Monday, October 3, 2016

Is the media dead yet?

It's becoming clearer every day why the urinal chose now to shut out the conservative voices. There is a godless left wing blogger over there who is spewing the most vile hateful lies about Donald Trump. And the usual voices that would be presenting the facts and disputing his excrement aren't there. And the urinal people knew that would be the result.

This was the goal. The media has now almost in it's entirety become agents of the democrat party. Party apparachiks with a byline.

Controlling the media is a fundamental core of all fascist totalitarian regimes. I just never imagined it would be this easy for them. They have spent 50 years populating our educational system and the media with godless left wing radicals. It was a very intentional, very well planned and executed take over from within our very systems that used to be the lynchpin of our freedoms.

Our educational system used to teach fundamentals, and teach children to reason and think for themselves. Now they are nothing but indoctrination centers for godless liberal thought. Look no further than the insanity taking place at our universities daily. College campus garbage babies protesting hurt feeling and rioting because someone disagreed with them. They represent everything that is wrong with America today.

And the media, who used to exist to be a neutral voice that sought the truth wherever it led them. Going back to our founding, when the writers of the constitution and the bill of rights thought it important enough to guarantee the freedom of the press in our founding documents and laws. They innocently believed the press would always fulfill its roll as they knew it, as the voice of the people and not the government. Now, the press, or the media as it has evolved into has become a voice for the advancement of the democrat party, with few exceptions.

That's why blogs like this one and many others are so important. And why our voices on them matter. It's the last remnant of that spark of reason that once dominated in this country. It has all but gone from the mainstream media, but has been reignited in the voices of the common man, without a media empire to back him, without the democrat party guiding his thoughts, but instead it is the voice of the people once again.

That's why Kevin's blog always had hundreds of comments and thousands of page views and the godless liberal blogs get next to nothing. The liberals are all reading the mindless liberal propaganda drivel being excreted by the democrat machine. But we are looking for the truth. And we find it from our fellow travelers who are seeking what we are. The truth.

The ungodly left just repeats whatever it is instructed to repeat. You hear it from hillary, or obama or one of the left shills upline. Then you hear it a hundred more times until the next talking point is assigned. Mindless drivel, repeated without thought.

But here you will find real opinions. You may not agree with us all the time, Hell, we don't even agree with each other all the time. But we say what we think. And the commenters here are welcome to do the same.

So stay with us through this election. Hopefully together we can make some change. We'll keep up our part. Let's change the direction America is headed and get her back on course.


  1. " But we say what we think. And the commenters here are welcome to do the same."

    That's material The Onion could run and get yuks. There's no place, nowhere, that's quicker on the censoring of anybody who utters a peep that's not an "amen, bro" than this place.

    Your wanton and crazy slinging of "godless" got you booted from mainstream and respectable into alt-cornfed/Taliban where you thrive in a vacuum of like-halfwitted paranoids and here you'll stay, thank Allah

  2. Lol... Did you really think you got Safe booted?

    You're such a loser.

    But since this is Safes week to host the blog I'll let him deal with you.

    What a dope you are...

  3. Actually we welcome comments from anybody and everybody. However we don't welcome trolls and assholes. And that will get you deleted pretty quick.

    And I wasn't booted from the urinal. I was posting there right up until they pulled the plug and booted everybody. So I think you're a little confused Mr Troll. And as for the phrase godless left, I just call it like I see it. It always irritates godless lefties to be called out for being godless, so no apologies for that.

    I'm going to leave your comment for now. It wasn't overly insulting so I'll let our readers see it and get a laugh.

    But I'm not promising anything. We have two moderators.

  4. Actually on second reading it was pretty insulting. But you're kind of an idiot so I'll still leave it for now. Folks like a good laugh at a hapless godless troll.

  5. Like all Libs Their mouth's are there worst enemy. Proof is in the pudding [post]

  6. looks like the gutless yellow bellied coward showed up again hiding behind the anonymous banner.... how honorable is that? Not. He's just confirming his social phobia and in addition to that he's displaying his continued mental instability and ludicrous theologies....

  7. Lol... What's worse?

    Someone who blogs in a vacuum or someone desperately trying to remain relevant by riding on the coat tails of those who blog in said vacuum?

  8. Helluva vacuum is all I can say. Getting hundreds of page views a day now. About 7,500 last month.

    The CJ Urinal only wishes they still had those numbers.

    Why bother to troll us in a vacuum? Because even troll boy knows what's up. And Kevin is right. That's as close to relevant as troll boy can get. Otherwise he's so low he'd have to stick his head up to see bottom.

  9. Actually, the gutless yellow bellied coward has inward anger towards his beloved Cj mods who ultimately betrayed him by booting him.... that along with starman.... and he really misses all the crap he got away with over at the other website that he comes over here to try (notice I said try) to get away with it here....

    not a chance fella.

    The Bunker Mods figured you out years ago -

  10. and one more thing you gutless yellow bellied coward.... we know you've been lurking, stalking, and remaining in the shadows.... reading our comments -

    We all know that you'll never have the guts to come into the light from behind the anonymous banner.

  11. I think he thought his little butt buddies over there would leave him standing and boot everybody else off. Guess not.

    Guess he turned out to not be the last man standing as he so proudly proclaimed he would be. We'll never hear from him again except this anonymous troll crapola which we are in complete control of. We'll leave what we choose, and delete what we choose.

    He only exists over here under our good graces. If he's a good boy, we might let him post. Otherwise, tough luck.

  12. Hey troll and I am still here, sorry SSAH, I had to take the wife to the emergency room this morning just got back, 6 long hours she has Gallstone and like me COPD, But it could have been worse God is Good..

  13. Sarge please give Ghost hugs for me.

  14. Rikki, will do and thanks. see is getting a health care provider and be seen on the oct 17th visit.

  15. remember how he was saying that he supported going to FB and he'd be the last man standing? Not only did he get ginned he got baited into getting ginned and doesn't have the courage to post under his FB account.

  16. "Party apparachiks with a byline"...

    There is not a better way of putting than that. Excellent, safe.

    But, there is a little hope out there still. Some sites and sources still attempt to bring things to our attention. Regardless of the hordes. For example today on drudge I see there might be a new bastard child addition to the Clinton family. How nice...

    The more independent thinkers can find sources that seem to hold more truth than the common msm. That's what we do.

    Relying on agenda driven places, should offend people. When your own thinking and rationale aren't at play or even allowed, you should worry.
    When they (msm) do the thinking for you, red flags should spring up. As mentioned here, it's "the godless" selling agenda and narrative as commodities.

    Agenda and narrative allow for no dialogue or discussion.
    Godless leftism at work.

    That's why we owe it to our children to not buy it. Ignore the poison. And in turn teach our young ones the same thing.
    Handfuls of truth is more sustaining than a table full of lies any day...

    1. To anonymous...

      You can tell Allah, alisnackbar, and his pedophile prophet Mopedo, to kiss my American ass.

      Be proud that you throw people off buildings, rape and beat women, practice Barbary to any "infidels", etc...
      Relish your savagery, for now.

      Your own actions will raise the very effort that will present your long overdue extinction. You'll have your day in the showers.
      Until then, ta ta.....


  17. Wondered if I would miss the debut of, as rikki so eloquently named, "the gutless yellow bellied coward" here. Hey, I'm confident the name is available so go ahead and use it. It's extremely befitting. Especially when you won't identify yourself. You could use what you used at the (oh I love this) urinal. TGYBC works for me.

    We will never be completely silenced. If the left thinks they can make us be quiet, they better watch out because they don't know the meaning of the word "deafening". The revolution is nowhere near full crescendo.

    Hello, everyone! Glad to see you're all in fine form.

    Sarge, thanks for being the great guy you are.

  18. So, as another sun sets on the good ol' bunker, night falls and the good little bunkies and bunkettes toddle off to hayseed lullaby land, the godless are restless and eager to make mischief.

    "Is that Bill outlawing law enforcement and making sex change surgery required in public schools ready for pre-filing?" Demon One demands.

    "No, your evilocity," Minion 235 whines. "The newborn baby's blood ink cartridge is depleted and we've run out of young, White virgin vellum on which it must be printed."

    "Gaaaak!" the Chief Really Nasty Unholy One, shrieks. "Well, go out and get more. Don't bother looking here in The Bunker where there's been neither a newborn nor a virgin since the Eisenhower administration. Away with you!"

    And so, it proceeds. As the Guardians of All That's Right and Good Even if it Lacks Good Grammar and Correct Spelling slumber, Hell's Progressives labor to undo their good works.

    Sleep well, bunkaroos...

  19. Hey Asshole Anonymous! Just can not stand not getting your needed attention on the urinal, can you? Poor Baby! Or are you the new Lib blogger that is now spewing his nonsense over there? Whether you are Bat Shit or some other godless troll, I welcome you to show your true self on even turf! The mods on this site have a much better sense of what is PC in our world! You are just the kind of example of the Hillary clan that continues to prove our opinion of what this country is up against! Hope you and your boyfriend have a super night tonight! Just don't let him get stuck where the sun don't shine! It might give you some additional brain damage!

  20. If there is one thing we can count on, it's that those Satanic leftists in power can always count on the ignorance and hate of selfish, lazy, anti-American, anti-Constitutional, socialist/communist/fascist gibmedats to do the wrong thing in defense of the ultra-wealthy 1%er liberal elitists who have been subjugating them for so long, and to the followers' own detriment. Perfect example...that ignorant asshole, Anonymous.

    And, when the fight is mano y guano, the bat shit always just gets scraped off the floor, and trashed.

    Hey! Anyone seen the "Last Man Standing", lately?


    GOOD! Absolutely nobody on Earth could stand the asshole, anyway...and even his fellow Satanic progressives would never really back him up. (Though, I'm sure Sperman and that Gin'ed-up moron enjoyed seeing ol' bat froth at the mouth when they were done using their useful idiot).

  21. Thanks PK, and Hammer is hammering it home again, OP right on my man. And anonymous go find yourself a closet. Good Grief .

  22. Gary's OP? I didn't know Gary was OP. Gary! Nice 'stache, bro. Yer, like, outted, dud! All these years, who'da cared?

    Now, who's Nunya? He started out a little off this morning with the repetition of "count on" a couple of times but I knew I could count on him to count on his stock racist lingo to pull his busted pickup of a brain out of the muddy ditch of tedious prose.

    I dowanna know who Hammer is. I'll just keep on suspecting he's that faux skinhead I see down at the blood bank when I drive past, doing his plasma-for-Skoal weekly routine.

    'Morning, bunkologists. I'm all braced for deletion. Let's do this here thang.

    1. Perhaps you can answer a question I've had for a long time. What satisfaction do you receive from posting 3rd grade insults at people online? Anyone call insult others using simple name-calling attacks. Non-witty trolling is an easy "accomplishment" so why do it?

    2. Nobody but me outted me Dude, or Dudette?? except myself! I'm not ashamed of my opinions and sure not afraid of gutless wonders like yourself who don't have the guts or the balls to take us on without being hid in the dark! You and your boyfriend "choke" on anything you had in your mouth over the weekend?

  23. Damn I think I had a comment remove on CJ, here is what I posted.

    I thought I posted this earlier, but must have not taken, is on topic because it is the truth.
    Gun sales hit the 17th consecutive monthly record in September according to FBI data released on Monday, and overall sales are up 27 percent compared to the same period last year. You can read much more use the link.

    1. The 1st one was taken off, but read about the same, just had one more paragraph from the article.

    2. Copyright violation? You may have posted an attribution link but copying and pasting another newspaper's content, some people think that's stealing. (Not you, the newspaper in which the copied content appears.)

      On the other hand, maybe it's the link they don't like since it would drive business to a competitor.

      Who knows?

    3. That is bullshit, and I know it is, had I not posted the link maybe but I did, I accept no excuses unless they are explained in writing. And to my satisfaction.

  24. Well Mr turdknocker troll boy, I think I'll leave your asinine comments for a while. I normally don't tolerate worthless trolls, but in your case I'm going to make an exception.

    I think people sometimes enjoy seeing just how hateful and nasty the godless left wing trolls can be. And your posts being what they are, adding nothing to the conversation but familiar insults are always good for our folks to laugh at. Your ignorance is on display, so why not let you run with it for a while? Entertain us, do a little song and dance.

    I'll leave it unless the rest of the blog family just gets tired of the stream of excrement and says otherwise. In that case you're gone. You are entirely under my authority at this point. You post at my pleasure until you bore me, then you are gone.

    I love having control over assholes like you. Damn it's good to be a gangster.

  25. Sarge, keep up the good work over on the urinal. If it wasn't for a few lone survivors over there it would just be nothing but godless liberals and worthless blogs about nothing.

  26. Yup SSAH you are the hit man, love it.

  27. So why do you suppose Julian Assange pulled out of his public event about releasing more truth on hillary? You suppose he knows what most of us do, that she is a stone killer? That there is a long string of dead bodies behind the clinton family machine? That crossing a clinton is a very dangerous thing to do? Probably had something to do with it.

    She already tried to get the State Dept to murder him with a drone. It is said when she asked everybody laughed except her. She just kept repeating it. She truly thought that was an option. So you get a little peek into the mind of a psychopathic serial killer right there.

  28. So hillary is going on and on about Trump's taxes which were allegedly illegally released by the NY Times, a functioning operative of the democrat party that tries to pass itself as a newspaper.

    She says he took a capital loss and that was despicable!!! Except we already know she took a capital loss of somewhere north of $600K. So is it despicable or not? Does it only depend on who does it? More hillary lies and desperation.

    Another interesting thing that has come from her taxes. They took a charitable deduction of $1,047,000 one year. $1,000,000 of that was donated to the clinton foundation.

    So she donated a million bucks to herself and then took a charitable deduction for it. Takes a lot of nerve to pull a stunt like that and then point fingers at Mr Trump and call him shady, wouldn't you agree?

    1. Yup I just posted that on the cj truth blog, and didn't take credit for it either. Lol

  29. Of course I agree.

    And it's awesome watching our trained circus monkey doing his tricks...

  30. Hey look troll boy! Still Safe at Home is still getting posted on the CJ Urinal. Can you say the same? Apparently not.

    Damn, it's good to be me.

  31. That makes you the last man standing between you and him Safe, you always did kick his fat ass.

    1. Oh and safe I bet that asshole is laying over in a corner licking his wounds, I was going to say balls but that wouldn't be nice on this family blog.

  32. Nah, he's busy cleaning the toilets at the Docking Building...

  33. Maybe I'll stop up in the Docking building and leave him a gift in one of the johns up there. But that really wouldn't be fair, because knowing him he probably does almost no work and spends all his time researching suing the State for discrimination for expecting a days work for a days pay. So some actual working person would be doing his job anyway.


  34. James Reeder · Works at U.S. Army Retired
    he Clintons ‘Stole Billions from 2010 Haiti Earthquake Victims, Tried to Buy My Silence’
    October 3, 2016

    By: Thomas Madison

    A video that has gone viral provides an intensely powerful, stinging rebuke of the Clintons’ corruption that cannot be ignored, although it certainly has been and will be by the official Democrat Party Communications Bureau, aka the mainstream media.

    In the video, which follows, Bernard Sansaricq, former Senate president of Haiti, announces — at a pro-Donald Trump event, no less — that “the world trusted the Clintons to help the Haitian people during their most desperate time of need and they were deceived.”

    Read More:

  35. You guys are good! Nothing like handing TGYBC his butt on a tray.

    SSAH, that's funny, you'll "stop up" in the Docking building. No wonder ol' Batstuff has time to play king of the ****pile since so many state employees have been moved out of there. Is it beer o'clock yet?

  36. PK the way I understand it there is alway someplace that it is beer time, One of those places is my place, but remember I am unique. Lol

  37. Just a write-by shout out. Pw and I are still battling the latest respiratory bug. Hardly go to cjonline anymore. Sad really, they used to be a good paper, but have turned into nothing more than a mouthpiece for the communistas from the left.

  38. The sad things is all the stupid jerks that can't think beyond their party lines, they just follow blindly. Eventually they turn into weak minded people like anonymous, he is so weak-minded he can't get enough of liberal trash. His soul must be tormented. Wow, some of you must get up awful early or them time stamps are wrong.

  39. Davemaster, if the clock at the top says 1am it is really 3 am. 2 hour off, but all of us conservatives can do math, it is to throw off the libs, lol

  40. Well, Sarge, you know you can have one for me any time you deem it appropriate. Of course, you have to have one for yourself.

    RP, hope you and PW get better. Just isn't fun being under the weather.

  41. Has any one noticed that there is a blogger on the urinal that is using a phony name? Just for kicks I was checking out face book and there seems to be no such a person blogging on CJ. Now I thought the new CJ was going to make every one on CJ have a FB account. Seems they missed some. But any way we know this one is phony as has been brought up before. TOMMY WYHER

  42. Has any one noticed that there is a blogger on the urinal that is using a phony name? Just for kicks I was checking out face book and there seems to be no such a person blogging on CJ. Now I thought the new CJ was going to make every one on CJ have a FB account. Seems they missed some. But any way we know this one is phony as has been brought up before. TOMMY WYHER

    1. I'm with ya skip, I wonder as well. But then they are all libtards, so I'm not sure identities really matter.
      Kind of like a turd. Shape, texture and color matter not. It's still a turd, ya know?

  43. Anonymous says---

    "I dowanna know who Hammer is. I'll just keep on suspecting he's that faux skinhead I see down at the blood bank when I drive past, doing his plasma-for-Skoal weekly routine"...

    Isn't that the funniest attempt ever? I won't lie, it made me laugh. Truly.

    The best part? You wouldn't know who I was, even if I was standing next to you. And what if I was...????
    You never know.

  44. Hey Safe.

    It was my understanding that Assange was tipped off to the fact of Killary inquiries about him.
    And hey, I gotta be honest here. If that psycho made inquires about myself, I'd worry about being shot in the head twice and deemed a suicide, too. Frightening stuff.
    Then you figure she's on so many drugs or even dope there's no telling how far out there she is.

  45. Hammer the slammer, if that asshole did know you he wouldn't even open his mouth, he would become instantly smart. hahahahhahah

  46. Hammer, having gotten to know you now my guess is if mr bigmouth turdpusher trollboy ever stood face to face with you he would suddenly be the politest troll in history.

    Bet the shit talking would stop really fast.

  47. Safe he would have to have a stool to stand on, hahahah.To be face to face with the hammer.

  48. In order to stand face to face with Hammer, he'd need permission.

    Good luck with that...

  49. For my age can any of you think of a nicer guy?
    I'm all about respect.
    I'm all about dialogue.
    Hell, that makes me all American.
    Like Coca-Cola or apple pie.
    I'm untouchable.
    Really, I am...
    And with all due respect, the world is mine.

  50. Quick question:

    Anyone got any info where the pieces of crap from gitmo got relocated to during the hurricane?
    Personally I hope they were left with a couple bags of dogwood and left to fend for themselves during the hurricane.
    But I'm sure fuhrer Obama made sure they were well taken care of....
    Too bad.
    We could of saved some bucks.
    Mother nature was willing to help.

    1. (sic)

      Btw tonight's bedtime story was
      One fish
      Two fish
      Red fish
      Blue fish.

      I'm sure you're all familiar....

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. Kaine is an ass. No ands ifs or buts

  52. Hammer easy you will do in a pinch But you got to share the world. Sorry my friend I am not dead yet. :):) Hey we got weather upon us stay safe.

  53. Ukraine's parents apparently never taught him how rude it is for him to interrupt others. Of course, that's a tactic of someone on the losing end.

    1. Stupid auto correct.

      That's supposed to be Kaine, not Ukraine.

  54. listening to the VP debate - another reason to confirm my voting for my deplorable if anything were to ever unforeseen happen to Trump......Pence would be a great president....unlike the brainless Hillary drone Kaine.

  55. Here's an article from Townhall from '09 about the Alinsky tactics liberals use to lie, and then lie some more, and then lie about the lies, and then lie about lying about the lies...etc.

    Just reminded me of Lyin' Lucy, poor ol' demented Pattysnakes, and especially our favorite MFA Cowardly Lyin', Batshit.

    The examples could be updated a bit...(well...a LOT since then, with Imam O and his henchmen, the media and Hollywood Hypocrites, and now the Satanic Shrill, having provided lie after lie after lie, etc...and NOW the dying Urinal and its devious tactics RIGHT BEFORE THE ELECTION)...but the tactics are still exactly the same. In fact, it's gotten much WORSE during Emperor O's 8-year "Reign of Terror" war on America.

  56. BTW...anyone seen a Cowardly Lyin' troll around, or is he/she/it still Lyin' around, coupled up with the Sperman?

    I count on his countless counter-attacks, flaccid as they may be, (as he), for countless moments of counter-intuitive comic relief. Can't count the countless times that Count Mockula MFA, counts on countless racist, sexist, everything-else-ist counter-intelligent weak counter-punch accusations to fail to make his countless lies count for anything that actually counts.

    But, we can ALWAYS count on all that, and any effort to expose him for the hateful, racist, sexist, everything-ist, lyin'-liberal moron he is? Count me in.

    (Wonder if he can count high enough to count the number of times I used some form of 'count' in there? Naw....never mind. Far-left, brainless liberal idiots can't comprehend simple mathematical concepts...which is apparent by the completely impossible leftist fiscal policies they so ignorantly support, even to their own detriment.)

  57. After reading "Nanna Goes To Prison", she'll read "Papa Goes To Pedophile Island", and "Papa, The Blue Dress, and The Human Humidor".

  58. Never dear, Nunya. Our trained circus monkey is never far away.

    He keeps himself busy taking notes, capturing screens, sending emails to the administrators of Blogspot trying to trying to convince them to pull the plug on this little Underground Bunker in a vacuum.

    Didn't think I'd find out about that, did you Battshit?

    Make that two high level, internal investigations I've survived.

    And you, Battshit?

    You still depend on the work of other to even have a place to post your bullshit.

    And after all these years, you're still riding my coat tails...

  59. Damn it! That was supposed to say "Never Fear Nunya."

  60. Well good morning, nice to see everyone is still kicking ass and taking names.

  61. Lol.. That's just the way we roll, Sarge...

  62. Man Kevin, you've got your very own obsessed green eyed stalker don't you. Apparently he can't beat you online so he tries to shut you down. How worthless their life must be to stoop to such a low.

  63. Clinton camp talking points about the debate - Pence didn't defend Trump. Keep telling the lies over and over.

  64. Marsh, we look at the bright side, Trump doesn't need defending, he takes well care of most situations on his own. Hillary the lying crook and a traitor needs all the defenders she can get.