Wednesday, May 31, 2017

These godless lefties sure do believe the unbelievable, don't they?

Reading Kevin's blog over on the urinal and the crazy stuff they say. They are predicting impeachment, prison, disgrace. They think there are stacks and stacks of evidence just waiting to be uncovered about this and that. They are just certain that President Donald Trump will be run out of office and possibly imprisoned for high crimes and treason.

I swear these people can convince themselves of almost anything. Of course, these are the same people who made the definitive claim that Donald Trump didn't have a ghost of a chance to win the primary. When he won the primary, he didn't have a ghost of a chance of winning the election. I love watching the tape of the lefties on the democrat news shows laughing and making the funny faces those elitists make when they are looking at us as beneath contempt. Trump win? Hardee har har har. That's just about the funniest thing you could say. I remember one godless gasbag on the urinal going on and on and on about "no mathematical possibility" or some such nonsense. And look who is living in the White House and who is traveling the country begging for somebody, anybody to pay attention to her.

And now with President Trump hopefully pulling out of the Paris climate change hoax agreement we're hearing again how the world is probably going to burst into flames and we will all die and it will all be his fault. They believe so much in the hoax created by the godless left they would destroy our economy and throw hundreds of thousands of people out of work just to pretend it makes some kind of difference. They've been claiming for years now the earth is warming up. Crops are dying. Hurricanes, tornados. Ice caps melting. Polar bears dying. And guess what? The facts bear out that none of that is happening. It's all based on speculation and climate models they created.

Does any of that stop them? Not for a second. How often do you hear that 99% of "scientists" agree with them. Of course they arrive at that figure by taking into account the people they pay to find the conclusions they want, and claiming any actual scientist who doesn't agree isn't a real scientist and doesn't count.

Here's the way I see it. obama was a huge supporter of the whole hoax, and of the Paris global warming hoax accord. So that alone tells me it's bad for America. Good rule of thumb. Anything obama likes is bad for America. If President Trump did nothing but reverse everything obama did he would be a winner in my book.

So let's have a little sympathy for our delusional friends. They are slow, kind of dim witted, led by a bunch of America hating commies who tell them what to believe and they believe it, no matter how irrational it is. So we'll let them rant. It's kind of entertaining. But it is getting a little old, I have to say.


  1. Little observation here. Angela Merkel says this:

    “The times in which we could rely fully on others — they are a way past us,” Merkel told a beer-tent rally of her political party. “We Europeans really have to take our fate into our own hands.”

    So she's all pissed of at President Trump for what exactly? Well, doing exactly what she says Germany needs to do. President Trump says the need to pay their own way. America can't afford to support their share. He says we need to, just as she says, "take our fate into our own hands". So the democrat controlled media is having conniption fits and hyperventilating about us making that old East German Commie Merkel angry.

    Well, tough shit. It's America first. She like the idea of putting Germany first, but apparently we aren't allowed to do the same thing.

    OK. We whipped their ass good 70 some years ago. And we can do it even easier now. So get back to drinking beer and building us cars Angela. And get ready for tariffs on those beemers you sell us. Time to pay the piper.

  2. All I can say about what Merkle said is that, It is about Damn time! Time for all of them to get off of the US teat and start fending for themselves! It's time for "World Welfare", being paid for, by us United States taxpayers, to be shut off!
    In other "news", the bozo Al Franken, told David Letterman that he just "had a feeling" that collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign happened! No evidence at all, but hey, what does that matter? Well, I have a "feeling" that Al Franken is an idiot! I know this because, as Stuart Smalley would say, "I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And doggone it, people like me"!

  3. Trump has everyone shitting there pants, I know my vote was not wasted. Go Trump!

  4. I second what you just said Sarge....

  5. I'm betting those idiots got all giddy when they saw that always-annoying 4th-rate comic bitch, Kathy Griffin, holding up Trump's bloody severed head...ISIS-style.

    I bet they loved it.

  6. We all know that they thought they had pulled off the biggest slam to date. They just knew that the Clinton News network was going to stand up for here. They never even in their wildest fantasy seen any thing coming out of this but humiliating Trump and his family. Now CNN has just chopped off their own heads. And all the time they had that tingle running down into their socks.

  7. More, yet again, from the clueless commie "editorial staff" at the Urinal:

    "Editorial: A depressing night at the Kansas Statehouse"

    Starts with "blah, blah, blah, blame, blame, blame, gripe, gripe, gripe" from a Commie/Socialist/Leftist viewpoint.

    "There’s a conspicuous lack of political courage in the Legislature, and Kansans are tired of it."


    "Kansans don’t need silly theatrics and intransigence right now — they need lawmakers to stop vacillating and get something accomplished."


    “It’s the 102nd day of the session, people (are) wondering what the heck is going on.”


    "This last-minute scramble is what we’ve been warning about for months, and lawmakers recognize that their options are dwindling. Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning said he’d support HB 2067 “very reluctantly” and admitted that it would only make the budget “semi-stable” and “somewhat structurally balanced.” House Majority Leader Don Hineman said, “The clock is ticking.” And Holland said what was on each of his colleagues’ minds: “There’s something for everybody to hate in this tax bill.”

    Well, here's a clue for you all (and, it ain't that "the Walrus was Paul").

    “There’s something for everybody to hate in this tax bill.”

    "Tax bill"? How much time and energy was spent on "spending", or is it just accepted that they ARE going to spend the crap out of everything, and they need ONLY to figure out who to AGAIN over-tax, how much, and for what stuff?

    “There’s something for everybody to hate in this tax bill.”

    Well something for every TAXPAYER to hate, but nothing, really for the "sources" of the problem to hate...which include too much government, too much waste and abuse, and just plain WAY too much liberal-socialist crap AND cronyism (from BOTH sides to their pals) that the state government shouldn't even be involved with, in the first place!

    How about giving THEM all something to hate, for a change?!

    Solve the damned problems! And quit just throwing more freakin' money at them!

    "Kansans are tired of it!"

  8. The problem with 'economists', and the idiot newspeople who report on what they say:

    Dire headline! (That's ALL you really need to see, in this Trump era!)

    "Survey shows slight decline in Midwest economic conditions"

    ("Survey shows"...what the freak is this? "Family Feud"?!)

    Smaller sub-headline:

    "Report released Thursday says overall regional economic index dropped to 55.5 in May from 61.4 in April"

    Oh NOOOooooo!!!!

    "The Mid-America Business Conditions Index report released Thursday says the overall regional economic index dropped to 55.5 in May from 61.4 in April."

    WOW! THAT sounds not-so-good!

    But...wait a minute...what's THIS?

    "Creighton University economist Ernie Goss oversees the survey, and he says the index figures over the past six months point to healthy growth for regional manufacturing and nonmanufacturing through the third quarter of this year."

    Sooo...that decline points to healthy growth in the third quarter?
    Hmmm...what's this next?

    "The survey results are compiled into a collection of indexes ranging from zero to 100. Survey organizers say any score above 50 suggests growth in that factor. A score below that suggests decline."

    Oh...that makes it MUCH MORE clear! We're still above 50, so the slight decline touted in the headline (to give people who don't bother to read the article the idea that we are doomed under (undoubtedly) Trump) is really of NO consequence, and nothing to worry about?

    Wonder if they just thought it would be a nice idea to zero in on the one month when things slowed down, for various reasons? Y'know...cherry-pick through the overall data to be able to write such a headline? Y'know...because Trump is President...and ANYTHING they can throw out there is good?!

    Their tricks are so damned obvious. I KNOW they don't sleep at night! They're up all night thinking of nonsense like THIS!!!

  9. Dems: Russia paid Mike Flynn off via $45k in RT speaking fees

    Also Dems: Goldman Sachs didnt seek influence w/$675k in speaking fees to HRC

  10. Good Grief that Hillary is a worthless piece of shit, and doesn't even know enough to flush herself down.

  11. Starting to think the old loon actually BELIEVES all that nonsense she spews!! She's either a pathological liar...or she's just completely Batshit nutz!!! Either way, may be best to get her some help. An insane asylum would be a good start!😂

  12. Phenomenally awesome speech by our President! I loved his speech today.

    I can only hope that those who regularly criticize President Trump heard the reasons he articulately laid out as to why he pulled America out of the Paris Accord.

    America First! -

    He also should be commended for leaving the door open to the regular band of critics to come aboard and work with him on entering a better and fairer agreement with the Paris Accord.

    Question is - will the Democrats work with President Trump or will they continue to act like a bunch of dumb asses and complain.... remains to be seen.

  13. Good deal. He ran on not playing along with the global warming hoax created by the left. It's a big ripoff.

    The left says we can't control the borders. Can't be done. We can't stop terrorists. Can't be done. Either of which canbe done.

    But they think they can control the weather if they just pass enough bills, spend enough money, destroy enough jobs and redistribute enough of our income. These people are nuts, to say the least.

  14. The left wing loons are losing their collective freakin minds over this.

    And I'm loving every minute of it...

  15. More "school funding" hysteria, over there.

    Trabert points out the fallacies:

    We are rewarding poorly-performing schools with MASSIVE increases, and they are getting absolutely no results. The schools take that windfall, and spend it on everything BUT raising students' achievement. It's basically an incentive to keep them dumbed-down!

    "Heeeeey...look at THIS! The more 'at-risk' students we have, the more money we get! Do NOT do anything to help the underperforming ones, or we won't get that extra moolah!"

    WAY past time to hold EVERY school accountable for EVERY PENNY of that money, and if they don't show improvement, and don't show efficiency, start clear-cutting, and start allowing for other options for those kids!

    WHY are we just doing the same wasteful, unaccountable crap, over and over and over?!! And, WHY are we allowing our taxpayer dollars to fund BOTH SIDES of this nonsense to keep allowing our dollars to be used to sue...OURSELVES?!!

  16. Man...the left is an entire chicken farm running around screaming "The sky is falling!!! We're DOOMED!! The sky is falling! Trump has just murdered us ALL!!!! AAAAAAAUUUUGH!!!! We're not going to last another ten years!!! OHHHH...the HUMANITY!!!!"

    Thank you, President Trump, for telling those ultra-wealthy 1%er socialist globalists to shove it up their ass! We don't need to send billions $$$ to other countries WHO DON'T NEED TO FOLLOW THE SAME RULES, and we will NOT give up our sovereignty to Soros and his country-murdering gang of thugs!

    Al Gore...up YOURS, you fuckin' hypocrite! Same to all you Hollywood hypocrites, and to the corporate honchos who would have standed to PERSONALLY profit greatly from destroying our economy, and "necessarily skyrocketing" our energy costs (which would necessarily skyrocket prices of absolutely EVERYTHING) to strangle the middle class, and kill off the poor!

    Thumbs up on this one, President Trump!

  17. Kev writes:

    "The left wing loons are losing their collective freakin minds over this."

    Their "collectives minds"...factoring in every single one of them, STILL register a deep negative on an "intelligence" graph! :^D

  18. Good Grief what happen to everyone, Lol must be this good climate change weather.

  19. Must be but I will wait for this weekend to mow. Just take my time

    1. I got done with my mowing and 1/2 the neighbors lawn I will do her back yard tomorrow. Than turn the mower over to Zach to do his yard.

  20. Was wondering if I chased everyone away with my "deplorable", "fascist", "racist", "misogynistic", "Zionest", "sexist", "homophobic", "everything-else-not-Christian-and-whitest" alt-right....TRUTH?!

    OHHHHH...the HUMANITY! Ohhhh...the burdens of...having a brain!😂

  21. Ooopss...that was supposed to be "everything else Christian and white" instead of NOT! (First beers in a month). 😉 (At least I THINK that's what I meant...but I s'pose y'all know, anyway!) 😊

  22. yard could use a trim...I mean...if ya ain't doin' nothin' else tomorrow, anyway! 😂

    1. I know the st just give me the house number, Just pick up the sticks and I will drive the tractor over.

  23. Maybe Whoopi will shoot a photo of herself holding Bill Maher's bloodied severed head, in her outrage over him calling himself a "house n*****" on TV?

    Naw. Doubtful. Not like he's Cosmo Kramer. Maher is a loyal, far-far-left hate-filled attack dog, so he'll likely be ok.

    "I was JUST joking!"


  24. Break time from mowing. Nice and warm out. Still waiting for Sarger to show. Guess he must have stopped for a beer and gas. Maybe he will get here before I get done. Hate for him to waste a trip.

  25. Chaos on London Bridge. Vehicle, 50 mph, mowing people down. Gunshots. People reported stabbed.

    I can take a guess at what happened, but will wait for sure.

    First thing that comes to mind's the animals that Europe is importing to create chaos, and our idiot liberals are SHITTING themselves to force us to import them kill US! 😠