Friday, August 12, 2016

It's FRIDAY!!!!

I know I'm late. So fire me. Just kidding. Don't fire me. Really.

And you know me. Here's a little bluegrass from my new favorite band, Balsam Range doing From A Georgia Battlefield.

Been crazy busy and frankly Kevin's last blog was getting a lot of action so I didn't want to cut that off.

But it's open blog day. Of course that's pretty much any day here at the bunker since we're not a bunch of chickenshits like over on the urinal where you get deleted for posting off topic on open blog Friday. Go figure.

Anyway, I do have something to get off my chest. This current insanity going on with Donald Trump is very frightening. This unified joint effort by the ungodly left to label him as crazy, unqualified, dangerous and unfit to be President is unlike anything we've ever seen in our history.

And all the while ignoring very real and serious issues with hillary clinton which are far worse than any of the imaginary things they create to hound Trump with.

This is a very dangerous precedent. Open bold faced lies, false accusations, amplifying ever word he says, twisting it and distorting it with the full compliance of the left wing democrat controlled media is a place I hoped American would never go. I remember, unlike the ungodly left, the Bush derangement syndrome that overtook them during his term in office. And he was no conservative, he was far more sympathetic to their causes than many of us were comfortable with. And they went after him like he was the reincarnation of Hitler. In fact, they claimed he was just that. But then, every Republican is Hitler so that kind of loses it's bite after a while.

So I see the goofy characters over on Kevin's urinal blog and what they say. And I know that they are mostly trolls, just seeking some kind of attention probably due to a Mommy issue of some kind, but it goes way beyond that. It's running all through the ungodly left. It's like some virus that only they can catch that causes them to lose their minds.

And it wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have a massively uninformed voting block in this country. We have people who vote on the last soundbite they heard. We have people who vote on who will give them the next free meal. We have people who vote by whose name is first on the ballot I think. It's a sad state of affairs indeed.

But then, here's how I feel about it. I know a lot of you don't  necessarily align with me on this, and that's OK. I'm not trying to convert anybody, it's just how I believe.

See God tells us that as the end times approach, our world will decay just like this. Believers will walk away from their faith. Even those who still believe will follow false doctrines. Men will become lovers of themselves. Evil will be good. Good will be evil. Pretty much everything we are seeing happening is what he warned us would happen.

So I'm not that surprised. And I also believe we may not be able to stop it. If this is what God has given us for the lack of faith in this world, then that's what will happen. And it will only get worse.

So I'm not saying anything like I'm giving up the fight. Don't worry about old Safe at Home. I'll be fighting these Satanic godless left wing devils to my last breath. Because that's what I believe they are. They are doing the work of Satan in his never ending war against God. So I'll still be trying to stop them.

I just wanted to ruminate a little bit among friends about my deep fears about all this. And if you can't talk to your friends about this kind of stuff, who can you talk to?

So fight on my brothers and sisters. We still have a battle going on. I just think it may be even bigger than we know. But we will know someday, won't we?


  1. We take what we get when we get it, we are at your mercy, lol

  2. Now that we know Hillary can Dive into planes I can't wait to see her Dive out of one!

  3. what's that up in the air with a strange sound? is it a plane? is it a bird? is it Super Grover? Nope it's just Hillary screaming.

    Oh crap and there's battlestache going after her..."Hillary Come Back! Hillary!".....

  4. Rikki, I'm learning Christmas songs on my ukulele. So I'm looking forward to jamming with you at the next summit. See you there.

    1. cool beans Safe..... here's some that I've been working on.... Silent Night, God Rest Ye Gentlemen, Away in a Manger, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, Good King Wenceslas, Do You Hear What I Hear, Angels We Have Heard on High, and several others (smiles smiles)

  5. OK Guys Take it easy on the Bud Light jokes will you? A gal has to watch her figure you know. And those Bud Light bottles serve dual purpose. Just ask ole Batt Shit [aka Mr Wednesday Night Gay Guy] he is scared batt shit crazy he might get one of those bottles shoved down his ass hole mouth.

  6. Battlestache seems to have lost lots of posts over on CJ. Dude needs to learn to follow the rules and be civil.

  7. Somebody over there must be on vacation...

  8. If I would have had that many he gets removed I would have been booted 9 times, Oh wait I was, that sucks.

  9. Lol... And that really pisses your new best friend off...

  10. I see Battlestache is trying to pick a fight with the new blogger. Already got one of his posts pulled from it.

  11. Oh and he is now posting praise comments on his own blog. I swear he is the twhlyer guy.

  12. Sarge too bad you can't post on CJ. You could make a fool of Battlestache like that never guy is doing.

  13. I wonder what happened in Battlestache's life to make him the way he is? Trauma? Bullying? Bad parents?

    Look at all the posters and who other than Battlestache gets in pissing matches with just about everyone and who is disliked by just about all. Even the libs don't like him.

    And who keeps track of so many posters old posts? He is obsessed with many of the posters. So obsessed that some might find a rabbit on their stove.

    I actually pity the guy. He doesn't seem to have a life.

  14. Marsh, Lol Hell i was up many a night going one on one for many years I would get that prick so confused, that puke has a file on me a foot thick, he can bring up every comment I made back in those days. I love playing him like a drum, Ya sometimes I feel sorry for him also, but than i look back and remember all the good people he got booted, so I get over it, but most of them are here or back over there just like MWN is.

    You are doing a find number on him yourself, keep it up but becareful.

  15. Don't worry about me I am prepared.

  16. Is that a picture of that gasbag BS on CJ? Using an alias is he?

  17. Mash that is music to my ears always Beprepared,

    Papadew, I don't know what to make of it yet, if it is an alias or not, May Radar don't work so well lately, But I can say BS is a PIG... LOL

  18. Man...that Twyher character looks like he's trying to monopolize the blogs with his irrelevant, inane blogs full of lousy advice! Such as, touting the all the benefits of a reverse mortgage...without also listing any pitfalls. Shit like that.

    I think he is totally self-deluded and imagines himself to be another Dave Ramsey, or something! DOES Batshit keep getting away with being the "king of all removed posts"...but allowed to keep posting...when others aren't?

    Just as Watergate had its Deep Throat, Buttstache must be the Urinal's, I suppose?

  19. I think ol' Twyher thinks if he just keeps putting out one blog nobody cares about after another sooner or later someone somewhere will give a shit.

    Evidently it's working.

    Batshit's his number one fan.

    Actually, he's his only fan.

    I think Batshit's missing the "Golden Age" of community blogging when he was the only one commenting...

  20. And Safe, you pretty much nailed it with your thoughts on this one.

    Even if Trump does win this thing nothing's going to change.

    If anything, the left will only ramp up the attacks in much the same way they did when Bush was in office.

    I doubt this fight for the heart and soul of this nation we've embarked upon will ever be won but to simply roll over and let it happen is unacceptable...

    1. Things are coming along for the End Times. Good news is if you've trusted Jesus as your Savior you'll be outta here before it gets real bad. Hope to see you all there.

  21. Agreed Kevin. Even if we win this one they won't give up until they have destroyed our society. The only thing worse than having them in power is having them out of power. They just get worse.

    I guess that's Trumps appeal right now. I just don't get the feeling he will roll over for them like Bush and the Republicans did.

    But I guess if we love our country we'll keep fighting.

  22. I don't see where we have a choice...

  23. All I can say is (I will never give up.!!)

  24. Not to mention "Be prepared" and "Adapt, improvise and overcome".

    Wise words from a wise man.

  25. Well I was looking at Contras blog, Looks like Batshit is really upset that there was no riots from BLM the other night. what a puke he is.

  26. Listening to talk radio and don't know the host but he is reporting that Hillary is falling down more often. Joe Pagg is one of the guys sharing info that he is pretty il and getting worse.

  27. Good job getting Batshit chasing his tail over there, guys! (Not that it takes any real effort...idiot buffoons just do it naturally!)It's nice he has something to believe whole-heartedly "celebrate" supporting domestic terrorist groups, such as BLM. And socialism/communism/fascism/racism/sexism. He's an equal-opportunity "never-let-a-good-crisis-go-to-waste" hater!

    Now...for a fun distraction!

    Our old buddy Rich "Space Wray" is up to his usual antics over there, again. Been awhile since he's gone on a goofy rant, but here 'tis:

    Oh...those precious, cutesy animal movies!!!! Who could EVER think of filleting Dory???!!!

    Here's an excerpt, for your amusement:
    "For every cat, dog or other animal that we love and cherish, we put 500 through months of caging, crowding, deprivation, mutilation and starvation — all before we take their lives, cut their dead bodies into little pieces and shove those into our mouths. And that doesn’t even include Dory and billions of her little friends, because we haven’t figured out how to count individual aquatic animals that we grind up for human or animal feed."

    Wow....he even has the numbers!!! For every pet we love and cherish...exactly 500 are used for food?!!! Who'da thunk it?!!! Wonder where delusional ol' Space Wray came up with THOSE statistics?!

    Not to mention...those BILLIONS of Dory's little friends!!!! I gather ol' Space Wray hasn't figured out yet that Dory is a cartoon character? We're offing BILLIONS of Dory's cartoon character friends??!!! THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS!!!!


    But, there IS "good news", folks!

    "The good news is that we have a choice every time we visit a restaurant or grocery store. We can choose live foods — yellow and green vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts and grains, as well as a rich variety of grain and nut-based meats and dairy products."

    The good news is that Space Wray and his like-minded knucklehead friends are leaving the choicest cuts of mouthwatering steaks and succulent chops for the rest of us!!!! Why...they left me a nice steak that I plan to plop on the grill tonight!!!! Thank you Space Wray, for leaving that perfect N.Y. Strip for me!!!

    Now, go on over and have a little fun! Space Wray advocates for nuts. Space Wray = nuts!!!!

  28. Nun ya they are still giving it to him good. First Battle Stacie goes tilt over Justirias blog and the Capatain Howdy, Tears and Chalk and Rikki give it to him good.

    I don't think Battlestache likes the new blogger.

  29. Buttstash is just an asshole. Everything he does is just trolling. He can't even believe the shit he spews. It's all just trolling.

    I wonder if his little butt buddy gin boy got reassigned over at the urinal. There for a while anything even remotely aimed at buttstash got pulled. Suddenly his crap is getting pulled and people are kicking his ass pretty openly. Maybe he got a real job somewhere he fit in better. Is Pennytrader still around?

  30. Kevin, email but don't reply to this one, you're bcc'd. on it.

    I got a nasty gram from Emily. I can say this here.....batty started out swinging and that pos comment still remains and a few of mine pulled.

    That's ok, those that got pulled batty read and knows where he stands - he still is seeing them in his thoughts... so my comments don't need to be published for him to know where he stands.

  31. Well I spoke too soon. I forgot about emily. Good grief those people are not even trying to hide it now. Pathetic.

    And Rikki, I hate to tell you but buttstash doesn't care in the least. He got a bunch of posts pulled and his remain. He knows he can do it and there's nothing anybody can do.

    Next will be his post where he floats. You know. "Thanks moderators for kissing my ass and not even pretending to be anything but partisan godless left wing assholes".

  32. And I better not get any crap from anybody next time I delete some asshole troll's post here. I'm full up with trolls right about now.

  33. They are all assholes mods over there. Asshole mod is much worse than pussy mod jk

  34. No one has had as many posts pulled as Battlestache but he is still there. Why? He isn't entertaining, he isn't profound, he is just a troll so why do they put up with him.

    He attacks just about everyone. It is like he is jealous of us especially those that blog like Kevin Rikki and now this new person.

  35. Ah hell, they're just doing what they've always done.

    And yes, he's jealous but it's more than that.

    He's pissed because he wasn't allowed to start his own blog. Maybe he should have considered that when he was NNW and had a blog of his own.

    He's pissed because his multiple attempts to get my blog banned over there have all failed miserably.

    And he's pissed because he wants so badly to be relevant but he's just another left wing piece of shit loser...

  36. Ah that explains a lot. A wannabe blogger so he attacks those that blogs. It is obvious that he wants to be relevant but has no idea how to do it. Trolling will never gain you respect and relevancy.

  37. Emily replied to my email... saying me telling Justitia to ignore Battlestache was confrontational.... bs.

    gave her typical pro battlestache crap.

    that's ok - I'll keep on being me over there until they decide to boot me.

  38. Marsh, there's a long history with buttstash. He used to post a blog as Mr Wednesday Night. Pretty the same stuff he posts now. It was a troll blog, he posted outrageous things to get a bunch of comments. But Kevin could post a blog about broccoli and get more comments.

    So buttboy would post a blog and brag about all the comments. Then Kevin would post a blog and get half again more. So buttboy would post something even more outrageous and Kevin would mop the floor with him again. He finally got tired of the embarrassment and got himself booted then showed up as troll boy and now he lives to get posts pulled and people booted off.

    And it seems he has friends at the urinal. But he's a godless left winger trolling a conservative blog on a godless left wing newspaper website. Not hard to connect those dots, is it?

    He tends to focus on people specifically. He will bait them into responding by posting the same thing again and again. He particularly doesn't line women who speak their mind. Probably some mommy issues. But right now he is focused on Rikki. And it's pretty obvious whose side the urinal is on.

    Best thing to do is never attack directly. Never address him directly. Never use his name. Don't get in a pissing match with a skunk in other words.

    So we have a long history with buttboy. He occasionally finds a sympathetic moderator and that's when he really goes to work.

    He's just a troll. A nasty one, one of the most obnoxious one out there. And you also see why I dislike trolls so much. I posted there for almost ten years and he caught one of his butt buddies moderating one weekend and got me booted. No warning, no nothing. Just gone.

    And they have the most chickenshit way of booting you. They just block your posts. You still see them, as far as you know you are still posting. And when you read the blog you see your posts. But nobody else does. It's pretty chickenshit, but then they are who they are.

  39. Well that sorry son of a bitch will never hear the last from me, till I am ashes. Matter of fact I plan on living longer just to torment that asshole MWN.

  40. sometimes you have to wonder about our local newspaper.... not that we haven't already figured them out....but why some stories don't reach our little paper? just posted something about a homeowner in Oklahoma....

  41. Rikki, there's a reason that newspaper is a sorry excuse for a newspaper. They struggle to make money which is why they put up the paywall. Newspapers that can't pay the bills don't want you reading them for free or nobody would subscribe.

    They are barely keeping afloat. They've been bought and sold several times, everytime you turn around there's a new editor.

    Newpapers are a dying breed. The best of them are barely keeping the lights on. This one is practically in the dark now.

  42. You see what I mean? Rikki posts a blog and buttstash is the first comment on there, trying to bait her into an argument so he can flag her.

    He's stalking her. He hates women in general but particularly women who demonstrate they are smarter than him.

    Rikki, you are his target. Don't let him bait you. We need you and your blogs.

  43. The lefties don't have much ammo today picking my blog apart do they?

  44. Just butt boy and his usual "advocating" bullcrap. Tears and chalk pretty much took that apart but that doesn't stop old buttboy. He knows what he posts is pure bologna but he keeps posting it because he's a troll and that's what trolls do.

    He's worthless and is only there to make trouble for decent people.

  45. And Rikki, I've been working on Silent Night, Jingle Bells and Silver Bells on the Ukulele. Plus a couple more. I'm just learning the Uke so it's new for me but it's a lot of fun.

  46. Safe, we should get together before the summit to rehearse. Jingle Bells and Silver Bells is cool as is Silent Night.

    Did you know that Away in a Manger is mostly a prayer? Read third verse.

    Hugs, Rikki

  47. wow, batty (twyher), keri, and lucy are in full force aren't they?

  48. sure is a nice day outside, not too hot and not too humid...

    anyone have a chance to enjoy the outside today?

  49. I'm being f'n targeted by the damned cj mods.... there's two of my comments removed from my current blog....


    Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - 3:04pm

    these neighbors with all the lights, just north of me also have a really nice fenced in fountain, garden like oasis in their back yard... these were on my cj page...

    These weren't baiting, combative, targeting, or whatever the bull shit is that they want to use for an excuse! ass holes...

    sorry for the language but I'm pissed folks -

    Agreed tearsandchalk

    Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - 2:25pm

    homeowners who have fallen victim to theft, etc., will do all they can to protect their home/families.

    I have a neighbor just a...

  50. I see IWNGU got a comment removed on Rikki blog for tell Batshit that he is , stalking Rikki which he is doing. and the first thing out of his mouth is racist. What a low life prick.

  51. Rikki I think those comments are still there.

  52. They are there now, but earlier today I didn't see them but yet could see them on my cj page. Odd, very very odd.

    Sarge, I see that too. I don't like how the mods are messing around with the comments on my blog.

    Hugs to you & Ghost.

  53. Hey all! OP here.

    I'm probably all wrong but, you know, this Timothy Smith that disrupted the meeting at the Church could, IMO, be our Batty friend! What do ya think? He seems to fit the MO, Black, State worker??, BLM sympathizer, constantly trying to stir up conflict, etc., etc. I would be kind of nice if it were true, and he was actually moving to St. Louis! LOL! Just a thought!
    Anyway, he also got my post removed when I was simply pointing out all of his "schticks" as he called them, and my comment was removed for baiting and attacking another blogger??? What has he been doing on almost every post since he started?
    Have a great day Ya'll!

  54. I sen that. And that's the exactly thing I though. But ole MWN Gay Guy would still come back here just to stir it up. He better be paying attention in St Louie Or some BLM guy might not like him trying to move in on their turf. Maybe he should take St. Jackie with him to help protect him. Wonder if that guy will tell them about how he ran a newspaper in Ks?

  55. Here's some more info on Hillary's medical. Dont know how true it is but there seems to be more and more and it is all starting to add up. Piece by piece.

  56. Ever notice she has to have a stool when ever she goes to give a speech. Seems to be sitting down a lot.

    1. I'm always looking for the guy that has to prop her up,too. Ol' shotgun Joe got alot closer than I think any man wanted to the other day, right?

  57. Everybody is contributing well over on Kevin's new one. Great blog topic. It does sort of pit me against myself though. I still believe in helping each other, but I so strongly don't want to help those that bring our country down and refuse to help themselves. Not sure I can share my preparedness. And I think many of you know what I mean.

    Be well everyone. Shove back on the hordes, and hopefully I'll be able to add to the discussions. My privilege is got me on some weird projects and hours. But hey, somebody has to pay the taxes that some don't......

    And before I go.
    I can't help myself, and I'll make another comment here.....
    Not bad for a bunch of minions, huh?

  58. Lol... Not bad at all.

    Well, as far as minions go...