Friday, July 29, 2016

Free For All Friday

It's Friday so anything goes. As usual for me here's some great bluegrass for you. Freeborn Man kind of means a lot these days since if the democrats have their way nobody will be free.

So listen to this while you ponder the moment of silence for fallen police officers last night punctuated by shouts from the black lives terrorist group. And think about the difference between that and the honest display of support for police officers at the Republican convention.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The big lie fest is underway

Well, the big democrat lie fest called their national convention is under way. And no, I didn't watch a minute of it. I've seen it all before.

"We'll protect your right to kill your unborn children for convenience sake". Cheers. Yaaay!!!

"We'll protect the right of teenage boys to shower with your teenage daughters in the same locker room and use the same bathroom".  More cheers. Yaaay!

"We'll bring in millions more uneducated illegal aliens with no job skills and multiple contagious diseases and put them on welfare". More and more cheers. Yaaay!

"We'll raise taxes and kill even more jobs. We'll raise the minimum wage and leave more unskilled workers out of a job. But welfare for everybody"! Even more cheers. Yaaaaaay!

"We'll welcome hundreds of thousands of unvetted muslims from terrorist supporting countries without even a clue who they are even knowing there are ISIS terrorists among them". Exuberant over the top cheers. Yaaaaaayyy!!!

"We'll promote killing of police officers by racist terrorist groups and invite them to the white house and celebrate them and make them national heros".  Crazy wild cheering.

"We'll repeal the first and second amendment so the only speech that is allowed is government approved speech and the only people who have guns will be criminals and terrorists".  Standing ovations and ten minutes of cheers.

And it goes on. The only interesting thing from last night was Bernie Sanders removing his soul and handing it over to hillary to swallow. His followers should be mad at everybody involved now that they know his whole campaign was a fraud and the party they support screwed them and rigged the primary so they never had a chance. And that the guy the worshiped and believed in so strongly in the end is just another democrat minion doing as he is told and never really meant any of the commie crap he was spewing.

So I won't watch any of the rest of it either. It makes me ill just sitting through the highlights. It's like seeing a bunch of fascists parading around waving a flag they don't support and making promises to people they have nothing but contempt for.

Robots supporting fascists. That's quite a sight to behold.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Free For All Friday...


Obviously you guys have all heard about Melania Trump's plagiarism scandal that rocked the world.

If you took the godless, America hating leftists word for it this was one of the worst scandals to ever hit America.

The media reported on it all day every day for three or four straight days in a row,

We even had our stupid little anonymous friend trying to get in on the act yesterday.

Did her speech contain a couple sentences out of a speech that piece of crap Moochele Obama gave a few years ago?

Of course.

But she probably figured it was okay since The Race Baiter In Chief has been doing the exact same thing for years now.

Funny thing is how no one in the media ever mentioned that though.

Check out today's video and see for yourself...

Kevin McGinty

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Balls of Steel...


I don't know how much you guys know about Alex Jones.

Personally I think he's a little out there even by my standards.

Anytime you hear of some new conspiracy you can almost always bet Alex Jones is behind it.

But after watching today's video you cannot say he's afraid to get up close and personal in standing up for what he believes in.

Not many people would have the guts to walk right into the belly of the beast the way he did at the Republican National Convention.

Kevin McGinty

Friday, July 15, 2016

Free for all Friday

Well, it's Friday and not a day too soon. It's the day to talk about anything, but then realistically we do that every day, but this is kind of a tradition.

So I posted a video by some friends of mine. They are Hollywood liberals, but they make great music and I have enjoyed some great conversation, even some politics and shared quite a few beers. It is possible to have liberal friends as long as you all keep an open mind.

So enjoy a nice song and don't let who they are going to vote for ruin it for you.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Do these people have no shame at all?

We have five police officers killed by a racist terrorist in Dallas. As the nation grieves and the people of Dallas are left wondering what has happened, this poor excuse of a president shows up at the memorial to give a campaign speech.

While it was a great opportunity to heal the broken hearts, bind the wounds and make some kind of statement that would show support for our police who are under siege by the unholy left, instead he turned it into just another repeat of the narrative.

He referred to himself 45 times. He laughed and joked with a musician who was there to give a eulogy. He turned his speech into another attack on police and America by going down the usual road of racism and the usual left wing narrative of what a terrible country we have despite his best efforts to remake it in his image.

I've come to expect no less from this man. When a black criminal is shot by police he immediately launches into the canned "systemic racism" speech. When a black terrorist murders five police officers in cold blood, he just isn't sure what the motive could be. Just has no idea. Best not jump to conclusions, right?

He as much as gave a wink and a nod to the black lives terrorists, who he has openly endorsed and supported, as has his party. He has had them to the white house to heap praise on them for their work in creating a race war. He as much as blamed the police for this situation he has helped in no small way to create.

So as usual he turns a solemn occasion to memorialize five heroes who died in the line of fire into a spectacle about himself and his destructive agenda.

Truly, this man has no shame, as you could say about the whole ungodly left wing radicals who are running the democrat party now.

I would say he missed an opportunity to stop being a community agitator and start being a president, but I never imagined that would happen anyway. The surprise would have been if he had actually acted like a leader instead of a partisan political hack.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Which America do we want?

America today is faced with a choice our founders and generations before us never imagined. My father, as did many of yours went to war and suffered great cost to advance the cause of freedom and repel the advance of tyranny and oppression. Now we are being asked to accept tyranny over freedom by one of the two political parties in America.

We are being asked to accept the narrative over the truth, and the narrative is used to advance tyranny. So fair reader, you ask what's the narrative?

The narrative is many things. It is the belief that police officers are murdering black men at an alarming rate and getting away with it. What's the truth? Far from the narrative. But because the narrative gets repeated by the media and the left continuously there are many who believe the narrative. And police officers are having to stand trial for doing their job. They are being murdered in the street. They are being disrespected and a culture of mistrust is being fabricated. And the narrative rolls on.

The narrative is that America is under siege by weapons of war. That people can walk into a gun store and purchase a fully automatic weapon just like the military uses. And we need to take guns away from everybody to resolve this imaginary problem. The fact is none of that is true. You cannot buy military weapons. You cannot buy fully automatic weapons. These weapons used are semi automatic rifles with attachments on them that scare liberals. So the narrative goes forth.

The narrative says we need to welcome refugees from the war torn Mideast. These poor people are just seeking refuge from the killing. But then the facts show us that what is happening is hundreds of thousands of young men of fighting age, unknown and unvetted are flooding societies. They are setting up enclaves filled with muslims following their own law. They refuse to join the society that welcomed them, instead working feverishly to convert those societies to their vision. We know that ISIS has openly claimed they are using the refugee flood to feed jihad fighters into our societies. But the narrative goes out.

The narrative says immigration promotes diversity and is a boost to our economy. It says we should welcome immigrants and give the 12 million or so here illegally citizenship and the right to vote. The truth says the vast majority of these people are living on welfare and government assistance. That among them are many criminals, gang bangers, drug smugglers and the cost to our country is high. But the narrative goes forth.

The narrative says Donald Trump is a racist bigot filled with hate. The truth is nothing he has said is racist, only common sense. But the narrative goes on.

And so we as a country must decide. Do we believe the narrative which is a bunch of lies for the most part? Or do we seek the truth. So we accept the yoke of tyranny the left would lay on us, with government growing bigger every day and consuming more and more of our resources in the goal to control our lives and destinies?

Or do we throw off that yoke as our founders did. Do we reject the call to submission to the behemoth that is the liberal version of government?

Well, I don't know about you, but as for me and my house we'll stand for freedom and against tyranny. And we'll stand for the truth and against the narrative.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Free For All Friday...

Quotes of the day:

"I unapologetically stand with #Blacklives matter."  Battlestache 

"By any means necessary"  Battlestache while he was pretending to be the black militant, Zulu Warrior.


Are you happy now that you got exactly what you've been calling for you son of a bitch?

Just like your hate driven, racist president you've sided with every thug that's come along.

You've sided with every criminal that's tried to take on the cops and ended up dead as a result every time.

The blood of all these dead cops is on your hands and you know it.


Anyway, it's your day so you might as well jump right in there and get started.

Kevin McGinty

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

You'd Think After Such an Epic Victory Hillary Would be Running to Every Microphone She Could Find...

According to Hillary Clinton and her brain loyal brain-dead followers (think Alan Lunn) Tuesday's announcement was a huge victory.

Time to move on, they say.

It's time to get down to the business of screwing the American people.

The first thing most politicians do after winning such a huge victory is to hold a press conference.

Gotta get in front of those mics.

It's time for a victory lap.

It's time to announce to the world that they were right all along.

I guess it's different when your so-called victory proved once and for all that you really, truly are the same no good, fucking liar your critics have been saying you were all along.

It's been more than seven months since that bitch held a press conference and I'll bet you she won't do another one between now and election day either.

Why should she?

I mean all you have to do is look no further than the brain dead sons a bitches over at that other website that'll worship her regardless of what she does.

Like Safe said the other day.

These are the same bastards that call shoving scissors into the back of a babies skull and sucking it's brains out, "Women's Health."

Well, that might not be exactly what he said or how he said it but it's close enough for me.

Oh, Fish Face. You were babbling on about Putin and Trump.

Check out today's second photo on the right side of the blog.

Fuck you, that's why...

Kevin McGinty

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Pay No Attention To What The Media Wants Us To Believe...

It wan't much more than a month ago that Hillary Clinton was leading Donald Trump by double digits in national polling.

If you listen to the talking heads in the mainstream media and partisan hack dumbasses like Batshit and Maingate we might as well cancel the election and go ahead and name her Queen of all time.

Mathematically impossible they say.

Just look at the polls.

They were jumping for joy doing their happy dance.

Well, just the other day Rasmussen released a new poll that showed Hillary's double digit lead over Trump had collapsed to a pathetic 4 points.

Now all the sudden they don't want to talk about the polls.

Everyone knows in order to get a more accurate picture you have to throw out the highs and the lows and look at an average, they say.


Then in that case her double digit has shrunk to a measly 6 points.

Half of what it was just a month ago.

And speaking of numbers I'm going to lay a few more of them on you today that you'll never hear any democrat talk about.

Now that the primaries are over it's time to have a look at what the voters had to say.

Despite being attacked by every media outlet in the country and despite being attacked by liberals and so called conservatives alike Donald Trump is still filling stadiums everywhere he goes.

Despite Mexican flag waving domestic terrorists trying to silence him people by the thousands flock to hear him speak.

And more people than ever before are turning out to vote for him.

In this year's primary races republican turnout was up 62% compared to 2012.

Democrat turnout ended up being down 21% compared to 2012.

Despite her weak ans self admitted socialist candidate Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton received 1,019.237 fewer votes this year than she did in 2008 while running against Barack Hussein Obama.

Total democrat votes cast in 2008 stood at 38,111,341.

This year they were only able to piece together 29,939,251 for a decrease of 8,172,090.

Total republican votes cast in 2012 was 19,214,513 nationwide.

This years republican participation stood at 31,108,968 for a record setting increase of 11,894,455 votes.


This tell me two things.

Even the democrats know Hillary Clinton is a lying crook and a hell of a lot of them are sitting this one out.

And more people than ever before are registering to vote because of Donald Trump.

I've often talked about the "Conservative Revolution."

I actually think I've had that wrong all along.

It's more like "The People's Revolution" and I'm all in.

Back to my original point though.

Don't ever let anyone tell you Donald Trump can't win this election.

That's what they want you to think.

They want to demoralize you.

They want you to believe he's already beaten.

Most of all they want you to stay home on election day.

Fuck that.

If for no other reason I'll be there just so I can laugh in their ungodly faces...

Kevin McGinty

Monday, July 4, 2016

Epic Take Down of the Stupid Butt-Hurt Millennials...

It's funny how liberalism effects the minds of so many of the world's delicate little snowflakes.

Give me six minutes of your time today and I'll prove beyond a doubt that liberalism is in fact a mental disorder and it has spread well beyond our own borders.

Here's a little heartfelt message for any of you delicate little flowers that happen to stop by this little blog of ours.

You lost.

Get the hell over it.

And shut the hell up.

Any questions?

Kevin McGinty

Friday, July 1, 2016

Free for all Friday

Well, happy July 4th. Here's a little bluegrass tune for you.

Everybody be safe at home this weekend and watch your fingers. I'm firing up the smoker and cooking some beef short ribs for a weekend feast. Hope everybody is doing something fun.

And God Bless America and all she stands for. Let's get her back from these godless left wing liberals before they trash what's left of her. I owe it to my Grandson to give him the America that has been the light on the hill for the world for 220 some years.