Thursday, November 3, 2016

Friday what the heck is going on blog

I know it's a little early for the Friday blog but it's the only way I can get ahead of Nunya. I hate posting a blog right after he comments because I don't want anybody to miss his stuff. It's always a good read. Probably usually better than the sausage I crank out of the sausage grinder.

Anyway, here we are in the final stretch. And where are we you might ask?

Donald Trump is offering solutions to the economy, the immigration problem, national security, the decline of our military, getting jobs back from overseas, gutting this corrupt bunch of criminals in Washington DC and draining the swamp. And Making America Great Again.

Hillary Clinton is screeching about something Donald Trump said years ago in a private conversation that was illegally recorded. That's about it.

There are vague accusations being made about Donald Trump and his business dealings, pretty much obviously made up and certainly political in nature.

The democrat candidate is under federal criminal investigation on two different issues. Violating national security by illegally using a private email server for classified information and lying about it. And we know now that there were at least five foreign nationals who hacked into it, likely getting information that has significant harm to our country and individuals. This one rises to the level of treason.

And then she is also under federal criminal investigation for corruption in the use of her money laundering arm the clinton cartel known as the clinton foundation. Which could result in large fines and imprisonment in a federal penitentiary.

And do we even need to talk about the thousands of Wikileaks releases that plainly expose her and her entire campaign of the most vile, corrupt and illegal actions?

So we have an international criminal with a long history of corruption, lying and misusing her office for financial gain at the expense of the American people who is universally not trusted and generally disliked against a successful businessman who has a whole bunch of ideas a lot of Americans really like.

Guess whose side virtually the entire media is on?

The scary part is there are enough people in America who either support her actions or are just too stupid to realize what a monster she is that she could actually get elected. People often wonder how Adolph Hitler persuaded a country to murder six million people and incinerate them in ovens. Well, I think I see how. We are seeing the same level of gullibility right here in our country in 2016.

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the gullibility of the American people.


  1. This is how I feel about the Hillary supporters..... this excerpt from the Simon and Garfunkel song "Sound of Silence"...

    ""Fools" said I
    "You do not know, silence like a cancer grows
    Hear my words that I might teach you
    Take my arms that I might reach you"
    But my words like silent raindrops fell
    And echoed
    In the wells of silence"

    It just baffles me beyond belief the stupidity of the Hillary supporters.

  2. You know what is really scary too? What if Hillary does get elected, then get prosecuted and sent to jail, and they moved Tim Kaine into the White House! Can you just imagine that nimrod as our President? Talk about unqualified and unfit! Good Grief!!

  3. Sometimes I wished I could just do brain surgery on the heads of the Hillary supporters, work in some common sense into their brains, piece them back together, pop them on the butt and send them on their way so they could live a better life.

  4. This Country has one last chance to pull there commie ass heads out of their asses, Vote Trump!! Or arm yourselfs for the future, because your ass is grass and we will be the Lawn mowers.

  5. I just saw another media website with reporting Representative Michael McCaul saying Hillary's handling of emails is treason....

    From the Washington Times!

    Hillary needs to be in the pen..... now if the rest of the brain dead mainstream media would just air this.... !!

  6. Well I'll be damned.

    You should have taken me up on my bet, Sarge.

    The link to the blogs is up and running.

    Go to the menu, click on Opinion, and click on Blogs.

    Back in the saddle again even if no one is reading them anymore...

  7. From Conservative Tribune News: Donald and Melania Trump have a prayer request.

    1. well I find it refreshing that the Trumps have asked for prayer.

  8. Hell Kevin I have been on that blog, how do you think you got half of the 6 comments?

  9. So what's the deal? Are they now allowing Screen names other than your actual name on the Urinal blogs again? IE: Sargejr Jim, Kansas Truthteller, etc. So can we go back to anonymous names again?

  10. Well what do you know. I take back 10% of the nasty things I said about the urinal. Everything else stands.

  11. SSAH don't get carried away better make that 5%.

  12. Kevin if this blog on cj is working and CJ has the problem cleaned up, Post something there to prove that, COME ON MAN!

  13. Who knows what their new rules are?

  14. Just so you know Open Blog Friday is up and running over on that other website.

    I don't think it really matters though.

    Outside of a few of us here nobody even stops by there anymore anyway.

    I'd say you should shoot for 2.5% Safe...

    1. One thing about it The scum bag libtards are not there bothering us. They are in hiding. And have been for several weeks. Nice to see that they finally get it. They screwed up big time and only have a few days to make it right. Cant believe they dont even have the guts to come by and apologize for being so stupid.

  15. Kevin thats okay Sara Socks and I are there, on open blog friday, Hmmmm turn out the lights! Lol

  16. Five more days. Trump better win. Wikileaks needs to post more leaks.

  17. IS hillary in jail yet? What the hell is the hold up. Lock her up for pete's sakes!

  18. Well...on my desktop and phone, I can navigate to the "hidden blogs" (they didn't used to be hidden so you have to stumble upon HOW serious are those assholes about that "We did you a favor, and restored the blog link...just gotta search for it..HAAA-ha-haaaa)!"

    On phone, I can read comments. Not so on desktop. tossed a bone. A very TINY bone. More like a sliver of a bone. A very TINY sliver of a bone.

    Anyway...Keri has the dumbest thing posted over there. Going on and on about getting rid of Republicans, because they don't like state employees, blah, blah, blah.

    What's so stupid about it? Well, consider THIS line she wrote:

    "While the Kansas Policy Institute lobbys to promote private industry, our Department of Commerce reports that according to employment by sector, "government" is our biggest employer."

    Uh...anyone want to tell Keri the freakin' most obvious thing about her statement?

    THAT'S the idiot!!!! TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT, and NOT enough private sector! DUH!!! Also...paying government employees LIFETIME BENEFITS and RETIREMENT for NOT working, paid for by...TAXPAYERS!!!!

    Government employees pay taxes WITH the taxpayer money paid to them from whatever level of all the OTHER taxes they pay are just shifted taxpayer money from, say, the state government worker pays county tax with state taxpayer money paid to them. It's simple math! They are not generating profits, so that the taxes are paid by the people consuming the product, who are what passes through to pay ALL CORPORATE TAX!

    ONLY private-sector taxpayers,who make enough to actually pay taxes, generate a net-positive taxpayer base. It's SIMPLE math.

    How can you have more government...and keep adding retirees and MORE NEW employees...than you have private-sector taxpayers to pay for all of it...and OBVIOUSLY...private-sector taxpayers who make enough to actually PAY taxes are the ONLY ONES paying any net-positive tax revenue!

    Do people like Keri have ANY basic mathematical ALL?


    1. Nunya, Nope they don't except a few that hang here,

  19. stopping by to say y'all have a good morning and nice weekend.

  20. Nunya, I read Keri's blog. Sad. Unfortunately she represents a huge segment of the democrat voting base. She's obviously bogged down in welfare and government dependency. She fears any thought of shrinking government the way a dependent child fears his parents getting divorced. "Who's going to take care of me?" "How will I live?"

    Her most telling comment was that people on welfare were forced to get jobs. The horror of it all!. Why how heartless can we be? Get a job? Begin the process of ending depending on handouts and living off the sweat of other people's brow? Why that's what makes us deplorables. Imagine the very notion that I work every day. My wife works every day. And we both have since we were young. We pay taxes. We paid the childcare. We paid the healthcare. We paid the bills. We worked hard, learned skills and progressed over the years. And now we have the raw nerve to suggest other people do the same instead of demanding a growing part of my hard earned money to use for cigarettes, booze, crack and God knows what else while they pump out illegitimate kids and live in a government rent paid house and pay for groceries I wouldn't consider buying with a welfare card.

    My groceries are paid for with a debit card with money right from my bank account. That I worked hard for and spend wisely. I'm not buying a cart full of candy and soda pop and TV dinners and frozen foods. That's because I'm paying for it. When it's all free to you, I don't see such wise food buying decisions.

    So am I heartless and deplorable? Maybe. But when I get lectures from people I support lock stock and barrel about how they need even more and government needs to get bigger and provide more stuff and I need to pay my fair share of taxes so they can get more free stuff, yeah, that leaves me pretty heartless. And frankly, I deplore those people who lecture me while pulling the money out of my wallet to support a lifestyle I find offensive.

  21. Oh, and good morning Rikki. Looks like a beautiful fall weekend ahead. Starting my first cup of fresh ground, fresh brewed organic Peruvian coffee with more to follow.

  22. Hey, what's in the news today? From the Washington Post:

    "Two teenage girls were kissing and hugging on a rooftop in Marrakesh, Morocco, late last week when one of their cousins took their photo.

    After seeing the photo, the mother of one of the girls called the police, who immediately arrested them and took them to jail. The girls now face up to three years in prison for their crime: an act of homosexuality"

    So Safe, you're asking. Why do I care about that? Well, here's why. Remember from the Wikileaks releases we found that the hillary herself negotiated a meeting with King Mohammed VI of Morocco in return for $12 million dollars.

    Does any of that seem a little inappropriate from the woman who is lecturing the country on how evil Donald Trump is and badly he treats women? Maybe if Donald gave her $12 million dollars she could see her way to overlook it all, like she did for the King of Morocco. She feels pretty strongly about "protecting women" unless there's a boatload of money at stake. Then suddenly it's not so important.

  23. Is anyone besides me upset that Obama is flying all over the place campaigning for hillary on our tax dollars, it is in the Millions. He should not be doing that!! For all you welfare people that money could be used for more hand outs, He is giving away what you haven't earned nor he earned :):) Good Grief.

  24. Well Sarge, look at it this way. If he's out campaigning he's not in the white house cooking up more mischief to destroy our country. And hillary is going to lose anyway, I don't care how much time he spends lying about Trump.

    I mean really, these people have stolen more time and money from the taxpayers than we can even imagine. I'm pretty sure if I told my boss I couldn't work in the office until after the election because I had to go campaign for my friend running for the state legislature he would fire me. But obama tells his boss (us) to go f*** ourselves and there's nothing we can do.

    Except of course what we are doing, which is evicting him and declining to hire the replacement he recommends. Think we'll pick our own guy instead.

  25. Does anyone besides me think it's odd that Obama has never had a Muslim pilot for Air Force 1?

  26. I thought about that jackass flying around on our dime working for Hillary, it's not right. It would be to sad if they had a suicidal pilot that nosed dived it into the ground.

  27. Divemaster, It damn well wouldn't be to sad to me, not one bit.

  28. Well I hit my limit on comments on CJ's /Kevin's OBL friday. until tomorrow. Don't they understand I have plenty more to say?

  29. I see that the urinal is now moderating peoples post. Getting a notice that is being reviewed by noderators. Wonder what it is they are looking for?

    1. Your comment is awaiting moderation

  30. when I'm on my home computer - I have issues logging in for comments here.... strange....

    oh well..... onto more important stuff (smiles)

    Here's a good one y'all....

    Hillary is just plain unfit because she makes unwise decisions -

    One thing is certain - Hillary's lies and deception are coming back on her like the Poltergeist II movie.....
    "They're ba-a-a-a-a-ck"

    1. damn y'all are a tough audience (smiles)...... I thought that was worth a chuckle or two

      I know some of you remember Poltergeist and Poltergeist II.... lol

    2. Lets just hope that she gets the poltergeist too. i am sure she is thinking about how she can cast some bad mojo on some people. Colmey at the FBI needs to watch his back big time. If he goes down one way or the other and with all the guns around him we will know for sure that Hillary is the False Prophet. And ole Weiner and his ole honey damn well better be watching their backs. One wrong slip of the tongue and POOF

    3. yep Skippey - What Comey did coming forward like he did was definitely him telling Lynch and the Clintons and the Clinton Minions that they're going down.

  31. Skippy that is ato automatic after you hit what the limit of comments that is allowed per day, I hit mind for today. And got the green notice.

  32. I hit my limit earlier today but my notice was red...

  33. Having a limit on comments seems just stupid, wonder if the pick and choose who gets limits? Any of you guys actually really pay to view the urinal pages?

  34. I don't. Not sure I'd be more inclined to read it if I was paid to.

  35. I paid for the e-paper only because the wife crossword puzzle and I got to have the paper with my beer and V-8, good Grief.

  36. The only positive thing about limiting the number of comments is that it keeps the gimmie's of the world from droning on about nothing for hours at a time...

  37. Hey bunker peeps! Hope everyone had a great week. Here's some of hammer's thoughts...

    The two oddest things this week?

    1. Apparently members of the DNC and certain campaign staff enjoy "spirit cooking". I had no idea Crowley and the DNC would of hung out...

    2. Killary (the child saver) when first took office as SOS made sure that the woman who abducted over thirty children from Haiti and tried to smuggle them to the Dominican, got off scot free. Maybe J. Epstein and Bill had dibs on some of those kids? The ol Lolita 727 probably had some spots available for a nice relocation trip.

    I'm sure you folks are up to speed on these things, but I had to post because I'm still smh... Troubled and disgusted by this behavior. Sick individuals. GODLESS Liberals!

    And for our trolls, these facts are verified by Twitter and wonderfully hacked (leaked) emails. Btw, isn't it fun that they weren't Russian afterall?
    It's also funny El Trolski doesn't swing by so much these days. Probably got a sore ass. With all the swing states going red, ya know.
    Sucks to be a Democrap these days.
    My only advice would be to stock up on Mac and cheese (microwave kind, or course. Mom won't let you use the stove, remember?) mountain dew, doritos, and cheetos. You'll want to keep your head down for a awhile in mom's basement. And it's okay.
    I'm good with it...

    P. S. Always be careful with your Weiner!

  38. That teeny, tiny sliver of a bone the Urinal tossed out there is even smaller than THAT?! Once you stumble upon the blogs they sought to completely destroy...and actually did remove a week before the election (I still can't read comments on my desktop, have to use phone), or get through the labyrinth when you DO know where to find they limit the number of comments???!!! WTF?!

    Guess they were tired of "King of the Blogs" Kev keeping people on their site?

    Hey, Pravda-Urinal! Your 'new and improved, more-efficient' scrollathon-click-click-click website? It SUCKS!!

    OH..."Opinion"...well...there's three...OH..."Load More"....

    Oh...ok...there's their "Leftist Propaganda-of-the-day" 'editorial'. Scroll down....

    OH..."Letters to the editor"...there's four and some ads. Oh..."Load more"! Goody!

    OH! There's FOUR MORE and some ads! Now we're gettin' efficient!

    HEY! I could do this ALL DAY!!! (And would have to, to find something).

    What's this?! "It's Our Opinion". least we know where to look to know how to approach each issue of which they opine. Whatever the unholy commies now at the Urinal support, the logical and sensible thing to do is to expect the opposite to be the right choice.

    And on, and on. GOOD JOB, Pravda-Urinal! In less than one year, you have completely destroyed your own website and reputation! Yes, it was under the guise of "fixing things, and making things better". Change, for "change's" sake. We know better. "Contrrrol ze eenforrrMATION, conTRRROL ze PEEEEE-puhl. WooooAAA-HA-HA-Haaaa!!!"

    Not surprising. It's now pretty much obvious that Godless anti-American, anti-Constitutional leftists have taken over that rag.

    And, that being the case, as liberals always do...any time they try to 'fix' any real OR perceived, or even manufactured, problem they create...they end up creating an uncountable number of NEW problems through their intended AND unintended consequences, each creating its own number of new problems,

    Liberals are "Exponential Problem Creators". Out of one, many. Out of many...many, many more.

    That's because they don't think about consequences. And, when they's always the most evil intentional consequences that they desire. Then, it always backfires on them and their "useful idiots", and they blame someone or something else.

    Wonder who the Pravda-Urinal will blame, when they go down in flames?

    Not really. We all KNOW who they will blame. Anyone but themselves.


  39. SSAH, Keri is in the GUMS category. GUMS = Give Us More Stuff. She sounds just like my ex sister-in-law.

  40. So...lemme get this straight.

    Liberals are RABID "anti-establishment"? The more left, the more "anti-everything", right?

    Right now, they are fiercely fighting FOR the most-hated thing in their black little hearts.

    nearly the ENTIRE "establishment", left and right, Dems and Repubs, are working to derail the only "anti-establishment" candidate, and install the worst-of-the-worst...the most-corrupt and evil..THE most ingrained in the nastiest aspects (lies, deceit, corruption, treason, cronyism) candidate in history!

    Looks like at least half the voting population (liberal voters) really are self-destructive, clueless idiots...doesn't it?

    Liberal rally cry:


  41. Hi Rose! Yeah...Keri is like the rest of them.

    For some reason...they all think "the government" actually has money.

    Not one penny of the money those in the government are accountable for belongs to "the government". It ALL belongs to "the taxpayers".

    What's worse, now that those in the government have managed to get so many to believe that they should get "government money" for doing nothing, it's almost impossible to get those parasites to accept any responsibility for themselves, and to show some responsibility to their fellow citizens.

    Greedy, crybaby Liberal "gibmedats" remind me of a story.

    Long ago, my sister worked at a restaurant. She called and said she needed to stay late, and asked if I could pick up my 4-year old niece, and then pick her up from work, because her car was also not running.

    " problem". So, we went to pick up my sister when she said she was getting off, but still not ready. Meanwhile, my niece spotted the gumball dispensers (that they put in those places to cause parents grief).

    "I WANT SOME!! I WANT SOME!!", and on, and on, and on. Yeesh...ok...she's not gonna quit until I waste a quarter. So, "Put your hands under here, and I'll turn the handle. (She wanted the stuff that dispenses a handful of small hard candies). So, turned the handle, and she got a handful...but dropped, maybe...8 or 10. BY GOD...those ones on the dirty floor HAD to be had, too!!!

    " already have a handful. Those ones on the floor are dirty and yucky. Now, let's go sit down and wait for your momma to get done."


    "No...let's go sit down, and eat what you have."

    So...she got pissed, threw down the entire handful and started SCREAMING and crying!

    "OK, that's enough. NOW, you don't get any. We're going out to the car to wait".

    She dropped to the floor, kicking and screaming, and carrying on.

    Well...that wasn't gonna do, at all. I tried to get her up, she whe squirmed and got even more animated.

    "OK...that's it, kid. You're going out, one way or the other!"

    So, I grabbed her up, and slung her over my shoulder, holding her feet, while she was screaming and pounding my back, took her out to the car, and tossed her into the back seat. (I heard a few people applaud, and saw a few with disapproval on their faces. I'm guessing the disapproving ones were liberals).

    "Let me know when you are finsished acting like a baby". She kicked and screamed for 5 minutes, then calmed down. I opened the door and said, "Good. You finsished, ready to behave, now?"

    She was just taking a breather, I guess. Another five minutes, more tantrum. Didn't calm down until her mother came out.

    "WHAT did you DO to her?!"


    Anyway...she was acting EXACTLY LIKE the liberals of today.

    Wouldn't you agree?

  42. Good morning everyone, Nunya you are on a roll. Vote Trump...

  43. Trump will be doing 4 to 5 rallies today watch live on ,

    He has thousands at his rallies, I bet Clinton's people don't even let her see them.

  44. Oh I forgot Has Hillary been jailed yet??

  45. Liberal mind set

    There once was a congressman named Weiner,who had a perverted demeanor. He was forced from the hill,for acting like Bill. Now congress is one weiner leaner.

    And the moral is

    You tweet your meat,you lose your seat.

  46. Are these slime balls for real?

  47. Good morning Bunker Dwellers! I really liked a post on Facebook, posted by Kevin's Partner in crime, that said something like this: "Obama is playing the race card, Hillary is playing the woman card, so now, we are playing our "Trump Card"!

  48. Trump Card...

    Just so you know I'm gonna use that in tomorrow's blog over on that other website...

  49. You know it is bad when Hillary has to bring out Bernie, Obama, and dirty singers to bring out a crowd, hahahaha what a loser.

  50. Well I just had my first POOF on the new urnial blogs. I had posted about LN being a Wombat Guess he didnt like it and ran to the mods about it. So just for you LN the little puke ass cum what I am going to post it for the folks here. And if you dont like it well tough shit.

    Wombats are short-legged, muscular quadrupedal marsupials,rodent like creatures with small, stubby tails. Though genetic studies of the Vombatidae have been undertaken, evolution of the family is not well understood.. One distinctive adaptation of wombats is their backwards pouch. The advantage of a backwards-facing pouch. wombats also venture out to feed on cool or overcast days
    They are not commonly seen as they live mostly under rocks and in their mothers basements.They are not commonly seen, but leave ample evidence of their passage, treating fences as minor inconveniences to be gone through or under, and leaving distinctive cubic faeces.A group of wombats is known as a wisdom.
    And that my friends is why Librards think they know it all.

    1. I saw that post and it was funny. He said he was a wombat if KTT was a conservative so your post just played off his.

      Sheesh those guys have no sense of humor.

  51. I don't know if buttstash is a wombat, but he is for sure something a wombat ate then crapped out.

  52. Don't know about the wombat thing either.

    But that SOB Ln Collier is definitely Batshit.

    And it's just killing him not to be able to whine about running to tell on everybody without blowing his cover.

    Sorry Batshit but you might as well come on out of the closet...

  53. That's who he is. Whiny little bitch.

  54. well L.N. hasn't gave me a clear sign yet. I will know for sure when he makes his pass at me, then I will know he is the Pervert MWN aka batshit. Lol

  55. Any one ever googled L N Collier?

  56. Nah he isnt BS. He is Maingate. Just full of bs.

  57. Maingate's back but I think his name is something Smith...

  58. It is hard to name assholes....Just saying, they all sound and act alike.

  59. Nah, Batshit's a special kind of asshole.


    Well, he's just another brain dead, know nothing, see nothing, hear nothing, run of the mill liberal puke...

  60. Don't forget to turn your clocks back tonight, thank me at the next summit.

  61. Just googled LN Collier in Topeka. Came up with a lawyer!
    Here's the link to some of his information.

  62. was watching the Trump live rally in Nevada - on fb - there was a Clinton supporter there - next thing - Secret Service whisked Trump off stage, and other Secret Service & Law Enforcement subdued the protestor..... Trump went back on stage afterwards, thanked the Secret Service - and said the movement will not be stopped..... such courage!

  63. Battlestache (LN) is the same piece of shit that would defend BLM and the piece of shit shit that shot a TPD officer tonight.
    Thats what microwave mac and cheese in his moms basement gives us....
    Just another shitty attorney in falling down central topeka house.

  64. Piece of shit indeed.

    The main reason I think this Ln Collier asshole is Batshit is because of the same level of arrogance displayed in every comment.

    But it wouldn't be the first time I've been wrong.

    Either way I don't like him...

  65. Lester N. Collier.

    That's interesting indeed.

    No wonder Batshit's always been so worried about being identified...

  66. The middle initial N stands for Norman.

  67. Good morning everyone!! Is Hillary in jail yet?

  68. If there is still any doubt at all about the Pravda-Urinal being solidly-entrenched in leftist ideology, and guilty of trying to even brainwash students, doubt no more. I found the "Smoking Gun".
    It's the Urinal's very own "contribution" to 'public education'. I didn't know this tripe existed, really, until I just stumbled upon it in the handy "hamburger menu" of the "new and improved" site. Below is a list of some of the topics they present. What's really alarming is the way some of those topics veer into leftist ideology with their recommended "Class discussion" questions. Some of them even veer wildly off-course, and into solid leftist talking points. (Comments in parentheses mine.)

    Common Core State Standard
    L.CCS.1/2/3/4 Grades 6-12: Video of a current news event is presented for discussion to encourage student participation, but also inspire the use of evidence to support logical claims using the main ideas of the video. Students must analyze background information provided about a current event, draw out the main ideas and key details, and review different opinions on the issue. Then, students should present their own claims using facts and analysis for support.

    Lab burgers take on cows (PETA rejoices)

    U.S. (no...just the DNC, actually) accuses Russia of hacking, election meddling

    Wage gap between white and black Americans grows (There goes that "divisiveness" that liberals are so fond of)

    Study finds Greenland lost 1 trillion tons of ice in just 4 years

    31 Percent Of Americans Are Struggling To Get By Financially

    The GOP Is Pro-Guns — Just Not At Its Convention

    Apparently, Teachers Aren't Sure How To Teach Climate Change

    Newly Arrived Syrian Refugees Pepper-Sprayed (In Canada. But...hey...worth blaming the 'deplorables', anyway.)

    Students Nationwide Protest For Free Tuition, Debt Forgiveness (Sure. Why not? The government has PLENTY of our money...and it isn't afraid to confiscate even more!!)

    The Internet, Tech Companies And Obama All Stand With Ahmed (Clock Boy)

    Pope Francis calls for action on climate change (Pope Francis is an idiot, and knows no more about "Climate Change" than...say...Al Gore...which is nothing.)

    Truck Owners Blow Extra Smoke To Anger Environmentalists (Well...those self-driving trucks will sure take care of THAT!)

    University president shares his salary with school’s lowest-paid workers (Minimum wage hike? "Redistribution", anyone?)

    Friday News Dump: House GOP Report Debunks Benghazi Theories (Hmmm...I don't see anything on this site about Hillary's email crimes and treasonous actions.)

    Heavier Rainfall? Not Your Imagination (Which is...apparently, causing the next topic...)

    Does California's Water Clampdown Address The Real Problem?

    No nation is immune' to climate change, Obama tells grads (No nation is immune to bogus data and One World Government attempts).

    Rich About To Be Richer Than The Rest Of Us Combined (Heavily populated by leftists, Dems, Hollywood Hypocrites, and despots the world over. But, kids? Do NOT mention THOSE. Focus only on conservatives and corporations!)

    The most trusted name in news punditry? (Jon) Stewart ( we all know...Jon Stewart is correct 100% of the time with his serious analysis, the result of having his finger on the pulse of every issue known. ONLY Jon Stewart!)

  69. There once was a troll boy named Lester,
    His main goal is always to pester,
    Like a spoiled child he acts,
    When he ignores all the facts,
    No one wants to put up with mo' Lester.

  70. trump should come on TV and announce that, if elected, he will work for $1 a year, and the rest of his pay for four years will be invested in food and medicine for Syrian refugees OVER THERE. He will personally match the donation from the American taxpayer (his pay), and challenges all in Congress to put up a portion of their pay, also, to help those struggling refugees. Challenge Hollywood Hypocrites and East Coast elites to use money that WOULD have been wasted on worthless self-congratulatory "awards shows", a portion of their own 1%er wealth to also contribute. Challenge concerned citizens, like college students, to rally to the cause by volunteering to go over and help distribute and care for the people. As much money as possible, minus transport and other logistics expenses, will be guaranteed to be spent on the necessities needed.

    Trump should do that. And see how the left reacts.

  71. Holy carp! The urinal has endorsed Trump for president!

    Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

  72., PK...THIS I gotta see! BRB....

  73. WTF???!!! Why didn't they come out with that BEFORE early voting started?!!!

    Yeah...that's a shocker, for sure....

  74. Hubby got a print copy today. I had to reread. I'm off the meds that mess up the brain, but this is enough to scramble it again.

  75. PK good morning hope all is well with You and Steve..

  76. I was wrong when I said Maingate was "Something Smith."

    It was Tom Digger I was thinking of.

    He made another appearance in today's endorsement of Trump.

    Check it out and see what you think...

  77. The comments on cj endorsing Trump is a microcosm of what happening in general with liberals across our great country.
    They have lost, and aren't taking it so well.
    I find it enjoyable.

    Let's just remember this is only the beginning and there is much work to do. Winning an election only counts if pressure continues to get the real results in policy.
    And here we go!

    Trump 2016


    On now.