Thursday, August 18, 2016

Free For All Friday...

I ran across this video on Facebook last night and thought it might be an interesting topic to discuss.

The worst ten places to live in Kansas?

Because of my job I'm very familiar with every town on the list.

Check it out and let's discuss it...

Kevin McGinty


  1. Wow, I can't say I can find fault with any of that analysis.

    On another note, ole buttstaschs alter ego is clogging up the blogs.

  2. Yes he is.

    One blog that nobody reads after another...

  3. Twyher's just the turd floating around that won't see it, it's annoying...but you just figure it'll go down at some point.

    And..hey? Topeka didn't make it into the Top 10? But KC, Emporia and Wichita did?

    Go figure, huh?

  4. This is scary, from Ignatius:

    "The political debate needs to engage the taboo topic of guaranteeing economic security to families — through a universal basic income, or a greatly expanded earned-income tax credit, or a 1930s-style plan for public-works employment.

    "A universal basic income"...and who the hell is going to pay for that?! Will we tax the machines? if nobody is's all machines...then the ONLY ones left to tax are the businesses. To even make a tiny ping in the amount necessary to support EVERYONE....ALL businesses would have to have a 100%, minimum,tax! Who the hell is going to run a business for no profit, and big losses?!!!


    The government.

  5. And, here, we have this Gerson person:

    "So why is Trump crashing and burning among the young? I would venture that Trump’s failure among the young has something to do with his assault on the idea of tolerance, particularly racial and religious tolerance."

    Well...becuase of the leftist anti-American unholy media, and pure lying crap like what he writes a bit later:

    "It is one thing to go after “low energy” Jeb Bush or “Lyin’ ” Ted Cruz; it is another to mock a disabled reporter, stereotype Mexicans as rapists, condemn a judge because of his ethnicity, attack the faith of a grieving Gold Star mother, or call for systematic discrimination against Muslims. These are not violations of political correctness. They are violations of human decency, revealing serious moral impairment."

    Twisted and rejiggered words by the hypocrites of the left to make it LOOK like all that is what he actually, truly meant, when most of it isn't.


  6. I hope all do remember travis your son in law, he was the guy that was doing most of the cooking at the last truckhenge, and I/we hope he does it again this year, even if I have to bribe him. He did a great job. Now back to it is friday. I think this will be a productive friday, watching Trump turn Hillary into the piece of shit she is.

  7. I think you guys are right. I think this twyler or twiggy or whoever the hell he calls himself is old buttstash himself. It's meaningless gibberish nobody reads just like his comments. It's complete nonsense and from what little I did scan this guy doesn't know shit from shinola.

    It just might be old buttstash pumping out gibberish blogs to push Kevin's blog off the page. It sure fits his M.O.

    But everything he does just comes back to bite him. Notice since tearsandchalk showed him his bold texting format was nothing, that it's no big deal and never has been, that only he thought it was so impressive he had to do it all the time he suddenly disappeared.

    He thought that was hot shit so he used it every post. Other people have always known how to do it, but it's kind of like maingate using upper case randomly thinking it has some profound effect.

    As my old Dad used to say, if bullshit was music, that guy would be a brass band.

  8. You know how I talk sometimes about the CJ Urinal and how poorly managed they are. And the ignorance of putting up the paywall which reeks of desperation?

    Well, here's someone who backs me up. From the TechDirt website:

    "For many years, while some journalists (and newspaper execs) have been insisting that a paywall is "the answer" for the declining news business, we've been pointing out how fundamentally stupid paywalls are for the news. Without going into all of the arguments again, the short version is this: the business of newspapers has never really been "the news business" (no matter how much they insist otherwise). It's always been the community and attention business. And in the past they were able to command such attention and build a community around news because they didn't have much competition. But the competitive landscape for community and attention has changed (massively) thanks to the internet. And putting up a paywall makes it worse. In most cases, it's limiting the ability of these newspapers to build communities or get attention, and actively pushing people away."

    You can read the whole thing here:

    It's a desperate move by a desperate newspaper. And equally stupid is their moderator policy on the blogs. Letting some lefty intern moderate and make up the rules as they go. Letting buttstash and bait fish boy troll good blogs and litter them with stink bombs while pulling posts by other people for ideological reasons.

    That newspaper is only a shell of what it used to be. As are most newspapers these days.

  9. Where is Rikki?

    Did she have a blog removed?

  10. I'm here Marsh (smiles). The other night ago when I posted my latest blog, I should have checked the link a little more thoroughly. It turned out to be a bogus link.... I checked the ABC news website and it wasn't there. Be careful of links and how easily they can be deceptive....

    I contacted the mods and requested they unpublish my blog.

    Now if that had been an actual legit link, there would have been such an uproar nationwide - besides to abolish the Pledge of Allegiance would more than likely take an act of congress.

    I've been incredibly busy since the other night - so much so that I haven't had time to practice guitar like I would like. Hoping that will change this weekend -

    I do however find it in poor taste that Hillary is throwing Gen. Colin Powell under the bus.... yes about the e-mail crap. But of course, what has Hillary done that is in good taste?

    I believe that Donald Trump with his speech the other night, helping the victims in Louisiana is going to do more to place him in the White House than the dems think.

    Obama getting slammed for not going to Louisiana - Hillary aint there either - she was too busy trying to get folks to send Bill Clinton birthday wishes...among the campaign stuff.

    I'm doing ok - just been incredibly busy.

  11. Okay. Just checking on you.

    The media is so biased. Trump says that blacks are living in poverty and CNN bring people on to say he is racist. Really? If blacks are doing so great then why are so many people protesting. Why do you need the NAACP?

    Trumps diversity guy is very well spoken and did a great job.

    Trump should post on these blogs and he'd learn how to beat the trolls. Just insert words like many or some and you take away their ability to attack even though it should be common sense to know he didn't mean all blacks.

  12. Thanks Marsh (hugs).

    It's a beautiful morning outside - hoping everyone gets a chance to soak in the beauty of the morning and some sunrays too.

    Yes the media is biased - seems like they're pro-Hillary. She is the walking definition of evil.


    Here's the NBC news link to the Hillary story where she names Gen. Colin Powell.

  14. Poor Battlestache is trolling over at Justitias blog but no one will take the bait.

    He repeats the same tired talking points that the uniformed will believe. There are many variable to consider besides education level. Which school, grades and major all contribute to earning power.

    You cannot expect a community college graduate with a 2.0 GPA and a sociology major to make the same as an MIT engineering graduate with a 4.0 GPA. To say that his so called facts show privilege is the same as saying the ratio of blacks to whites in the NBA shows black privilege.

    I bet you, as they should, that Jordan would look at you like you were a moron if you said he got where he was because blacks are naturally better at basketball than other races. Yes, that is as stupid as saying whites have achieved what they have because of white privilege.

  15. You notice he left out Asians. Why because they mess up his narrative.

  16. PHenry just slammed Battlestache. Well done OHenry.

  17. Tearsandchalk is pimp slapping buttboy around on Kevin's blog. I think he decided the other one turned into a liberal circle jerk now that lucyfer joined in.

    Apparently buttboy thought he was the only one who knows the bold font trick. That boy is as stupid as he is racist.

    He's so stupid when he was born the doctor slapped his momma.

  18. Best way to ruin a blog is to have buttboy, lucyfer and alan the idiot all show up and start giving each other reach arounds.


  19. I thoroughly enjoyed kicking buttboys ass. He is so predictable.

    I even slammed lucyfurs obviously racist post and got under her skin. She was probably huffing and puffing and in a tizzy after reading my response.

    Good day all around.

  20. Got a new title for buttboy...MFA... Mother F'N Asshole . Or on CJ Master in

  21. Between you and that chalk guy, Batshit never had a chance.

    Well done, guys...

  22. Last comment should have said "Masters Fine Arts" .... MFA . People in the bunker will know. .,,,

  23. Battlestache gets his butt kicked over and over but just keeps repeating the same old stuff. There are many reason I don't respect him but one big one is he is so dishonest. TC proved him wrong about the 94 million not looking for work and he jdidnt say he was wrong but went onto call them lazy. Lacks integrity.

  24. Hell IWNGU made one comment over there and it got pulled, I think it was for complaining the author of the blog. I think it was done by emily, I don't think she and him see eye to eye, but here and batshit sure does.

  25. Buttboy took quite a beating on the urinal. But all he does is repeat the same lies and repost the same crap.

    But tearsandchalk summed it up nicely after buttboy went all crybaby on him and said he wasn't even talking to him so there!!!

    He said the reason conservatives post there is to provide a truthful counterpoint to the bullshit lies. Not those words mind you, but that's what it meant.

    Other people read those blogs. If the conservatives don't post truth to counter the steady flow of lies and bullshit from the godless lefties people may actually believe it. So the goal isn't to get them to admit they are wrong, that will absolutely never happen, but to provide the truth so people can hear both sides. A godless leftie will never admit they are wrong. It's not possible. Some of them even actually believe the crap they spew. I think lucyfer actually thinks the things she says are true. And not only that, she imagines she is quite profound and literate, when she is really neither.

    So keep at them folks. If people don't hear the truth from us they won't hear it because those people are on full throttle. They see this whole thing slipping away from them, and they are so deep in the lies all they can do now is keep lying and lying.

    So keep up the battle.


    looks like another lone wolf attack -

  27. Beating buttboy is easy. You just keep answering his lame analysis with facts. You don't get mad, don't name call. Just keep repeating facts and do NOT give him the last word. He quits every time.

    Safe, you are correct, lucyfir fancies herself as some kind of intellectual. Truth is, she reminds me of the British generals wife from The Patriot......laughing and clapping "ooooh fireworks" while watching the ship blow up.

  28. Lucinda also fancies herself a writer but she has the worst writing skills of any of the bloggers

    1. I don't know that I'd go that far, we have some therapy bloggers who put me to sleep faster than Triple H having me in "The Sleeper Hold." I mean, come on, why buy an over the counter sleep aid when Twyher's blog will work faster with no side effects?

  29. Ken, it was cool saying 'hi' to you this evening (smiles). just know that if goofy lil me sees you (or anyone else in Rm 235) I iz gonna stop n' say howdy...

    1. You'll be seeing more of me outdoors now. The temperatures are less ferocious, so I stir outside now. Autumn and spring are so nice, but even most of winter is better than 90 degrees plus and mosquitos.

  30. y'all best do likewise (smiles)

  31. Keri defending abortion:

    "Woman's choice", huh? Wonder what they would find if the choice was left up to the child?

    Now, then....(I've said this before)....they deem it's "just a fetus", and has no rights, and is disposable upon the whims of the mother.

    To be consistent, then, if the Supreme Court has determined that, then they MUST also determine that any violent act from the mother, or violence against the mother, that causes the loss of "just a fetus" cannot be charged with a crime to that "fetus".

    On the other hand, if we have laws that protect "the unborn child" (as well we should), then those laws MUST apply to all circumstances.

    How can we have completely contradictory laws that determine that it's "an unborn child", with all the rights to live as any other human (as it should be), AND laws that state "it's just a fetus", with no right to live, determined by the mother?

    Wouldn't it have to be one...or the other?

    I'm sure liberals can find some justification for two completely contrary sets of laws....(evil always does).

  32. And here...

    ...we have a bunch of commie liberal comments supporting voter fraud, when there should be no "argument" at all.

    To vote, you are REQUIRED to be a citizen, and ONLY citizens have "a Constitutional right" to vote. To vote, you need to prove it.

    See how damned easy that is? What other "arguments" need to be?

    Well...the liberals can find some justification for two completely contrary sets of laws....(evil always does).

  33. Nunya, I don't know how this always happens, but I always seem to agree with you, is that weird or what?

  34. Not weird Sarge (smiles) maybe it's in the coffee

  35. You guys probably have zero interest in this but the earthquake in Italy the other day reminded me of a book I started reading a couple of years ago, whose preface starts this way:

    The eighteenth century used the word Lisbon much as we use the word Auschwitz today. How much weight can a brute reference carry? It takes no more than the name of a place to mean: the collapse of the most basic trust in the world, the grounds that make civilization possible. Learning this, modern readers may feel wistful: lucky the age to which an earthquake can do so much damage. The 1755 earthquake that destroyed the city of Lisbon, and several thousand of its inhabitants, shook the Enlightenment all the way to East Prussia, where an unknown minor scholar named Immanuel Kant wrote three essays on the nature of earthquakes for the KÅ¡nigsberg newspaper. He was not alone. The reaction to the earthquake was as broad as it was swift. Voltaire and Rousseau found another occasion to quarrel over it, academies across Europe devoted prize essay contests to it, and the six-year-old Goethe, according to several sources, was brought to doubt and consciousness for the first time. The earthquake affected the best minds in Europe, but it wasn't confined to them. Popular reactions ranged from sermons to eyewitness sketches to very bad poetry. Their number was so great as to cause sighs in the contemporary press and sardonic remarks from Frederick the Great, who thought the cancellation of carnival preparations months after the disaster to be overdone.
    I know there's a lot of attention given here to "evil" and we all think we know what it is but do we?

  36. I dunno Mousey, I sort of liked "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." Now if that's not a profound thought, what is?

    I know a good amount about the Lisbon earthquake and hell, I was even in Kaliningrad last month. I've read a little Kant (enough to know that he's boring, thus my stronger attraction to, say, Camus and Bentham); but as far as a definition of "evil," that's a tough one, Mousey.

    1. It's from Susan Neiman's "Evil in Modern Thought." I will, by god, go back and finish it someday in retirement but it's slow going for me since I have no foundation in the study of philosophy and she makes reference to the works of so many philosophers I have constantly to stop and try to understand meanings and contexts before I can follow her analyses.

      I'm thinking that, maybe, her thesis is that these days "evil" refers more to what people do than the kind of natural phenomena that are earthquakes, floods, tidal waves and the like. I know that has to be simplistic but it feels that way to me.

      The deaths of 267 rural Italians is "an" evil, sure but there's more of a "shit happens" sentiment abroad than a "it's a sign that there's a dark force" feeling.

  37. Henry B over there, about European countries advising disaster preparedeness.

    Well...they know it's getting closer to the election over here. Maybe they suspect, knowing the pure evil that inhabits the White House right now, that something may come down over here that causes a "Constitutional Crisis", that suspends the elections, and causes economic havoc over here that resonates heavily to their countries?

    It's not hard to imagine, given the pure anti-American, anti-Constitution, hate-filled divisive evil things this Satanic administration has proven willing to do, already.