Friday, October 20, 2017

Just how low will these godless hate filled commie democrats go?

Well, it appears there is no limit to just how low they will sink.

By now you've all heard about the phone call narrative. A congresswoman who by her appearance belongs in a circus ring rather than the hallowed halls of congress has attempted to create a narrative that President Trump insulted a grieving widow when he made what by all appearances was a heartfelt and very difficult call to the wife of a soldier killed in combat.

This evil hate filled pathetic excuse of a human being, the congresswoman who does not deserve to be named is trying to use the death of an American soldier to score points with her fellow democrat haters and her fellow godless left wing commies.

This is possibly the worst thing I have seen to date, and I've seen some pretty unbelievable things. You can't even imagine a human being lowering herself to this kind of baseless phony hate filled attack. This person is a disgusting example of the lowest of the low, even among a group of people who are as low as it gets.

This person should be refuted by every single member of congress, she should be censored, she should be removed from office. She has defamed the President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the United States Military. She has committed a crime by falsely defaming the President and frankly, he should sue her.

I don't know how this is playing out in the news. I don't watch any of the godless left wing media so I don't know how they are handling it. But I would suggest they tread very lightly on this lie filled narrative. This one could backfire and come back to bite them if they run with it.

This is just another in a multitude of examples of how hateful and evil these people are. And what we are up against trying to stop them from destroying the greatest nation on earth. And this fight doesn't have an end in sight. Rust never sleeps, and neither does evil.

My hope is she won President Donald Trump more votes for his reelection by revealing just how insane this democrat party has become. This is the kind of thing that got him elected in the first place. America said enough is enough, and everywhere except the liberal enclaves on the coast voted for Donald Trump. And it's driven the left insane. Literally insane. And this is one example of that insanity.

Enough is enough. Stop the hate you godless commies. You won't like the new rules you created when they get turned against you.

#Make America Great Again

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Russia, Russia, Russia

Funny thing. The godless left is still yammering about Russian collusion, impeachment and all the other crazy fabricated nonsense they dreamed up to try to overturn the election of this President by the American people. Sometimes these people just don't seem to have any brains at all. Check that. These people never seem to have any brains.

So now the evidence is surfacing of massive collusion, bribery and corruption between hillary and Russia over the uranium deal. Massive. The clinton's got rich off this deal alone, richer than they already were from all the other influence peddling. This one has legs, folks. This could be bad for them. And we now know what we suspected all along, that the Kenyan president knew everything from the start.

This time the clinton crime syndicate doesn't have a president and criminal attorney general to protect them. Nobody in high places to cover for them. In fact, they have a hostile President and the American people who are sick and tired of the clinton crime syndicate getting away with murder. Literally getting away with murder.

This administration needs to go after this full on. The American people need to know how evil and corrupt these people are, and how close they came to having the head criminal sitting in the white house. How corrupt and anti-American the democrat party and the godless left are. What a pack of lying conniving criminal weasels the whole bunch is.

And I know the media will continue to run cover for them, and that's fine. As they do, and the truth is revealed America will also see what a pack of partisan lying hacks the media as a whole is, and how they have conspired to deceive them and aid the democrats in the destruction of America.

My dream is that when all this is over the democrat party is left in shambles, in prison and unemployed. And that the media is exposed as the democrat operatives they have become. I know that will never happen, but a guy can dream, right?

In any case, this scandal is a hundred times worse than Watergate. This isn't some made up bunch of crap like everything the left is throwing at President Trump. This is real.

And I'm going to watch this one with the rest of you. We will see if this government is still of the people, by the people and for the people or if they are the pack of organized criminals we all suspect they are.

Monday, October 16, 2017

The only thing the godless left hates more than President Trump is you

Like most of you, I read Kevin's post on Sunday where he reprinted what passes for an editorial from the CJ Urinal by none other than Matty "the Johnson". And it was the usual diatribe of hatred for everything America, and included every fake lie filled talking point from the godless left, word for word as issued to be repeated as frequently as possible. Pretty typical stuff from a hack fake journalist, who is actually a democrat operative with a byline. You can understand these people better if whenever you read them you remember they are democrat party operatives.

Funny thing. These people go nuts at every tweet this President posts, at every thing he says, at everything he ever said. And my opinion is he is just trolling them to make them look foolish. Many times his tweets are just off the cuff thoughts he posts, and the response is so predictable. The godless left to a person goes apoplectic. They jump up and down, red in the face, eyes bulged out, arms flapping, spittle flying from their mouths denouncing whatever meaningless tweet the President popped out there. So predictable. So pathetic.

But make no mistake. The only thing these people hate more than President Trump is us deplorables who had the gall to ignore our betters and elect a President who feels the same way we do about a lot of issues, and is acting on them even in the face of massive obstruction from both parties. They hate us with a passion. We represent everything that is wrong with America to them. We believe in God. We believe a man is a man, and a woman is a woman. We believe unborn babies should be allowed to be born instead of being murdered for convenience. We believe illegal aliens are criminals and shouldn't get a pass on their crimes. We believe in work, supporting our families and paying our own damn bills. We believe the money we earn is ours, not theirs.

And that's the opposite of what they believe.

I'm old enough to remember when Americans knew communism was a bad thing, An evil form of government devised by power hungry greedy people that played on the most base bad instincts of people, greed and envy in order to establish power, then destroyed the people that thought is was a great idea. It has failed everywhere it has been tried, in almost the exact same way. So America until recently rejected communism as the tyrannical oppressive destructive force it is. And we even intervened militarily to stop them at times.

Now, in 2017, the democrat party not only accepts communism, they embrace it. They ran a communist in their presidential primary. And the only reason he didn't win and become their candidate for president was because crooked hilllary rigged the primary with her crooked friends and her billion dollar war chest.

So did you ever imagine the entire democrat party would go full commie? Seems as though they have. All we hear from them is commie philosophy. And they hate us for standing in the way. They thought after the Kenyan president they saw the ascension of their commie party to full power and total control. And along came Donald Trump and the Deplorables. And we ruined their little Fabian dream. So yeah, they hate us. And they have no problem telling us so, even if it's masked as an editorial filled with hatred for our President. That was aimed at you and me, who elected him.

I hate getting lectured by people who are failures in life, don't you? A hack editorial writer for a dying bankrupt fourth rate newspaper that only survives by being bought by a different corporation who needs a tax write off every few years.

So let's keep going. Let's keep doing what we're doing.

Let's Make America Great Again

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The following drivel is Matt "the Johnson's" latest edition in his ongoing and never-ending "I Hate Trump" mini series.

And this bastard's the opinion page editor?

It's no wonder the community blogs were eliminated over there.

If there's one thing a dedicated leftist just can't tolerate it's opposing points of view.

Anyway, I thought I'd share it so you guys could have something to laugh at while we wait for Safe's hard hitting blog tomorrow morning...


This is an open letter to anyone who really, really doesn’t want to read another article about President Trump. I hear from you almost every day, and your criticism has started to sound something like this: “Your hatred for Trump has become an unhealthy obsession. Aren’t you capable of writing about anything else?” Well, yes. I’ve spent most of my adult life writing about other subjects. But Trump is a singular phenomenon — probably even a once-in-a-generation phenomenon — and it would be ignoble and unwise to avoid this fact (even for a second).
Make no mistake: the ascendancy of Donald J. Trump is the political story of our time, which is why it’s absurd to think every article with the word “Trump” in the headline is about the same thing. Each one could be about a vast range of subjects: nuclear brinksmanship, health care, the media, immigration, the weaknesses in a democratic system that allowed an erratic, unprincipled opportunist to assume the highest office in the land. Next time you think, “Ugh, another article about Trump,” just remember it could be about anything from his fondness for McDoubles to a tweet about Snoop Dogg to the nuclear annihilation of a few million people on the Korean Peninsula. That should really be enough unpredictability to warrant a click.
But what about everything else that’s happening in the world? Isn’t the nonstop Trump coverage leaving other issues underemphasized? In a recent interview, the British author and journalist Douglas Murray complained that, even in his country, Trump has become all-encompassing: “After almost everything that happens in the U.K. — in the last year or so — (people) say, ‘How will this affect Donald Trump?’ Stop talking about Donald Trump. Allow other things in the world to exist.”
This point is so easy to make because it’s palatable to almost everyone. Even the people who cover Trump for a living or criticize him often will usually acknowledge that doing so can be exhausting. He has become such an inflated, oxygen-sucking force in our lives that you probably can’t even remember the last time you went a day without hearing or seeing something about him. Whether it’s a tweet or a breaking news story or a comment from a coworker, he’ll push your other priorities and thoughts aside as effortlessly as the prime minister of Montenegro at a NATO meeting.
In other words, I get it. Arguments about Trump can be simultaneously savage and tiresome — not exactly an endearing combination to many people. But there are a whole lot of good reasons why these arguments must persist (the good ones, anyway).
One of the strangest unintended consequences of the Trump presidency has been its stimulation of healthy debates about foundational issues. For example, when Trump exalts Vladimir Putin, questions the value of our NATO alliances, denigrates international institutions, etc., he forces us to justify certain assumptions about the sustainability of the post-World War II international order. Why does the principle of collective defense matter? Why should the preservation and expansion of human rights and democratic norms be core objectives of our foreign policy? Why is nuclear nonproliferation a good thing? He did the same with trade: What impact does globalization have on American workers and consumers? How can we mitigate its harmful effects (such as lost jobs for low-skilled workers)? Do our existing free trade agreements make sense? How do they work?
From climate change to immigration, Trump has catalyzed debates about first principles and called political orthodoxies into question. But here’s the thing: he has generally done so by accident. He’ll make some absurd suggestion (we should impose a 45 percent tariff on China, permit more countries to develop nuclear weapons, slash the State Department’s funding by 32 percent, etc.), and this will be the impetus for a wider discussion about nonproliferation, free trade, foreign aid or whatever else he’s blathering about. Trump is a common denominator for many of the most important issues we face.
But here’s the more depressing reason why the exhaustive coverage of our president must persist: discussions about Trump are discussions about the character of this country. We elected a man who mocked a disabled reporter on TV, insulted Sen. John McCain for being a prisoner of war, boasted about grabbing and kissing women without their permission, slapped his name on a fraudulent “university” that swindled vulnerable Americans out of their savings (and forced the victims into protracted legal battles when they tried to get their money back), and insisted that our first black president couldn’t possibly have been born in the country.
The horrible thing about this list is how abbreviated it is.
Trump’s presidency is built around a bleak portrait of the United States and a desolate view of humanity. Imagine if you listed all the scapegoats Trump has cynically maligned since he announced his candidacy in June 2015 — our country would look like the most paranoid place on Earth. He described undocumented immigrants as “rapists” who are out to displace American workers and defile their communities. Journalists are “enemies of the American people” who invent sources and dump page after page of “FAKE NEWS” on their readers. China is “humiliating” us, “ripping us off” and costing us “tens of thousands of jobs.” Meanwhile, the most effective tool to counter China’s economic rise — the Trans-Pacific Partnership — was a “continuing rape of our country” that other countries wanted because it put the United States at “a very, very big economic disadvantage.”
Everyone hates us and we hate them! And Trump doesn’t just want to turn Americans against…well, most of the world. He wants to turn us against one another. That’s why he constantly appeals to our basest tribal instincts by making inflammatory comments about polarizing issues: flag burning or student protests at Berkeley or the “alt-left” in Charlottesville or NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.
Finally, and perhaps most fundamentally, Trump has exposed our alarming tolerance for dishonesty. He lied about the size of his inauguration crowd. He lied about the “millions” of Americans who voted illegally. He lied about his comments on climate change (which he called a hoax “created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive”). He lied about his plan to create a registry of American Muslims. He lied about President Obama’s “wiretap” of Trump Tower. He lied when he said the murder rate is “the highest it’s been in 47 years.” He lied when he said the U.S. is the “highest taxed nation in the world.”
I’m not surprised that Trump does all of these things — he’s a self-obsessed demagogue who doesn’t care how much damage he inflicts on our norms and institutions. But I’ll never understand why so many Americans let him get away with it, and that’s what I intend to keep writing about.
Contact Matt Johnson at (785) 295-1282 or @mattjj89 on Twitter.

Kevin McGinty

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Flakka Friday...

It's new.

It's deadly.

And it might help explain what's happened to the vast majority of those on the left.

That's all...

Kevin McGinty

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

And they still don't get it...

And they still don't get it.

Last night our resident anonymous troll popped in here with what I'm sure he thought was a witty little line about "Black Boys" and "White Masters."

Note to our little pet troll: The only thing playing your tired, worn out, and meaningless race card accomplishes is to make you look stupid.

No need to thank me, I'm here to help.

That's just what I do.

Here's the deal, dipshit (Safe's favorite description.)

You and your fellow America-hating leftists didn't get it during last year's election.

And you still don't get it today.

Remember when you and your friends were all slapping each other on the backs in anticipation of a Hillary Clinton presidency?

I do.

Remember how you babbled on about how republicans would never win a national election ever again?

Remember that, dipshit?

I do.

Remember how that worked out for you?

You lost your asses and in the process you've all slowly but surely lost your collective minds.

That's what happens when you go up against The United States of America and the American people.

No need to take my word for it.

Just ask Roger Goodell and the assorted team owners how allowing their employees to use the NFL as a platform to attack and disrespect our country is working out for them.

A little something you and you fellow America-haters will probably never understand is that Trump's attacks on the rich son of a bitches kneeling during the anthem was never about football per say.

It's all about restoring a sense of American pride after 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama doing everything he could to destroy it.

You lose again.

And as long as you and your beloved democrat party continue the non-stop attacks against our flag, our veterans, our police officers, our religion, beliefs, and the hard working men and women of America you'll keep on losing.

That, my friend, you can take to the bank...

Kevin McGinty

Sunday, October 8, 2017

So what's next Democrats?

I'm not usually the kind of guy who puts a lot of faith in a bunch of conspiracy theories.

But a good friend to us all sent me a video last night of the Vegas shooting which got me to poking around on the internet since about 3:30 this morning.

To say there's an endless number of ideas about what's really going on would be a gross understatement.

They range anywhere from working with ISIS to The Illuminati to left-wing gun grabbers to billionaires making billions more selling metal detectors and x-ray machines to a lead up of the start of the promised Antifa civil war scheduled for November 4th.

About the only thing I'm sure of is that we're being lied to.

I don't buy into the idea that this guy acted alone.

Not for a minute.

I believe they know others were involved and I also believe they've discovered the motive but are afraid to make it known to the public.

Think about it.

The non-stop, never ending hatred coming from today's media, talk shows, and Hollywood against Donald Trump and his supporters is like nothing this country's ever seen before.

So here you have an outdoor country music festival attended by some 22,000 mostly white people who being portrayed as Trump supporters all crammed into one relative small space.

It's not much of a stretch at all to think this guy wanted to kill as many Trump supporters as humanly possible.

Yeah, I know.

That's just crazy talk.


Immediately following the news of the shooting social media exploded with leftists celebrating the murder of so many white republicans all at one time.

And it's not much of a stretch to think this guy was promised tons of money by one of the many George Soros backed anarchy groups who are also bank rolling the Antifa terrorist group who are promising to start a civil war early next month.

Oh, speaking of Antifa's promised coming civil war check out the following video.

This guy gets it.

Stay safe out there guys.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

And take nothing for granted...

Kevin McGinty

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

What the hell happened to my country?

This used to be a country that did great things. This country was born out of a revolution to throw off the shackles of tyranny. A bunch of farmers and fishermen took their squirrel rifles and defeated the greatest military power on earth to win their freedom. That was the start.

We settled the nation, thousands and thousands of people, regular folk, packed up their wooden wagons and hitched it to a couple of oxen and headed west. And settled this country filling it with farms and towns. We built a railroad across the vast open country.

This country dug the Panama canal. Built bridges. Built cities filled with skyscrapers and people. We invented powered flight. We invented the computer. We put a man on the moon and brought him back. Several times.

We defeated tyranny again when the Germans tried to take over Europe. We sent our best to kick their ass. And prior to doing that, the Japanese launched a sneak attack and practically destroyed our naval fleet. What did we do? We rallied and we built more ships and planes, while we were building tanks and bombers for the Eastern war and we kicked their ass too. That's what America used to do.

If it was built, we built it. If we didn't invent it, we made it bigger, faster, higher flying or hauled more. That was America.

Now it seems like all we can do is fight over which bathroom we're supposed to use. What the hell happened to this once great country that rose from nothing to become the greatest nation on this earth?

The godless democrat party happened. That's what. Sometime around the 1960s the democrat party was taken over by the communist party and now we have this mess. Once upon a time in America, we knew the communists were our natural enemies, and the enemies of freedom everywhere. Now the democrat party tried to run an self admitted communist for president last election. He lost the rigged primary to a criminal who made a hundred million dollars selling influence as Secretary of State, which by the way was perfectly fine with her party.

The last true democrat, as in old school democrat president was JFK. He was a patriot, a war hero and he understood America was a great nation. He knew prosperity didn't come from taking from the workers and giving it to the lazy who refused to work. He was the first supply side economics president. Today, he wouldn't be allowed in the democrat party.

Now we have about half of America supporting openly communist policies advocated by the democrat party. They love to find God given rights that are enshrined in the constitution they can take away from us.

This is a party that can't seem to find the second amendment, or the first amendment in the constitution, but somehow finds in there that the government can force you to buy healthcare, or that sexual perverts can marry each other, or that unborn babies can be killed for convenience sake.

As long as these people hold the amount of power they hold America will never be the great country it once was. President Trump ran on the slogan of Make America Great Again. I believe most people want that. But these democrats are going to obstruct that any way they can. No lie is too unbelievable for them to not repeat it. No slander or libel is too outrageous for them to not spread it. No rule of law is so precious that they won't break it. No constitution is so important they won't ignore it.

What lies ahead for our country? I honestly don't know. America keeps rejecting these democrats in election after election but they seem to keep coming. Like cockroaches. You step on the ones you see, but ten times as many are hiding under the woodwork. And the once strong Republican party seems fragmented and weak, afraid to stop these people even after a mandate from America to do just that.

So keep fighting friends. I believe America has many great days ahead of her, if these people don't succeed in destroying her. That's my dream, anyway.

God Bless America, Land That I Love

Monday, October 2, 2017

Puerto Rico and President Donald Trump

So the godless left wing democrat hillary clinton loving mayor of San Juan or some other shithole in Puerto Rico has her panties all in a bunch over President Donald Trump. Not doing enough. Or saying something she doesn't like. Or something, I don't know.

This President has handled three major natural disasters in a row now, handled them beyond any expectations. Advance preparation. Poured manpower and money into them as much as humanly possible. He set the standard for how a President should handle these situations. Americans should all be looking at this with pride and admiration for a job well done.

And what's the godless left doing? Manufacturing complaints so they can try to drag down our President. Making things up out of thin air. The rest of Puerto Rico loves President Trump and America right about now. They have resources they could only dream about. I'm not going to list them, I'm sure you've seen the lists and it's pretty damn impressive.

These people are so deep in hatred for our President there is no end to what they will do. They are at war with us, maybe it's time we acknowledge it and start fighting back.

A good start would be to primary these Republicans who are trying to help the godless democrats destroy our President and our country. Let's get them the hell out of office and replace them with people who want America to succeed.

And the shooting in Las Vegas? I'm with Kevin. Even though there is no evidence I'm drawing conclusions. Following in the footsteps of the godless left blaming every shooting instantly on the NRA, I'm suggesting this was probably some insane antifa hillary supporter who lost his mind and can't accept the defeat of hillary. And he saw a crowd of country music lovers, and being a typical godless left wing radical assumed those were the people who elected President Donald Trump and attacked. I blame the left wing media for perpetrating this narrative and the democrat party for continuing the spreading of hatred and stirring up these crazy people.

I guess if they can do it, so can we, right?

#Still Standing for Old Glory

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Kiss My ### Friday...

It's Friday and it's your day.

Probably just as well, too.

With all the crap going on in the world today I'm sure I'd end up saying something I'd end up regretting.

You guys be careful out there.

Watch your backs.

Stay safe and be well...

Kevin McGinty

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

And they still don't get it...

Quote of the day:

"It was a task of a lifetime, we're dealing with a political environment that I've never had any experience with. The political winds in this country right now are hard to navigate and hard to understand."   Alabama Senator Luther Strange

Don't be too hard on yourself, Senator. A lot of establishment swamp creatures like yourself don't understand it either.

They don't understand that the American people have taken about all the crap they're going to take.

We're sick and tired of being taken for granted, ridiculed, mocked, marginalized, and lied to.

We thought we'd made that perfectly clear when we elected Donald Trump as president.

We thought once we had control of the House, the Senate, and finally The White House we could finally start undoing at least some of the damage 8 years of Obama rule had caused this great country of ours.

Turns out a lot of you so-called republicans were just as much of the problem as he ever was.

And now?

Well, from here on out, one by one, you and your fellow weak-kneed republican swamp dwellers will either see the writing on the wall (think Bob Corker) and retire or be voted out of office and hopefully replaced by someone who'll actually put America's interests first and foremost.

I guess we'll see how it goes from here.

But like I said, your not the only one who doesn't understand the mood of the country today.

I present to you Exhibit A:

The NFL and their apologists don't get it.

They still don't understand how they've played the ace in the hole, The Dreaded Race Card, so many times on so many different issues that it's lost any meaning it might have once had.

Then there's Exhibit B:

Bless their stupid, tone deaf little hearts anyway.

Go ahead, fool.

Go ahead and bring impeachment proceedings against President Trump over comments you and your America-hating supporters don't like.

Go ahead.

Go ahead and show the American people just how desperate you and your fellow democrats, Socialists, Marxists, Communists, and other assorted dregs of society have become.

And last but not least I'd like to present to you Exhibit C which might help the rest of you swamp creatures understand exactly what you're up against:

Make no mistake, the revolution I often spoke of during last year's election is what brought us to where we are today.

And it's that same revolution that'll take us forward from here.

Never, ever bet against bet against the hard working American people.

You'll lose every damn time.

Don't believe me?

Just ask President Trump how his endorsement of Luther Strange worked out...

Kevin McGinty

Sunday, September 24, 2017

President Trump puts the NFL on notice...

"Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, get that son of a bitch off the field right now! He's fired! He's fired!!!"  President Trump

Trump gets it.

He understands all too well what's at play here.

He understands that this is yet another attempt by the America hating left to weaken and undermine our country and destroy our culture.

And he's not gonna put up with it.

As usual, his comments were straight forward, to the point and timely.

The response from the America hating left?

Once again they went into full meltdown mode.

Social media blew up.

Left-wing talking heads slobbered all over themselves in (FAKE) righteous indignation.

And NFL commissioner Roger Goodell who had the power and authority to put a stop to this whole thing last year when it all started but chose not to put out a statement.

"The NFL and our players are at our best when we help create a sense of unity in our country and our culture."

"Divisive comments like these demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL, our great game and all of our players, and a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our clubs and players represent in our communities."   NFL commissioner Roger Goodell

Seriously, that's what he said.

A sense of unity and a lack of respect?

You mean the way you allow your employees to spit in the face of millions of Americans who just want to watch a friggin football game without having a bunch of left-wing crap shoved down their throats?

And you want to talk about a failure to understand?

I don't know whether you're just too much of a coward to put a stop to it or you're a true believer and full blown participant in helping to destroy yet another American institution.

I'll let this guy explain it to you.

Roger, you're going to do what you're going to do.

Nothing I can do about that.

What I can and will do is join the millions of my fellow Americans and boycott your ass.

Here's the deal, Roger.

In order to continue living you privileged life, you need us.

In order to continue paying for the mulit-million dollar contracts your America hating employees demand, you need us.

In order to attract and retain investors and advertisers, you need us.

We can easily find other ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Much like Barack Hussein Obama's legacy of overseeing the demise of the once proud democrat party you'll always be remembered for destroying one of the greatest American institutions there ever was.

One more thing before I get out of here, Roger.

In the last year the left, the Trump hating media, the Trump hating democrats, the Trump hating republicans, Hollywood actors and actresses, college professors and assorted snowflakes, Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorist groups, and Hillary Clinton have all tried taking us on and they've all failed miserably.

And you think you're going to win this one?

Good luck with that.

You're gonna need it...

Kevin McGinty

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Be Thankful Friday...

Like just about everybody else I know I tend to take things for granted.

In our ever increasingly busy world we lose sight of the things most important to us.

We even forget the things we're most thankful for.

For me, one of the things I'm most thankful for is that this complete waste of human flesh isn't my son.

There, now I feel better.

You guys have yourselves a glorious day.

Stay safe and be well.

Kevin McGinty

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Balls of Steel...

Hmm, guess I'm posting a blog today after all.

Safe, take care of yourself and get healthy again.

Hear me!

Anyway, I know some of you guys have expressed disappointment in Trump over the course of the last couple of weeks.

You're disappointed in the way he made a deal with the democrats in order to get the money flowing to Texas and Florida.

You're pissed over the way he's handling the DACA issue.

And some of you are even pissed because he hasn't built the promised border wall yet.

I'm not here to try to change your mind.

As far as making the deal with the devil (democrats) goes, maybe if the do-nothing republicans in congress spent half as much time working with the president as they do working against him he wouldn't have had to go there.

And I know some of you are gonna be pissed about my take on the DACA issue.

I know those they're all here illegally.

But you gotta understand that no American president is going to sign off on deporting some 800,000 people to countries they don't even know.

It'd be political suicide.

And the Wall?

You gotta be patient.

But at the same time you gotta be realistic and keep in mind everything he's up against.

He's taking on the democrats, the republicans, in some cases his own intelligence agencies, the media, the left-wing fanatics, lunatic activist judges, Hollywood, socialist embracing world leaders, and the one world government pushing UN.

Pretty much everybody but the American people who put him in office in the first place.

The Trump-Hating media are busy losing their collective minds over the speech he delivered at the UN yesterday.

Personally, I couldn't have been prouder.

After 8 long years of Barack Hussein Obama it's kinda nice knowing your president has your back.

Once again I'm proud to say I'm an American.

I'm proud to say I voted for him.

And I'm proud to say Donald Trump is my president.

But that's just me...

Kevin McGinty

Friday, September 15, 2017

Free For All Friday...

Good thing it's Friday and it's your day to pick the topic.


Because when I checked out The Drudge Report this morning it was so crammed full of bad news I wouldn't even know where to start.

I suppose we could talk about the fact that North Korea launched another missile over Japan yesterday.

Or we could talk about any number of earth shattering things they're reporting on today.

But for me I think I'll just sit back and listen to a goofy little song by the late, great Jerry Reed.

You guys have at it.

Enjoy your day.

Stay safe and be well...

Kevin McGinty

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Have we forgotten? Oh yeah...

Just like most of you I can still remember exactly where I was and what I was doing the moment I heard about the attacks of 9-11-2001.

I think watching those people forced into choosing between jumping or burning to death was what got to me the most.

Regardless of which option they chose the were facing a horrible and certain death and they knew it.

They knew they'd never see the spouses and kids they'd kissed goodbye just a couple hours earlier ever again and they knew that as well.

Remember that?

I do.

Remember how united we were and how we vowed to never, ever forget?

I do.

But somewhere along the line something terrible happened to this country.

That something was Barack Hussein Obama and the anti-American media.

Think The Topeka Capital-Journal.

Those bastards have unleashed and fueled a left-wing reign of terror this country just might not recover from.

We've gone from promising to never forget and working together to hating each other's guts.

Because of the "Hands up don't shoot" lie pushed by the media and democrat party leaders America haters like Colin Kaepernick are treated as heroes.

As a direct result of identity politics, victimization, and race baiting being pushed by the media (again think Topeka Capital-Journal) American cities have been burned to the ground.

America's police officers are being murdered as a direct result of the Black Lives Matter terrorist group.

Another left-wing terrorist group Antifa has unleashed carnage in cities all across the country in the last year. and for the most part the America-hating media are either making excuses or completely ignoring them.

Again, think Topeka Capital-Journal.

Burning the American flag has become something to be celebrated.

And Hollywood celebrities are openly calling for the murder of President Trump.

Yeah, I'd say it safe to say, as a country, we've forgotten the vow we all made about not forgetting on that horrific day 16 years ago yesterday.

Obviously I have no idea what the future holds.

But I do know that if those of us who still give a damn about this country ever sit down and shut up like we're expected to, we'll have lost it forever.

Kevin McGinty

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Responding to CJ's Trump Hating Matt Johnson...

Since you're part of the "Trump hating Fake News Media" that puts out nothing but one hit piece after another on a weekly basis, I'm not even going to bother with you mocking the president for pointing it out.
It's your keyboard and your opinion page, Matt. Pound away.
Instead of rereading (as you suggested) the letter Obama left I hope Trump skimmed over it then threw it in the trash where it belongs.
Let's start out with your take on DACA then proceed from there.
Just like everything the left pushes you refuse to tell the whole story.
You rightfully pointed out that the Dreamers had to fill out an application and submitt themselves to background checks, etc.
But you completely left out the part where tens of thousands of those applications were simply rubber stamped in the final months of the Obama administration.
You also failed to mention that since Obama's unconstitutional executive order there have been over 1,500 of these so-called Dreamers have had their protected status revoked due to gang activity.
You want to talk Trump being cruel.
By offering amnesty to hundreds of thousands of people without the legal authority to do so for political reasons, Obama was the one being cruel.
It's funny how you go on about reducing the world's stockpile of nuclear weapons but completely leave out the deal your beloved Obama made with Iran that guarentees them the right to build their own nukes in ten years or that North Korea is now threatening nuclear strikes on American cities as we speak.
Weird how you failed to mention any of that, huh?
You mock President Trump for his lack of basic understanding of how the world works and how essential American leadership was under Obama.
You mean like walking away from the war that had been all but won in Iraq which led to the rise of ISIS?
Or the success story of the "Arab Spring" he pushed so hard that led to the brutal murder of Muammar Gaddafi which turned Lybia into a terrorist stronghold?
Maybe the attack on our consulate in Benghazi which led to the deaths of 5 Americans while we sat by and did nothing?
Or was it the so-called "Red Line" Obama drew in the sand in Syria then backed down after it was crossed?
Your concern that Trump insulted NATO by quoting German Chancellor Angela Merkel when she said "European countries can no longer depend on others." is laughable at best.
By asking other NATO countries to pay more toward the cost of their own defense isn't insulting.
It's reality.
Besides, I don't think the American people put a lot of faith in any leader that willingly turned a once peaceful peaceful country into one where terrorist attacks are just something they'll have to get used to by allowing up to a million unvetted, so-called refugees.
But hey, if you want to hold her up as an example of what a leader should look like, knock yourself out.
By design, The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the God-Awful Paris Climate Accord was a horrible deal for America.
But I suppose those who believe moving millions of American jobs to other countries serves us right due to our raging racism, white supremacy, or whatever else you believe makes us a horrible country thinks that's a good thing.
Here's the deal.
The sooner you and your readers accept the fact your beloved Hillary Clinton lost the election the better off we'll all be.
Kevin McGinty

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

So what's the deal with this DACA?

What kind of heartless mean spirited evil people would punish innocent children like this? Cancelling DACA? I mean what on earth? How mean can you get?

So that's what I've been hearing now. And a lot worse. So what the heck? Why can't we just keep DACA? I mean, after all, it's the children, right?

So I guess the argument would come down to this. DACA was an illegal and unconstitutional executive order bypassing congress to get something done the Kenyan wanted done. He had already stated on about a dozen times he didn't have the authority to do it. That the law didn't allow it. That he couldn't just make it happen. But what changed? An election. And needing the Mexican vote. So he did it.

Now, let's just assume for a minute the left is right. This is a good thing. Despite it being a clear violation of the constitution, let's pretend it's a good thing. So we say, OK, let it stand. Well, what then? What then is we just said the constitution, and the separation of powers means absolutely nothing. That if the President wants some legislation, and congress says no, then he can just create it by fiat. Like a King would. So what then? Well, what then is Donald Trump can repeal obamacare with a pen. Or build a wall. Or any damn thing he wants. The left just made the argument for it. They said if congress won't pass the law, the President can just order it into existence.

Kind of a bad thing, no? Sometimes our friends on the left just don't seem to think things through. I suppose that's a component of the mental illness that makes them liberals in the first place. But still.

DACA was going to be overturned by the Supreme Court. The already overturned DAPA which had the same constitutional flaws as this one. The legal challenge was going forward. It was not going to stand. It couldn't stand. It would rule the constitution invalid for all intents and purposes. So it was going to end.

But like everything else, the left is going ballistic over this. One more cause to screech and scream about. One more thing to lose their minds, what tiny bit they have left.

I think this was just a time bomb left intentionally by obama anyway. He knew if a Republican won, it would be an issue. If a democrat won, it would stand as is. He didn't care about the illegal aliens, it was a political move.

By the way, this will be my last post of the week. Leaving tomorrow for California on vacation and won't have a computer and I'm not about to try to post from my phone. So I'll be back in a couple of weeks. See you all later.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A day late and a dollar short

Story of my life. Well, yesterday was a busy day and I just didn't get anything posted so here we go. I woke up wondering what to talk about and then I see the visit from the anonymous blowhard and his comments and that was that.

So Mr Anonymous thinks we are a bunch of riff raff because in his mind we're all working class stiffs, firmly entrenched in our middle class ways and oblivious to the big wide world he knows all about. Bear in mind, he's never met any of us. He has no idea who we are or what we do. It's all just conjecture formed in his left wing mind, a place where fantasy and hyperbole coexist nicely.

So who is Mr Anonymous? Is it our old friend handjob? The disbarred lawyer who did a stretch in jail for robbing a senile client's trust? Or is it buttstasher boy, the notorious liar and suspected pedophile? Or maybe fishbait boy, the welfare collecting mouth breathing toady of buttstash boy? Maybe it's the fake brain doc from DC, the orderly pretending to be a doctor behind the cloak of the internet.

Doesn't matter. He's just the average liberal. Living in a world of his own creation, unaware of the reality surrounding him. Most of them fit that profile. They imagine they are the party of power when in fact their party holds the least amount of power they have seen since the great depression. They imagine in their tiny little brains America is clamoring for their ideology, that of communists and socialists and redistribution and punishing those who succeed and rewarding criminals and habitual lawbreakers.

But the facts say otherwise. See, we elected this President. We did that. They ran the best they had, a hobbled up old woman, deep in criminal enterprises, untrustworthy, unindicted felon who has become filthy rich collecting bribes while Secretary of State. And Donald Trump beat her. The guy they described a an orange game show host. Beat the best they had. Hmmm...

So while the Kenyan was president they lost over 1,100 elections nationwide. Lost the House. Lost the Senate. Lost the Presidency. And to hear them tell it America is begging for them to take control of the country and lead us down the road to ruin like all good commies do.

So no, Mr Anonymous. I don't care what someone as delusional as you believes. Post away. Means absolutely nothing. We'll just keep on keeping on. We'll go to work, we'll take care of our families. We'll drink a little beer on the weekends. And Monday morning we'll be right back on the job. Because that's who we are. The backbone of America. The ones who built this country. The ones who fought for this country. The ones who pay our taxes and spend what's left.

And the ones who elected President Donald Trump. And damn proud of it.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Editorial: Justified Suspicion of The Topeka Capital-Journal...

One last blog before my good friend and partner Still Safe at Home takes his turn at bat.

Another day another disgusting left-wing hit piece from the once objective Topeka Capital-Journal's Goon Squad masquerading as an Editorial Staff.

And as usual our good friend and fellow patriot Nunya has something to say about it.

The following words are his and his alone.

I agree with everything he's written and take no credit for any of them.


Rabid Urinal "Editorial Staff Infection" at it again. "Just can't trust Kobach" is their main theme, today.

The most hilarious sentence in this pile of pure poo:

"Then again, Americans don’t need federal judges to tell them about Kobach’s record of dishonesty – it’s obvious to anyone who picks up a newspaper."

HahaHAAAAA!!! Here, we have a PROVEN dishonest Fake News outfit, claiming dishonest leftist federal judges (who hate the Constitution) suggesting that we trust THEM, rather than the obvious fact that there IS widespread voter fraud...because it's so easy to do that it's difficult to catch! 

And, story after story all over this country about "election irregularities", and widely in blue locales! 

How do you get more votes than you have people registered? Run a Democrat. 

Here's more from the "Editorial Propagandists":

"When President Trump made his infamous remark about the “millions” of people who voted illegally in 2016, he was widely condemned on both sides of the aisle. It was impossible to interpret the comment as anything other than an absurd and self-serving demonstration of the president’s insecurity (he received almost 3 million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton). But Kobach eagerly offered his fawning support: “I think the president-elect is absolutely correct when he says the number of illegal votes cast exceeds the popular vote margin between him and Hillary Clinton at this point.”

It wasn't his "insecurity". It was why he refused to flat-out say that he would accept the results of the election, whichever way it turned out. 

Hillary, on the other hand, was so smug and sure and conceited, that she emphatically said she would accept the results, and the media chimed in with her in ridiculing Trump for NOT saying it! THEY all knew there is widespread voting fraud, and THEY were counting on it to push the bitch over the top!

Simple logic tells us that the reasons those places are pushing to let illegal non-citizens vote is to #1) Gain more Democrat votes. And, #2) Cover their asses. They KNOW that if verifiable ID was required (as it absolutely should be), then future elections are going to expose the gap, and the sham. 

"Hey, wow...those blue districts have greatly-reduced amounts of votes! What happened?!" The liberals would say it denied poor and black citizens the vote, but in reality, it denied fraudulent votes. But, if they can get all the non-citizens to vote "legally" (which is impossible)...then the greatly-INCREASED number of votes will hide the previous illegal ones, through sheer numbers. 

"Oh...look, isn't that heartwarming?! We had 3 million more Democrat votes in California than any previous election. That means those poor put-upon people ALL voted for the first time."

What it will do is hide the many, many thousands...millions(?) who previously voted illegally, and muck up the waters so the real number can never be determined. Which illegal voted illegally, previously, and which one didn't?

The "Propagandists":

"It will take a long time for this commission to earn the benefit of the doubt."

Urinal, you Fake News commies have long passed the point of anyone EVER giving you benefit of the doubt of any kind of honesty, objectivity, or journalistic integrity.


Friday, September 1, 2017

Empathy, Heels, and Banana Peels Friday...

Well what do you know, the WiFi connection at this lousy motel finally decided to work after all.

It's so late in the day everything I wanted to talk about has already been brought up.

So with that in mind instead of me rambling on about this or that I thought I thought maybe I'd just share a couple of photos I came across on Facebook this morning.

No special reason.

All I can say is that it takes a hell of a lot of nerve for this skank to criticize anyone.

I'm just saying...

I hope what's left of your day goes well and the weekend's even better...

Kevin McGinty

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Tale of Two Completely Different Americas...

Turn on the news, read your local newspaper, listen to a college professor, just about any democrat and an ever increasing number of republican lawmakers and you can't help but walk away thinking America is the most racist and horrible country this world's ever seen.

That's what we're supposed to think and like just about everything else pushed by today's so-called mainstream media and embedded politicians, it's all bullshit.

I'm not saying racism doesn't exist.

It does, it always has, and it always will.

But the vast majority of Americans don't give a second thought to the color of a person's skin as they go about the business of living their lives and raising their families.

Go out to eat any restaurant and you'll see what I mean.

You'll see white families, Hispanic families, black families, and any combination of mixed race families you care to think about.

And what are they doing?

They're enjoying their dinner and spending time together.

Nobody's mad at the people on the other side of the room.

Nobody cares.

In my line of work I deal with people of all sizes, colors, and nationalities and I've never been treated any different than anyone else.

Sure, every once in a while there's a language barrier to deal with but somehow we always manage to get our business taken care of.

Again, nobody cares.

That's the America most of us live in.

Hurricane Harvey and the horrendous flooding it caused in Texas provided the perfect example of just how good and decent the American people really are.

As soon as the authorities put out the call for citizens to help in the rescue efforts hundreds of people dropped everything they were doing, loaded up their boats and answered the call.

They didn't put their own safety at risk only to help white people.

It wasn't to help only black people.

It wasn't to help only Hispanic or Asian people.

They didn't stop to ask whether they were a republican or a democrat.

They didn't ask about their beliefs on abortion or gay marriage.

They were there to help save lives.

All lives.


But that's not going to stop the race baiters.

It's not going to keep the media from trying to divide us with their anti-American crap.

And it's not going to stop the left from doing everything they can to bring this country to it's knees.

But just like all other's before them who've tried to destroy this country, they'll fail.

And they'll fail spectacularly.

The American people will make sure of it...

Kevin McGinty