Friday, February 17, 2017

Press Conference Friday...

Just in case you missed it yesterday I've posted a video of yesterday's epic press conference in it's entirety.

Yes, it's an hour long but it's worth every minute of it.

In other news the new official face of what's left of today's democrat party, Michael Moore (otherwise known as the blob) has a few demands he wants met right friggin "NOW!"

1. The "blob" demands that President Donald J. Trump steps down "NOW."

2. The "blob" demands that Vice President Mike Pence not be allowed to replace him as the constitution requires in such a case.

3. The "blob" demands that The Supreme Court installs Hillary Clinton as the President of The United States.

4. The "blob" demands that if that can't be accomplished they find a fair and peaceful way to un-do then re-do the election of 2016.

And in even more (good) news, thanks to a package I received yesterday I'll be grilling steaks for dinner tomorrow night.

Thanks for everything, Sarge. You're a good man.

You guys have yourselves a good day...

Kevin McGinty


  1. NunyaFebruary 17, 2017 at 3:25 AM
    Good morning! FRIDAY!!

    HEY!!! Where's today's "Hate Blog"?

    OH...never mind. It's over at the "Communist Communicator" site...(the Urinal). Haha haaaa!

    Probably made little Sammie cry, and dive into the safe space. Sammie SHOULD just stop reading the blog, if truth offends so much. Should put up a pic out of a coloring book, and tell them if they are offended, to print it out, go to their therapy room, and color it in!

    Better yet, you could post a paint-by-numbers pic. Why? because the liberals have them so confused that they can't possibly know WHICH colors go where, in a regular coloring book!

    Take the following pic, for example. It has the sky as "blue". Color #1. Well...the snowflakes may decide the sky ISN'T blue, but is supposed to be pink! Without the numbers, they'll futz it all up! Their paintings would be all "trans-colored", I guess because "the sky is REALLY blue, but it THINKS it's pink!"

    Sammie seems like he/she could use one of those! Poor thing. Confusing truth with hate...and believing the leftists' hate is truth!

    Just don't suggest using "sidewalk chalk" to color to Sammie, though. THAT could be the thing that moves Sammie from a "partly-functioning illiterate", to locked up with group therapy sessions with Nurse Ratched!

  2. NunyaFebruary 17, 2017 at 4:29 AM
    President Trump's beatdown of the press was TREMENDOUS!

    Keep at it! Keep drilling in the TRUTH about the mainstream media "Fake News"! He HAS to! It's the tactic of the left, turned back on them.

    Keep saying it enough, and people will believe it! The difference is...keep PROVING it, and they'll be unable to deny it! THAT'S something the left can never do..."prove" things.

    They just "Lucinda" it...throw it at the wall, and see what sticks. No matter how stupidly outrageous and obviously false...that's what they do.

    They "Buttstache" it. Keep harping the same ignorant garbage over and over and over again, hoping at least a few idiots find their ramblings relevant.

    Yes...keep throwing "The Truth" back at them. As often as possible.

    Now, the media is whining about some imagined loss "constitutional rights" or some such nonsense.

    I have "Real News" for them (as it MUST be "news" to them, since they are apparently unaware of the concept and meaning of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Honestly, though, can't blame them entirely for their ignorance. They just haven't been taught these things in schools for so long, none of them knows anything about it).

    With "Constitutional Rights", comes "Responsibility".

    If those "Actual Rights" are being abused with dishonesty, anti-Constitutional stuff, hatred, greed, selfishness, violence, destruction, etc., to try to "get your way" and to try to acquire "Fake Rights", then that's irresponsible, and it's trampling on the "Actual Rights" of others.

    Therefore, since the "actual" explicit rights (clearly laid out in the Founding Documents) are being irresponsibly denied others, then the "rights-of-others violators" should no longer expect rights, themselves.

    Those clueless leftists who irresponsibly violently protest and are causing damage are violating the rights of others...and should just have their skulls cracked open, if they don't disperse when told to. If that doesn't work...step it up a notch.

    They have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to do these things. They have a right ONLY to "peacefully gather in protest",AND they have no right to deny others OUR "actual rights" to go on with our daily business. They step things up...they just forfeited their "rights".

    The concept they MUST learn is "responsibility", and parents and schools SHOULD be teaching "Personal Responsibility"...instead of that brainwashed "groupthink social justice" crap. When they groupthink, they have just abandoned their own personal responsibility, and indeed, their own selves, completely.

    The media and leftist-run schools ARE the evil source of "groupthink", and the reason so many have lost their own "souls".

  3. Will LoebeckFebruary 17, 2017 at 4:51 AM

    Now that is childish, Nunya. You don't want Native Americans in the Republican party or just not in your little group, where everyone has to agree with you? I reread Sammies post, I don't believe he likes his grandmother to be called a "Squaw" or "Teepee dweller". I have Sioux blood and don't like either. I call it fighting words. What did the Native Americans do to you personally? Say what is the nationality of your ancestors?

  4. NunyaFebruary 17, 2017 at 5:06 AM
    Here's some skank from the Washington Compost laying out HER version of "the truth":

    A few choice lines (that I get to tear to shreds):

    "As Michael Flynn took on his role in the Trump administration, the U.S. intelligence community had already unanimously concluded that Russian hacking, and Russian trolling, played a role in the presidential election. But the question of whether Flynn, Trump or anyone else had promised the Russian government something in exchange for that help remained wide open."

    Last sentence: "..but the question...remains wide open."

    In other words, "I'm TELLING you THIS is what happened, but we now have to spin it into our alternate reality!"

    "The call may not necessarily be the smoking gun, the ultimate “proof” that there was a quid pro quo: “You help us with the election, we help you by lifting sanctions.” But it sure looks like it could be."

    Condensed version: ""The call may not necessarily be the smoking gun. But it sure looks like it could be. We just now have to spin it into our alternate reality!"

    "That explains why Flynn lied...yada, yada" (see...she just absolutely DETERMINED it to be true!)

    "That explains why — although he has known about this issue for many weeks — the president did not fire Flynn earlier. That also explains why the president has expressed regret..." and "explains why Flynn resigned." Again...she just absolutely banged down the gavel on the "Guilty" verdict!

    Here's the REAL kicker:

    "Supposedly, he dropped the idea of an executive order because of..."

    WTF?! "SUPPOSEDLY"???!!!

    What kind of a "journalist" are you, lady?! "SUPPOSEDLY"??!!

    And...the kicker to the kicker:

    "Now we know that there could have been another reason:"

    "Now we "KNOW"...there "COULD HAVE BEEN"...??!!!

    All THAT, lady, is a prime example of why your column is 100% "FAKE NEWS" bullshit, and she should go find a real job...something you are qualified for. EVERY PART of that story is "supposition", with NOTHING proven! Yet, she sits there with that stupid smirk on her face...possibly channeling Rachel Madcow, I presume...and thinks she's supplying ANY "relevant information"??

    Maybe she could go work with Batshit, cleaning toilets?

    Jeez...those people probably don't even realize their own hypocritical idiocy.

  5. NunyaFebruary 17, 2017 at 5:09 AM
    Pardon my mix of addressing her as "you", and also "she". I typed it quickly.

  6. Kevin: just a thanks for all the blogs you put out, It brought out many great new friends for me to enjoy, it means the world to this old man. :)

  7. So apparently the big fat tub of goo Michael Moore has America confused with his favorite country Cuba. See Mr Moore, our courts don't appoint Presidents. The people of the United States do.

    And the simple fact that you and the rest of the godless democrat party don't like who we elected really doesn't matter. Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States. Duly and lawfully elected by us.

    And no amount of caterwalling by a morbidly obese America hating communist sympathizing blob of humanity is going to change that. No amount of whining and screeching and crying and rioting by the godless democrats is going to turn America into a dictatorship, much as all those miserable seditionists would like that to happen.

    So gripe away. Lie, distort, slander, libel till your fat little heart explodes from trying to pump blood to a mass the size of Rhode Island. Nothing will change.

    And hey, did I mention President Trump's approval rating is now up to 55%?

    And Hillary Clinton is speaking at ceremonies dedicating postage stamps. But she did win the popular vote, so she's got that going for her.

    1. Poof that baby went with very little edit.

  8. Heard comments from a guy who is the head of an association for colored people. "Trump's a racist". "Trump hates women". Blah blah blah. Claimed the President said things he never said. Made them up. Twisted everything he did say. Typical godless left wing attack dog stuff.

    You know, we're going to hear this crap for the next eight years. And they really think this is helping them. I think we should let them believe that, and in fact encourage it. The more of that crap they excrete the sicker America gets of them. I think it's working great. For us.

    And President Trump just keeps winning. He just won the hearts and votes of every person in the coal industry and saved an entire industry and hundreds of thousands of people from economic collapse. He won the hearts of the majority of Americans with his unwavering support of our friend and ally Israel much to the despair of the anti-Semitic godless left, who has been on a rampage for years to see Israel destroyed. Islamo-fascists they are.

    Jobs created by the hundreds of thousands. Real jobs, not part time minimum wage jobs. Industry returning. Manufacturing plants being built. Boeing workers in South Carolina voting out the union by a huge margin.

    But you know the best sign we are winning? The total and hysterical meltdown of the godless left. Their reaction is telling us we have won. They no longer are capable of functioning in our civil society. They have reduced themselves to caterwauling mindless blithering spit lickers like Michael Moore. It's all they have left. They are incapable of looking around them and seeing America has rejected their pseudo Marxist agenda and they are finished.

    #Loving Every Minute Of It

    #Watering The Tree Of Liberty With Liberal Tears

  9. Poof that's a goner also, good job safe, I may take a beating from the pukes on the left, but I will enjoy every min of it, LOL

  10. Good morning!

    Well, I saw yesterday that someone got all "Butthurt" by me calling Dizzy Mizz Lizzy Warren "Faux Squaw", and started SQUAWking out nonsense. Not sure what the moron was referencing it to with anything I wrote yesterday...but, there it was...hanging there like a big ol' booger out of Batshit's nose, or something. Hell, I wrote that probably a week or more ago! Maybe it took him that long to look up all the words I wrote, in the dictionary?

    I find it a bit amusing that these leftists get all unhinged and extremely angry, and lash out with their feeble attempts to anger others...that only cause us to laugh more at them!

    The person was even doing what liberals tend to do, and threatened violence! To clear things up with his misconception that I offended Native Americans, let me say that I haven't called ANY Native American a "squaw". I called Elizabeth Warren a "Faux Squaw".

    This person is apparently more enraged (even threatening liberals are wont to do!) that I called Lizzy a squaw, than he is that Lizzy totally disrespected native Americans by claiming she is one!

    This person would likely endorse Lyin' Lizzy clear to the White House, knowing that she misappropriated the Native American heritage to further her own selfish, greedy career goals. The potential exists that anyone who would do such a callous thing as Lizzy did could deny a REAL Native American an opportunity. Why don't you SQUAWk about THAT?!

    So, I didn't call ANY Native American "a squaw". I wouldn't do that. It would be offensive and denigrating. I have great respect for the heritage and customs of Native Americans. (Well...not so much the ones who went around killing each other in bloodbaths, but hey...they're only human, too...right?)

    Warren deserves to be offended and denigrated for her racist hijacking of a demographic of which she doesn't belong. SHE is who I was offending! Hell, ANYONE who uses the divisive tactics of "demographic identification for purposes of sorting who gets what" deserves to be denigrated!

    Liberals are always screaming bloody-murder about "we're all the same!!!"..."EQUALITY!!!", yet, are the ones most entrenched in "identity politics", and go so far as to engage in riots and violence over it!

    So, if I offended this person...I'm sorry...

    I'm sorry you are a thin-skinned, humorless hypocrite who has no problem denigrating others in racist ways (like your suppositions about my ancestry...and it's none of your damn business). I'm sorry you are such a snowflake that absolutely everything causes you to instantly melt down. I'm sorry you have a mental disorder called "liberalism".

    Now, then...we can put this behind us, and you can get on with your planning for "Warren 2020"!


    1. I don't play. Want to talk to my face I'll be at the bike show, SNCO fair grounds Ag Hall, Sunday after 12pm. Ask for Will. 05 Blue Bagger.

      My guess is you have what the ladies call that Little Man Disease or LMD for short. No pun intended. Little guys like to talk tough and use nasty words around women. Sense you apologized, for denigrating Native Americans how about apologizing to the conservative ladies for using the word the "Skank." Anybody with brains knows that word isn't liked by conservative ladies. I say conservative cause most middle American conservative women have morals, character, and something sorely lacking today, class. At least the ones I know do. Wise up.

  11. Let's cheer Michael Moore!

    Michael Moore, he's a bore,
    A big, fat slob of a media whore,
    Pinko commie to the core,
    Small-minded moron...Michael Moore!

    (please try not to puke when you see the Blob's pic?)

  12. OK, that I got all THAT cleared up...

    What do we have over at Commie Central?'s a nice little letter!

    "Letter: Jobs not likely to return under Donald Trump"

    Well...they sure as hell ain't gonna DISAPPEAR in the YUUUGE numbers that we've seen under Imam Obama! least President Trump is attempting to "create the conditions" to keep, or create, many more BETTER-PAYING jobs! Unlike Imam Obama, whose idea of "job growth" was minimum wage jobs, and getting citizens laid off to fill the jobs with illegals, etc. (Gotta throw a few crumbs to those future Democrat voters!)

    "Many of the jobs lost in the past decade have not been due to “terrible” trade agreements, as the president states, but the displacement of workers by automation."

    "Partly true", on the bullshit meter.

    Many HAVE been due to terrible trade conditions. And, Ross...that "$15/hr minimum wage" crap (for unskilled, no experience, starter jobs) is what is DRIVING "automation" in, say...the fast food industry.

    Now, we get to Ross' REAL agenda of his letter. (That other stuff is only filler, like styrofoam peanuts surrounding the valuable item that he's trying to send.)

    "Some of the more technologically advanced countries have looked ahead and have proposed a universal basic income to help those workers displaced by technology."

    WHOA!!! "UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME"!!! That sounds GREAT!!! But...umm...wait a minute.

    If nobody is working to pay taxes...and taxes are needed to pay everyone not working...wait a minute....

    I SENSE something not quite doable, there...but can't QUITE put my finger on what it is.... me out here, guys. Anyone able to figure out this very difficult-to-comprehend conundrum?'s too difficult for me. And... for Ross.

    (Maybe Ross should have thought a LOT more before making a fool of himself, in such a way?)


  13. What else we got over there at the peepot?

    Ooooooo....looks like we'll have some juicy drama coming up about THIS!

    Didn't take but 2 seconds to find out that there will be all kinds of controversy surrounding this candidate...and his worst critic is his brother, who absolutely SAVAGES him on YouTube!
    Not sure what to make of either guy. His brother is obviously liberal, judging from his Trump-bashing. The candidate is made to look something like "a far-right survivalist nutcase", and part of that is his own projection.

    Not exactly sure what to make of THIS:

    These next vids are long and rambling. But, they were sure to surface soon, anyway, if he pursues the office. The next two are his brother literally ripping him to shreds:


    Probably more out there.

    I'm not making ANY judgement calls about all this! I know neither guy, but this doesn't look good for EITHER of them. Only thing I'm sure of is...looks like this could get ugly real quick.

  14. Just saw the "Obama encourages illegals to vote" blog.

    I remember that. the bass-ackwards anti-American liberals, you don't become a citizen and THEN vote. If you are illegal, you vote, which automatically makes you a citizen!

    I still contend that the MAIN REASON illegal-voter fraud is not reported as much higher, is that it's so easy to get away with that few are caught!

    The libs KNOW this, and that's why they fight so hard against ensuring election integrity by requiring absolute proof.

    It's just that obvious.

  15. Off to start my busy day!

    Enjoy the weather, folks!

  16. Staffs hates deez smartfone keepads to...also found lotsa changes on cj but. Very happy to see so many still here! Aka catsncats

  17. Cats and cats is that really you, don't mess with is now, we been waiting so long to find out about what happen, if you God bless you and welcome home.

    1. Yup its me...the old laptop died life happened in other venues and took awhile to persevere and get back on track but all good now. Still dont like trump but have to give him lotsa purrs for that presser yesterday and he sure as hell aint the emperor obama...hung my flag back up on inaugural day.8

  18. And damned if he aint setting the libs' hair on fire!6

  19. Holy moly! If that really is cats, it is darn nice to hear from ya! Welcome back!!!!!

  20. "There are now people who would rather chop off their hands than vote for Merkel," says one Merkel confidant.

    Hahaha, well has Germany caught the same bug we did when it came to Clinton?
    Will it matter, and is it too late for Europe?
    Leads me to alot of curiosity, especially with brexit and the global nationalism that might be taking place.

    Here's the rest of the article....


      Bad link earlier, my bad.

  21. My, my, my...

    How in the hell you been, cats?

    You have no idea how glad I am to hear from you...

  22. Okay Ginny, when you were at the last summit you were at, when I walked you to your car what was it I carried for you and people signed?

    Sargejr. :)

  23. Hammer glad to see you are still around. As far as europe in general. A hot mess except for maybe australia...but watch out for Dugin, putin's enforcer. He stays below the radar and is dangerous. Alexandr is first name. I am back online and will be digging into more on him.

  24. Sarge...gotcha!! A lovely picture of a big fluffy orange lion of a lap kitty that hangs above my bed...any questions???

  25. Kevin was so happy to find you still here and fighting on as well...i have really missed all of you. Have had a lot on my plate but we keep on keepin on and God of course is still around...

  26. Ginny, None now so happy you are okay, can't wait to give you a BIG hug, at the next summit, and I will replace that 6pk of bud you left in my cooler. Lol Prayers do get answered.

  27. Cats you made my day. I haven't been this happy since election night.

    The prodigal (cat) returns!

    1. Safe...trump not my first choice ; but i celebrated too and his inaugural speech was a classic...the clintons and obamas definitely got that message. Not so sure about some of those old rinos though. And if Trump actually is able to turn this country around he will have my vote next time.

  28. sarge quit tripping over the damned beer! Good grief! Libs local and national in total .meltdown. Will play around tomorrow with cj and see if i can get on blogs without a the local bunch melt a little more...;))

  29. Ginny. I just dropped CJ today, I got tired of paying $9.95 a month to be censored.

    1. So they are still ignoring the not surprised. Not worth any 995 to put up with that crap

  30. HEY!!! The stray Cats found her way back! Had everyone kinda wonderin' and worryin'..;^) Welcome home!

    Good morning everyone!

    I'll open with a totally unexpected thing from over at the Topeepot Capital-Urinal:

    "Voters await economic revival in a part of pro-Trump America"

    An AP article that isn't 100% Trump-bash!

    THAT'S surprising! AND, it's surprising that those Godless commies at the Urinal decided to run it!

    What's MOST surprising, though? It's this sentence that got printed (3rd sentence from the end):

    “The play-by-play don’t mean bullshit,” he said. “It’s like watching the Super Bowl. What counts is how it ends.”

    HEY!!!! THEY can print "bullshit", but nobody else can write it in a blog?!!! I call..."BULLSHIT"!!!

    You can bet that if I chose to still post over there, I'd be all over that hypocritical bullshit like flies on...bullshit!

    Not that I'd really WANT a newspaper blog (using the term "newspaper" loosely for that dying little commie propaganda rag) full of more-extreme vulgarities. Not the place for that.

    They ban "anchor babies" and "Godless liberals"...but allow "bullshit"?!

    Isn't that "a famly-friendly paper"? Why would they allow such a word? Does nobody even check the AP articles they run, or do they just figure "Hey, we trust the like-minded anti-American AP...don't bother proofreading, or even scanning it quickly...just run it."

    Even worse...why would an AP journalist even write that word, in the first place, knowing it's going to be syndicated to papers everywhere? (And I use the word "journalist" loosely, when talking about AP ones, since they have been proving their total disregard for tuth, journalistic integrity and objective reporting.)

    Craziness. Wonder how long that word stays?

  31. Hmmmm..."Get up in the morning, get on the bus....get up in the morning like the rest of us! Places to go, important people to meet.
    Better not get up or you might lose your seat. Bus driiiiver..."

    "Topeka bus drivers and administrators at odds over policy designed to cut overtime"

    "Since May drivers starting their shift have relieved others in the field before the bus returns to the hub at the Quincy Street station. This system requires the relief driver to take an older model TMTA-owned car to the relief point, usually a stop at the farthest point on the line, to switch a new driver with one at risk of working overtime hours."

    Seems to me....

    Buses run a route, on a schedule. The drivers and management all know the routes and schedules.

    Here's a novel idea:


    Hmmm...wonder why nobody thought of THAT?!

    Then, there's this:

    "Under this new system, employees waste time driving around the city and as much as 30 minutes waiting on the bus to arrive"...“We’re driving all over the city to switch drivers,” Wright said. “A bus might leave Quincy Street for the Wanamaker Walmart at the same time I leave the admin building to pick up the driver. It’s not a good use of time.”

    Ummm....Mr. Wright. Do you EXPECT the bus to get from Quincy to Wanamaker as fast as you, when leaving at the same time? here's another novel idea:

    The buses run a route, on a schedule.You all know about what time the bus is supposed to get to Wanamaker. LEAVE A LITTLE WHILE LATER! Meanwhile, you can sweep a floor, or something.

    I see NO reason a bus driver should get much, if any, OT...if proper planning is done properly for the route and schedule.

    Good grief. This ain't "rocket surgery"!

  32. Well, now...HERE'S our daily AP (Anti-American Press) Trump-bash hitpiece!

    "Insisting he was the victim of false reporting, Trump said his White House was running “so smoothly” and that he “inherited one big mess.” The president has been trying refocus after reports of disarray and dysfunction within his administration."

    He is a victim, and he did inherit a helluva big, steamy pile left behind by Imam Obama.

    By the way, to the "professional journalists" at AP who write this...

    "The president has been trying refocus..."

    That would read better if you put the "to" between "trying" and "refocus". We understand, though. You likely didn't get a REAL education as the Liberal Indoctrination Centers focused on "social justice" instead of "learning", and teaching HOW to think.

    "And he’s also had to contend with crowds of protesters. Thousands of them were out on the streets of Dallas and Los Angeles to oppose immigration enforcement raids and to support immigrants and refugees generally. In Los Angeles, an organizer urged local authorities not to spend money on immigration enforcement."

    Fine, then. Local authorities don't follow the law on immigration enforcement, we FEDERAL TAXPAYERS don't spend on local...ANYTHING! Just that simple. Make your choice.

    Most of the article isn't SUPER-vicious towards President Trump, but they just couldn't resist getting a final cheap shot in from behind, as they turned tail to run:

    "Trump has lurched from crisis to crisis since the inauguration, including the botched rollout of his immigration order, struggles confirming his Cabinet picks and a near-constant stream of reports about strife within his administration."

    Those "crises" aren't crises at all. The Fake News mainstream media turn them into that (like this article). The "botched rollout" was botched by the most anti-Constitutional, most-overturned leftist Commie-liberal court in the land. So, that's saying more about liberal "botchulism", than it says about President Trump. The "near-constant reports of strife" are mostly Fake News mis- and disinformation, twisting facts, and just plain "attacks on President Trump".

    The AP, and the rest of liberal MSM is at an all-time low in "trust" rating...for a reason.

    They're liars.


    "New data corroborate federal tallies of absenteeism at USD 501"

    Skipping if they can afford to do THAT!

    172 days kids actually in class in USD501 high schools. That equals about 5.7 months. Less than half a year, for 9 months worth of school. 172 days in, 193 out.

    Chop 3 weeks off for the many kids mentioned, that's another 15 school days off. 172-15 = 157. So, that's 157 days in, 208 out.

    Approximately 6.5 hours a day total (7 hours class, 1/2 hour lunch), a student who misses no class, is in class only 1118 hours of the entire year. (6.5 x 172 = 1118)

    There are 8760 hours in a year, total.

    1118 is 12.76% of 8760.

    Topeka High students who miss no class spend appx. only 12.76% of the entire hours in a year in class.

    Students who miss the three weeks (15 days) (6.5 x 157 = 1020.5 hours in school)?
    1020.5 is 11.65% of 8760.

    They are only in class 11.65% of the entire hours in a year.

    1118 / 24 = 46.58 days. 46.58 x 4 years of high school = the equivelent of 186.32 days, total, of "non-missed" high school time in the 1460 days of their 4 years of high school life. (365 x 4 = 1460).

    Which, still equals 12.76%.

    Fulltime job?

    365 - 104 (52 x 2; weekends) = 261 days. 261 - (average) 10 holidays = 251 days/yr.

    251 x 8 = 2008 hours worked in a year of 8760 total hours.

    2008 is 22.92% of a fulltime working person's life, at a job, per year.

    Maybe, to better prepare them for the real world, they should spend more than 11-12% of their entire 4 years of high school lives in school, learning more, and more time getting used to..."the real world"? Maybe transistion them each year of high school into "real world hours"?

    And, start teaching them HOW to think, instead of just WHAT to think? No wonder too many are becoming more and more clueless.

  34. Nunya I was just about to say that!!! Lol

  35. Mornin, all...of course stray cats always return. To places they like. Nunya your excellent posts continue to point out the pathetic results of leftist prog hypocricy. I swear if they had their way we all would be turned into genderless one-dimensional carbon units unable to have any ability for principled reasoned solutions to any problem. Likely we would end up getting punished by being sat on by Michael Moore...and praying he doesnt fart...

    1. Good Grief, and a good morning back to ya Ginny.

      Tis so fantabulously wonderful to see you!


    3. Back atcha!! Still playing your music? We need it much these days...

    4. Yes, I still think of myself as a beginner of sorts though... got much more to grow in guitar. ♫♪

      Will have to play for you at the next summit.. but I gotta be in daylight if we're outside.... if it's too dark, it's hard to see the music.

  36. The sad state of schools these days is why my son forks over the bucks to send my grandson to a private school while still being forced to pay taxes for public schools that are failing kids miserably. Children deserve better.

  37. Being reported on fox today; more exec orders coming...and that aint NO BULLSHIT!!! With Sessions in, they will pass constitutional muster. As the leftist progs continue to burn their hair, may i suggest they mix it with some mango chutney and give those geico raccoons a treat?

  38. Your apology of setting their hair on fire cracks me up, cats.

    I heard someone talking about members of the media setting their hair on fire and running into a plate glass window just to get attention...

    1. Nothing theyd do or say would shock me these days..flipped to cnn and mslsd after presser and they were a hoot, chattering like magpies and getting all indignant as though some prankstet put a sack of dog poo on their porch and lit it afire.

  39. A very big and HAPPY HELLO CatsnCats, Ginny! Hope you remember my wife Ilene and I, talking with you at the summit. Honestly, we had almost given up on ever hearing from you again. Thank God for your 9 lives and spirit that left all of us at the summit with a most positive and rewarding outlook on life! So glad to see you back!

    1. Yup i do remembet you two...happy so many of you are still hanging around in the bunker and that Kevin has it for us to visit...

    2. CATS it is so good to hear from you again!!!! This is CAPOI or RP if you prefer. My goggle account has been hacked by my 7 year old foster (soon to be adopted) son.

  40. And after all this time i still have fond memories of a place called the Golden cornell...and the lady who ran it.

  41. Rikki is doing a happy dance.... to see Cats here makes my heart smile!

  42. I'm getting ready to head out for the evening with my handsome hubby.... Will be back later this evening though.


  43. Replies
    1. Lol... My wife would kill me if I tried to watch it again...

    2. I hear that I want to watch it again, but my heath say it is time for me to fill up with all this crap they keep throwing at me and go to bed, so I can wake up at 1 am and start over. Good night everyone.

  44. Special note to Batshit:

    Do you really think I give a shit how many of my blogs and or comments you get pulled over on that other website?

    The people I'm trying to reach were reached.

    So what did you accomplish?

    You proved just how irrelevant you've become.

    Last man standing?

    More like the last pathetic troll hiding in the shadows because you lack the courage to come out in the open...

    1. Along with being a mediocre lawyer, he is also a mediocre troll!

  45. Had a wonderful evening with my handsome hubby... just checking messages, and wanted to visit here before I call it a night.

    Hugs to each of you....


  46. Right back at ya, Rikki.

    And thanks for being part of this dysfunctional little group of ours...

    1. Good Morning - yes I know it's insanely too early... (smiles).

      Thank Kevin, I enjoy being part of this dysfunctional little group.

    2. Thanks (I accidentally left off the 's' on the post above... it is too early - think I'll get some more zzzz's then try getting back up again.... (smiles).

  47. So..Kevin. I remember that fool all too well...and still have lotsa aromatic calling cards with those lovely blue crystals. But he gets carp and not the delectable whitefish. Gotta earn that.
    Sleep well,all. Purrs....

  48. Good morning! Happy President's Day!

    This is a day to honor "the office" of the Presidency of the United States of America.

    It's a day to honor GREAT Presidents, and even "just good" or, perhaps even "well, didn't make things a whole helluva lot WORSE, anyway!" Presidents.

    It's a day to also remember that we need to be careful about whom we allow to get into office, as there have been quite a few who have totally DISHONORED the office. Such as the previous one, of whom we will be cleaning up...for quite some time...the big, steaming pile that narcissistic, unqualified, inexperienced, hateful, divisive, America-hating, Socialist, community-agitator windbag dumped on this great nation.

    Here's an amusing little list that ALREADY ranks President Trump at #11, and Imam Obama #18 (with our Muslim-minded friend likely to keep going down, as more people vote, and more is found out).

    I imagine that as the swamp starts getting drained, all the anti-American subversives of the Imam Obama administration are exposed, Barry's "hidden life" that they've kept under wraps starts leaching out, and all the lawlessness and unconstitutionality comes to light, Barry will eventually sink like a rock to at least NEAR the bottom of the list.

    I'm sure our old P.A.L., Batshit, would rank Emperor O at #1...being as how he's completely clueless, and proves he's wrong about every little thing. But, that's OK. Stupid people provide a baseline to differentiate between reality and insanity.

    With that happy thought in mind, and a day off to boot...Happy President's Day, all you deplorable people! Good to get some rain, eh?!


    Good grief!

    Give it up, already!!