Sunday, August 6, 2017

Trump hating opinion page editor Matt Johnson is what happened to the once proud and trusted Topeka Capital-Journal...

I'm gonna throw out a rare but important Sunday edition of "The Underground Bunker."


Because I can and because more and more people are starting to notice that under the leadership of Opinion Page Editor (and dedicated Trump Hater) Matt Johnson the once proud and trusted Topeka Capital-Journal has become nothing more than another mouth piece for the America-hating left.

I've taken the liberty of re-posting a comment by our good friend and fellow patriot, Nunya as a way of making that point.

The following is that comment in it's entirety.


NunyaAugust 5, 2017 at 5:05 AM

"I see Little Matty, the Johnson, has rendered yet ANOTHER total bogus hit piece about Trump, this time using "Scaramooch, Scaramooch...will you do the fandango" as his justification to tie the Mooch's vulgarities to the Johnson's interpretations of his long list of Trump "misdeeds", with some of them just blatant unproven allegations and lies. Of course, nobody expects that prick to be honest in his writing, since EVERYONE knows he's no "journalist", but only a petulant child with a low IQ, a nasty vindictive temperament, and prone to throw his little hissy-fits into public. (He emulates his hero, Imam Obama.)

"Yes, it's disturbing when he slanders journalists..."

No, it's not. The "truth" cannot be slander. Besides, Little Matty, just like you, ALL those other far-left radical operatives in mainstream media who have no ethics or "journalistic integrity" gave up the right to be called "journalists". You are all left-wing political hacks, and no more important than any other person "stating an opinion, to steer a narrative". You are all "commentators", at best, but more like bottom-feeding bloggers peddling fake news.

"...peddles insane conspiracy theories...was flabbergasting when he lied about being "wiretapped" by his predecessor..."

WHAT?! You fuckin' IDIOT! He and his team WAS spied on, and people were unmasked! IT WAS ADMITTED, AND THE PROOF IS THERE! And, the ONLY "insane conspiracy theories" are coming from the left! "Russia...collusion".

The ONLY "collusion" and Russia involvement happened BY THE DEMS, WITH OBAMA AT THE HELM!

"It was appalling ...transgenders barred from...military".

No..."Americans" were "applauding". Parents don't want their sons and daughters having to rely on mentally- and emotionally-unstable people who can't even accept THE FACTS of their DNA to help keep their children as protected as possible during fighting. THIS IS NO GAME! These are NOT lab rats, to run crazy social experiments on!

Besides, OUR tax money is MUCH better used on REAL surgeries to piece together the injured. Shouldn't diminish those funds for "elective, voluntary, unnecessary cosmetic surgery". THAT is "appalling"!

Screw Matt, the Johnson."

Ever since the arrival of Matt Johnson it's been nothing but one attack after another.

On Governor Brownback.

The Kansas Legislature.

Kris Kobach.

Republicans in general.

It's funny how they've never said a single thing about the left-wing violence that swept the nation during last year's presidential election.

They never once addressed Hillary's 33,000 deleted emails.

The meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clint0n.

Proven cases of voter fraud.

Proven "Fake News" his fellow Trump haters have spread nationwide for months on end.

The illegal unmasking of hundreds of American citizens.

The illegal leaking of classified information inside the White House.

In order for his radical left-wing bullshit to gain traction all opposing views had to be silenced.

That's what lead to tying comments to Facebook accounts.

And it's what eventually led to destroying the community blog section.

And now you know that Trump hating Opinion Page Editor Matt Johnson is what happened to the once proud and trusted Topeka Capital-Journal.

Kevin McGinty


  1. NunyaAugust 6, 2017 at 6:34 AM

    Kudos to Dorothy Dolsky for her "Mixed Review" letter to the editors (I mean..."chief propagandists")over at the Pravda-Urinal.

    Y'all think WE are the only ones noticing that Little Matty, the Johnson, is nuking that publication?

    "Finally, I do agree with a recent letter writer that the newspaper has become very left-leaning in the past few years, especially the opinions of Matt Johnson. I wish he would follow his best writing advice that he provided in the July 30 issue: “Never talk down to your audience — they’ll know exactly what you’re doing, and they won’t thank you for it.”

    BRAVO, Ms. Dolsky! Center of the bullseye there!

    She is also keenly aware of the scam we are being subjected to with "school funding".

    "Walt Chappell’s article supporting the view that the request for more funding for education should be denied by the Supreme Court gave evidence that supports that view: “Since 1998 the amount of local, state and federal tax dollars spent by Kansas school districts has doubled from $3 billion per year to $6.4 billion per year in 2015 to teach the same number of kids…but the achievement gap is as wide as ever.” I hope the Supreme Court takes note of that and returns the power of the purse to the Legislature where it belongs."

    ExACTLY! The courts have NO business determining fiscal policy! The Kansas Constitution grants that power ONLY to the Legislature. Way past time that nonsense is stopped.

  2. NunyaAugust 6, 2017 at 7:51 AM

    Hmmm..."Momentum 2022"? Interesting goals listed:

    Five Goal Areas of Momentum 2022

    1. Develop homegrown talent.

    2. Create vibrant and attractive places.

    3. Grow a diverse economy.

    4. Promote a positive image.

    5. Collaborate for a strong community.

    Seven work groups supporting Momentum 2022 work

    1. Talent development

    2. Quality of place

    3. Downtown and NOTO

    4. Entrepreneurship

    5. Economic development

    6. Marketing

    7. Community engagement, pride and service

    Seems to be a couple things missing?

    I SUPPOSE #3 in the first list, and MAYBE #4 and #5 in the second list can be loosely-interpreted as "jobs creation", but nothing about the elephant in the room that blocks that.

    "Entrepreneurship" is a good thing. Small buinesses, ran well, can add a lot. But, they normally don't hire a lot of people for medium-to-higher-paying jobs, with benefits.

    Larger, more-established companies do that. And, elsewhere, they talk of "restaurant growth", which is all well and good, also. this town could use more DIFFERENT restaurants, other than the bland chains, or too-many Asian/Mexican/burger/pizza joints. But, they also don't generate higher-paying jobs.

    We need more manufacturing and central distribution. We are in a perfect place to ship things manufactured here east, west, north and south, which saves time and money over shipping from, say, North Carolina to Oregon.

    So, how do we get THOSE jobs, plus all the smaller jobs? "Tax policy" and "regulations".

    By incentivizing through tax policy, we could create MANY more jobs, and higher-paying jobs, which will create more tax revenue just from a lot more people working, and a lot more working higher-paying jobs. Those higher-paying jobs will create more "income tax" revenue, AND ancilliary taxes, such as sales and property taxes. Get enough of that, and they can stop raising taxes to cover their out-of-control spending and waste, fraud and abuse. Get a handle on those last three, also, and we may even get to where we can start really lowering taxes, which, of course, will make it more desireable to move and work here.

    Gotta start clear-cutting all that unconstitutional regulatory paperwork, also, with all their business-killing punitive over-regulation.

    SOME regulations are good, and likely necessary. But, EVERYONE knows there are way too many stupid ones.

    Since businesses don't REALLY pay taxes, anyway (they just build into the price, which hurts them and the consumer), reasonable tax incentives for businesses is the FIRST thing they need to do, to even HOPE to have any of those other things happen.

    But, browsing through all that propaganda over there...nobody is mentioning any of this.

    Wonder why?

  3. NunyaAugust 6, 2017 at 8:02 AM

    Oh...and BTW, creating a lot more jobs, and many higher-paying ones, will also lessen the need of taxpayer dollars to support so many people.

    When we get as many as possible working, and paying taxes themselves, that's actually a "raise in tax revenue" in two ways. They are contributing, AND not drawing out.

    Get enough out of the greedy, selfish liberal "GimmeGimme" system, and we can start downsizing government, itself. Which is ALSO a "raise in tax revenue", from not having to spend as much for people to shuffle our tax diollars to other people.

    It would all be a "Win-win....WIN" situation!

    (Except, some people won't like having to give up their "free stuff" and actually having to WORK for what they want, and wrongly think they are "entitled to". Right, JJGimmeGimmeMinnowJimmy?)


  4. Sargejr JimAugust 6, 2017 at 8:37 AM

    Republican Heads Will Roll

    What is more likely is that a lot of Republican heads will roll in 2018. They'll be replaced by BETTER Republicans. Or maybe some Independents OR new Third Party candidates. (I can dream, can't I?)

    We need to start in Alaska and Maine. What are you people thinking up there? Cold getting to you? Seven Republicans voted for the exact same "Straight Repeal" Bill when they knew there was no chance it would become law, then voted against it when there was. Look ‘em up. One of them might be your representative. They all have their excuses, none of which count for squat.

    So, how about that "Health Care Crisis?" Well, get ready for things to get worse… much worse. Health Care costs are going nowhere but up. As are "private" Health Care Insurance premiums.

    Recently I saw a story about two people who jumped off a bridge, leaving their children behind. All because they could not afford "ObamaCare." People with that mindset are soon going to have to take a number.
    From News4Patroits


  5. Sargejr JimAugust 6, 2017 at 8:42 AM

    Insurance Companies Will Bail

    Insurance Companies have already been bailing on the ObamaCare Exchanges like rich people on the Titanic. Now they're going to start bailing on the individual insurance market altogether. Why? Because their profits are at too great of a risk.

    Government promises to reimburse their losses from providing new coverage for people who are already sick are looking pretty shaky. President Trump, thinking he is helping, is going to do everything he can to make sure ObamaCare implodes sooner rather than later. Then he can Tweet, "I told you so."

    Your taxes are going to go up to pay for the Democrats' FREE STUFF. And don't hold your breath that "Tax Reform" will even things out. I'm betting the Republicans will botch that, too.

    I am put in mind of those wagons rolling into the Roman Coliseum loaded with bread, which flunkies throw into the crowd before the Bloodsport commences. We all know what happened to the Roman Empire. Are we there yet? My God, I hope not!

    Maybe Jeff Sessions will stick a drainpipe in the Swamp. But only WE can drain the parasites and gators out of Congress. We need a bunch of Trey Gowdies! To your survival.

  6. Sargejr JimAugust 6, 2017 at 8:46 AM

    Sorry that last one was also from News4Patroits

  7. NunyaAugust 6, 2017 at 9:10 AM

    It's ironically stupid that millions of people who back Obamacare, which puts a hurt on insurance companies, also have pensions, 401k or other retirement accounts that may include those very same insurance companies that are relied upon to generate earnings for those funds.

    Liberals are just unable to connect the dots, and are always doing stupid things, to their own detriment. It's all based on "emotion", and the brainwashing they get, instead of logic and reason.

    In other words...they are self-mutilating complete idiots!😉

  8. NunyaAugust 6, 2017 at 9:24 AM

    Hey, I know Sarge had some tree work done. Anyone else? Did you get several quotes? Did they do a good job? Were they a reasonably-priced professional outfit, who knew how to trim properly?
    Just looking for possible recommendations. 😉

  9. Sargejr JimAugust 6, 2017 at 9:39 AM

    Nunya : All Services tree removal their ad is in the capital journal But here it is 925-6155 or 267-4459 Ins, and bonded, and are very professional now I paid about a $1000 per tree but my trees were large and very close to house that included stump removal and they haul off all stuff and clean up like you didn't know they were there, and they do just trimming also. His name is Paul

  10. Sargejr JimAugust 6, 2017 at 9:43 AM

    P.S. He has very good High dollar equipment and shed's right there.

  11. I like Matt's writing.

    1. I'm sure you shows by your own nonsensical...drivel.

  12. After reading the latest batch of Nunya's urinal flushes earlier, I went over there and scratched around a bit...pitiful what that rag has degenerated into. Actually downright sad. Rarely does anybody comment and the few remaining blogs remain there for weeks at a time...about sports, golf courses and cop twitter wars.
    Aamazed that the cj is even still there.
    What was once a lively and vibrant forum for debate has been thoroufhly shut down by this Johnson character and his disjointed, rambling and nonsensical liberal progressive rants.
    I don't even see liberals posting over there, except for the likes of Ash McGonigle, whose posts are as silly and disjointed as Matt's...

  13. Nunya might said Of crouse YOU always like the "Johnson" jj.

    1. Lol...must be that fishbait fetish...
      Matt the Johnson and his Dick Pics...
      Good band name, huh?

    2. Probably get a booking at the sasnak...according to posts on the local police scanner pages that place gives customers
      Free weenies...

  14. JJ'S Fantasy is finding another BIG Johnson . He misses ole Battshit so much all he can do is talk about it now.

  15. Well, it's happening alot.
    People figuring out the agenda that is.
    It's indeed a mental disorder.

    It seems australia might be figuring t out.
    Little off the topic, but here's an example.

    It's over on drudge now.
    It seems that global warming is indeed "man made"
    If you pick and choose data, the computer will spit out anything you want.
    We always should be good stewards to our planet, and I guarantee I take care of it better than most liberals.
    But taking advantage of numbers to tax the have-nots is not stewardship.
    It's fraud.

    Whether it's Al "get in my belly" Gore or Matty "the little" Johnson.
    They will be so disappointed when they finally overplay their hand, get called out, and people make them pay.

    It will happen, the pendulum always swings back...


    What's next with you stupid liberals?
    You gonna call it the windmill of friendship?
    Cultural appropriation at its highest level.
    Is the word "nigger" or "kike" or "mick" now going to become an term of "endearment"?
    Slavery really was an assertive way to establish friendship and provide work opportunities?

    I love how all of you progs are quick to bury history, and reclaim it for yourselves.

    You truly are a bunch of sick puppies. Maybe Ya'll need some of that Zyklon. Heard it's a wonderful new air freshener....

    Fucking idiots...

  17. Idiots indeed.

    Our resident troll is the poster child of their idiotic behavior...

  18. And he's exactly the kind of non-thinking person Matt Johnson is reaching out to.

  19. Hahahaaa...he "likes Matt's writing"?😂

    For a "professional", Johnson might not even qualify for a junior high newspaper.

    He is intellectually lazy, extremely biased, continually non-factual, jumbles subjects and is entirely unprofessional.

    Of COURSE liberals like his writing. He sets the bar so low to identify with them!😂

  20. This Brit pretty much sums up the feeling of many as it relates to the culture of Muslim immigrants in Europe.
    Subject: Fwd: Fwd: Pat hits the nail on the head once again..

    if you are easily offended by the unvarnished truth, please don't watch this Brits latest.

    1. Smart Brit, I wonder if he has many followers? They way they vote in Muslim mayors and other positions, make you wonder.