Monday, November 14, 2016

Sorry kids, but sometimes you just don't get your way

Like all of you, I've been wondering what the hell is going on here. America had an election, a candidate was chosen, some folks voted for him, some folks didn't. This election has been debated, hashed, rehashed and argued about for a year now. Everything that could be said has been said, right? And at this point, this is where we all just accept the results and decide what to do next. Until this one.

There are lots of theories as to what the hell is wrong with these people. Are they Anarchists? Are they stupid? Are they trophy participation generation mindless skulls full of mush? I don't know. But I bet I'm not the only one that has actual family members mad at me for voting for President Elect Donald Trump.

I know most of us were around in 2008 when obama was elected. We felt much the same way. How could my country elect a radical godless left wing pseudo Marxist president who doesn't even like this country? We feared for the future of our country. And we were right about pretty much everything, which is why we have Donald Trump now.

So what did we do? Riot? Demand a do over? Cry and retreat to our safe spaces to play with coloring books and play dough? Hell no. We did what Americans have done for 240 years. We sucked it up, organized and started planning the revolution.

I was at the early organizing meeting of the TEA party. I was at that first TEA party, over in North Topeka across from the Post Office. And we grew from there. There was the 912 group. There were more TEA party groups. We organized, we learned. We blogged and we talked. We promoted candidates who supported our ideas. We opposed candidates who did not support our ideas. We got TEA party candidates elected to office. We became a political force in spite of the godless left wing media pronouncing us dead. The left was so scared of us George Soros funded an opposition group, the occupy, rape and vandalize stuff group. Which did exactly what you would expect them to do. Lots of drugs.

But the American electoral process remained intact. And eight years later, we rejected the godless left and elected a Republican. And sure, it took eight years, but here we are. And now we start undoing the damage they did.

I don't know what to tell these young folks. I've tried to reason with one of them, my family member and it's just surreal. There's no sense of understanding anything, just raw emotion. I heard a commentator describe them as emotional hemophiliacs. No reason, no rational thought. Just raw emotion. And all driven by a carefully crafted, well organized propaganda blitz by the godless left and the support of the media which is under their control.

I have voted for ten Presidents now. The first one was Richard Nixon. I've seen my guy lose, I've seen my guy win. I've seen joy and hope when Ronald Reagan was elected followed by some of America's best years. I've seen America sink to the moral gutter with Bill Clinton. I've seen a godless radial left winger the last eight years. But America is the strongest nation on earth. We may hit bumps along the way but we keep going.

So to our leftist friends who believe the country is on the path to certain destruction and their very lives are in danger, I say this. Quit crying. Quit whining. Nobody cares about your crazy talk. You're talking to each other. No riots or protests or petitions are going to overturn this election, or abolish the electoral college.

If you really believe you have better ideas, organize, promote your ideas and let America choose. But accept this time we chose to reject those ideas. We tried them. They didn't work. Now move on. This is getting embarrassing.


  1. Ya know, what these spoiled snot nosed protestors need to realize is Donald Trump didn't go on national television with this message that Barack Obama did.... Donald Trump has been a graceful and poised winner post election. Can't say that about the protestors - Hillary blames John Comey for her loss - I can go on and on.

    Blame lies with Hillary as to her losing her bid for the White House - no one but Hillary. But do the protestors understand that? No. I remember back before Florida went to Trump.... The Clinton camp said, we can lose Florida - we can gain points in the other states... did that mean that the Clinton camp didn't care how Florida voted? Possibly.

    Back when Obama won his second term, he had a message to Republicans.... I won, you lost.... This clip is from 2013. The "I won, you lost, deal with it" was spoken rather unprofessionally. Can you imagine the media hay day if Donald Trump had gloated like Obama did? That would only fuel the protestors... Donald Trump has shown more professionalism and grace that Obama lacked in 2013. I have the entire article pasted below the link.

    A visibly frustrated President Obama delivered a blunt message to Republicans with whom he had feuded over the government shutdown and the debt ceiling over the past month on Tuesday: Elections matter. I won; you lost. Deal with it.
    That's a paraphrase -- obviously. Here's what Obama actually said:
    "You don't like a particular policy or a particular president? Then argue for your position. Go out there and win an election. Push to change it. But don't break it. Don't break what our predecessors spent over two centuries building. That's not being faithful to what this country's about."
    "Go out there and win an election." That's about as direct as you will ever hear a politician be about how he feels about his opposition and how they are conducting themselves. (It's not the first time Obama has used the "I won" construct. Remember the health-care summit in early 2010 when Obama told Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.): "The election is over.")
    Obama's argument comes down to this: He believes that the 2012 election -- in which he was reelected easily and Democrats surprisingly picked up Senate seats and won a handful of House seats -- was a clear signal that the American electorate prefers his vision for government to the one offered by Republicans. He views that mandate as a broad one -- encompassing fiscal matters, health care, immigration and pretty much everything else.
    Republicans, obviously, disagree vehemently with the "elections matter ... and I won" concept -- noting that they still control the House, which means that simply accepting Obama's priorities in toto because he won reelection isn't representing their constituents well. (Democrats make the counterpoint that while Republicans control the House, they actually got fewer raw votes in 2012. True. But, that gets us into redistricting -- and that's a whole other can of worms we aren't opening in this blog post.)
    At the center of this disagreement -- policy differences aside -- is what it means to be the loyal opposition. Obama believes that Republicans have the right to dislike/disagree/fight his policies but only within the bounds of standard operating procedure on Capitol Hill. ("Push to change it. But don't break it.") That sentiment, in truth, is probably shared by 80 (or so) House Republicans -- including Speaker John Boehner. But, for the other 140 House GOPers -- including the four dozen or so committed tea party conservatives -- opposing the president and his policies means using any means necessary to do so. That includes a government shutdown and very nearly going past the debt-ceiling deadline.

  2. Obama challenged Republicans to "go out there and win an election"..... we did just that...

    With that I celebrate all the "deplorable and irredeemable" people who voted for Donald Trump....

  3. Well said SSAH and Rikki also I couldn't agree more.

  4. Thanks Sarge (smiles). The lefties on the other website could use that eye opener from 2013. Too bad that Obama hasn't sent a similar message to the Trump protestors.... "Trump won, Hillary lost, get over it"..... but Obama won't do anything like that nor will Hillary.

  5. From Instapundit, the great Glenn Reynolds on November 13, 2008 after obama won:

    "NICE WORDS: A reader emails: “Your coverage of the post election period is almost making things fun which would otherwise have been depressing. Wonderful.”

    Well, we have to take our fun where we can find it — or make it. And while I favored McCain as the lesser evil, since the election his camp has been working overtime to make sure I don’t feel too bad about his loss. Thanks, guys!

    Meanwhile, instead of moping that “we blew it,” I’d encourage Republicans and others on the right to look to the future and figure out how to advance the cause of small government and liberty. As a first order of business, I’d suggest focusing on Congress. Unlike Obama, the Democratic leadership is already serving, and already screwing up. Chris Dodd alone should provide endless entertainment, and opportunities to point out dishonesty, hypocrisy, and malfeasance. Can we see just how low they can take Congress’s approval ratings?

    Then there’s Joe Biden. They can’t keep him under wraps forever! And once he’s out of the Senate, can we please try to repeal his dumb R.A.V.E. Act?

    So be of good cheer. There’s useful stuff to do, and fun to be had doing it. This is the blogosphere — if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong!"

  6. And this is very insightful, from Scott Adams:

    "This brings me to the anti-Trump protests. The protesters look as though they are protesting Trump, but they are not. They are locked in an imaginary world and battling their own hallucinations of the future. Here’s the setup that triggered them.

    1. They believe they are smart and well-informed.

    2. Their good judgement told them Trump is OBVIOUSLY the next Hitler, or something similarly bad.

    3. Half of the voters of the United States – including a lot of smart people – voted Trump into office anyway.

    Those “facts” can’t be reconciled in the minds of the anti-Trumpers. Mentally, something has to give. That’s where cognitive dissonance comes in.

    There are two ways for an anti-Trumper to interpret that reality. One option is to accept that if half the public doesn’t see Trump as a dangerous monster, perhaps he isn’t. But that would conflict with a person’s self-image as being smart and well-informed in the first place. When you violate a person’s self-image, it triggers cognitive dissonance to explain-away the discrepancy.

    So how do you explain-away Trump’s election if you think you are smart and you think you are well-informed and you think Trump is OBVIOUSLY a monster?

    You solve for that incongruity by hallucinating – literally – that Trump supporters KNOW Trump is a monster and they PREFER the monster. In this hallucination, the KKK is not a nutty fringe group but rather a symbol of how all Trump supporters must feel. (They don’t. Not even close.)

    In a rational world it would be obvious that Trump supporters include lots of brilliant and well-informed people. That fact – as obvious as it would seem – is invisible to the folks who can’t even imagine a world in which their powers of perception could be so wrong. To reconcile their world, they have to imagine all Trump supporters as defective in some moral or cognitive way, or both."

    Read the whole thing here:

  7. Obama and the Dems have done more to divide America than unify America - and the Trump protestors are their offspring (not biologically of course, but theoretically).

  8. Is Trump going the way of the good old boys, saying the Clinton's are good people and I don't want to hurt them. That is BS, they are evil and have done much damage to the country and their actions have caused needless deaths! Now that same Clinton clan are grooming their daughter to be the next congressmen from New York. They bought her a house next to their own, I bet they used foundation money to buy the house! Will Trump be a lying good old boy like the other 538 congressmen/senators? Then add to the other no good justices from all around the country and cabinet members? I don't like liars.

  9. Actually Divemaster, I believe that is Trumps' way of saying - let's put the needs of the American people first before we tackle Hillary Clinton. I applaud Trump's reply to Leslie Stahl - I feel she was trying to manipulate and trap Trump in a corner.

  10. Always remember Donald Trump is a businessman, not a politician. His positions are always starting points. He's a brilliant negotiator, and a real negotiator never starts with his final position.

    Every word you have ever heard from hillary was never the first time she said it. It was scripted, poll tested, run by a dozen advisors then added to the recordings to regurgitate on demand.

    Donald Trump says what he's thinking. Doesn't mean that's his final position at any given time. He is the best persuader I have ever seen, and he knows what he's doing.

    I'm giving him some time here to see how this plays out. To start attacking and condemning him before you even know what he's really doing is no different than the snowflakes saying he is the worst president in history two months before he takes office.

    I'll wait and see what happens. I suspect in the end he will just stay hands off and let his DOJ handle it. But I also suspect obama will pardon her. He's let hundreds of criminals out of prison at this point. Gun toting high level drug dealers, violent criminals. He's let hundreds of them out. Letting hillary off the hook wouldn't bother him a bit.

  11. One thing is for certain, things in Washington will not be as it has been - change is happening in front of our eyes and the future of America got intensely brighter with Donald Trump being elected 45th President.

  12. In the 60 minutes interview yesterday, Trump said he wouldn't take the Presidential salary. That says a lot about Donald Trump's character.

    Hillary would have accepted the salary.

  13. My ? would be If Hillary is not charged or convicted of a crime how can Obamma pardon her? Wouldn't pardoning her with out a conviction of a crime be saying that she did it? I always thought that a pardon was for a crime. Clue me in

  14. So now we're hearing all the liberals screeching about "abolishing the electoral college". Why it's old. And outdated. And just wrong. So I would say to them, go for it. You do understand it takes a constitutional amendment. That only takes a super majority of congress and ratification by 3/4 of the states. You do understand obama can't just change it with his pen and his phone, right?

    Which brings up another interesting point. The left has always loved abusing the executive power when they couldn't get what they wanted from we the people. The last eight years, they took it to a whole new level. Hell, they made it a new art form.

    But watch what happens when President Trump takes office. Suddenly they've be born again Federalists. They'll cry and moan about separation of powers. They'll drone endlessly about President Trump abusing his authority.

    They love it when it's their guy, they hate it when it's our guy. Simple as that.

    This is what happens when you weaponize the executive branch to beat Americans to death with. You assume your party will be in permanent control. Until you're not. Then look out. This is why our founders created the government they did. They saw this coming. And now, the roles are reversed. Look for much weeping, tearing at their clothes and gnashing of teeth.

  15. I guess we will see, bottom line there is only a handful of people I trust. A person doesn't need money or education to be honest and keep their word, that is one thing anyone should and can do, if they only want to.

    My grandmother use to say, if you can't say anything nice just don't say anything. I think Trump would have been better off leaving off "they are good people".

  16. I'm going the "wait and see" route on the email crimes y'all.

    Personally, I feel she should be indicted - convicted but..... it's a "wait and see" kind of thing.

    Trump is right in focusing on issues at hand before tackling Hillary.

  17. Well I will be as nice as I always do, Hillary is a lying Crook, a Traitor to this country, and Billy Boy is a pervert, now that is short and as Honest as I can do. Lock her up!

    1. When they do It I don't care, wait for the New FBI and DOJ is replaced, Hell even if pardon would happen, she will break the law again, it is in her blood.

  18. it doesn't surprise me about the libs wanting the electoral college abolished....given the protests that the Bernie people waged.

    But abolishing the Electoral College isn't going to happen.

  19. Besides, if Donald Trump goes after Hillary before the jobs issue, before the Obamacare issue, etc., it would send a wrong message to the American people... it would be saying - "ok, I defeated Hillary, now I'm going for the jugular vein legally - I'll get to you after I'm done with her".... that would be a wrong political move for Donald Trump. It is better for him to work on the jobs issue, insurance issue, etc., first -

    I have no doubt that Hillary will get her just desserts - in due time folks.

  20. Good point, we do have much more important issues to attend to than Hillary.

  21. tard ‎(plural tards) (slang, derogatory, offensive) A person with mental retardation. (slang, derogatory, offensive) A person who acts stupidly.

  22. Skippey, why would you post that?

    1. LIB TARDS Also a new disease found after the election I posted it before

    2. TARD is a latent condition triggered among Hillary-lovers by the unexpected victory of Donald Trump at the 2016 general election.1 day ago

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is a pattern of pathologically dissociative and psychotic behavior, first observed in the late hours of November 8th 2016, and increasing in severity with passing time. Sufferers of Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder often exhibit pronounced cognitive dissonance, sudden bouts of rage, uncontrollable crying, suicidal ideation, and extreme sadness.

    5. Signs and Symptoms:People with Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder are characterized by a persistent unwillingness to accept that Donald Trump is going to Make America Great Again.Individual sufferers often display signs of paranoia and delusion; in acute cases psychotic episodes have been observed. Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is different from being upset about the results of the 2016 presidential election; People with TARD are unwilling or unable to accept reality, despite irrefutable evidence.

  23. Replies
    1. besides, I meant no offense.... I was just asking - ok??

  24. My elation last Tuesday night that Hillary was NOT going to ever achieve her goal was almost matched by the scenes of weeping Dems at the Javits Center. I liked it so much I went to my computer and found videos of them to play and enjoy. And before you think that it's cruel, remember that those are exactly the people HRC was addressing when we were called "deplorables." I also wonder if they're some of the people out there now in the streets.

  25. Oh never mind about "Anonymous"..... he's still licking his wounds after Hillary's loss..... and can't come to grips with her political career being over.

    1. Oh Rikki, but how could something that brings such joy to me hurt anybody else? I'm sure Mousy really wants to give us a civics lesson, eh? After all, he refers to us in such endearing terms!

  26. Captain, you're such a card (smiles). Anonymous throws out those terms of endearment because his brain isn't capable of enlightening civil conversation. 10-4? lol

    besides if he were to exercise his entire brain, he would have a health problem.

  27. Do you note that they don't exactly act according to their own rules for civility? Like when did I ever call them curse-word names? Well at least Mousy hasn't defecated in the street like that Dem demonstrator I saw on FaceBook this weekend. At least not that I know.

  28. They make up rules as they go along.... because they choose to be lacking in direction, lacking in a purpose, lacking (you fill in the blank).

  29. Ninja Mousey!!! Before you know it, he's invisible and gone!!!

  30. Who was that masked mouse anyhow..... (giggles)the guy never leaves his name.... he must be ashamed of saying who he is

  31. Well, if today were an especially blustery day, I'd say that anonymous is "Gone With The Wind"...... watch out for the drapes in the windows....Anonymous is using them for his cape....

    ha ha ha lol

  32. Y'all remember the Carol Burnett skit from her show - where she's Scarlett and she's wearing the drapes, and the curtain rod....


  33. Darn it jj is gone? I wanted so badly to rub his face in it Bigly. hahahhahahahah


    found the clip of Carol Burnett..... I really liked her show when it was on tv.

  35. Has any one around 75 Hi Way noticed the traffic increase?

  36. Well done Safe.

    This just might be one of your best blogs yet...

  37. Skippey I think canada has signs posted say they are not taking anymore American trash.

  38. Anyone lurking in the shadows out here this fine morning?

  39. Yep...

    Fellow shadow lurker reporting for duty...

  40. Damn, you go to work early!! But better you than me I guess.

  41. Replies
    1. Hope you win the lotto someday! Hell I hope I do to. Have a safe day, think I might sneak back between the sheets, got to take Zach shopping today about 8;30.

  42. More proof that the butthurt liberal crybabies running the Urinal "just can't help themselves". hell, even the New York Times admitted they were in the tank for Hillary, and earned the nickname "New York Slimes".

    "Washburn University freshman Ben Anderson said after the election had been called in Donald Trump’s favor, he heard a group of students chanting “Kill all Muslims, kill all blacks, we want to take our country back.”

    "The incident reportedly took place in Lincoln Hall, a student residence."

    "Anderson said he reported the incident to the building coordinator."

    Wonder if Bennie was the only one who heard all this chanting? You'd think in a busy residence hall, if 'a group of people" were likely is it that Bennie is the only one to hear it?

    How likely, even, is it that "a group of students" would willingly put themeslves at great risk of being ejected from school for chanting something like in a residence hall? Not likely, at all.

    “There might have been some loud talk in one of our residence halls saying things which might have violated our student conduct code,” said Pat Early, director of university relations."

    Careful, now...."there MIGHT have been some...LOUD TALK." I see. Not "chanting"? Hmmm..."might single witness"...that heard the "loud talk", or "chanting"...or maybe just imagined the whole thing?

    "Early said the university’s police department has repeatedly tried to contact the person who alerted authorities and the person hasn’t responded so it’s considered an unsubstantiated report."

    An "unsubstantiated report"?! How hard can it be to find the "building coordinator"?! If the building coordinator can't be found...WHO'S MINDING THE STORE?!

    If it's "unsubstantiated", WHY IS CJ REPORTING IT, and molding an entire "conservatives are evil" narrative around it?!

    "Stewart noted that incidents aimed at minorities across the country have left her afraid that the rhetoric could lead to violence and “threaten our democracy.”

    Ummm...has Stewart noted that LEFTIST RHETORIC HAS led to violence and destruction, and the refusal to accept the outcome of the election, but instead to riot and burn and hate and destroy "could threaten our...'representative republic'"?!

    CJ, y'all ain't fooling anyone. You just keep going, and going...even after you have just been shown that your tactics are one the main reasons Trump got elected!

    You may want to hold off on publishing "unsubstantiated" stories...until they can be...well..."SUBSTANTIATED"? And then, when you put your leftist bias into it, at least you'll have SOME facts?

  43. America has come a long, long way! We now have PROUDLY elected our first "orange President" to fend off pure evil, and America, and the world, will be a better place for it!

    God Bless America!!!

  44. One day, we will be able to proudly claim that we elected our first woman President. If Republicans run one, Democrats should fall in line, 100%, to accomplish that goal!

    We just need a qualified one...and NOT...y'know, a lying, treasonous, hateful, vindictive, criminal one to be nominated? (Lying, hateful and vindictive disqualifiers would certainly make it impossible to consider a liberal one.)

  45. The most telling thing about their unsubstantiated story is that I tried posting a comment reminding them of the hundreds of confirmed reports of crowds chanting for the murder of white cops. The threats to kill whitey. The threats to kill Trunp and rape his wife.

    All real.

    All verified.

    All accurate.

    Got a message that my comment was awaiting moderation.

    Weird, huh?

  46. Katy Parker completely loses her mind:

    About Obama: "If some Americans haven’t liked the cut of his jib or the contours of his policies, they have reason to feel pride in a leader who modeled class and dignity worthy of his office."

    Yeah...right. "Class" and "dignity"? From Obama?! Ha-haaaa-haaaa!!!! That's hilarious, Katy!

    "Likewise, Hillary Clinton last week was a shining example of how to accept defeat and surrender nobly to our democratic system’s electoral results, notwithstanding her winning the popular vote."

    "...shining example of how to accept defeat..." WTF?!!! Are you KIDDING ME?! She threw a tantrum and didn't address her supporters. She went out and started blaming anything and everyone BUT her lying, treasonous, criminal self! "Shining example"?!!! geez...if THAT is a "shining example", I'd sure hate to see a "bad example"! Ha-haaa-haaaa!

    Oh, Parker, you crack me up! Get some help, dear. Reality is right through that fog...somewhere.

  47. OOOPS!!!

    "Area special educators, students rcognized during annual awards ceremony"

    Maybe Angie...the "professional staff writer" for the Urinal can run her stories through one of the educators or students. They could show her the value of "proof-reading" before publishing, and suggest error-corrections in things like...oh...I dunno..."spelling"?

    Then again, the Urinal is on a downward spiral of their own making, anyway, so maybe this is the best they can get.


    "Letter: After the election I fear I know not my neighbor"

    "I finished the semester, dropped out of school and enlisted. It took me a long time to find the words to express why I did that. I wasn’t doing it for the president or the people in Washington or even the country. I did it for the proverbial guy down the block and his family. There was no way I was going to let him carry my water, to use an old phrase."

    KARL LANDIS, Grantville

    Everyone who can, show this man some support for his letter?

  49. Nunya, I poof that first one over on CJ, couldn't help my self.

  50. OK, if you haven't looked at Drudge this morning you have to. Drudge is the master of innuendo with his photos and headlines, and he has a masterpiece up there right now.

  51. Paul Sharader, the moron who directed Taxi Driver apparently is channeling the character Travis Bickel, who was completely insane and decided to kill a political figure.

    This, my friends, is what we are up against. The people who continually cry for civility then talk like this.

    I say we round them up and throw them in re-education camps until they learn to obey their new masters.

    This is from Instapundit this morning:

    "Film director and writer Paul Schrader, who used to be somebody many years ago in Hollywood, has taken to Facebook to call for "violent resistance" to protest the election of Donald Trump. Actually, the keyboard guerilla has gone to the extent of claiming to be willing to take up arms. Schrader claims to be enraged by "alt.right nut jobs" but as you can see in his Friday (ironically Veteran's Day) Facebook post, Schrader is obviously living out his violent fantasies in an

    "I have spent the last five days meditating on Trump’s election. Upon consideration, I believe this is a call to violence. I felt the call to violence in the 60’s and I feel it now again. This attack on liberty and tolerance will not be solved by appeasement. Obama tried that for eight years. We should finance those who support violence resistance. We should be willing to take arms. Like Old John Brown, I am willing to battle with my children. Alt right nut jobs swagger violence. It’s time to actualize that violence, Like by Civil War Michigan predecessors I choose to stand with the black, the brown and the oppressed.""

  52. The year of the Bull, Good Grief.

  53. As in Bull what exactly? A couple things come to mind regarding Megan Kelly, both starting with bull. Think about it.


















  55. I was skimming through the Washington times – yesterday they published this article where some Democrats are showing their true beings – (my interpretation: the Democrats don’t give a damned about America – they only care about their own deep rooted hateful feelings on things).

    “In the near term, some Democrats are vowing massive resistance to anything Mr. Trump proposes, saying he is an incorrigible racist.”

    I skimmed further through the Washington Times – their article published today:
    “Last I checked, a pretty healthy majority of the American people agree with my world view on a whole bunch of things, the president said. “I know that begs the question of how somebody who appears to have a very different world view just got elected. Sometimes people just feel as if we want to try something to see if we can shake things up.”

    Well, if Obama and the rest of the Democrats (including Madam Secretary Clinton) were to try to be in actual contact with the whole of America – they would have seen for themselves how things are and understand fully why Donald Trump, who was up against all odds (both Democrat and Republican) and still won his bid for the White House.

    The Democrats are pushing their own personal hateful agenda instead of putting the needs of the American people first - the sad reality is that the Democratic voters don't see this.

  56. Honestly, the Democrats really need to acknowledge that Hillary lost - and literally just get over it!

    Published just today in the LA Times:

    Retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) filed legislation Tuesday to abolish the Electoral College in light of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote but still losing the election.

    Such legislation makes a statement after an election that shocked Democrats, but is unlikely to gain traction with Republicans holding control of both chambers of Congress in a lame duck session.

    Her bill calls for an amendment to the Constitution that would end the Electoral College system. Should such a thing pass, the amendment would only take effect if ratified by three-fourths of the states within seven years after its passage in the U.S. Congress.

    Clinton leads President-elect Donald Trump by nearly 800,000 votes nationally with a final count still pending, but Trump won the most electors in the electoral college system that is how the country actually picks it's president.

    Boxer was a vocal advocate for Clinton throughout the campaign and had said that electing the first female president was on her to-do list before leaving the Senate in January.

    This is just the fourth time in U.S. history that a nominee has won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College and thus the presidency. The most recent was Al Gore's Electoral College loss to George W. Bush in 2000.

    "In my lifetime, I have seen two elections where the winner of the general election did not win the popular vote," Boxer said in a statement. "The Electoral College is an outdated, undemocratic system that does not reflect our modern society, and it needs to change immediately. Every American should be guaranteed that their vote counts."

    Boxer has co-sponsored legislation to repeal the Electoral College before, none of the bills have been considered.

    The Democrats can't rewrite the US Constitution just because Hillary lost.

    When I read up on the electoral college to help me grasp a better understanding, this is what I found on the website:
    When Americans vote for a President and Vice President, they are actually voting for presidential electors, known collectively as the electoral college. It is these electors, chosen by the people, who elect the chief executive. The Constitution assigns each state a number of electors equal to the combined total of the state’s Senate and House of Representatives delegations; at present, the number of electors per state ranges from three to 54, for a total of 538.

    I don't know about y'all but between the damned Democratic protestors and now legislation introduced because of the Dems unwillingness to accept the reality that Hillary lost - they all need a swift kick in the ass!!

  57. Well good luck to old Boxer. Give it your best shot.

    It takes a super majority in congress first, then has to be ratified by 3/4 of the states. And with Republicans holding a majority in congress, and a majority of legislators across America, sorry. It ain't happening. But give it your best shot.

    This is just more of the godless left trying to cripple President Trump. And it won't work.

    Apparently the godless left believes this crap and really thinks it's true.

    Donald Trump won the election. Donald Trump is the President Elect of the United States. We won. Live with it.

    The election wasn't held to win the popular vote. The campaigns would have been run much differently if they were. This old nonsense is just the same old political tripe we get from the same old political hacks every election.

    I'm tired of hearing about the popular vote. It means absolutely nothing. It will never mean anything. The only people who care are the anti-America, anti-constitutionalist godless left wing democrats. And frankly, I don't care what they think.

  58. Another unsubstantiated report by a Clinton supporter.

  59. Don't everyone speak at once, control yourselfs.

    1. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
      I remember getting the ole boot on CJ urinal for sleeping on a blog one time.

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. Did some research and this is what Topeka High wants to March about all the way over to the Capitol about. His quote:

    Topeka High School parents contacted 13 News saying, since last week's election, students have experienced discrimination and harassment inside their school. Senior Angelo Campos says minority students have been the main target.

    "You can't really see it but you can definitely feel it, just the tension in the hallways and the anxiety between the students," said Campos. "

    Something he feels!!!! I feel he is a cry baby and should be studying instead of making crap up! Next they will want more time off and can't take their test as they think someone might not like them, well when you act like an ass, you aren't going to be liked!

  62. Here is the link

    Wish I could edit a post.

  63. Better get used to it.

    From here on out with the help of the media the left will play their victim card.

    It's a tactic and nothing more...

  64. What a bunch of whining cry babies, Gees give them a big piece of chalk!! Good Grief!!

  65. Good old THS. I remember back in the 70's when some of the students walked out of school because the cafeteria didn't serve beans and tortillas! At the time I didn't even know about tortillas, let alone salsa.

    I know it is to early to tell, but I have a feeling Trump is going to be a good president. He would not have been my first choice, but he ended up being my only choice and I think our country needs him at this time. We sure as heck didn't need Hillary. Just the thought of her running our country into the ground gave me nightmares. I hope we never have to hear her cackle ever again.

  66. This last week of not having to see her ugly face or hear her God-Awful screeching voice on TV has been one of the best week's I've had in a long time...

  67. TR, I was there in the early 70s, when they had the Chicano walk-out over the Mexican food served/not served. When one of the teachers let one of their "spokesperson"s give their spiel, Sherri Carter, a black cheerleader, told her that they NEVER served soul food; whereupon this spokesperson actually told her that they had fried chicken and spinach a lot.

    Incidentally, since I went to Holliday before THS, I knew a lot about Mexican cuisine. Which JR high did you go to?

    Yes, HRC's screeching, scary visage hasn't haunted my TV set for a week now. First time that's happened in a couple of years. Does anyone watch late night "comedy" around here? How are the hosts taking in the news?

  68. Late night comedy?

    You mean like 7:30 or so?