Friday, March 3, 2017

Revolution Friday...

Quote of the day:

"This whole narrative is a way of saving face for Democrats losing an election that everyone thought they were supposed to win. The Democrats are overplaying their hand. They lost the election, and now they have lost their grip on reality. The real story is all of the classified and other information. This is a total witch hunt!" -- President Donald J. Trump

We're living in unprecedented times, boys and girls.

But then, you already know that.

Nothing's really changed though.

The America-hating left is never going to stop.

The attacks will just keep coming and coming and coming.

We know that.

But the only way they can win is if the American people lay down and allow it to happen.

And we know that, too.

It's time to stay calm.

Remain focused.

And remember why we voted for Donald Trump in the first place.

Welcome to the Revolution.

I've never said it wouldn't get ugly...

Kevin McGinty


  1. NunyaMarch 3, 2017 at 5:06 AM

    NO! Not ONE PENNY MORE from taxpayers to fix that F#*^-up!

    They shoud have done it PROPERLY the first time!

    THIS should ALL go to whomever was involved, PERSONALLY, from the cronies who hired the contractors, TO the contractors who did it improperly.

    WHILE they are at it, they should all be PERSONALLY responsible for paying cleanup/remodel costs of the businesses, and compensating for any lost business if the stores are forced to close for any period to REDO the botched job! (Not that they are open for business down there, much, anyway.)

    Nobody has suggested it...YET...but...NO more taxpayer money should go to rectifying this (not-at-all-surprising...considering the inept city government was involved) fiasco!


  2. NunyaMarch 3, 2017 at 5:29 AM surprise here:

    School funding is way MORE than "adequate". School "accountability" is what is grossly inadequate!

    So...the taxpayers are on the hook for this ENTIRE sham!

    We paid the teachers, who paid the unions, who pay 'advocacy groups'. The taxpayers pay, through the teachers and school districts who have sued, to hire the lawyers and pay the costs of suing...the taxpayers!!

    The taxpayers are paying 100% of the "defense".

    And, the taxpayers will pay the higher taxes.

    "Taxpayers" being those of us in the private sector who are working a job that pays enough to actually BE "taxpayers". Not the government employees are being paid WITH taxpayer money, not the non-working, not the illegals, not the companies who only pay taxes with higher prices charged to ALL of us (WE pay their taxes)...if they can manage to stay in business with high taxes, and pricing themselves out of the market.

    So...WE pay the taxes to pay the people who spend what we pay them to hire attorneys to bring a lawsuit to cause us to have to spend money to taxpayer-paid activist judges and sue OURSELVES to pay MORE TAXES?! WTF??!!!

    Meanwhile, ALL government entities request a budget each year. To make sure they can cry "poverty" and ask for AT LEAST the same, or even more...they recklessly "spend down" this year's budget...on WHATEVER nonsense they can! IF they showed constraint, and used the money "responsibly", they'd have a surplus for that year...and THEN...they couldn't justify asking for more for NEXT year!

    That is a well-known practice...and THAT is what has to be stopped. NOT giving them more and more and more! ALL government does that!

    It's "accountability" that is 100% "inadequate"! NOT "funding"!


  3. NunyaMarch 3, 2017 at 5:35 AM
    And THIS, from our socialist-commies over at the Urinal:

    Yeah...the legislature SHOULD do its job, and DEMAND that schools be held "accountable" for EVERY LAST CENT, and DEMAND that we draft a law that prevents OUR taxpayer dollars from being used to sue...OURSELVES!!!

    THAT is what they SHOULD be doing!

  4. Sargejr JimMarch 3, 2017 at 5:37 AM
    Nunya bot went POOF! To OBF


  5. Thanks for saving my best material for here. :) good grief.

  6. The real story IS..."who are the anti-American, treasonous, Obama/Jarrett operative bastards entrenched in our government, subversively trying to take down our President, and country, through their "techno-terrorist" leak activities?

    If found, I suggest the very harshest of penalties. Firing squad would be too humane, though. They're always imploding buildings, somewhere. Strap'em blindfolded in a chair, and let'em sit for hours...days..never know. Huge speakers behind them...random "BOOM!!!"...soon...later...sometime. Maybe, several times. Then, "just kidding...back to bread and water and the rock pile, for you!" Every once in a while, give'em a little "field trip". After a few years...yeah...what the heck...let's give'em a proper traitor's send-off...and let'em "sit in on" an actual demolition. "It's ONLY FA-HA-HAAaaair!"

  7. Time to bring this bullshit to an end. This has gone on far too long.

    The Republicans control the House, Senate and the Presidency. When the godless democrats controlled all those they basically told the Republicans to go screw themselves on every single issue they tried to get involved in. I believe it was iman obama who said "Elections have consequences".

    You never see them break ranks on anything. That's why the are still winning even after losing on a scale unseen in the modern era. Because we have a bunch of chickenshit RINO Republicans who care more about protecting their precious comfortable establishment get rich and control the world situation than they care about putting America first.

    These Republicans need to be told in no uncertain terms if they keep this up they will receive zero support from the Republican party in their primaries, instead their opponents will receive large cash infusions and the support of the President. They need to be either forced into working for the American people instead of the democrat party, or run out of town on a rail.

    The Republicans can shut this crap down today if they want. The godless democrats don't have the power to do anything. They can whine and moan and cry like the dysfunctional mentally ill little children they are, but they have no way to force anything to happen without the support of weak and disgusting Republicans who will go along with them.

    So am I advocating sinking to their level and using the power of the office to implement our agenda? You damn straight I am. Absolutely.

    Remember what Sherman and Grant did to end the Civil War. They wreaked havoc on the defeated enemy because they knew otherwise they would keep fighting. They made the cost of war too high to be worth it.

    Let's do the same thing. Launch multiple investigations into obama and his cronies. Secret talks with Iran. Let's tear them apart inch by inch. There is so much dirt there they wouldn't even have to work hard. We can make that entire party fear for their political lives. Do it. Now! Before it's too late.

  8. And the whole Kansas Avenue situation is a pathetic joke. Just one more example of how badly run this city is.

    That mess took three years to do, and they still aren't done. Four blocks of streets and sidewalks. Three years and how many businesses had to shut down because of it?

    It took a little over a year to build the Empire State Building. From digging the hole to tenants moving in. In downtown Manhattan. During the depression. And it took these morons three years to pave some streets.

    Want a little tip on how stupid this is and how in the tank the CJ Urinal is with this bunch of crony developers? Look at the article on the urinal. The picture they used of the idyllic peaceful attractive downtown was from before the renovation. Now it looks like a concrete jungle. They had to use a picture from before they "improved" it.

  9. You're exactly right, Safe.

    Now would be the perfect time to launch a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server.

    Her ties to the Russian government over the uranium deal.

    Time to declare The Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

    Then launch a criminal investigation into Obama's ties to said terrorist organization.

  10. Anyone see the picture of Schumer and Putin sharing a doughnut at the Gateway Pundit?
    This is what I was talking about when I mentioned flip the script.
    Create the doubt.
    Use the tactics, and push.
    They won't like things being used against them.
    Tweet it.
    Post it.
    Fight back.
    We all can, and should.

    1. “When I showed the president of Russia a Krispy Kreme doughnut and he ate it and said it was good, that was one of the more surreal moments I’ve had in politics.”

      Chuck Schumer

  11. Also, if our administration was in cahoots with Russia, it doesn't make any sense to see Mig's strafing our destroyers in the Black Sea.
    Could you imagine the panic in the captain of that ship? Having to turn off the automatic electronically controlled defense system when a "non-friendly" approaches?
    I hope soon that we will warn them to not do it again. Or we will do what Turkey or Ukraine has done, and drop that plane like a bad habit...
    Few million dollars in a splash down.
    Automatically achieved, while sipping a cup of coffee at the helm.

    Just wait and see....

  12. Hammertime I seen that with chuckie and putin, they sure looked like Butt buddies to me.

  13. Did anyone see the Russian on floor of the house of the Senate during the speech.the other night. The same guy they are whining about about Session Over on the Dem's side of the floor with all the prick dem smoothing all over him..?

  14. Hope you are sitting down, all...rino bastards are more worried about insurance cronies breathing down their necks than what we want. On Beck this morning: interviews with reps Massie r-ky and Gohmert and Rand Paul...all are vehemently opposed to the rino games over there. So far almost nothing being exposed on fox either. Check the blaze as Beck posts such video clips of interviews over there. His radio program also airs at 1pm wkdays on his tv channel.
    Am hoping this stuff goes viral because what rinos are trying to craft is obamacare lite...also discussed a little on budget and proposed infra stimulus.


  15. And ms13 has spread into 46 states plus the district of corruption now. These aint no dreamers.

  16. As regards the ks supremes and their school ruling...Stegall was the only conservative up for retention of the five on the ballot...but they all held onto their seats. Stegall got my vote but my efforts to kick the other 4 off failed...the school crap will notget straightened out as long as their unions, progressives and parents who believe the bs or ignore the problem are running the show...


  17. Agreed.

    No amount of funding will ever be enough for these people...

  18. Nope...promise free stuff to sheeple and keep yer the business of obamacare lite it is an educated guess that monthly tax credits (whatever the hell that means) would be given to people...also that big health providers would be running the show with some sort of mandate being put back in with penalties included.
    Rand Paul tried to get a look at the bill but it was being kept under lock and key and guarded. His tweets and pics are on the blaze. Rush commented today that house rules prohibit senators from seeing bills until sent over but my personal take on that is that Rand bucked the rules in order to try to call attention to the crap going on over there with the rino sellouts. Looks like he may be succeeding because Limbaugh was reporting on it earlier.
    Note on Sessions: that deputy ag is an obama leftover. The Trump appointee set to be confirmed on tuesday thanks to dem foot dragging and obstruction tactics. Trump is new to the games the swamp dwellers really play...lets hope he gets a quick handle on it. This is no time to get distracted on petty crap.


  19. Trump needs to get up and tell the world that he is serious that anyone in any agency or department found leaking information, or discovered working against this administration will be charged with treason, and upon conviction, will lose ALL assets, and be subject to the absolute harshest penalties allowable.

  20. Friday nite live in the news cycle...all kinds of leftist crap hitting the fan...

  21. Good grief!avatars much easier on the deceased laptop!!!! Pppfffttttt#!!!!

  22. Good morning! Well,'re gonna have to fill us in all that Friday Fright Night crap from the libtards! I avoided the news last night!

    OK...lemme see. Hmmm...what's THIS?

    Well...not knowing the specifics, tough to know which side to be on, here.

    IF..."IF"...what Bicknell claims is true, he deserves to get "his" money back. "IF"!

    Also, if it's true, and if the state did NOT deposit that money in a separate account awaiting a decision...but spent it, instead? That just tells us what we already know.

    GOVERNMENT CANNOT BE TRUSTED WITH "OUR" MONEY! That just proves that they are irresponsible. And, since he apparently sent that money in 2014, contingent on the arrangement to hold it separate, and Brownback was governor...I'll put this on Brownback's back. No, that should have NEVER gone into the general fund, to "fudge the numbers", most likely. That money SHOULD have gone into a separate interest-bearing fund, awaiting the decision.

    Upon the decision, what might have been "fair" is that IF Bicknell won the judgment, then he got his money back, to the penny. And Kansas could have pocketed the interest. (Which really isn't TOTALLY fair to Bicknell, who could have used it to invest, himself, but he would have at least got his back).

    If it was decided that he DID actually owe the money, then the state could have depoited the initial amount, PLUS the earnings, and come out ahead.

    If..."IF"...Bicknell is owed the the man. Not his fault irresponsible schools and their lawyers, lazy mooches leeching the taxpayers, illegals, irresponsible state departments and agencies always "spending down" our tax dollars, amongst other things, are crashing the budget.

    (Personally, I think Bicknell should give partial refunds to anyone who has ever bought his crappy pizza...but that's just my opinion!)

  23. The "Two-Headed-With-Not-Even-Half-A-Brain-Between-Them Monster", Stevie and Cokehead Roberts, are over at the Urinal doing their weekly Trump-bash.

    Comically, they are using the New York Slimes as THE standard of journalistic integrity! Ha-haaaaaa!!!

    "News outlets can get careless in the use of anonymous sources, and ignore the admonition in The New York Times ethics code that such sources should be used only as “a last resort.”

    "News organizations have to be very careful in using anonymous sources. They should follow the Times practice of making sure a top editor knows the identity of everyone quoted."

    How in the WORLD can anyone take those two seriously, using the New York of very WORST of all "fake news" "the standard-bearer for journalistic integrity"?!

    They'd make a great comedy team...if they weren't so stupid and boring!!!

  24. I see ol' Giggity-Giggity-Digger is over there, just'a blowin' smoke, rattlin' and clangin' and tryin' to chug-chug-LURCH down the road like a '63 Plymouth whose piston rings are completely worn!

    Too funny! That guy has lost ALL sense of ANY reality! Such a lunatic, I'd almost wonder if that is actually Lucy in disguise, with lies, mon?! "He" DID kinda just appear, once the Loose went away! Maybe doing her/his "trans" thingy? Yeah...I can see that!

  25. Speaking of "lunatic"'s our little troll buddy, Batshit Buttstache Buttmunch?!

    I do SO hope he's not TOO hungover from his Mr. Friday Afternoon swilling binge at the local "enlightened" bar!! kidding! Just kidding. I don't hope he's NOT hungover. I hope he's puking on all his bed-buddies this morning!

  26. Well, Cats. You must be referring to Obama's illegal wiretapping of Trump Towers? Wouldn't it be a pure joy to see Obama and Jarrett in the pokey?!😂

  27. Not quite...woke up to that this morning. There was more yesterday about Rand vs rinos; Ryan getting cozy with the turtlehead in a pic on fox...Paul a target now, probably. And old doughboy spinning as usual.
    Also whats the holdup on issuing a new travel suspension and tighter vetting?
    Nothing i heard last night can equal this...
    Maybe my hope of seeing the shadow woman and her comrades in bright orange might come true after all.


  28. Apparently Levin broke this last night so says one report...

  29. Ya know....maybe this was why the Trump admin was not hurrying much in getting rid of the emperor"s merry band of court jesters...courtesy leak investigating...

  30. Obama wiretapping the other parties candidate, huh? Now where have we heard that before?

    Didn't we have a President resign and a bunch of people go to prison over breaking in to the democrat headquarters in the Watergate hotel? And Nixon didn't even know about it.

    This was a government sanctioned illegal operation that has tracks right to obama and the DNC.

    If the Repubs don't make this into the huge deal it is I swear I will give up on them.

    No wonder the dems have been so freaked out over losing to Trump. They knew as soon as he got in office and had access to all those records the jig was up.

    Blow this one up.

  31. very little so far but i havent been doing any research yet. Stuff needs doing in my cathouse...likely come monday it will be everywhere. Can we hope that they finally got too arrogant and overplayed their hand this time? Theyve been getting away with their crap for long years now.

  32. And they are all living just down the block from the white house...too funny.

    Hey bat guano! You are said to be a lawyer...go ask yer emperor if he needs one.

  33. I can totally believe that Obama was or has been tapping Trump Towers, but God I hope President Trump has something really solid to back this up! This could really be the Big Thing that ends up bringing down someone or a whole political party!

  34. As far as Sessions answer, and how it was asked by Al Frankenstein; The Libs are so stretching this and doing everything they can to make it look like perjury! Talk about trying to make "Fake News"! What a bunch of lying Assholes!
    Sessions is from the "Old School" and probably took the question "literally". In his years in the Senate, he has probably dealt with literally dozens of Ambassadors in his work. That is part of what they do! He was answering based on what the subject of the question was! Not based on EVERY meeting or chance meeting he has had with Ambassadors over the years! They know that, but are trying to cloud the issue to their benefit, and again make Sessions and Trump look bad. Nothing else!

  35. Well Gary, you know that, I know it, and they know it.

    But our buddy, Tom over on that other website doesn't have a friggin clue.

    Being that stupid has to be painful...

  36. Calling that boy stupid is an insult to stupid people. That's a whole new level of stupid.

    I'm going to enjoy this so much when all this crap the left has been pulling collapses and the giant shitstorm follows.

    You can see it coming, too, can't you?

    Unless you're tom digger stupid that is.

  37. Good grief!!! The digger comments here drove me there to see if I could read blogs...after answering the obligatory survey query I got to read his posts.
    He's a threat to stupid people everywhere!
    Hamster stupid! And will wear his little hamster feets down to bloody stubs if he keeps going...

  38. Isnt he the same one who used to post just as "digger"? His posts resd the same...

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. So much for that oops...another frustrated avatar attempt.

  41. "Ode to Asshole Digger" a chigger,
    But the chigger brain much bigger,
    Dig in, irritate,
    Never knowing its own fate,
    There...and gone,
    And WE still go on.


  42. Dang, you guys are harsh.

    But you're also right...

  43. This made me laugh.
    I would of asked for a selfie, then heckled the shit out of her.
    Politely, of course. 😉

  44. Oh...that was not harsh for what Digger ALL! 😂

    1. Lol... I was seeing if you were paying attention...

  45. Nothing but speculation still...probably be nothing concrete on this until monday. I too pray it isnt the new administration and I recall watergate all too well..
    Whatever the outcome, one of the 2 major parties is gonna be buried in a stinking pile and I hope it"s the left.

  46. 1st warrant turned down, they go back in two months later and it is approved???? Why, I say it was bugged before they got a warrant. And who applied for that warrant?

  47. From: Fred Smertz as posted on Kevin's Blog over at the CJ. I like what and how he wrote it so I stole it for here.

    I would like to know why we were all called racists when questions were raised about AG holder shipping guns to mexican cartels that actually killed one of our border patrol agents? Then obamma claimed executive privilege to protect the criminal holder form prosecution.

    I would like to know why nothing and not enough questions were asked when Hillary got 4 Americans killed in Benghazi when she was asleep at the wheel?

    I would like to know why there were no questions asked when hillary set up the sale of 5% of our Uranium reserves were sold to the.....wait for it..... THE RUSSIANS? Oh wait that might have been when she screwed up that reset button thingy with the .....wait for it.....THE RUSSIANS.

    I would like to know why there were no questions raised when obammas VP Bidens son was appointed to a Ukranian gas companies board of directors, and then obamma played tough guy when Russia was playing with obamma over Ukraine?

    I would like to know why no questions were raised when every democrat in the house and senate visited with this same Russian ambassador prior to the election, when they were telling us Trump wouldn't win?

    I would like to why all of you lefty's never ask questions about all of the dark money donations foreign governments donated to the clinton foundation while she was secretary of state, and prior to the election because they thought she was going to win the election?

    I would also like to know why you lefty's never ask questions about all of the money and agitation organizations that Soros sends money to? That guiy is betting on this country to fail and he is doing everything to help the democrats make it happen. That guy needs to be run out on his....ear, and never allowed back.

    I would like to know where the outrage was when Hillary had a private server hacked with secret US information that she was running to cover up all of her ILLEGAL dealings with foreign governments?

    You lefty's are pathetic,........and hypocritical in your outrage!

  48. James Rosen on fox and talking about his 2013 experience with wiretaps and Holder...Rosen was a state dept reporter at the time.
    Obama did the plausible deniability thing as regarded HIS involvement...but Holder did the tapping. Obama did the faux outrage thing in a speech.Just as he's doing now...
    And..Levin is laying out the whole thing as well with a devastating timeline of reports and evidence going back for about a year.
    Police state tactics, to quote Levin whose rrputation in dealing with beltway crap in courtrooms is stellar.
    Let's hope that these bastards dont get away with their lawbreaking and lies yet again.

  49. There's no grey area here.

    The time has come for the republicans in congress to show the American people which side they're really on...

  50. Definitely big problem in all this is that so many of them have turned into rinos...and are as cemented into that beltway as are the buildings they work in. Decades of power, serving themselves while claiming to represent the people...offering us a sop or two or a good sound bite to shut us up and keep us happy. In that regard they are no better than democrats. Same old power game but different methods.
    Add to the mess the courts across the country, large snd small, packed with activist judges, the political club or lollipop, depending on how it is politically manipulated, their k street buddy system and various agencies packed with crony bureaucrats....
    A lot of us get the picture but some just dont give a damn and others just want the free stuff.
    Notice no more talk about getting rid of the infernal revenue service either. Instead rino health care proposals talk about another damned tax credit. Likely such a credit will end up as that earned income crrdit has: riddled with fraud and abuse at taxpayet expense. Ditto all the social welfare crap and now the liberal Ivanka wants paid family leave and subsidized daycare.
    So....this stuff is just a few examples of the mess we're in and threatens a total economic and social collapse. And the pols in both parties want more bloated budgets, no debt ceiling and of course all of it on the backs of taxpayers.
    I dont really get mad any more about it because other than my vote and my mouth I cant stop their raids.
    But one thing for sure...if it all falls before I leave this life I hope I am able to help rebuild it.
    And those who helped to destroy it can rot in hell for all I care.

  51. Kevin I read your latest blog over at the cj outhouse..while looking through Trump's tweets it came to me just how pissed off that man was, and with good reason. People dont get that upset unless something actually did happen especially a violation of privacy.
    I am hoping that this investigation does not get lost in the swamp this time.
    Sad too that the blogosphere over there is nearly nonexistent these days...used to be a lot of good informative posts in that section. They really shot themselves in the foot.

  52. Little know info,I hear Trump promoted that navy seal Owens, he was on the list for promotion when he was killed. He is helping make our Military Great.

  53. So happy to hear that. He was indeed a patriot.

  54. I agree with your assessment of what's happened over on that other website, cats.

    I often find myself wondering why I even bother.

    Then I remember that even though very few people are commenting nowadays they're still reading and my message is still getting out.

    Same thing with this blog.

    If you judge it by the number of comments you'd probably say very few people are reading it.

    However when you look at the stats and see the we average close to 8,000 hits a month it takes on a whole new meaning.

    So whether the America Hating leftists like it or not, I'm not going anywhere and I'm not about to shut the hell up...

  55. What you shut the Hell up, not going to happen! I guess those that would say that never met you in person, Lol

  56. Ok I ve been trying to sort all this Obamma Gate out. And I am sure some of you are up to date more on this than I am. What IF This is a left over trap set up for Trump by Obamma? They claim they never found ant info about Trump and the Russians. So what info did they have? What if they just done this to make it look like they wire taped Trump and in reality they never went through with it and wanted to leave a trail like they did do something. All the info the Trump is suppose to have with Obamma's name on it is fake? Now the FBI director is dragging his feet and refuse to investigate it. So either Trump had better have a boat load of info or he is gone and the libs will all be back in in four years. Its just something doesnt add up here. I think its a trap.

  57. I don't think so, Skippy.

    Everything I know about it came from Mark Levin.

    I don't know how familiar of him you are but he was one of the original "Never Trumoers" out there.

    Check out the link and listen to him present his case.

    But the real question of whether the republicans have the balls to pursue this remains front and center...

  58. Yhea I listened to him tonight. Just seems like this might be a trap to set Trump and his people up. And if Trump doesnt have some real facts they are done.

    1. Of all the stuff out there Levin is the most credible so far imho...he runs Landmark Legal and is one of the best in constitutional law and beltway ops...cant stand dems and rinos. Although not a Trump backer, once he became prez he supports him as such, will back him if he is right but will criticize him if he thinks he's making a bad move on something. Nothing wrong with that...if there is then I'm in trouble. :)
      As to fisa warrants they are difficult to get and applicants go through a long process to get one...prrsidents are not allowed to apply and most prefer not to anyhow. That distance would give an obama type room for plausible of his operatives however could apply and you see how that works. Fisa judges are not elected; they are appointed by the doj. Most applications get approved but then the applicant generally knows the game..
      Fisa is somewhat clandestine, operating under the radar. No shock that since they deal with foreign govt crap. All this considered it is easy to see by statements coming from obama esp that the plausible denial angle looks to be the playbook in use at the moment.

    2. Correction: fisa judges appointed by chief justice scotus not by doj...Im tired.

  59. Here's some more pseudo-journalistic bullshit that has me bothered.

    Its really a KC star article, but ere we have people actually insinuating that the FBI is entrapping people in terror plots. And if they didn't entrap, there would be no cases.

    Just who are the guilty here?
    I'll leave it at that...

    1. Given its the kc star...too funny. That paper is another bastion of prog liberalism as is Johnson county in general.
      Crown center is a cool place to visit but I wouldnt want to live in that town. But I love the chiefs and the royals...

  60. And they are so pc in their liberalism that they have not a clue how undercover ops not only bust would-be terror suspects but drug dealers...fraud rings of all kinds...human traffickers...etc.

    Ignernt asses...

  61. Ohhhh....I could tell some stories about some of the stuff I understand the workings of....
    But I wont......

    1. Shees jist afearrd wee wil giv her summa arr callin kards iz all...

      And sleep well, all..

  62. Quick good morning. Busy weekend behind me, busy week ahead.

    Y'all keep an eye on the insanity, and have a good day!😀