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Free For All Friday...

Quote of the day:

"Our common humanity transcends our differences, and our most effective response to terror and hatred is compassion, it's unity and it's love."     Attorney General Loretta Lynch   06/21/2016


With so called leaders like this dumbass is it any wonder this country is literally coming apart?

Anyway, it's Friday and it's your day to talk about whatever you want to talk about.

Before I get out of here thought I do have one thought for you "Never Trump" people out there.

I get that you don't like the guy.

But just today we had four liberal Supreme Court Justices that agreed Barack Hussein Obama has the power and authority to override Congress and the Constitution and rewrite existing immigration laws already on the books.

We're one Justice away from losing the Supreme Court.

And if we lose the Supreme Court we lose the country.

It's that simple.

But by all means, let your conscience be your guide.

You guys stay safe and be well...

Kevin McGinty


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Don't You Dare Try to Blame This on Islam...

Before we get started today I'd like to throw out a personal thank you to our good friend, Still Sate at Home for agreeing to help me keep this blog up and running.

As of right now his first two blogs have generated 224 comments and a very impressive 957 page views.

Safe, I thank you for your help.

Let's see now, where were we?

I suppose I ought to include the following quote from one of the biggest pieces of left-wing shit I've ever had to deal with as the basis of today's conversation.

"Conservatives told him Muslims are terrorists, and so he decided to be a wiki terrorist, someone who has to google what it is he's even fighting for."

Batshit  06/19/2016

You sir, are a fucking liar.

Your innocent little terrorist knew damned good and well who he was fighting for and why he was doing it. And if you'd take your head out of your Muslim sympathizing president's ass every once in a while you'd know it, too.

Unless you really do live under a bridge with the rest of your troll buddies you knew when you puked up the pathetic excuse of a comment it had already been reported that he'd warned the world ahead of time of his intentions on one of his many Facebook Pages.

"In the next few days you will see attacks from the Islamic State in the USA.    Omar Mateen

You'd also know it had already been reported that his wife had admitted to helping him scout potential targets in the weeks leading up to his date with destiny.

And you'd know he took several breaks during his killing spree to post updates on his Facebook Pages.

"I pledge my alliance to (ISIS LEADER) abu bakr al Baghdadi. The real Muslims will never accept the filthy ways of the west. You kill innocent women and children by doing U.S. airstrikes... now taste the Islamic State vengance."     Omar Mateen


Here's the deal, Batshit.

You knew damned good and well all this had been reported before puking up your talking points.

But like the loyal, non-thinking follower you've always been you do as your told and repeat the talking points you've been issued.

You've joined forces with your hate driven president and the rest of his hate driven administration to try to steer the conversation anywhere other than where it belongs.

Radical Islamic terrorism.

I'm issuing a challenge for you, Batshit.

Set up an account and join us in a conversation here in The Bunker about why you and your Muslim sympathizing president do the things you do.

Just keep in mind there are no skirts to hide behind here.

And Safe and I are the sole moderators and neither one us are going to give a shit whether your offended or not.

The ball's in your court, tough guy...

Kevin McGinty

Friday, June 17, 2016

Go for it Friday

It's Friday so anything goes. And thanks for the great response for my first blog posting. Over 100 comments, great discussion. Who needs the CJ Urinal when I have this great blog to participate in with all my friends.

So here's something from the great North Carolina bluegrass band Balsam Range. Song about what it felt like to be a Southerner at the end of the Civil War.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Guns, Muslims and the lies the unholy left tells about them both

Of course the first thing that happens after the terrible tragedy in Florida is the left comes pouring out with the usual anti-constitution take away everybody's guns but leave the poor misunderstood terrorists alone droning on. Everybody from obama on down. Same old same old.

Within 30 seconds on FOX news I heard Bernie the Commie proclaim we can't allow in our country people to get automatic weapons like that. Then Chuck Shumer proclaiming we have to ban people from owning high powered "military" style weapons.

Both outright lies. No automatic weapon was used. Nobody can just go out and buy an automatic weapon. And it wasn't a "military" style weapon. That's just the same thing regurgitated. It is intended to suggest the weapon was a fully automatic rifle, which it was not. But the left has to rely on scare tactics and outright lies to sell this whole un-American idea that we need to disregard the Bill of Rights and unarm citizens in the face of a growing threat of terror like nothing in our history.

We have gunnies on our blog who can go into a lot more detail than I can about the differences but let's just say they want to outlaw rifles that look scary because they scare them and quit trying to portray them as something other than what they are.

Maybe we should be trying to stop the terrorists that are attacking us on our own soil instead of disarming us and making us easier targets.

There are about 300 million guns (or more) in this country and nobody can even guess how much ammunition. If we were a dangerous problem like the left thinks, you'd know about it, trust me.

And as for this whole let's not blame islam for islamic terrorists idea. I heard one of the many left wing defenders trying to deflect from the truth of this problem. He said, and you've heard this one before, that there are 1.5 billion muslims in the world and only 1% of them are radical extremists.

So think about it. 1% of 1.5 billion is 15 million. So the best defense they can come up with is only a tiny group of muslims, say about 15,000,000 of them are to be feared and support these kinds of actions. Hardly representative of a bigger problem, right? And obama claims these people invented math. Well, if they did they have forgotten how to use it.

Sorry, I haven't quite worked through the video posting yet despite Kevin's patient coaching but I wanted to get this up so I'll see if I can do better next time.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Free For All Friday...




We're in for the fight of our lives guys.

Will anything we do or say here make a difference?

I don't know.

What I do know is that there are thousands of blogs just like this one all across the country doing the same thing.

Millions of us are doing our part on other social media outlets.

Patriots all across the nation are writing letters to the editors.

And we're all paying attention to the chaos unfolding all across the country.

Regardless of how tired we get.

How angry we become.

Or how frustrating things become.

We have no choice to keep going.


Because our enemies on the left never stop.

And they never let up.

I truly believe Donald Trump is the last best hope this country has.

I'm all in...

Other than that, the floor's all yours...

Kevin McGinty

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

So long my Truthtelling Friend...

I sat back and watched as yesterday's drama unfolded.

Call me a coward but there was no way in hell I was going to get in the middle of it.

I understand where our Truthtelling friend was coming from but didn't exactly agree with the way he handled it.

But it was his blog and how he handled it was completely his call to make.

Had it been me I'd have just told you guys to knock it the hell off or I'd have Sara kick your asses and left it at that.

Anyway, Truthteller contacted me through Facebook a little while to let me know he was fed up and that he's done with the whole blogging thing.

He said something to the effect that blogging was making him an angry person.

He asked that I remove his name from the title and unlike cjonline I have honored his request.

Truthteller, I wish you well my friend.

But I do hope you at least stop by every once in a while even if it's just to say hi...

Kevin McGinty


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

Many Americans have lost the spirit that made this country great.  Many Americans will tell you they value freedom, but few are willing to fight for liberty.  Without liberty you cannot have true freedom.

The difference between freedom and liberty is simple.  Freedom is the government choosing not to shackle you and liberty is being able to defend yourself against the chains of government.  You are not truly free if you do not have liberty.  You are not truly free if you depend on the government, in their benevolence, to allow the exercise of your God-given rights.

Only when a man is willing to fight and die for his liberty, even if ultimately enslaved or killed by the government, is he truly free.  A government cannot imprison a man who does not surrender his spirit, but a man, even one who is not shackled, is still a slave when they are dependent on the government.

We have seen foreign governments impose strict and immediate restrictions on their people that take away the rights of the people.  This will not happen here because of our Constitution, specifically the First and Second Amendments.  Our government knows they cannot overtly oppress the people.  Their tactics must be more insidious to be effective.

Our government’s plan to take away our liberty is not a secret.  It is right there before our eyes if you open them and see.  They plan to:

Make a large segment dependent on the government for their survival. 

Divide the people against one another; a divided people are blind to the evils being perpetrated by the government

Indoctrinate the children to believe that the government is all knowing and all providing; those who oppose it are the evil ones.

 Encourage both legal and illegal immigrants who do not value or understand what it means to be American to come to this country.

When people believe the government is all knowing and all providing they are more than willing to give up their liberty.  They believe that it is wrong for people to bear weapons because there is no need; good old Uncle Sam will protect us.

Once the people are disarmed the government can and will take away the rights established under the First Amendment and then like dominoes all rights will fall.

The King of the Jungle, the lion, prefers living in the wild to living in the most luxurious zoo.  No matter how well provided for, the lion desires living on the plains of Africa even though the living can be hard and survival is not guaranteed.

This is the spirit that brought the early pilgrims to this country.  They gave up security and came to an unsettled and dangerous country in order to have liberty.  Many Americans have lost that spirit and it is killing our country.

The first line of defense is our voice; exercise it by writing letters to the editor, to your elected officials and by speaking your mind even o those who do not share your view and who will attack you for it.  Let them you know will not be silenced.

Secondly, but equally important, is to vote and to volunteer to help candidates you support.

Finally, prepare.  Prepare to take up arms not against your country, but for it.  Take up arms against the government that is an enemy of the people.    This is the last defense and one that may never be needed if the government believes there are enough people willing to die for liberty. 

A strong well armed people is an effective deterrent to oppression.  Exercise and defend the 2nd Amendment.  Your liberty depends on it.

“Give me liberty or give me death”….. these words were spoken by Patrick Henry in 1775 but still ring true today; embrace them.

Making America Great Again... 300 Style...

Give me six minutes of your time today to watch this video.

I promise you won't be disappointed...

Well, unless you're a fucking Obama or Hillary lover.

Then you'll just be pissed.

And if that's the case, well, fuck you...


Kevin McGinty

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Free For All Friday...

Hillary Clinton is probably a bigger liar than Obama.

It is Friday so it is your day.  Have at it.