Monday, February 20, 2017

So John McCain is mad at President Trump huh?

Well, does anybody care?

McCain is the guy who lost an election he should have won. President Trump is the guy who won the election he should have lost. Check the difference you pathetic old RINO.

But it is funny how now the godless left thinks McCain is the great spokesman for the Republican party, filled with wisdom and they just respect him to no end. But when he ran for president they attacked him like the rabid dogs they are. Just goes to prove, once again, they will do and say anything without regard to truth if it benefits them.

So do you worry about the relentless attacks by the left and their media against our President? The lies, the fake news, the hyperbolic insane rants and raves? I know I ran across something on facebook some leftie posted listing all the brave and virtuous actions they are taking hoping to undermine the President and punish America for voting the wrong way. Marches and hashtags and social media and posting lots of nasty things on the interwebs. You'd think to hear them tell it they were the French Resistance in WWII.

But in the end what does it accomplish? I would say not much. Sure they get all riled up, jumping up and down, arms akimbo, spittle flying from their mouths while they scream and holler. And they line up to pat each other on the back and agree with every word. But outside of their little world, who really cares?

President Trump's popularity is going up every day. Rasmussen has him at 55%. He's getting things done even with the roadblocks the left is throwing up as fast as he knocks them down. He's been more productive in his first 30 days than obama was in eight years, if you measure productivity is actual forward progress for America, which I do.

So they will continue, no doubt. But most of America isn't listening. We're too busy to worry about what a bunch of freeloading welfare collecting underemployed living in their parents basement trolls have to say. They just don't matter.

And as the President gets his agenda in place, rolling back regulations, tax cuts, business friendly laws and economics, and the jobs start happening, and the country starts growing again the noise will fade to a dull roar. As we get this Marxist attempt at healthcare reform rolled back and replaced with something market driven that makes sense for everybody, people will forget all this nonsense.

Already the media's approval rating is somewhere around the same as getting dog shit on your shoe. Maybe a little lower. So nobody trusts them now. So let the heathen rage.

And remember this. When they start up with the popular vote crap, which is pretty much a daily chant with them, look who's living in the White House and flying on Air Force One. And look who's giving speeches at stamp dedication ceremonies. That's what the popular vote is worth.

And one more thing. Odd that all the only speeches Hillary is giving is for stamp dedication ceremonies. What happened to her getting $200K for a half hour speech to some bunch of important people? I guess when you are in the business of selling influence and you run out of inventory you close up shop. But she's the first one they call when they have a stamp that needs dedicating.


  1. Tweet today from Sean Spicer:

    We honor all living Presidents this Presidents Day:
    Jimmy Carter
    George H W Bush
    Bill Clinton
    George W Bush
    Valerie Jarrett
    Donald Trump

  2. Valerie Jarrett...that's funny!!!

  3. Good morning! Happy President's Day!

    This is a day to honor "the office" of the Presidency of the United States of America.

    It's a day to honor GREAT Presidents, and even "just good" or, perhaps even "well, didn't make things a whole helluva lot WORSE, anyway!" Presidents.

    It's a day to also remember that we need to be careful about whom we allow to get into office, as there have been quite a few who have totally DISHONORED the office. Such as the previous one, of whom we will be cleaning up...for quite some time...the big, steaming pile that narcissistic, unqualified, inexperienced, hateful, divisive, America-hating, Socialist, community-agitator windbag dumped on this great nation.

    Here's an amusing little list that ALREADY ranks President Trump at #11, and Imam Obama #18 (with our Muslim-minded friend likely to keep going down, as more people vote, and more is found out).

    I imagine that as the swamp starts getting drained, all the anti-American subversives of the Imam Obama administration are exposed, Barry's "hidden life" that they've kept under wraps starts leaching out, and all the lawlessness and unconstitutionality comes to light, Barry will eventually sink like a rock to at least NEAR the bottom of the list.

    I'm sure our old P.A.L., Batshit, would rank Emperor O at #1...being as how he's completely clueless, and proves he's wrong about every little thing. But, that's OK. Stupid people provide a baseline to differentiate between reality and insanity.

    With that happy thought in mind, and a day off to boot...Happy President's Day, all you deplorable people! Good to get some rain, eh?!

  4. His Tweet might have been more accurate if he'd said something like "Valerie Jarrett/George Soros."

  5. And you just gotta love how that senile old loser, John McCain is doing everything he can to remain relevant.

    He sorta reminds me of ol' Batshit.

    A dried up piece of crap who's 15 minutes of fame (shame) has come and gone...

  6. When I read that tweet I had to sit down from laughing so hard.
    To be able to trigger the left and tell a joke at the same time?
    That's legendary stuff.
    Good on Spicer for sure...

  7. And when McCain the 96 year old man runs his crotchety ol mouth internationally, I'm pretty sure most don't listen.
    He's just that bitter ol relative you just smile at and ignore at the family gatherings.
    I still honor his military service, so he has that. But that's all...

  8. Let Spicer keep on being real, because that was truth to those of us in for Mclame he just needs to go away. Sad angry bitter old crank.
    So sez cats...

  9. Speaking of jarrett the iranian shadow woman...who was she actually working for? I have long wondered about that.

  10. Just wanted to stop bye and say a BIG HELLO and welcome back to Cats. I thought I seen a kitty cat but I was on a vacation of sorts so I couldn't say hi then. Good to hear from you cats and I will be back. I am even on CJ now. They hate it too but nothing they can do to stop us. later Oh and big brother Dan says HI

    1. And lotsa purrs to both of you too! Stay strong over there...they dont realize, in their progressive delusions, that they have all the symptoms of a disease called "diarrhea of the blowhole" . there is a Cure but when did they ever listen to us?

    2. Ya coulda seen a kittycat but a scary one if she wasnt wearing her teeth...!!;))

    3. Glad your back. I just wish we could post a HAPPY CAT for you. But your being back makes us ALL HAPPY Cats

    4. Yes I know about the teeth thing

    5. Funny!!;)) happens to the best of us...
      Aka cats...

  11. We now are finding out a bunch of people who took off work for the immigrant protest or whatever it was got fired. They took off work without permission and when they returned they didn't have jobs. The stories are coming out now.

    Of course the godless left is railing about the first amendment which has absolutely no application here. Old rule most of us know. You have a job, show up for work. Don't show up for work, get fired. Pretty simple stuff.

    The irony is these people were apparently immigrants who were working at companies that were happy to hire immigrants. So they took off work to protest what exactly? Seems like they just screwed their employer who was already supporting them.

    Want to be the new hires won't be immigrants?

  12. Guess they thought the Lord said"trains" when He passed out brains...and didnt get on board...


  13. "A DAY without illegal immigrants? GRANTED! If one is good, ALL of them will be even better! You're FIRED!"

  14. To celebrate "Not My President's Day", protests sprang up all over the place protesting...uh...pretty much...nothing and anything, everything and...whatever. (They're just a bunch of confused, backwards pissed-off liberals...but that's what liberals are.)

    To try to gain insight into what they are protesting, Tucker Carlson invited a confused, liberal gay guy on to shed some light.

    The gay guy's head full of air apparently made him even LIGHTER in the loafers, and he just couldn't pinpoint exactly what is that President Trump is going to do to gays, except regurgitate crap like "Well. it's well-known his views" and "APPARENTLY, there is legislation floating around"...y'know...all that non-existant stuff.

    Carlson reminded confused-gay-guy that Congress enacts legislation, not the President. (Well...unless you are Imam Obama and his subversives, and bypass Congress on absolutely EVERYTHING).

    Anyway, just more proof that they have absolutely NO idea what the hell they are protesting.

    They're just protesting.

    Anything. And...nothing at all.

  15.'s a link to Carlson vs. Confused (in many ways) gay guy:

  16. I saw the guy on Tucker last night. Poor little teary eyed poof is all worried the fascist Donald Trump is going to hurt gay people. He said it. He said that's why he was out there.

    When Tucker challenged him to provide one single thing President Trump has said that would cause gay people to be afraid he couldn't. He fluttered and stammered and changed the subject and used every left wing tactic to derail the question but in fact could not name one single thing. Because President Trump, nor Candidate Trump has ever said anything that would cause gay people to be afraid. In fact he has expressed support for them. It's probably one of the few areas I don't really align with him, but it's so unimportant in the big picture it really doesn't matter.

    But this is the way they work. This entire faux outrage ginned up hysterical response to losing the election is based on this type of horse manure. Which is why the majority of Americans don't care. And why we just laugh at them.

    When big fat Michael Moore alternates stuffing twinkies in his cake hole and spewing ignorance does he really believe anybody other than his fellow godless lefties is doing anything but laughing at him? When he demands the Supreme Court appoint Clinton President does he really believe anybody other than his fellow nuts isn't just laughing at him? Is it even possible this big giant tub of goo thinks anybody will take him seriously when he suggests the Supreme Court pull a coup and appoint a president/dictator? But there's the media, reporting all this crap with a straight face and their serious scowl as if it was some real thing, rather than the ravings of a mad man.

    But I love that President Trump is basically just going ahead full steam. Not wavering, not altering his course. Not letting this insanity affect him in any way. And telling the media flat out they are a bunch of lying godless left wing democrat lapdogs who are the enemies of America. Truth.

    #Seeing Liberals Cry Makes Me Happy

  17. So Sweden has no problems with immigrants, huh? That's all just made up. President Trump just made that stuff up out of thin air, right?

    From the AP this morning:

    COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) -- Swedish police on Tuesday were investigating a riot that broke out overnight in a predominantly immigrant suburb in Stockholm after officers arrested a suspect on drug charges.

    The clashes started late Monday when a police car arrested a suspect and people started throwing stones at them in Rinkeby, north of Stockholm. Unidentified people, including some wearing masks, also set cars on fire and looted shops.

  18. My favorite part of that interview was when Tucker laughed at the snowflake and said, "my mistake was trying to take you seriously."

  19. Saw that too...Tucker is a mastet at shredding those clowns and exposing the political bs...Sweden is so worried about their tourism business that they put their own people at risk with the pc crap.
    Aka catsncats as my reminder to lefty progs that i am still around...

  20. And these are dangerous times. Beware the rino clans in congress and senate trying to throw the prez under the bus...that Munich business speaks volumes.

  21. Plus the politically entrenched media and prog lefty operatives in the swamp...each using each othet to push their respective agendas.

  22. Anybody watch Taboo? A very dark and violent tale but the political intrigues in that series are masterful.

  23. That guy over on C.J. Alan Lunn, he must have soiled panties from all the Kool-Aid he consumes.

    McCain is an example of someone who just can't let go of power and should have retired long ago, instead makes a fool of himself and is a disgrace. Will go down as a loser and stupid old fool.

  24. Speaking of Tucker Carlson...He is rapidly becoming my favorite program to watch on Fox! Absolutely love how these morons come in, thinking they are going to dazzle and "educate" how unfair President Trump is to their particular cause, because that is all it ever is, a hit job on the President! Tucker's style absolutely puts them in their place in short order and shows the true morons they are!
    Man, I would love to see "Twinkie Brain" Michael Moore take on Tucker on the show!

  25. Courtesy Rush...2 great articles on efforts to take down Trump
    Michael Walsh at pjmedia
    Victor David Hansen at natl review
    About big media and deep state hijinks...

  26. Victor David Hanson, one of my favorites. Written some great books. Writes about the decline of California a lot. Real eye opener.

    Michael Walsh, I can't recommend him enough. Wrote one of the great books on the ungodly left and how they came to be. The Devil's Pleasure Palace. It's where the phrase Unholy Left came from. That's the one that got me kicked off the CJ Urinal. That book will change everything you think about the ungodly left and how they came to be, and how they fight on Satan's side in the great war between good and evil, God and Satan.

    1. Havent read it but will try to. Am familiar with his commentary though. For cj to boot you on account of someone of his caliber says much about where their loyalties lie...

  27. By the way, Tucker Carlson's ratings are now about double what old what's her name, blondie had. She went after Trump in the debates and basically crapped in her own bed. Tucker is taking the time spot back for FOX.

  28. Glad to see you back, Cats!! Has it been awhile or what? Did you ever drink the Arrogant Bastard?

    McCain should probably begin winding down his career. I shut down a thread in FaceBook the day before yesterday when someone quoted his "this is how dictatorships start" by observing that dictatorships also start by starting wars and ginning public opinion up over some spurious foreign threat. Like when has ol' Vlad ever threatened us? Or even the Baltics? (And I do have a bit of expertise about THAT region.)

    In his defense, though, no Republican could have won in 2008. The only three-peats since WWII was Bush Sr. Otherwise, 1960 (Nixon), 1968 (HHH), 1974 (Ford), 2000 (Gore), 2008 (McCain) and 2016 (Harridan). So just playing the numbers he had a 1 in 7 chance; and don't forget, Bush wasn't exactly at the height of popularity by 2008. No Republican could have won then.

    1. Ken, can you prove that or is it a opinion? Just asking. Lol

  29. The historical results I gave are a matter of record. That Bush wasn't exactly at the apex of his popularity in 2008 is also a matter of historical record. That the financial panic preceded the election in the fall of 2008 is also historical fact. So you can't say it to 100% certitude, but ... .

  30. Captain! Was hoping you'd still be around...and the Bastard got downed awhile back...not a bad beer at all, so sez Jinks.
    As to Vlad I agree. Dont like the man but big difference between pragmatic and dangerous. Old kgb aka gru guys survive by knowing how the world rulership plays and seems the Donald gets that. As does Tillerson.

  31. Walsh and his fusion party theory re mclame et al in both parties makes sense given whats going on...they want power and Trump threatens theirs by wanting to work with Putin while recognizing what he is.

  32. "Dangerous" applies to the swamp creatures...and the potomac is full of them.

    1. Ginny, glad to see you got your batteries recharged since you were gone.

    2. Wee haz r 9lives ya no...staf tinks she haz morr tho...

  33. Note on old least he is consistent in his delusions...the koolaid version is easier to handle than that toxic mix of elixir Pelosi uses.
    Botox and wine...

  34. unrelated to topic..... but an alarming thing to discuss. Missouri man arrested for trying to plot a terrorist attack on Kansas City.... WIBW has the story, KC Star has the story, KCTV 5 out of Kansas City has the story.

    This is very creepy....

    I'm really glad that the Feds were on to this crazy guy.

  35. Also hoping this crazy guy is just a lone wolf and not part of a terrorist network.... that would be creepier yet...

  36. Well, I have not been a fan of McCain since....I guess I have never been a fan of McCain.

  37. Rikki, I'm with ya.
    Except in this situation there is no such thing as lone wolves in radical jihad Islam.
    We aren't fighting people, but an ideology much like liberalism.
    Until Americans stand up against it, it will continue to infect us like an ignored abcess. It's the only so called religion that the endjustifies the means.
    More importantly it has become imperative for Islam to experience a reformation, lead by Muslims who turn away from violence and a jihadi mentality to anyone that is an "infidel". Until then radical Islam along with sharia will remain a violent terroristic plague.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Cj sure has the story, don't they?
      I'm sure they will run a piece about how they feel sorry for him similar to Booker.
      But, what did I expect?

    3. Marx also used that phrase but not in any so called religious did Ayers and their guru Saul Alinski. His book gave the leftist radicals the how-tos and he was the subject of shillary's college thesis. She worshipped him.

    4. Many are starting to use the "rules" against them. Perfect tactical stance in my belief...

    5. Thank you Hammer and Cats - this is a creepy situation no doubt.

  38. Re. Kc...son took me over there awhile get together. Crown center area...cops patrolling everywhere but no big conventions or anything going on. Was really strange to see that and many walking around.7

    1. that would mildly freak me out to see that much activity Cats...

    2. Yes it was a bit unnerving but both sons were there...truth be told, I dont even like going to topeka by myself these days. Never used to bother me.

  39. On to funnier moments...Tucker just used his "poof" button on poor unhappy protester Sunsara...

  40. Whiskey...
    Foxtrot...his next guest is a woman promoting a new book advocating for...gender neutrality!!!!
    Just a couple of days ago I posted about how theyd love to make us genderless!!!

  41. And the insanity marches on and on and on...

  42. Good morning everyone, I don't have much on the bright side to add to all the comments, except the Tree guys were here yesterday They got one down the other goes down today, and some major trimming to do on the 3rd one in back, and a big limb being taken off the two front one's. There are doing a great job cleaning as they go they have this huge chipper machine and also a big buck that goes up 70 feet high, total cost $2550.00 but worth every penny to us. Moving right along the house we a selling closes on Feb 28th been a long two years, had to except $109,000.00 for that, took a lost as far as I am concerned but it will pay off my sons home so that is good. Other than that my Health sucks!!But hope for the better when all this shit is over and maybe I can rest and get healthy again, You all keep holding the fort, I see a lot of shit heading our way. Later!

  43. Good morning!

    About Tucker Carlson...sadly, not sure how much longer his show can keep going.

    We all know how completely insane and stupid liberals are, but even they may one day realize they are just going to be exposed as the fools they are, when trying to take on Carlson. Then, they'll stop agreeing to go on, he'll have no guests to watch implode from their own idiocy, and he'll have to completely change his format.

    That's a prediction. May take awhile, though, since liberals are so damned clueless, so...just enjoy the spectacle while you can!

  44. Let's see...what Urinal-ysis can I do today?

    "Topeka governing body talks raising taxes, cutting services to fix streets" we have a bunch of criminals who have ALREADY spiked taxes 'to fix the streets', and have squandered the money on other...crap.

    And, within this article, one of the pieces of crap they keep wasting money on, that COULD go to streets, is if it isn't related in any way! Studies, buying "land", all that.

    "Earlier in Tuesday’s meeting, the governing body approved the purchase of the last piece of property needed for a proposed “Riverfront Park. “

    "Members voted 8-1 to pay $34,000 to acquire property at 324 N.W. Curtis."

    Not sure how they bought the property, which is supposedly a 4-room house built in the 1880s, when the realty sites all had it listed for $45,000 and up (and probably wasn't worth $10k)?

    "Gerber, who had asked the governing body last week for input regarding the Riverfront Park, said he had concluded that body’s consensus was that the city should demolish the structures on the Riverfront Park properties it owns — or is about to own — then enter into an agreement with Shawnee County regarding development of the park."

    More taxpayer $$$$.

    "Tuesday’s purchase appeared to be the last acquisition the city needed to make to carry out plans it initiated in 1999 to acquire land to develop a riverfront park on and near the north bank of the Kansas River."

    Taxpayer $$$$ on this crap...instead of the streets.

    Taxpayer $$$$ they SAID would go to streets, wasted on other stuff.

    NO. Do NOT raise taxes...AGAIN! Use what stupid people already voted on (and should have known better)!

    QUIT wasting our money on that pie-in-the-sky 'Riverfront Park' ...homeless gathering a high crime area! A stuoid park down by "Methhead Haven" is NOT "going to attract people to relocate to Topeka for its amenities"!

    Crappy streets sure will drive them away, though! As will 'a governing body' who keeps raising taxes for projects that it doesn't spend the money on, and wants to raise even more on idiotic a "Riverfront Park".


  45. Hiya Sarge. Tree trimming. Yeah...I should probably get someone here.

    I love the summer shade. Most of the yard is shaded most of the day. But, have a maple near the house, and it's always dropping small, and occasionally, larger branches. I don't want the tree cut down, I just want it trimmed so that if a huge one breaks off, less chance of landing on house!

    Need to find a good, licensed and insured, reasonably-priced outfit. Maybe mention to my neighbor that he should do something about a few of his that could land on my house, too!

  46. The definition of "insanity"?

    "New consulting firm picks up search for passenger airline for Topeka Regional Airport"'s worked so well in the past! Let's keep at it!

    "Volaire is comprised of former Sixel employees who are familiar with Topeka, including Jack Penning, a consultant who played a vital role in bringing airlines to Topeka in the past."

    Well...a guy who has experience! Wonder what went wrong, before?

    "Issues with sustainable passenger airlines have tormented the Topeka Regional Airport for some time."

    Wonder why?

    "Air Midwest/Mesa Airlines, which operated as U.S. Airways Express in Topeka, offered three flights daily to and from Kansas City International Airport until May 2003, when a substantial decrease in passengers lost the airline a U.S. Department of Transportation subsidy."

    Hmmm....not enough demand to sustain it?

    "In March 2006, Allegiant Air offered less-than-daily service from the airport, but that service ended in July 2007."'d THINk that if demand was there, it would still be here?

    "Topeka Regional has been devoid of passenger service since 2014. United Airlines flew twice-daily flights to Chicago from January through September of that year, but Topeka passengers filled only 49 percent of all available seats on the flights. By late May, the low number of passengers meant the MTAA had burned through all $1.95 million it received from the state and federal governments for a revenue guarantee. United ended the service on Sept. 2.

    Hmmm...."but Topeka passengers filled only 49 percent of all available seats on the flights"? You mean...not enough demand?, I'm not a very smart guy...but I THINK I'm seeing a pattern, here? Not QUITE sure what it is, though?

    But, what the heck! It's only (taxpayer) money! Let's give'er the ol' college try...again! besides...we'll have someone who's already experienced, involved in previous failure! YEA!

    “I’m very pleased with the work Jack has done for us in the past,” Johnson said." SEE?! VERY pleased he was involved in previous failure!

    I'm sure it'll be MUCH different...THIS time! Gosh...maybe if they just build that Brownwater Park...hoardes of people will be flocking in by air to experience the majestic spectacle of methheads wandering around, down by the foamy old smelly brown river?!


    Y' matter WHAT they do...WE are gonna get screwed!


    Instead of doing the right thing, and digging deep to eliminate waste, and clear-cutting TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT!!!


    What the heck...sure don't need STREETS get there, huh?!


    "Governing body members also voted 8-1 to authorize Wolgast to appoint a 10-member planning committee to advise the governing body regarding the potential establishment of a Tourism Business Improvement District targeted at financing operations of a proposed Downtown Plaza."

    GREAT!!! Yet ANOTHER freakin' "Planning Committee" to decide how best to waste our tax dollars!!! "TBID"!!! WTF???!!!

    Anything but the streets, folks.

    Anything but the streets.

    Here...take what's left of our paychecks. Not like WE need any of it!

  49. Sweden, Kev?

    REALLY?! Why...I haven't seen all that in "legitimate" news sources!

    Just "fake news" sites, like Fox News, Drudge, Breitbart...and all those!

    It CAN'T be REAL!!!

    It just CAN'T be!

    And, Trump will NEVER be right about ANYTHING!!!

    And, since I believe's TRUE!!!!

    So there...pflflfpfpfhttt!

    Now, then...time to bury my head back in the sand! Have a good day!

  50. Nunya, I am using All Service Tree removal or trimming Insured and bonded and do nice work, now on how reasonable they are is on each person I guess, you can swing by my place and take a peek any time, they will be here today. He has a big ad in the paper everyday right next to Steve Longstaff's ad who does concrete work for me.

  51. I don't need to subscribe to the CJ Urinal. I just come here and get updates on the important stories. Nunya always hits the stuff that matters and cuts right to the meat. I appreciate that. I dropped my subscription when they dropped me as a customer. I'm not giving my hard earned money to a bunch of godless left wing democrat operatives.

  52. Looks like if the Governor Brownback haters want their taxes raised they'll have to find a veto override majority.

    I think the timing couldn't be worse. Right when the economy is on the brink of an actual recovery where we will see growth again is a bad time to raise taxes. New businesses, new jobs created, new growth and we raise taxes. Not sure that's the way to go.

    I've said all along if this government would reduce spending and practice fiscal responsibility the deficit is gone. The state of Kansas is a bloated, overstaffed, over funded monstrosity that just sits sucking up tax money and spewing out garbage.

    Lets do targeted cuts. Not this across the board crap. The state did an efficiency study. I've seen it. It makes a hell of a lot of sense. If we implemented some of the things in there it would make a huge difference.

    Get rid of ineffective managers who don't know what they are doing. Centralize procurement and accounting so there is some oversight by the Administration instead of little kingdoms protecting their own. Implement best practices instead of just doing whatever we've always done.

    Starve this beast and you would be surprised how lean it could run. But this is government. It exists to further it's own existence.

  53. Example. Building a riverside park for the meth addicts. Stupid stupid stupid. Pouring all this money into a dead downtown for what? So the lunatics that inhabit downtown can stand on the corner screaming obscenities at passersby? That will bring a lot of families downtown.

    It's taken three years to do this downtown money pit. And it's still not done. And it already looks about like it did before. Here's an interesting fact. It took about 440 days to build the Empire State Building. Steel beams hand riveted. Tallest building in history. During the depression. And it went from tearing down an existing building, digging the footings, building it and it was occupied in not much over a year. In downtown Manhattan without interrupting existing business. But it's taken three years to pave four blocks of street and pour a few sidewalks. That's what's wrong with government. And that's why I pay too much in taxes now and frankly am not interested in paying more.

  54. Nice morning...since the idiot spendthrifts in govt state, city and fed havent yet resorted to the haircut method of raiding what little i have Ive got a busy day today...
    Great day to all! Purrs...cats

  55. And I did see that crazy woman on Tucker last night. That woman was completely batshit crazy. That was the strangest thing I've ever seen.

    What has happened to these people? How did they spin themselves up to this level of crazy? What is wrong with their brains that allows them to think any of this makes even a molecule of sense.

    That woman was so over the top crazy it almost looks like she was an actor hired to play a crazy person. I almost expect to see Hans Gruber from Die Hard next. I just can't help wondering. Do these people actually believe this stuff? Or are they just mentally ill and so delusional they are listening to the voices in their heads feeding them this stuff.

    It almost makes me feel like Tucker is taking advantage of a mentally ill person bringing her on the show so he can embarrass her and make fun of her in front of millions of people.

    Don't get me wrong, I want him to keep doing it. They deserve it. America needs to see these lunatics and consider my theory that it might be time for reeducation camps to put these people in before they harm themselves or others. Maybe with a combination of strong medication and possibly a lobotomy they can become useful citizens again. Hand woven baskets are very popular, so they have a career path.

  56. I have seen a lot of what use to be normal people going frigging crazy over the election- still going! The one crazy I mention in the family is causing trouble on the home front.

    Stupid Topeka still trying to get air service, wish they would pay me, they would get the same results.

    Then speaking of that park and meth heads, I seen where the druggies really like the obamacare. I guess the government subsidized methadone for their heroin at the tax payer expense. From the sounds of the article, they never get off the methadone?

    I am sick of paying for other people's poor decisions and lazy asses. I support my church, Topeka Rescue Mission and Christian Neighbor Center, that is by my choice. I don't get a choice on the murdering abortions, welfare livelihood generations, druggies................

    1. You sound like my oldest son...he was on a major rant the other day because his health insurance rate is going up again. Says he never uses it; has it just in case. Works for railroad. On a long tirade about deadbeats, illegals etc in general...puts his mama to shame when it comes to his behind off never misses and out in all kinds of weather.

  57. Sarge hoping your day went well..we sometimes walk a long and difficult path in this life and important to put the feet up when we get the chance and take it easy. Laugh live love and be happy...

  58. An cat treets fer we catz an choklit fer stafs...purr purr purrrr.....

  59. I couldn't help but laugh the other night when Carl Rove was running his mouth the other night.

    All I could think of was how you always called him "dough boy" or some such...

  60. Yup...doughboy..and that old poot with his whiteboard remains so. Still cant stand him...useful only for a coffee refill...or a bathroom break so i dont have to listen to him. Why fox keeps him around is beyond me.

  61. And the gov"s veto on that tax bill held...likely the lefties on the cj will be burning hair again. Raccoons unite! Demand mango chutney or thes will send ya aromatic calling cards!

  62. Oops...the cats will send them!! Dang staf cant do keepads

  63. Things are moving right along, and feeling better this morning, I think this new antibiotic may be working I hope.

  64. Oh and Cats the better news is the Lungs had no cancer or TB, some kind of fungus, we shall see I feel like I was a walking Lab this last couple weeks.

  65. Good morning! Last day of warm until a few days of cold hits! Enjoy!

    Now then...let's see what the Godless commies at the Urinal are supporting today? (And Safe...yeah...why pay them to so totally disrespect us, and to spread anti-American propaganda, huh?)

    Oh...HERE'S something the Urinal obviously hopes will take root, and grow!

    "Topeka, national group fighting Trump’s agenda"

    "Topeka Indivisible"?! Sooo....a group that wishes to go back to the MOST divisive time in our recent history, with absolutely EVERY issue that is important to THEM being a divisive issue whose only criteria is based on divisive considerations of "differences" between any and all demographics, but no consideration at all about what is best for our country, overall?

    They want to call themselves "Indivisible"?


    Liberals just cannot POSSIBLY exist...without pure hypocrisy.

    "She emphasized that the group is bipartisan." (BS)

    “In Topeka, we have been very fortunate because we have a very bipartisan group. We don’t have just Democrats. There are moderate Democrats, there are moderate Republicans. We have independents,” she said, adding that she just thinks many are concerned about an ultra-conservative agenda."

    "The collective mission of the Topeka group is defined by the Indivisible Guide, which essentially focuses on grassroots organizing." (Well...'collective" IS a proper term for them.)

    “The Indivisible Guide was written by former staffers that witnessed the rise of the tea party, and this was the framework the tea party came up with to mobilize their supporters and to gain traction,” Duncan said. “I think a lot of people feel like we have a lot to lose with Trump and with the GOP agenda as conservative as it is.”


    “I am so proud to be part of this movement,” said Topeka Indivisible member Brendan Beyer. “We are an action-focused group, and we will not back down until our Congress is voting in a way that is supportive of our nation’s vulnerable populations, which includes those who were here before us and those who are undocumented.”


    “We know it’s going to be a tough fight, for hopefully four years or less, but you know, there are a lot of us, and realistically, nationwide, we are the majority,” Sewell said. “We hope to show our constituents what we want, so we can actually be heard, so that we can fight against the Trump agenda and do what’s right for everyone. It’s not just based on Democrat or Republican. Our major issue right now is being heard, being heard by our members of Congress.”

    "The group also is planning a rally in support of the national “Fire the Fool” rally being planned for April 1 in Washington, D.C."

    If conservatives had held a "Fire The Fool" rally for Obama...there's be a nasty, insulting backlash from mainstream media that would include every "-ist" name in the book, and then some!

    Bipartisan, my ass! Just another astroturf movement to disrupt things, and divide us even further.

    Hopefully, when THIS group runs out of steam...(just like the OWSers)'ll just be "Topeka Invisible" group.

    Hypocritical haters. Sounds like something right up Buttstache's "alley"!

  66. Hey, remember when the TEA party was getting traction and starting to effect change, the godless liberals started the Coffee Party? That was supposed to be a force to reckon with equal to the TEA party? They had a meeting in Topeka at the Golden Cornell and they all fit in a booth with room to spare. Good times.

    This new group is just more of the same. Liberals standing around shouting and screaming and doing everything that got them where they are now.

    It's simply amazing to me that these idiots don't have at least a few people among them rational enough to ask the obvious question, which is how did we lose over 1,100 seats in the last eight years. How did we go from a super majority in the House, a filibuster proof Senate and the Presidency to the smallest minority in the House in 60 years, a minority in the Senate that can't do squat and lost the Presidency?

    But then I forget. Liberalism is a mental illness. The first thing to know about these people is they are incapable of rational thought. They can make a lot of noise. They can imagine things that aren't real but seem real to them. They can hallucinate, hear things said people never said, see things done people never did. They can find racists and fascists behind every tree and lurking in every shadow. But they are incapable of looking at reality. It's a mental illness that seems to have reached epidemic proportions.

    If you wonder how this stuff happens, look at history. It's happens a lot. Mass hysteria based in lies and propaganda. Saul Alinski taught these people well. And he learned it directly from Al Capone. That's a fact, you can look it up. And he also was very close to the guy he dedicated his book to, Satan.

    This is all just a continuation of the oldest war. It started in the Garden of Eden, when Satan whispered in Eve's ear some smooth lies and she believed it. Despite her experience of actually walking and talking every day with the Living God, she listened to Satan instead. And it's the same today. Despite what they can see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears, the godless left listens to Satan and does whatever he whispers in their ear.

    But I read ahead in the book. He loses in the end. And it doesn't end well for him and those who choose him over God.

    #Liberal Tears Will Flow

  67. "We can do whats right for everyone..." ??? Who the hell gave these progressive control freaks and their collective some supreme right to tell people whats right for them? And so- called vulnerable people are only vulnerable if they choose to be.
    This indivisible bunch of indoctrinated worker bees cant see how their phraseology gives them away and THIS independent wants no part of them.

  68. The Dems and the Trump haters are acting like President Trump unfairly got to the White House. What they don't want to realize is that their darling Hillary done herself in with no one's help.... they don't want to come to grips with that Hillary lied in front of a Congressional Committee about those emails only to change her story and admit she made a mistake.... then there's the intentional sabotage of Bernie Sanders' campaign - they don't want to accept that Hillary cheated her way to the ballot - and not only that.... the heads up on debate questions given to the Clinton camp provided by Donna Brazile - they don't want to accept that Hillary cheated on the debates....

    I'm more than fed up with the biased media- they've been against President Trump from the get go - I don't think that the biased media will give it a rest and try to respectively work with President Trump.

  69. They're not about to work "with" President Trump.


    Because they're stupid.

    They've relentlessly attacked at every turn since the day he announced he was running for office.

    They mocked him.

    They ridiculed him.

    They called him every name in the book.

    They made up and spread lies about him.

    They attacked his family.

    They attacked and made up lies about his supporters, the American people.

    And how'd that work out for them?

    We beat the hell out of them.

    So now, being unable to (adapt, improvise, and overcome) they've decided the only way to win the hearts and minds of the American people is to double down their failed strategy of the past.

    Like Safe just said, "it's a mental illness."

    1. agreed - the Trump haters all have a mental illness....

  70. Well, considering their experience with allowing the American people to decide who holds office through the electoral process, which was losing 1,100 seats nationwide, I guess this is all they have left.

    When you can't win elections because people don't like your agenda, then your only alternative is violent overthrow of the American government. And that's what they are openly advocating.

    When you start promoting a civil war with America, you picked the wrong side if you are on the side with no guns. Just sayin.....

  71. And Sarge, you just do whatever it takes to get yourself healthy again.

    Hear Me!!!

  72. Just sayin'...would love chasing them off my porch. Even those of us who backed other candidates do support the man now, as prez and there are lots of us. We do not in any way condone what these crazies are trying to do. I was a big Cruz backer. Betcha they dont have nearly the support they think they have. They just make a lot of noise, clog up the streets, create a lot of trash and vandalize businesses.
    Remember that limo they torched on inaug weekend? Turned out it belonged to a muslim business owner...that alone shows the level of intelligence at work here.

  73. Project veritas said to be releasing stuff on the cnn bunch...Beck talking about is this eavesdropping on private conversations or something more? I guess we will find out...if indeed not a fake news plant.