Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Common Ground, my ass...

Quote of the day:

"Common ground... I refuse to give up on finding it." -- Brock Masters

Screw that.

Sure, in a perfect world that sounds like a good idea.

In a perfect world it would work.

In a perfect world you'd be dealing with rational people who'd be willing to listen.

I'm sorry, but that world simply doesn't exist.

Here's the video several of you have already been talking about.

Do me a favor, check it out, then help me understand where the common ground is.

And yes, I can already hear you shadow dwelling trolls out there babbling on about how I cherry pick the most extreme cases to make my point.


This kind of crap has become mainstream and an everyday occurrence.

The #BLACKLIVESMATTER and other racist, hate groups all have the full backing and support of the democrat party.

And they all have the full backing and support of the agenda driven American media.

No, there is no common ground with these people.

They're either beaten back or the America we all know will cease to exist.


End of story...

Kevin McGinty


  1. NunyaFebruary 1, 2017 at 5:14 AM
    Good man, Hammer. You beat me to it. I was going to bring that up.

    The "Queen Of Sluts", Madonna, rants about "blowing up the White House", and what do we hear from that shrinking, dying, leftist propaganda rag, the Urinal? Crickets.

    B-list celebrity psycho, Ashley Judd, goes 1000% lunatic-crazy with her ABSOLUTELY insane onstage ramblings, and what do we hear from the Topeka Capital Toilet? Crickets.

    Some ignorant, undereducated BLM-terrorist skank with a limited vocabulary that consists mostly of the F-word riles up a Seattle crowd by flat-out calling for the asassination of the President ("KILL the f-ing White House!"), and "Kill the f-ing whites"..."f-ing KILL...f-ing KILLL...f-ing KILLLLL!!!!"....and what do we hear from the Topeka Capital Pisspot? Crickets.

    But, as Hammer says, someone makes a statement about lynching someone who wants to commit treason by taking away our God-given Constitutional rights...then the Topeka Capital Turdbowl is ALL VERKLEMPT! (I can see them there upon hearing that...fanning their faces...popping their mouth...

    "WELL! (Pwep!) This is just outRAGEOUS! Oh MY! We MUST report THIS! FRONT PAGE, people! Chop-chop!"

    So, yet more proof-positive that the anti-American seditionists at Topeka Capital Urinal are in the tank for the enemies of America, and support flushing our Constitution, to be replaced by the Commie/Socialist/Fascist Democrats' big, steamy pile of excrement, which will never completely flush, if we let them keep dumping.

    "Shit, or get off the pot?"

    No. They already shat. Plenty, especially over the past 8 years. Time to keep them off the pot, for "good".

    (Yeah, sorry Sarge...unfortunately gonna be a YUGE challenge to try to edit THIS one for a "poof"!)


  2. NunyaFebruary 1, 2017 at 6:17 AM
    From the Peepot's Gorsuch article:

    "Senate Democratic leader Charles Schumer said he has “serious doubts” that Gorsuch is within what Democrats consider the legal mainstream, saying he “hewed to an ideological approach to jurisprudence that makes me skeptical that he can be a strong, independent justice on the court.”


    "Gorsuch will not "reinterpret" the Constitution to attempt to weaken it, will not likely interpret absolutely everything any leftwing nutcase considers is "a right" as a right, but WILL follow The Constitution's and The Bill Of Rights' intent...which is a clear and present danger to progressive liberalism, and our quest for socialism, and beyond. Therefore, because he will adhere to the Founding Documents, and the Rule Of Law, we vehemently oppose him."

    That about right?

  3. Nunya, I wouldn't have a chance posting that on cj, beside I don't have that kind of editing skills, oh and I am quitting cj this month, I noticed they were charging me twice on my card, idiots.

  4. There is no such thing as common ground with these people. You don't find common ground with fascist terrorist totalitarian godless radical left wing anti Americans who want to destroy everything we hold dear.

    These people won't be satisfied until our civil society is destroyed and replaced with some Marxist central planning massive government redistributive leviathan monstrosity. And I'm not interested.

    Where do we compromise? Do we surrender our guns? Our religious freedoms? Our free speech? Our unborn children? These are all things the godless left wants to take from us.

    Do you see them even suggesting any common ground after the lawful election of a new President? No, you see full blown anarchy and riots and insane out of control reactions from them, all in lockstep (or I should say goosestep)all chanting the same vile hateful lies, all funded by the evil satanic George Soros.

    Common ground? No, it's called surrender. When you are fighting a war and you yield ground you fought for and shed blood to gain, it's considered a loss. Lose enough of it and you lose the war. And we are in a war. Make no mistake. Just look at the hyperbolic extremist godless left and everything they are doing and saying daily, and tell me they aren't at war with us.

    No common ground for me. Time to crush this rebellion and squash these people like the cockroaches they are. This isn't the first rebellion the democrat party has attempted and it probably won't be the last. Rust never sleeps after all.

    If you think there is common ground to be found with these lying snakes then you probably need to examine your own beliefs. You are probably sympathetic to their cause at some level. And that's like a cancer. It will destroy you.

    #Make America Great Again

  5. The godless democrats are already starting to line up to "Bork" Judge Gorsuch. Senile old Nancy Pelosi sounds like a babbling idiot which of course she is. Shumer is already telling lies.

    So Shumer says the Judge will take away "women's rights". Can any of you ladies out there tell me what rights anybody wants to take away from you? Or what rights anybody can take away from you? What are these imaginary rights women are losing? I keep hearing it from these people without any explanation.

    I would ask for a liberal to explain it but they are all too cowardly to post here and besides all they are capable of is repeating talking points they've been given. They're actually more like parrots than thinking people.

    I say McConnell goes nuclear right away. Screw these people. They are going to burn this country down trying to derail the duly elected President of the United States.

  6. Common ground is the land couple feet on either side of the demarcation line established for the fight. The safety desired there, doesn't exist.
    Try to be soft, and you'll be gobbled up.

  7. Common ground part X

    OK, this pisses me off. President Trump planned a visit to the Harley Davidson plant in Milwaukee to talk about American jobs. Harley cancelled the visit out of fear of protests.

    Who am I pissed off at? I don't know.

    The godless left for this insanity they are perpetrating on America, for sure.

    But a little bit at Harley Davidson. I see their fears, but this is supposed to be an all American manufacturer who sells a product to Americans who in large part are big supporters of the President. Anybody see the Bikers for Trump that showed up at the inauguration? How many of those people were riding Harleys? Probably 95%, maybe more. So Harley just took the easy way out because of fear.

    You know what some would call that? Common ground. I'll surrender to your wishes if you compromise and don't disrupt my business and destroy and vandalize my manufacturing plant. What a great compromise.

    This just set the playbook for the godless left. They know now if they put on enough pressure they can make shit like this happen.

    The President should have brought out the National Guard to make the area safe from these seditious bastards. Or called up the Bikers for Trump to defend the Harley Davidson plant. Bet the protesters would have crapped their diapers when they saw a couple thousand bikers surrounding the place. And run away fast would be my guess.

    This is what the quest for "common ground" gets you. Nowhere.

    I call bullshit on everybody on this one.

    1. And you know what? If they fed them brats and bbq, and a few beers you bet your ass a few thousand bikers would have shown up just for fun. Hell, they go up there as a pilgrimage on a regular basis.

      The sad thing is Harley sells motorcycles to people who are not cowardly, timid nor afraid of much. That's why they ride Harleys instead of Hondas. You doubt that try kickstarting an old shovelhead sometime. Harley let them down.

  8. Right on Safe As much as I some times hate HD I would agree that they just lost some following over this. When a company like HD caves in to a bunch of snot nosed snowflakes they just cut their own throats. their sales are down and now they just lost some more sales. They could have had a big party and even sold some more bikes, but they caved in and now they will pay for it. Sorry but HD you get what you sow. I hope they are really happy now. In my whole like all the Libtards I have seen riding new Harley's ,I can count on one hand. Snowflakes and Libtards do not buy Harleys. Maybe some other real American companies will take notice and watch how this all turns out. Harley stock going DOWN.

  9. That's the last straw, I refuse to buy a Hardly.

  10. I don't own a Harley.... now I've got reason to not ever own a Harley.... What Harley needs to do is to look in the faces of the Veterans who ride their motorcycles to protect military families from the idiocy / lunacy / offensive WBC crazies.... etc.

  11. Just heard on the White House daily briefing the Harley Davidson officials will be having lunch with the president tomorrow.

  12. And as a sidenote it turns out that the misguided BLM thug urging others to start killing people is a Seattle pre school teacher.

    What a disgrace these people are...

  13. The more I have thought about it today, the more I think I'm okay with it.
    California should go about its merry way. At least at that point the Nazi er, democratic party would die. If they lose 55 electoral votes they would never win a national election again.
    Yep, I'm okay with that.
    I know folks may take issue with it, UT I'm okay with it.
    I say GO FOR IT!

  14. I absolutely agree.

    Let wallow in the filth they've created.

    Let em support every damned illegal from anywhere in the world they want and deal with the consequences.

    Let em pay for their own national security.

    And make em apply for temporary visas just to visit places like Vegas and if they over stay their visas deport their asses...

  15. Why bother with CJ? Nothing but mainstream not-the-news outlet. If one thinks back not so long ago, a president named Obama stopped immigrants from entering the United States of America from the same countries. Where was the outrage? Dead silence.

    When normal, America loving citizens called for all lives to matter, there was outrage. Those who say all lives matter were called racist.

    Based on liberal thinking, being right means being politically correct.

    I'd rather be wrong.

  16. Hammertime, I just popped in to post about that. As I type this, UC Berkley is on fire and there are people being beaten in the streets. Signs are being held up that say "becume [sic] ungovernable" and "this is war." These people obviously haven't heard of the #JumpagainstTrump protest method, which is where if you disagree with Trump you throw yourself from a building for social justice. Quite frankly I see that form of protest as much better for everyone as it is peaceful and doesn't generally involve the destruction of property unless there is a car in the way; it even has a positive effect on the economy. This is going to get much worse, but they don't realize that the majority of people disagree with them. They burn down their own cathedrals in an attempt to stop their enemies. They attack their own (see Shia being arrested), and they don't understand how to effectively protest. They know not what fire they started, and rightly so. For it shall consume them.

    (still new here so if my language is not appropriate forgive me)
    Good post, Kevin. This is the opportunity to kick in the teeth of the left and draw a line in the sand and push back all these hyper-sensitive cunts.
    All we have to do is attack. That's the trick, that's why Trump won. People think you need to be a moderate or an independent or a neutral party. They're wrong. You need to pick an extreme. You need to pick a side with a yes or a no answer. That's how you attract people. If you're too focused on being a moderate, if you try to approach the middle to appeal to moderates, you become indistinguishable from them. Your message becomes diluted. Attack, attack, attack. They're shooting themselves in the foot, and they need to be kicked while they're down.

  17. Agreed.

    There is no common ground with these people and those who still believe there is are only fooling themselves.

    These are either or times and need to be treated as such.

    Oh, and here's a link that'll take you to the Berkley carnage that took place last night.

    These people's idea of common ground is cowering down to them and shutting up.

    Not going to happen...

  18. Well look at all these smiling faces out here,good morning all!!

  19. Anthro says:

    "If you're too focused on being a moderate, if you try to approach the middle to appeal to moderates, you become indistinguishable from them. Your message becomes diluted."

    The problem for far too long has been that the extremist-left has been attempting to define "moderate" and "the middle" on a sliding scale...always further and further to the left.

    They have, for many years, been chipping away a bit at a time, which was their intention. When they decided in the 60's that the tactics of the domestic terrorists like Ayers and Dohrn, and other extremist-fringe groups' hatred, anti-Americanism and violence weren't really getting the results they wanted...they decided the best way to do it was to infiltrate government and schools to brainwash our kids and just average dolts who were lazy, stupid, greedy, wanted "free stuff", and could be conditioned to respond like the Pavlov dogs that they are. And boy, did they infiltrate!

    That's certainly what happened at Berkeley, and at the Supreme Court announcement, as they have successfully brainwashed and conditioned quite a number of Pavlonians to salivate, and whip into a frenzy, at the mere sight or sound of "conservativism".

    They seem to have actually managed to condition many of them to mimic a RABID Pavlov's dog...foaming at the mouth, spitting out vile substance, and with complete loss of mental faculty.

    So, they have completely taken over schools, even down into the grade school level...and EVEN into the preschool level (if the reports of the ignorant, foul-mouthed Seattle BLM-terrorist skank spewing death threats widely and everyone from the President and everyone in the White House, to pretty much ALL white people are true, in that she is preschool teacher? REALLY???! Hope someone teaches her a hard lesson, and never allows her near another child. Maybe a few decades in prison will give her time to think. Orange can be her new black.)

    They have infiltrated government, and have just this past 8 years been quite open about their status and hatred for America, and have enjoyed a long 8-year ride, when Obama crammed as many subversives, commies, socialists, racists, etc., in as he could.

    Hell...they even ran Sanders PROUD that he was totally un-American!

    It's good they are out in the light. It's easier to stomp out filthy, disease-ridden cockroaches when they are visible.

    Anyway, the conservatives have been allowing the commies to keep moving further and further left, and now, anything 1 mm right of 100% left is what the leftists consider "extreme right".

    Anthro is correct. Time to drag the middle WAY back to the right, where it belongs.

  20. From:

    Under 'About':

    "From a group of academic pioneers in 1868 to the Free Speech Movement in 1964, Berkeley is a place where the brightest minds from across the globe come together to explore, ask questions and improve the world."

    To which they should add "Unless, of course, you are not of the same intolerant, destructive, hate-filled feeble mind as us."


    "Each day, the Division of Equity and Inclusion works to build a campus where there are no 'others'; where our diverse ethnicities and cultures, backgrounds and identities, struggles and strengths make us—the students, researchers, faculty, and staff—all the richer."

    To which they should add "Unless, of course, you are not of the same intolerant, destructive, hate-filled feeble mind as us."

    What a bunch of self-deluded hypocrites.

  21. Good morning! Sarge, I'll bet you're one of those smiling faces.

    Anthro, UC Berkeley is not a place for education. It's all about indoctrination. It's about as worthless as it gets for an "institution of HIGHer education". #JumpforTrump is a brilliant way to protest.

    Have my coffee so all is well in my little world.

    1. PK, I have been smiling since Nov 8th, Our President Trump is out there making Liberals heads explode.

    2. He sure has. Things started to improve as soon as Trump won, but I'm pretty sure Obama will get the credit. One thing for sure, I've never seen so many alleged adults (Congress) have a temper tantrum at once. Get over it already.

  22. Good Grief there is only one guy posting over on Kevin's cj Blog, And that is Gary Hanson, what a idiot!!!

  23. Common ground part X

    Berkley still claims to be the home of free speech? Talk about total lack of self awareness. I remember the 60s when they actually were on the front of free speech, or they were speaking against America and supporting the Soviets which is what they consider free speech. But they were so proud that they spoke out to "the man" who wanted to repress them.

    Now they have become "the man". They openly and violently suppress free speech and any ideas contrary to the left wing doctrine. Guess what that makes them? The oppressors.

    What finer example of totalitarian Marxist philosophy than what we are seeing last night and pretty much all over America from the unhinged godless left.

    So how do you find that imaginary thing called common ground with people who will assault you and riot and burn and vandalize to prevent you from even expressing your ideas? How do you find common ground with people who won't let you speak but instead demand you shut up and submit to their will?

    Answer? You don't. You crush them like the cockroaches they are.

    The only reason these riots are continuing is a lack of incoming fire.

    I say bring in the troops, the fire hoses and the dogs. Line up and wade in, clubs swinging, tear gas flowing and following the Bearcat assault vehicles clearing a path. Arrest everyone you can get your hands on. Charge them with Federal crimes. Go after Soros who is funding all this. Hit him with a RICO investigation. Tear his shadow organizations apart and follow the money.

    Time to end this war. And you don't do that by "finding common ground". That's not how you end wars.

    1. Make no mistake, we are at war. The great General WT Sherman said a few things I like about this:

      "This war differs from other wars, in this particular. We are not fighting armies but a hostile people, and must make old and young, rich and poor, feel the hard hand of war."

      "My aim, then, was to whip the rebels, to humble their pride, to follow them to their inmost recesses, and make them fear and dread us. Fear is the beginning of wisdom."

      And a personal favorite:

      "I hate newspapermen. They come into camp and pick up their camp rumors and print them as facts. I regard them as spies, which, in truth, they are."

    2. Poof goes the first one my friend.

  24. Common ground part X

    Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, a couple of RINOs who say the are going to vote against Betsy Devos for Ed Sec. A candidate eminently qualified and a great choice. And two Republicans who might as well be democrats based on where their support usually falls.

    Is that an example of the imaginary "common ground"? To kill a nomination for a cabinet post to please the godless left? Will that make them less violent? Less hateful? More conciliatory? No. Not one bit.

    The teachers unions hate Betsy Devos because she is not beholden to them as is the democrat party. They will hate and oppose any candidate who is not a supporter of the democrat money laundering machine that is the teachers union.

    Look at a list of top donors to campaigns sometime. You will find teachers union in the top two or three every year. They give hundreds of millions to the democrats in return for slavish support in anything they want. The democrat party is bought and paid for by them.

    And what do we get? We spend more on education than any civilized country in the world for less results. Our public schools are not educational institutions but indoctrination centers. And they demand more money every year to deliver less.

    And now we have a couple of Republicans in Name Only giving them what they want. This is your common ground. This is what you get.

    1. Here's my shocked face....

      From the Washington Free Beacon:

      "The two Republicans who broke ranks with their party and announced they would vote against education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos have received thousands of dollars from the nation's largest teachers union.

      Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R., Alaska) and Susan Collins (R., Maine) have each benefited from contributions from the National Education Association. Collins received $2,000 from the union in 2002 and 2008, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Murkowski, meanwhile, has received $23,500."

  25. "They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate."