Sunday, June 4, 2017

Four photos say everything that needs said...

Any questions?

Yeah, I didn't think so...

Kevin McGinty


  1. denying "science"?😂

    Islands are going to disappear soon! (Hell...some may even tip over!)😂

    California and New York will be underwater! (Actually, a good argument for speeding it up...if it takes out the libs!)

    Finally, that climatologist extraordinaire, and highly-respected religious scholar...Al Gore...says we are having "1000 year rain events and other weather disasters the likes of which are only predicted for the End Days, in the Bible"!😨

    Are you going to doubt the superior intellect and vast experience and education of all that by THE premier expert of all that...AL GORE?!😮

    (BTW...Al should probably not go to any small islands. His vast riches selling "climate change" snake oil looks like it's allowed him a very, VERY "fulfilled diet". I'm sure he wouldn't want to capsize any small islands, with his hefty tonnage!)😂

  2. LMAO... I knew without a doubt that if I threw a few photos out there someone would run with it

    And I was pretty sure Nunya would be the first one to do so.

    Ya done good, my friend...

  3. What about the rest of you?

    Use the four photos and tell us a story...

  4. Well, you people obviously don't understand the grave dangers of ignoring the impending disaster of global cooling warming climate change. After all, 98% of all scientists who are paid to agree with them agree with them.

    So imagine the global catastrophes that will happen if America decides to quit pretending global warming is real.

    First, Al Gore will lose hundreds of millions of dollars in movies, books and speaking fees. If nobody pays him to sell his snake oil, the poor guy might be reduced to poverty. Now looking at him, he could miss a few meals I think, but where's the compassion for the poor con man?

    And then 96% of scientists who agree with the findings they are being paid to find will be suddenly on the outside instead of the inside. They will be exposed as the frauds they really are. Again, no compassion for these poor little scientists who have sold their souls to the radical left? What on earth will phony science guy Bill Nye do for a living? Work?

    And then all the jobs in the coal industry that will return, and the possibility that the economy in coal country won't be a total welfare state any longer, but people will work again. What good can come of that? Of course all those people already vote Republican, which is very interesting and a topic for discussion another time.

    And what about all these companies that were started up to cash in on the "green energy" money faucet the left and obama turned on? Hundreds and hundreds of millions in subsidies and defaulted loans to companies that never produced a product. But they filtered a nice chunk back to the democrat party in donations. So where is the democrat party supposed to find that money to make up for all those donations us taxpayers are funding? Again, no compassion.

    And what about all the professors and campus garbage baby snowflakes who are spending their college lives studying to be global warming saviors? What happens to all of them when America stops believing the lies? They are all out of work. Come on people, compassion?

    So what's a few trillion bucks lost from our economy if it helps keep a giant hoax alive and funds an endless stream of radical left wing operations? Really? It wasn't easy for these people to create this global myth and grow it to this level. And now our President gives them the finger.

    I find you people to be heartless and lacking in compassion for our fragile and sad little friends on the radical left.

    And I agree with you 100%. Screw the whole bunch.

    #Measuring Our Success Through Liberal Tears

    #So Much Winning

  5. Some things that Libs hate

    A List Of 100 Things That Liberals Hate About America


    Why do liberals seem to hate just about everything that is good and true and right about this country? Earlier today I was writing an article about Kathy Griffin and the hate-filled ideology that she represents, and it got me thinking about a lot of things. I truly believe that her now infamous photograph will turn out to be a defining moment in American politics. It has become exceedingly clear that Kathy Griffin and those like her have nothing to offer but anger, hate and violence, and that is not a message that most Americans are going to embrace. So if true conservatives can start communicating a message of love, peace, prosperity, liberty and freedom that is based on the principles and values that this nation was founded upon, there is no way that the left is going to be able to compete with that.

    If we want to make America great again, we need to embrace the things that made us great in the first place. Unfortunately, the left tends to hate most of those things. In fact, many leftists will actually tell you that America was never great. These “progressives” want our nation to be fundamentally “transformed” into an entirely different place than our forefathers intended, and they plan to use big government as the tool to conduct that “transformation”.

    If they ultimately win, the country that you and I love so much today will be gone forever. I want you to read the list below and imagine what the United States would be like if all of these things were eradicated. The following is a list of 100 things that liberals hate about America…

  6. Here is what the 4 pics say to me, concerning the Paris Agreement: 1. "Green Climate Fund" = RipOff!!

    2. "Breaking News"= Snowflakes will melt if they do not have the United States "Cold hard Cash" to keep them in a state of a chilly trickle down thrill down their leg, Chris Mathews style!

    3. "Trump and the finger" - Trump giving the snowflakes and Climate Change agreement the finger gives me a warm fuzzy feeling trickling down my leg!

    4. The last picture looks to me like a past pic of Algore in his leaner days, probably crying about Florida! However, it now represents the frustration and fear, him and all of those who want to milk the rest of us for whatever we can be made to give, to finance their "Global Scam", to make the hypocrites fatter and happier!
    Just look below, at what we have funded and continue to fund for this Global scam!

    Federal funding for climate change research, technology, international assistance, and adaptation has increased from $2.4 billion in 1993 to $11.6 billion in 2014, with an additional $26.1 billion for climate change programs and activities provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009. As shown in figure 1, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has reported federal climate change funding in three main categories since 1993:
    • technology to reduce emissions,
    • science to better understand climate change, and
    • international assistance for developing countries.

  7. Well I am back on Computer went to shit Saturday had to buy a new one, son just got it set up for me , still moving stuff I lost everything so far we know Son took old one thinks he may be able to get it running enough to get all info off it. Last two days sucked.

    1. Been there Done that. I had a guy get in and saved my stuff. Then I got a portable hard drive and I just plug it in every so often and download my stuff on to it. Then If it goes belly up and have a copy of the hard drive with all the important stuff I wanted. Not that expensive and worth it in case's like you just had.

    2. Had a backup over to wife's computer, he hasn't got in to it yet He is a little rusty, hasn't been messing with this for at least 4 or 5 years now. But he got all my e-mails back up, say anyone has my e-mall send me one so I can get yours back into my address book.

  8. Two things .

    1. 1970 NY times headline, Global Cooling.

    2. VOSTOCK ice samples. Taken from antartica. Indicates CO2 fluctuates, but the highest level of CO2 globally may have been 600,000 years ago. But then again, maybe cavemen and their love of fire caused that. Stupid humans.

    More importantly this all detracts from the importance of fighting fundamental radical islamists. These heathens think that their pedophile idol justifies cutting little girls down with nail bombs, and it's okay. I beg to differ.
    But one thing for sure, many in this country won't stand for it like a bunch of pansy brits. Amazing that the British were even instrumental in defeating some of the biggest global fascists years ago. Stupid humans who ignore history will simply live it again.
    There are those who will resist and non conform, and those pesky infidels may simply be the only Patriots that matter. And they won't be throwing rocks, either...

    But then again, Al (the hungry man) Gore says we will all drown by then...


  9. Nine things to remember while growing old

    Number 9 - Death is the number 1 killer in the world.

    Number 8 - Life is sexually transmitted.

    Number 7 - Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

    Number 6 - Men have two emotions: hungry and horny, and they can't tell them apart. If you see a gleam in his eyes, make him a sandwich, you have a 50% chance of being right...

    Number 5 - Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks, months, maybe years.

    Number 4 - Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in the hospital, dying of nothing.

    Number 3 - All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.

    Number 2 - In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird, and people take Prozac to make it normal.

    Number 1 - Life is like a jar of peppers. What you do today might burn your Butt tomorrow.

  10. Beginning and End of Story : Paris Accord - President Trump called it for what it really is and the lefties have lost their minds.....

    The End

  11. Glad you're up and running again, Sarge.

    But that's another perfect example of why you need a smart phone.


    1. Hellman I can't even use a dumb computer.

  12. So sick of the Urinal running all these stories and "editorials" about how it is inevitable that we HAVE to spike taxes on anything and everything, mainly to keep sending more money down the "education" toilet!😠

    Over half the budget already goes to those "indoctrination centers"!

    They NEVER talk about "accountability" or real solutions to lessen the spending. Rich districts spend down budget, squander money, plead poverty. They need more next year! Then, of course, it's only FAIR that all districts are treated "equitably", so EVERYONE gets more, by law!

    Meanwhile, we keep sinking more and more in...much more per student than, say Japan or South Korea, whose results shame us.

    Fix the freakin' problems, and quit dumping money into a bottomless pit!!!

  13. Cut spending? What, are you crazy? You can't cut spending, you have to raise taxes. I mean, come on. We have all this money coming in. We have thousands of people who get paid from that money, a large percentage of them to do not much of anything of value, sure, but still. You know how many businesses are set up to sell the State of Kansas overpriced junk at prices nobody else would pay? How many people have service contracts with the State that they can underservice and operate with virtually no oversight but get paid regularly and more than they are worth?

    Don't you know how much money is sitting in State budgets throughout the system right now, being spent on crap they don't need because it's the fiscal year end? You know how many vendors rely on the whole "spend it or lose it" method of budgeting the State uses? And sell crap to them at inflated prices in the last two months of the fiscal year so they can burn through every penny left unspent?

    You guys obviously don't understand the State of Kansas fiscal policies. Collect more, spend more and demand more when they spend more than they collected (every year). Why, it's been like this for years. And you expect them to change that and manage money and resources like the rest of us do in our businesses? Now that's funny, I don't care who you are.

    And it ain't cheap to put all these young skulls full of mush through our school system and turn out little Trotskyites to go out and sustain this morass of a quagmire of a cesspool of a tar pit we call public education.

    Another billion? Chicken feed. It's all their money anyway. We should be glad they let us keep what they do now.

  14. So they caught a leaker. A employee of a Federal contractor leaking top secret documents to the media. Well, well. I say throw this seditious bitch in Gitmo. In the general population. Since she hates America so much she would endanger our national security to try to bring down our elected government, she should enjoy the company of other people who feel the same way. She should enjoy that very much.

    This person needs to pay heavily. Like the farmer shooting a coyote and throwing the carcass on the fence as a warning to the other coyotes we need to make a very public example of this girl. So her fellow seditious traitors know what will happen to them.

    Heartless? Yup. So is leaking top secret documents to the press hoping to weaken and destroy your elected government.

    The radical left system corrupted this girl's mind, turning her against her country. Now she just sacrificed her freedom and her life for that cause. Let's see if it was worth it. And let's let others know there is a price for sedition.

  15. Hell, she's already admitted to it.

    She's so brainwashed she'll willingly play the part of a martyr.

    Hopefully reality kicks the shit out of her...

  16. Well Safe, I'm reading that she knows Farsi and Pashto, so I'm SURE she'd have plenty to talk with them about. Of course, they may want to do a little something other than talk, but you know, goat-smellin' Afghans gotta have lovin', too.

    She's an Air Force vet, which should conclusively prove to you doubters that not every vet is a "hero." The press was also ballyhooing her Top Secret Clearance, but I'm betting that's already been revoked.

    She'll soon begin playing the victim, just as Griffin has. Whatever else I have to say about Griffin, she at least has the guts to say and act in public. Unlike the little sneak before us.

    Unlike Snowden, I don't think this one had better try refuge in Russia. They're secrets were compromised, too, and Russians have an effective way of dealing with security risks. Perhaps we could learn to share THEIR techniques. All in the name of multi-culturalism, of course.

  17. I was gonna go work in the yard next weekend, but I don't do that anymore. I'm a "house ni..." Oooops! I'd better not say that! Only OK for far-left socialist white non-funny comedians!😨

    1. Just seen where ole Al not so Sharp is calling for ole Bill the house H er's head. Its pretty funny to watch these Libtards turn on each other.


    Published today (June 6) in the Washington Times:
    “16 states ask Supreme Court to revive Trump travel ban”
    Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, KANSAS, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia.
    These states have said to the Supreme Court that the travel ban is both legal and justified.
    Let’s just hope that the Supreme Court decides in favor of reinstating the travel ban.

  19. Ya know it's pretty bad when you have to go other news papers to see articles such as the one I posted above because the TCJ just doesn't post information fairly.

  20. Kevin, I remember your blog about the travel ban from about 4 months back – I also remember the typical attacks towards you from the idiot lefties – I wonder how they’d feel about KANSAS being among the 16 states to step up and ask the US Supreme Court to reinstate President Trump’s travel ban because how these states feel the travel ban is both legal and justified.

  21. Good grief it is a lot of work trying to get stuff back on a new computer, The wife's computer isn't working all that well going to order her a new that way, My Son can transfer all her info easier, But all most done. Oh I see Brownback vetoes tax Bill.

  22. Here's a short clip of contrary Tom "Younger Bear" Digger riding into camp:


  23. Brownback veto overridden. YAY!! Now they can push US all closer to poverty by WASTING MORE of our money, instead fixing the overspending/spend-down/inefficiency/cronyism/education-scam REAL problems!! 😠

  24. And, here's racist-Maher's good friend (another unfunny "comedian") the always idiotic, Al Franken, distancing himself from his buddy.

    He's glad his good friend apologized and "expressed sincere regret". ("Sincere"? Yeah. Sure. Whatever your big fat lying mouth says, Franken, you big fat lying liar!)

  25. Wonderful. A billion dollar tax increase. The democrats couldn't be happier. The democrats who pretend to be Republicans couldn't be happier. The people who don't actually pay any taxes couldn't be happier. The people who live off the government dole couldn't be happier. Happy people all around. A billion dollar tax increase.

    You know who's not happier? The taxpayers. Even some of them thought this was a great idea, until they see their tax bill next year. And a whole bunch of lower income people who paid nothing under the Brownback plan will be coughing up cash now. So after the reality soaks in, and we see business growth slow, and small businesses laying people off to cover the tax increase, and people suddenly realize "hey, my taxes went up! What the hell happened?" maybe people will wake up. Kansas never had a revenue problem. They have a spending problem.

    When you or I start spending more than we earn, we can't go to our bosses and just demand they pay us enough to cover our spending. No, we have to stop spending more than we earn. But it doesn't work that way with government, now does it? Amazing.

    The funniest comment I heard so far was from democrat Senator who pretends to be a Republican Vicki Schmidt. She said "The governor has refused to lead at every turn that we've had."

    Well, that's a typical democrat lie. The Governor did lead. He attempted to reform Kansas economic policy of tax and spend as set by all the previous democrat Governors such as the miserable failure that was the Sebelious mess. The Governor led, the idiots in the legislature just didn't like his leadership. Lower taxes, less spending. So they submarined it, destroyed it, blamed him and now claim the moral high ground by raising our taxes a billion dollars. If that's their idea of leadership, I'll take Governor Brownback's version every time.

    So after a brief respite for a few years, the Kansas legislature finally got back to their old ways. Tax and spend, raise taxes, throw money at failing schools because the teachers unions demand it.

    It was nice while it lasted, but apparently Kansans aren't the fiscal conservatives I'd hoped for.

    This should make that guy happy who wrote that hack book about what's wrong with Kansas that the godless left loves so much. He probably loves this. But in fact, right now this is what's wrong with Kansas.

  26. Good Morning Everyone - I raise my coffee mug to you all -

    Support for President Trump's travel ban is gaining momentum......

    Yesterday I posted a Washington Times link to an article saying 16 states (including Kansas) has asked the Supreme Court to revive the travel ban.

    This morning on the Washington Times - Homeland Security is now backing President Trump's travel ban

    Like I said yesterday, it's too bad that TCJ doesn't post articles like this - you have to go to other newspaper links to read stuff like this.