Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin

Didn’t see that coming, did you? Neither did Obama or his handlers. You know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about Obama turning on the TV last Friday, you know, the day after his big speech and not being able to find his smiling face anywhere. It was all Sarah Palin.
You can say what you want about McCain. But you gotta admit, McCain sucked every ounce of energy there was right out of what should been Obama’s big day with the announcement of his VP pick, Sarah Palin.
Like a lot of people, I thought for sure he’d pick Rommney. He’d have brought economic experience to the McCain campaign, that’s about it. We’d have to listen to the non-stop attacks on his Mormon faith again for the next two months. Yeah, like a lot of fellow Republicans, I‘d already decided to vote for McCain. Believe me, it wasn’t so much a vote for McCain. More than anything, it was a vote against Obama. Still, at the end of the day, I figured Obama would end up being our next President.
All that changed last Friday, didn’t it. Think of it this way. The right feels exactly the same way about Sarah Palin as the left does Obama. And here’s the deal. It’s not just me either, there’s millions of us. You guys have your rock-star, now we have ours. You know, maybe that “old, white-haired dude” can pull this thing off after all.
Is she qualified? I don’t know. To tell you the truth, I knew she was the Governor of Alaska, But that’s about it. I do know that because of her, the Obama campaign is in full blown panic mode. And the attacks on her and her family have just begun. Go ahead and attack her on the grounds that because she’s a woman and a mom she wouldn’t have time for the job, especially since her youngest child was born with down-syndrome. See how far strategy gets you. Besides, isn’t that way of thinking exactly what the left has been fighting against all these years. Talk about hypocrisy. The were quick to point out that her husband got arrested for DUI something like 20 years ago. It’s funny too, about the same time her husband was arrested on alcohol charges, Obama was snorting cocaine. Evidently, that’s okay though.
Get this, they’re trying to make a moral issue out of Palin’s 17 year old daughter being pregnant. The irony of that just cracks me up. All I’m going to say is that at least she’s not going to abort the baby just because it’s an incontinent time, you can take it from there.
What do the issues they’re bring up mean? To me it means a hell of a lot about her character as a person, a wife, and a mother. Her family is no different than that of millions of families all across America. I know how disruptive a DUI can be to family. They’ve had to deal with their teenage daughter getting pregnant and like any good mother, she’s standing by her daughter’s side. As a family, they’ll deal with it as it comes because that what a family does. To me, it means she’s just like you and I. She’s one of us. And how this can be seen as a bad thing is beyond me.
It’s hard to explain. But because of the naming of Sarah Palin as McCain’s VP pick, I’m actually excited to be a Republican again. Something else to think about. Let’s say McCain does pull this one off. How does a 2012 race between Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton sound? Damn, this thing just keeps getting better.
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  1. Well put my fellow conservative!!!!! if I may make a point or two,

    if the Dems know we will have 4 more years 0f Gdub politics, why stump if they have a crystal ball, so no gross use of public funds for the campaign will be needed and they can predict all that is to come, is that the message we are to be transfixed by?
    Is it that they ( The NoBamas') are in a frenzy of confusion and damage control? maybe,and that the media has FINALLY made the mistake of incriminating themselves as the moral life sucking spinsters that they are?

    It is of this pick for GOP V.P. canidate, Sarah Palin, let me take a stab,
    1( real person 2( mother of 5 children 3( knows how to use a firearm, to hunt for food and protect her family 4( and is not afraid to speak with conviction for what she beleives in?
    5( and lastly, looks you dead in the eye when she says what has to be said.

    I know Democrats, you dont know what that is like, because you cant see your leaders eyes when you bowing down on your knees in worship of an Obamanation.

    stick that in your onesided left brain, since you did have the chance to be born!!!! and marinate in that a while.

    thanks you and God bless,

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  3. Damn ice, you don't exactly hold back do you?
    Thanks for stopping by today...

  4. LOL
    you're still the same old dumbass you've always been.
    but a dumbass i love! :)

    mr. jiggles