Monday, January 23, 2017

So you're protesting what exactly?

So there was a big march on Washington by women wearing silly hats and accompanied by men wearing the same silly hats signifying something else altogether. For the men it signified the degree of whipped they are. Here's one...

Kind of embarrassing, wouldn't you think?

This one seems kind of self explanatory. I didn't know that issue had come into question, but apparently it was worth a big protest march.

Hope that's not a tattoo. Just sayin, that might be one you could regret someday.

Even the geriatric set got involved, wearing the silly hat. This one had to sit down during the protest due to her advanced age.

So I respect everybody's right to protest. Hell, it's the first amendment. Peacefully gather to petition the government for a redress of their grievances. I'm just trying to figure out what the hell the grievances are.

As of today, President Donald Trump has been in office for what, two days? And most of that was parades and balls and such. So what's he done that warrants a petition for redress? He hasn't taken anybody's rights. He hasn't repealed any laws. He hasn't banished women to the kitchen to make sandwiches. Although I could use a sandwich about now.

So what's the beef? I mean generally when you demand a redress for grievances there are some specific grievances you have in mind.

Do they want the election overturned because their candidate lost? Cause that might cause a few million of us to have some grievances to need redressed. Do they want the will of the American People overturned because they all have funny hats?

So I guess the hotels in DC did a brisk business, although I suspect this particular lot was pretty hard to deal with, being pretty angry all the time from what I can tell. And the airlines and bus lines made few bucks. So they helped the Trump economy, thanks for that anyway.

So if anybody can tell me what exactly the beef is and what would make these people happy I would appreciate it. My two year old grandson likes to wear funny hats and gets pretty upset when he doesn't get his way. But a few bunny crackers usually solves his redress for grievances. I don't think bunny crackers will work for ladies in funny hats, but then what do I know?


  1. All I see SSAH is a bunch of Liberal idiot commies, I call the walking dead, a worthless bunch of what the left raised in the public schools.

  2. Kind of hope the hopefully not a tat, is with permanent marker. She'll have to go work with that, oh wait. Work?? I wasn't thinking, probably go home to mommy and daddy's basement to sulk.

  3. Welcome to the blog Mr Bell. One of my longest time friends joining us. You will be one more welcome voice in our little fight. Welcome aboard.

    #Make America Great Again

  4. They talk of peace, love and all that blah blah Then did you read that trash Madonna said including blowing up the Whitehouse. I could really add to what she ought to blow up, but won't go there. Then that Ashley Judd was going off on Trump and his daughter and here is just one quote “Our p—ies ain’t for grabbing,” Judd said. “Our pussies are for our pleasure and they are for birthing new generations… of nasty women.” These people are insane!

    Then why doesn't Madonna get arrested for saying she planned on blowing up the Whitehouse?

  5. Apparently abortion is a big deal to them.

    Parallel statements from democrats about abortion and slavery.

    "Abortion is legal, the Supreme Court said so".
    "Slavery is legal, the Supreme Court said so".

    "If you don't like abortion, don't have one".
    "If you don't like slaves, don't own one".

    "It's my body and I can do what I want with it".
    "It's my slave and I can do what I want with it".

    "It's not a human being, it's just a clump of cells".
    "It's not a human being, it's just a negro".

    "Babies born in poverty would just suffer so they're better off being aborted".
    "Slaves set free would be incapable of taking care of themselves so they're better off as slaves".

    See how fun this game is? It's called democrat party hypocrisy. Thinking about making a board game out of the concept. Going on Shark Tank to see if I can get funding to produce it.

  6. I, too, welcome you Frank Bell.

    As for the women's march.... abortion.... common sense has to show up sometime in these pro abortion folks - if they can't afford to raise children, then they need to abstain until a time when they can successfully and financially raise children - if they choose to be promiscuous then there's birth control methods - if they "accidentally" have an unplanned pregnancy and don't want the child, then they need to find capable adoptive people who can completely care for the child. These options are still very much available and obtainable.

    These pro abortion people think that we're headed back to the dark ages - these idiots need to chillax, take a step back and look at the broader picture of things - maybe some will actually wake up and realize the liberal lies and drop the liberal agenda like a bad habit.

    And while I'm speaking my mind - the liberals have been overdue for a swift kick in the posterior - their behavior towards Donald Trump, Melania Trump, and all the kids - when is that crap going to stop? Freedom of Speech is one thing should be held very dear, but when does it endorse crossing the line into blatant disrespect, rudeness, disorderly conduct, assault, vandalism....etc?

    These idiot anti Trump demonstrations seem to be what the media wants everyone to see - this kind of attention only fuels these idiots.


  7. I have figured out the mystery on why we have all these loonies running around the country. It came to be on a long boring drive. For decades the government has been intruding into our daily lives. They come up with you can't do this or that, they make all this safety crap, but up fences and more rules.

    One simple example is when I was in Costa Rica, I almost walked up this active volcano, there was a sign there saying not to, but no fence or guards, if I wanted to go up I could. I almost did, the ground was hot and rumbling, I really wanted to look down into it, I started up. Then decided not to and left, but later some people did and volcano spewed lava out the sides and killed them. Lava was always coming out the top, but I knew that sometimes it will come out anywhere it pleases. Similar situation at St Maarten airport where you can stand 25 feet behind a jet like 747 ready to release brakes and hold on to a fence and get blown away. I could go on, but you get the point. Other countries let the idiots get themselves killed!
    In the good old U.S.A. we protect all the idiots and they grow up to be liberal loonies and eventually even get in politically positions.
    We need to go back to survival of the fittest, if people want to do stupid things that get themselves killed, will sad, but let it happen.

  8. Isn't it funny, the most pro-choice Republican in history and most pro-LBGT one to boot, gets this sort of treatment. My, my somebody listened to all those Democratic talking points and took them seriously.

    My significant other was talking to me yesterday and mentioned some world capitals which didn't have sympathy demonstrations. She was most proud of Riga, of course, but I thought Moscow and Beijing more noteworthy. Naturally the ding-bats on Saturday were a lot more mannerly than the anarchists of Friday, but more self-righteous (with the insufferability that comes with that).

    But hey, Safe, perhaps you'd look good in a pink knit hat worn sideways. I'd strongly advise against the tattoo on the forehead, though.

  9. This one is funny. Another example of how liberals use certain talking points, yet have no frame of reference or understanding of who or how it's being used. Margaret Sanger is who she is, and it befuddles me as to how her statements and beliefs are excused as long as the left can twist it to be useful. It's worth a watch. Steven Crowder is great, too.

  10. Lol.... Well, at least he beat Carter. And no chance to improve that ol legacy.

  11. Has anyone heard from Kevin? I placed a call, left a message but no return call as of yet, keep him and his family in your prayers.

  12. And welcome aboard Frank. Any friend of Safe's is a friend of mine.

  13. Good morning everyone, good to see President Trump has taken Pen and phone in hand on day one, Like I use to say Be Prepared and what goes around comes around. hahaha

  14. Good morning.

    Wonder why the liberal whackjobs didn't protest the serial sexual-predator, Shrillary's husband, Willie The Molester..."Lolita Express" frequent-flier perv...back then by wearing "stained" blue dresses, and carrying cigars?

    Odd, isn't it? I mean...those liberal women are so pure and innocent and defenseless and could they NOT be outraged by Trump locker room talk (that is miles-milder than what they spew daily, and what millions of normal women just do, anyway....and what they have spewed all through this in front of children!!)

    Anyhoo...a cute posting about that just appeared on FB.

  15. Yeah, Sarge. I hope they shipped in a few semi-loads of "Executive Order" pens!

    President Trump may want to take some preventative measures to alleviate the heavy onset of carpel tunnel effects...but keep that ink a'flowin'!!!

    1. He needs a signature stamp! There is so many to undo.

  16. This is what the democrats have to live with. They spent eight years weaponizing the white house thinking they would hold it forever. Now President Donald Trump has all that excess authority they so happily granted the Marxist obama. Like they say, what goes around comes around.

    When the Marxist obama took all these actions that were above his constitutional authority the democrats cheered and were thrilled. They laughed at us and challenged us to stop them. They never questioned if it was always going to be something they would support so highly. Now that we have President Trump suddenly the democrats have found the constitution. Suddenly they remember how important limits on power are. Suddenly they love the separation of powers. Suddenly everything they loved for eight years is pure evil.

    I say tough shit. You made your bed, now sleep in it. You have been officially rendered irrelevant. You were so stupid you didn't see it coming, losing election after election. Losing the House, losing the Senate, losing state election one after another. But you kept the Marxist Kenyan in the white house and you were too dense to figure out that was the last domino that would fall.

    Nobody ever accused the democrats and ungodly left wingers of being smart, except they themselves. And I think its been pretty well demonstrated they don't know shit from shinola.

    #Make America Great Again

    1. Poof to CJ with a few modifications. Lol

  17. Exactly. They're so delusional they still haven't figured out they've been rejected.

    And they truly believe rioting in the streets, looting businesses, assaulting police officers, and sending out one godless after another to act like a bunch of whores encouraging other women to act like a bunch of whores is going to help their cause.

    Insanity runs deep with these people...

  18. And now we find out they hate muslim immigrants. I always suspected. The limo they burned during the riots belong to a muslim immigrant who has built himself a business. So he's out $70K because the seditious anarchist anti American rioters hate muslims so much they torched his limo.

    Why do they hate muslims? I thought they were really mad at President Trump for calling for a temporary stop on muslim immigration from terrorist nations until we can vet them.

    And then they burn this guy's limo. Guess they are just a tad hypocritical, no?

  19. Just wait till they find out just went English only.

    See, conservatives keep their cool on the face of adversity. Leftists on the other hand justify violence in their name.
    I say ramp it up. The president is my trigger Lord, and I really want to see the left lose their shit. Each step removes the mask, and shows the ugly face they really have...

  20. If I didn't have to work so much, I think I would personally reach out to these women that protest.
    Here's my idea:
    Perform an open carry counter protest, and hand out draft cards to those walking by. I would never want these women to feel left out. I want them to feel included with the opportunity to fight for the very flag that lets them protest.
    Seems fair doesn't it?

  21. Sounds fair to nw.

    But then I'm an asshole...

    1. Yup sounds fair to me also.

      Oh and I agree on the other also Kevin. Lol

  22. So Safe, you asked(albeit rhetorically) and here's your answer. What are these women protesting about?

    Absolutely nothing.
    Stephen Crowder proves it by hilariously going undercover and asking the question.
    Stephen Crowder is quickly becoming one of my faves...

  23. "So if anybody can tell me what exactly the beef is and what would make these people happy I would appreciate it."

    The thing with leftists is that you need to understand that they follow the philosophy of post-modernism with extreme dogmatism. Frank Lentricchia, PHD, once said that post-modernism "seeks not to find the foundation and conditions of truth but to use power for the purpose of social change." Post-modernism has no interest in truth, indeed it has even been called anti-realism. This philosophy is the foundation of leftist thought. Now, post-modernists (liberals) can't beat someone who grounds themselves in the real world without using sophistry. This gave way to something called deconstructionism. While you may not be familiar with the word deconstructionism, you may be more familiar with it's "street name," political correctness. In order to order for a leftist to win an argument, they must resort to attacking the target's own moral worth. If they do this correctly, the person targeted by the attack will cow to the leftist's will while profusely apologizing for coming across as intolerant. But in 2016, the attacks stopped working. They used every deconstructionist tactic they had. They called Trump a racist, a rapist, and LITERALLY HITLER (my personal favorite). The difference now is that the right wing populace has gotten tired of being called thing's they're not; I know I have and I'm certain you are as well. This protest is one of their last attempts at using a deconstructionist tactic. Interestingly, attacking a person's morality is the only way a leftist can win an argument. Thus, they are freaking out and yelling things like "women are people" which has nothing to do with Trump's policy making ability, but because sophistry is the only thing they know. Ultimately, they won't be happy until the productive members of society finance a 3 story house for every wheelchair bound transgendered minority. Just kidding, they'll never be happy. But that's another story.

  24. Lol!!! Fantastic post anthro!
    Welcome aboard.
    Sarge will sniff you out, make sure you aren't the enemy. He's got some fantastic radar. Most operate here with some form of opsec. I can vouch for most here.
    My only advice here is aim small, miss small; And fire for effect.

    1. And yes sarge, I razzed you again.
      Remember the good ol days when I first showed up? Hehehehehe, lol. Love ya brother!

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  26. Agreed.

    Most excellent post, anthro.

    Welcome aboard....

  27. Hmm...this Anthro person has made an impressive entrance into the Chamber of Common Sense! Thumbs up!

    Now, then...from over at the Peepot paper:

    "The coalition implored the House Federal and State Affairs Committee to rally behind a proposed constitutional amendment that would require federal regulations to be subjected to congressional approval if more than one-fourth of the U.S. House or U.S. Senate objected."

    Doesn't go far enough. Anything that can be a "de facto law" should go through Congress...period. Regulators need to have every bit of 'enactment power' removed.

    I suspect those idiots just sit around reading emails from crackpots all over, and sitting around thinking of idiotic things to 'regulate', just to justify their existence as taxpayer-funded parasites.

    Atguably, some regulations may be good and necessary...but we have too damn many, and WAY too many contrary or just plain stupid and damaging ones.

    Hopefully, Trump appoints someone to start going through the regulatory agencies' junk and tossing stuff out. Those regulatory agencies are akin to those crammed-packed, filthy houses full of useless crap of "hoarders".

    "The system of checks and balances sought by authors of the Constitution is being perverted by zealous executive branch staff writing regulations that diverge from intent of Congress, he said."

    Exactly. Neuter those animals!

    And this:

    "Doug Wareham, executive vice president of the Kansas Bankers Association, said banks in the state were reeling from the burden of rules and regulations set in Washington, including the Dodd-Frank law signed by President Barack Obama in 2010."

    To which, (the Urinal being the Urinal and propagandizing for the left),Tim Carpenter sez:

    "The law imposed new regulations on the financial services industry in wake of a national recession triggered, in part, by conduct of Wall Street bankers and investors."

    The national recession was triggered MAINLY by those Democrat criminals Dodd, Frank and others, who conspired to crash the housing market, and did so!

    Lenders nationwide were forced to offer idiotic loan schemes to people they knew couldn't possibly handle them...under the guise of "fairness, equality and opportunity for all".

    So, once again, The Urinal slips in lies to try to steer the story to favor the left. And, just as predicted a few weeks ago, they have NOT learned their lesson. Didn't think they would.

    Anyway, way past time to snip those unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats who wield way too much power over us, "for good".

    1. Nunya, Your comment went poof over to CJ, Imagine that!! With only a few words changed. Lol

  28. Hammertime, I remember every minute of the first time you commented, I have learned a lot from that time, Judge not said the lord. Trust in your fellow man and I do but I listen to hear if the crow crows 3 times. Lol And I do be leave Kevin and SSAH intended that anyone that comes to the bunker with a Handle gets the same treatment as any of us, So welcome aboard Anthro 14 I enjoyed your 1st book. Lol

  29. Welcome anthro. Great post, thought provoking.

    And Sarge, I haven't talked at length with Kevin, this is his blog after all, but it seems like blocking anybody who doesn't want to create an account is working. Keeps the nasty trolls away. Creating an account is easy, free and anonymous so it seems like a reasonable request. And if it keeps the likes of baitfish boy away, then it's well worth it.

  30. Indeed it is.

    And for the record, Safe.

    This is our blog. It belongs to all of us.

    There's no need to talk at length with me about anything.

    I unconditionally trust your judgement...

  31. Good Grief!! Does that mean I have a say also, Unbelievable just unbelievable. Anyhow Trump is kicking ass and taking names, and wiping out Obama's shit in a few days in office, not bad for a guy the left try to destroy. But he took them all out, Make America Great again.!!

  32. Oh I am calling a Tree removal Guy or company to get a est on removing two large trees, bet that will cost me a arm and a leg, doing my part to keep Jobs in Topeka.

    1. Just got the cost for both tree' plus stump removal and clean up, $1900.00 I am pleased with that.

    2. Did you already commit to them? I had two trees taken out for $850 and they were large elms. I can get you the number to call after I get home this afternoon.

    3. I have Ken, but mine were placed real close to the house and I just had new walks ways put in my situation is unique, One big on is almost touching the cutters of the four seasons room. They are insured and bonded and guarantee that there will be no damage to house or property

      But I thank you for the reply

  33. Oh Well ... .

    One of my very favorite Congress persons is retiring. Lynn Jenkins will, however, retire undefeated. Her sort of moderate conservatism did well here, I only hope she's replaced by someone of like temperament. Getting rid of Boo-Hoo Boyda should commend her to us, by itself.

  34. I really have no words. I guess ultimately we are getting what president Trump said he would do all along. Targeting sanctuary cities, boosting border patrol, and special prosecutions of illegals crime on legal citizens.
    Oh yea and....


    Thank you Mr President. Thank you.

  35. Damn, I don't know about you but we're winning so much I'm almost getting tired of winning! NOT

    How about this guy? Makes a bunch of promises and he's keeping them. That's a new one. And driving the godless left insane. Which I love

  36. Yep. Winning at an unprecedented level. Winning, winning, winning, etc...
    And it hasn't even been a WEEK...

  37. It just doesn't get any better then this I must say or at least till tomorrow when he starts kicking more ass., Lol

  38. Remember all those mathematical equations ol' reilloc staked his perverted reputation on?

    I do...

  39. I love that he announced a major investigation into voter fraud.

    After hearing the leftists screaming about the rigged election for the last several weeks makes it even better...

    1. That is right, It was just a few days ago went trump said that, the Left was screaming if he be leaves there is fraud why doesn't he call for an investigation, Now he has called for it and the Left is up in arms over it, bunch of brain dead libs, whine over every thing.

    2. They're whining because that's all they have left...

  40. And I did something I said I'd never do a couple weeks ago.

    I set up a Twitter account so I could get President Trumps Tweets first-hand instead of listening to the talking heads tell me what he said.


  41. And now I have a personal connection to the President of The United States.

    And now I understand how Lucinda must have felt.


    1. I emailed him today day Kevin, asking him to think about he set up a account for the people that voted for him to donate to a fund for the Wall like a go fund me Wall account, Be leave it I got a reply, thanking me for the e mail, and a Rep, will contact me with a reply. Cool.


    2. Oh here it is.

      Thank you for your email. We appreciate your support! A member of our team will be contacting you soon to discuss your inquiry.

      Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for updates from the campaign trail. Together we will Make America Great Again!

      Team Trump

  42. Yea, ol reilloc sure could demonstrate some mental gymnastics, amongst other deviant behavior. Assured how none of this would happen, never get anything done.
    But, where the left is in trouble is they can't change on the fly fast enough. The president is taking it right at them. Their hands are tied, mouths gagged, and bent over to accept all that deservedly comes their way.
    Alinski-ite tactics don't necessarily grant the ability to be creative and clever. Only violent, divisive, and resistant.
    And when the American people start understanding the richness of winning, they will have to crumple to the bottom of the trash can where they belong. Pink pussy hats and all...

  43. Love the new memes put up here, too. You guys do a nice job of decorating around here.

  44. Thank you all for the warm welcome!

  45. You're most certainly welcome, anthto.

    Take your time.

    Have a look around.

    And jump in there anytime something's on your mind...

  46. Good idea on the wall, add to that if you fund one foot of the wall, you will get your name on that section.

  47. Three days in office and it's almost like Obama was never even here.

    As it should be...

  48. I'd love for one of those bricks to say, "The Underground Bunker" embedded in it...

    1. I will pay for that Brick Kevin, I would like to get something like this moving.

  49. Well there ya go.

    Donald Trump and the good folks of the Bunker are already Making America Great Again...


    So, here's a thought.
    Since it is obviously causing butthurt by enforcing federal laws regarding immigration at the state level, regarding the fact that a state can't be controlled due to states being free from forced federal rule in a "republic".
    So, there should be no backlash when certain states refuse to enforce federal firearm laws(like Kansas) or certain abortion regulation(like Texas), right?
    So as Safe has repeatedly pointed out, this is idiocratic bullshit hypocrisy.
    I find no logic that makes any sense of this. Period.
    So San Francisco, LA, DC, Providence, NYC, etc can go fuck themselves.
    Either rule of federal law prevails with respect to states acknowledging it, or we can simply expect no federal dollars to subsidize these urban budgets. Take your pick, you ignorant leftists.
    Or you can push for a civil war. And I love my chances with that. Pink pussy hats make easy silhouettes....
    Fools to the greatest degree.

  51. Why not enforce the laws with the military?

  52. Military would work, and they deserve the intervention.
    But really, removing the dollars will generate the most pressure. Lacking budgets will crush political careers.
    Like I have said, I'll pass on hearts and minds. Let's take their political souls. Citizens will figure it out when they can't pay for local services, when local government disregards laws that provide steady income for urban budgets. Hit them where it counts, and watch the dominoes fall. Much less violent as well.
    Just my opinion....

  53. From clueless and ignorant, to just plain freaking stupid:

    Silly Sally, and the rest of the DNC jackasses, clearly missed the realities of the past few years. This is "doubling-down" on insanity, in an exponentially-multiplying self-replicating manner.

    “I’m a white woman, I don’t get it,” Sally Boynton Brown, Idaho Democratic Party executive director, told an applauding crowd at the Democracy in Color forum in Washington, D.C."

    Well...THAT much is clear!

    “My job is to listen and be a voice, and my job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt. My job is to shut other white people down when they want to say ‘Oh no I’m not prejudiced, I’m a Democrat, I’m accepting,'” she said."

    “My job is to make sure that they get that they have privilege and until we shut our mouths and we listen to those people who don’t and we lift our people up so that we all have equity in this country … we’re not going to break through this,” she said."

    “This is not just rhetoric,” Boynton Brown said. “This is a matter of life and death.”

    In other words, her "job" is to keep using the same tired race card that people of ALL kinds are getting so sick of. Sick of the divisiveness and lies and hate.

    Our job is to tell Silly Sally to "Shut the fuck up, you ignorant, self-loathing wench. You don't speak for ANYONE!"

    "The forum focused on race relations, particularly in the Trump era, and included words of support for the controversial Black Lives Matter movement. Candidates also agreed the DNC would need to take more of an activist role in order to combat Trump."

    Why not? Those tactics have been working SO WELL during the past 8 years...just ramp it up!!

    Not to be outdone is HIS bid for Top Dog Turd of the DNC, here's what Keith Ellison had to say:

    “First of all, the DNC has to acknowledge and respect that Black Lives Matter are responding to urgent social and justice problems in our country,” Ellison said. “What I would say the DNC needs to do is to offer itself, reform and make itself into the kind of place that Black Lives Matter feels it can channel its electoral energy.”

    Well, not surprising. Muslims DO LOVE their terrorist groups, and having an All-American-hating one right here is a dream come true for Ellison! He and Obama could maybe meet at the handy mosque near Obama's new crib, to see how to keep Obama active and involved. Barack still has HIS message of divisiveness, blame and hate, and as his loathly wife once uttered, "Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed."

    Yes, folks...the DNC has caused so much INTENTIONAL division, that they've even divided THEMSELVES into just a bunch of disparate, incohesive random elements...all negatively-charged.

    Hell, they can't even figure out exactly WHICH divisions to concentrate on! It IS hard to keep track of lies, when one lie begets the next, and it just all gets out of control.

    Meanwhile, the conservatives know what to concentrate on.

    America, and Americans.

    ALL Americans. Seems a lot more simple and reliable than the liberals' stupid Rube Goldberg contraption.

    1. Poof and another one bites the dust over to cj. :)