Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Rain or Shine the Party's a Go...

Won't be long now boys and girls.


Saturday night's coming fast and we're going to have a party at my place that'll rival all parties that have ever come before it.

Well, not really.

It's just going to be a simple little get together.

Two of my kids along with their spouses and kids will be there and in case you were wondering all your spouses and kids are more than welcome.

Some of you might remember my son-in-law, Travis. He'll be doing most of the cooking.

Once again all the meat is being supplied by our good friend, Sarge.

I'll bring the buns and my wife is fixing some kind of pasta salad thing.

By now some of you might have figured out I really enjoy a good camp fire and it'll be a good excuse to fire up my much neglected fire pit.

The music, if we decide it's even needed will be courtesy of an old radio I keep in the garage.

Oh, that and Rikki has agreed to bring her guitar.

Hmm, maybe we could talk Nunya into bringing his as well.

Obviously I didn't see the implosion of cjonline coming but the timing of our little gathering couldn't have been better.

And hopefully you guys don't get your hopes concerning my house up too high.

It's just a regular house and a pretty small one at that (1,200 sq. ft) but since the kids grew up and moved on it works just fine for my wife and I. And because I spend so much time on the road there are a lot of projects I haven't quite gotten around to yet.

The most notable one would be the stump in the front yard. I keep telling my wife that, yes, I'll get to it. There's no need to keep reminding me every 6 months about it. Sarge knows the story.

Up until today they were calling for clear skies and everything was good to go.

Today I noticed there's something like a 30% chance of rain.

No big deal.

If it does rain we can either gather on the covered patio or just head into the house.

Regardless of what the weather has in store for us, it's still a go.

I did finally break down and tell my wife about the Happy Birthday for Rosie thing but my kids are still totally in the dark so please don't forget to bring some kind of simple birthday card.

As much as I've been playing up the birthday party for my dog angle this is going to put them over the edge.

Serves them right. Lol.

I have to work that day and unless things change I should be home between 3:00 and 4:00 o'clock. 

So Sarge if you still want to come over early make it a little after 4:00 and I'm sure we'll get this thing started.

Other than that I'll see the rest of you around 6:00 Saturday night.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here, drop me an email, or send up some smoke signals...

Kevin McGinty



  1. Looking forward to it Kevin.

    Oh, the tree has creative possibilities - you can attach various flower pots to it in different areas of the tree stump and arrange decorative trim around the base so that flowers can also be planted at the base. (smiles).

  2. It's not necessary but you can bring anything you want, Safe...


    Trump is leading Hillary -

    Battlestache gets the boot from CJ

    Starman gets the boot from CJ

    cause for celebration for sure!

    now in November, Battlestache and the lefties will have to get used to President Trump.


  4. Replies
    1. Stump problem solved McG. Sharpen up your axe, blow up a picture of BS avatar, attach to stump, stand back and let your guests have some fun. You could probably even charge a couple of bucks to boot.

  5. Kevin, I have to be there by 4 for sure, You do know if travis is cooking it is on a grill and not a microwave, takes a little time you know, will he be there by 4, I hope so, steak burgers no problem froze, but I will have Brats thawed out for him,

    1. Oh and Kevin I am bring about 100 CD's oldies but goodies, plus a mix of other stuff you do have a player right?

  6. Topekaforumeers is the clankiest pos of a site I've ever seen. I think it's older than lucinda. I've tried posting and can't make it happen on the ol dumb phone. I'll give it another shot down the road. It ain't no bunker, that's for sure. Who really wants to read Starman crying anyway...

  7. Starman is really bitter and desperate isn't he? Lucinda or should I say Jade the Plumber wants everyone to play nice. LOL

  8. Too funny McGinty who did not get banned and who has not had many posts pulled is getting blamed by Starboy for the change at CJ.

  9. Typical liberal tactic.

    It's always somebody else's fault...

  10. And Hammer, you nailed it about that other website.

    It's completely void of any personality or originality.

    It's just plain as you can get text.

    I'm not bashing the place just telling it like I see it.

    But it's still a perfect example of how void and dependent those on the left truly are.

    If Battshit or his little shadow, gimme had any balls or gumption they'd start their own blog.

    But that ain't gonna happen...

  11. Good morning, all you DEPLORABLE human beings! Lol...

    Damn...dunno WHY my desktop computer has so much trouble with this site. Phone and laptop just fine. takes forever to load on this computer, and I lost yet another post that i tried to send, with a message of "Ooops!" and some jibberish about cleaning cache and retrying...which, of course...cleans the damned post i just wrote!

    Or, maybe Emir Obama and the Shrill's NSA just intercepted it, or something. Anything possible, these days.

    Anyway...not gonna rewrite. May bring tater salad...been told it's pretty good. (A billion times better than that prepacked mushy, rubbery Reser's and other storebought unfresh crap).

    May complile one cd of music that all might enjoy. Stuff few may have heard, but should like. Lightning Fingers of Roy Clark from 1963, a couple choice cuts from an album he didn't mess up trying to sing. Just amazing guitar playing. Danny Gatton, anyone? Makes you go "WTF?!" with his Roy Clark/Les Paul/Chet Atkins-on steroids, rockabilly Redneck Jazz not-of-this-Earth guitar playing. Just for the heck of it. A burger, a few beers, good music, surrounded by beer-swillin' hillbilly clingin'to-their-guns-and-religion REAL American 'deplorables".

    A billion times better than the alternative of panty-waist, whiny, gimme-gimme greedy selfish racist sexist everything-else-ist anti-American anti-Constitutional anti-Christ brainwashed to vote to their own detriment lazy liberal pansies. Maybe they can be dubbed "the Detestables"?

    And, as for the Urinal...I predict a rapidly-accelerating decline, and eventual complete meltdown of that rag, due to their own stupidity and liberal tendency to create a dozen more problems by trying to fix one minor one...NOW!!! gotta be done...NOW!!! Liberals just don't have the brains to consider unintended consequences down the road. Screw'em. Hope the Urinal sinks like the Titanic.

    Later, all you pathetic deplorable poor excuses of human beings (simply for being against the cloven-hooved unholy likes of Emir Obama and the Lying Shrill).

  12. And that my friends is exactly why I like this guy.

    See you Saturday night, Nunya...

  13. Difference between liberals and conservatives is when attacked we don't get offended and retreat to a safe place. We embrace it and use it to march forward.

    A proud deplorable.

  14. Imagine Minnie Pearl's voice.....


    two more days and fun fur all - ga-roo-vee!

  15. unrelated to blog topic..... but wanted to say my peace about this stuff.....

    I just read this article published by Christian In the article is this quote from Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney, “I think everybody has the right to express himself in that regard, Swinney conceded. “But I don’t think it’s good to be a distraction to your team. I don’t think it’s good to use the team as a platform. I totally disagree with that. Not his protest. But I just think there’s a right way to do things. I don’t think two wrongs make a right. Never have, never will. I think it just creates more divisiveness, more division.”

    When I read and re-read that statement from Dabo Swinney, I have to agree with him that it was a distraction – and I’ll to that I will add that when Kaepernick knelt – his teammates stood. Kaepernick showed division – not unity. A team means “together” not “individual” – when the individual overcomes “team” it’s not long but dysfunction follows. When dysfunction follows – then the foundation of the team is on shifting sand. It won’t stay together. Because of what Kaepernick did other professional sports figures have followed suit.

    I don’t agree with what Kaepernick and the other sports figures have done, I truly feel it is a slap in the face to every American Veteran who fought so fearlessly for our freedoms that we hold so dear.

  16. Good morning all, I will come and hopefully be able to put names to faces. Cannot stay very long, Sunday is my only work day of the week. Wish PW could have joined in, but Cody has a football game at 10 pm Sat. and I am leaving for KC at 5am, so PW is staying home to watch him play his fourth game of his life. CJ has really shot themselves in the foot with the whole FB sign up thing. I don't care if anyone knows who I am, but I can see a huge problem for many people with the general public knowing their true identity.

    The only thing they needed to do was to enforce their own TOS equally and none of the perceived problems would have existed. PW is a little nervous about me being known because then she can be found and BS has shown an unhealthy obsession with her and a couple of our other lady friends, but I told her she is safe. After all embarrassing as it is she shoots a handgun far better than I.

  17. Looking forward to meeting you RP.

    And as far as the problems they're having over on that other website. It could have all been avoided if just one person over there could have stood up to Battlestache,

    But like the majority of businesses in this country today they either believe as he does or were just too afraid to do anything about it...

  18. Just think of the time they were forced to deal with him constant flagging, emailing and whining he did...

  19. Every time we tried to bring up the crap that batty was doing pretty much the reply was that he never crosses the line, etc., so on and so forth. They should have booted him way last year or before then..... but they were too cowardly.

    I find it totally bizarre how they kept defending him - then kaplooey...he is booted along with starman.

    It just makes me totally happy that they finally booted the jerk.... so much for the #lastmanstanding mumbo jumbo -

    but you know he's over here reading our comments lurking in the shadows like the coward everyone knows him to be.....

  20. Hey Batty.....since we all know you're over here sneakin' around....why not just come out of the shadows and into the light.... we know you won't though..... EVIL prefers to be in the shadows..... :-P~~~~~~~ (that's me giving you raspberries!).

  21. You know if you don't comment for awhile, when you refresh the screen it takes you back to your last post then you have to scroll all the way down to read and or comment, Kevin trust me I am not complaining.

  22. Just a friendly reminder...
    When you ignore the sovereign citizens, when you cater to those outside of your borders, and when you instigate and stir ethnic racial cultural division...
    This is what you get:

  23. Chewing gum and kicking ass.....and I'm all out of gum.

    Just busted another troll over on Justitia's blog.

    It's like fish in a barrel I tell you. These guys are not bright, so I feel a little guilty taking advantage of mentally challenged people, but these guys deserve it. Amiright?

  24. Yep.
    The plagiarism call out was awesome. I only wonder if libs like that get tired of being backhanded?
    Apparently not, right?
    Keep up the good work colonel Safe.

  25. That Topeka forum is a dud. Nothing happening there and CJ has slowed to a snails pace. Finn got his butt handed to him.

    OBF will be telling.

  26. I really enjoy this. Some of you may as well. Stephen Crowder is having trouble with FB an YouTube. But his stuff is on point, and hilarious most of the time. Tonight's live stream with Sally Kohn is pretty good. Hearing a liberal lesbian Jew fundamentally disagree with sharia law, but yet justify its existence in America is the most difficult mental gymnastics I have ever witnessed. Very interesting, and the very example of what many crazy SJW's beleive in political philosophy. Certifiably crazy.
    Catch it sometime folks. Live stream is Thursdays at 7:00pm and of course replays on YouTube. Here's the link to the live stream. Louder with crowder is an awesome website as well. A young good guy. Hammer can relate to his thinking!

  27. Oh yea, to be fair be careful a little foul language, but far less than most modern movies.
    And for those that one know, yes crowder has been demonitized...
    Catch ya on OBF folks!!!

  28. Kevin, we need

    S A T U R D A Y night!

    I guess I'm showing my age. Lol. Would like to think I'm showing off how good(?) my memory is. I'm looking forward to Saturday and having the opportunity to meet all of you.


  29. Think I'll bring some baked beans. Sounds like with what else is there that ought to pretty well cover it.

  30. No one will go hungry, there would have to be over 60 people eating non stop till 2 in the morning before that would happen. And even after that We got a phone and a pen, LOL

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