Wednesday, August 12, 2020


So Dementia Joe finally picked a running mate.

Big flipping deal.

I'd say something like, he picked one of the nastiest, most radical bitches  available but the truth is every single one he had on his short lost would have fit that description.

I suppose if there's one thing Kamala Harris might have on the rest of the bunch is that she literally prostituted herself to get where she is today.

Well done Democrats. I would expect nothing less from you and what's become of your pathetic party.

She brings nothing of value to the American people.

She's a full blown global warming fanatic. She's all in with the gun grabbers. She'll be right in there stirring up all the racial hatred she can muster. She's in full support of the defunding  the police insanity. Her unconditional support of the shit going on in Portland and every other Democrat controlled city is unquestioned. She'll push for socialized medicine. A big supporter of wide open borders.

All in all, she's just another loud mouthed anti American bitch and any of them could have easily filled those shoes.

None of that's going to matter come November though.

The American people see for themselves what's going on in this country and we've had just about all the racial left wing bullshit  we're willing to take.

You communist wannabes might as well get yourselves ready for another let down.

Donald Trump will beat the hell out of you all over again and some dime a dozen homewrecking whore can't do a damned thing to stop it.

Count  on it.


Sunday, August 9, 2020

Lighten up Sunday

 So far 2020 has sucked more than just about any year that I can remember.
but you know what? There's not a damn thing I can do about it. And to tell you the truth I've Brown weary of being pissed off all the time so I thought maybe just for today we'd just have a little fun.
For example I have proof that using a little rain as an excuse not to mow is just that. An excuse.

And now I offer up a little music to get your day started on the right track.

Or if you prefer we could always talk about how some people just can't help themselves when it comes to making really bad choices.


He chose poorly.

Now get out there and enjoy your day.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Commies strike again

My wife was one of those people who posted the video of the Doctors speaking about the Chinese flu and some of the things they disagree with that are currently making the rounds. This video has been viewed by an estimated 22 million people. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are taking it down, suspending accounts that post it and blocking it as much as possible. They suspended the President's son for posting it for God's sake. They have launched a full blown propaganda attack, trying to smear the doctors and discredit them, because they have no answer to their questions so they are giving them the Saul Alinski treatment. The Marxist from Kenya taught them well.

This is how far the commie rat bastards are willing to go. This video raises some important questions about this whole issue. About how the democrat/communist party is feeding our country false information with the goal of keeping America shut down, confused, scared and on economic decline.

Now you may ask, but Safe, why would anybody want to do that? Isn't that a bad thing? Well, yes it is. But the goal is to win the upcoming Presidential election. The democrat/communist party realized long ago it had no chance with the economy reaching historical measures, people working, businesses thriving and America finally out of the stagnant doldrums the obama/biden commie apparatus left us.

So, they leveraged the pandemic. Then they drove their apparachiks to the street by the thousands to burn, loot and destroy, as well as spread the virus again just when it was starting to decline.

Along comes hydroxychloroquine
First President Trump speaks positively about it, then more and more physicians spoke about it. Then trials began to show promise. So the communist party fired up the propaganda machine and went into full attack mode. All their tools, the media, facebook, google. All of them went to work to discredit it. And for a couple of reasons.

The obvious reason is because President Donald Trump endorsed it. The hatred for Donald Trump (and us, by the way) is so deep and so profound, it reaches the level of a mental illness. Anything he likes they automatically hate. Everything. It's amazing. And so predictable.

The less obvious reason is that it may actually work. And if it works before the election, that shuts down one of their best propaganda issues. And they can't have that.

So they are searching it out and destroying it. Because that's what commies do. They forbid opinion that they don't approve of. That's called Totalitarianism. It's typical with fascist commie machines.

This is the future if the demented Joe Biden wins. And if the democrat/communist party wins even a simple majority in the Senate, it's game over. They will kill the filibuster and every commie dream will come true.

This is the America they dream of. Where only they can speak. Where the party tells you which opinions you are allowed to have, and which you are not. 

Let's not let that happen, friends. Let's keep this fight up. Let's show these commie rat bastards America isn't ready to roll over and let the mob rule us. Because that's what is waiting if we lose this one. Make no mistake. 

Monday, July 27, 2020

Shooting in Austin

So one of the gun toting rioters in Austin got shot. The commies are already spinning the story, telling lies about it but so far we do know a few things.

So let's discuss the lessons and mistakes made here, what say?

First. The gun toting snowflake rioter underestimated his enemy. He was recorded minutes before his fatal encounter saying the people they were doing this to were pussies, and they won't do anything. Wrong, son. Big wrong. So that led to....

Second. The gun toting snowflake made several errors after that. Let's talk about a couple. First, he displayed his gun conspicuously. He wanted everybody to know he had it. He thought owning a gun you had no idea how to use properly was enough. This led to...

Third. Threatening someone with a gun. You never use your gun to threaten someone. You use it to shoot someone. He fell into the trap of Billy Badass thinking waving his gun around and even firing a few random shots would command control of the situation. Doesn't work that way. So....

Fourth. He approached a vehicle with a driver trapped by the rioters, waved his weapon around some more and fired five shots, target unknown. The driver of the car, seeing the threat to his life, pulled his own handgun and put three rounds center mass into Billy Badass, who rapidly assumed room temperature. This is called proper weapon use. The car driver didn't wave his gun around, make threats or hesitate. He assessed the situation. He was trapped in his car, surrounded by dangerous rioters who meant him harm, and was approached by a criminal carrying a semi-automatic rifle, who threatened him and closed the deal by firing  his weapon five times. So the car driver drew his piece and defended himself.

All this just shows me something. The commie rioters are buying and stealing guns now. They are carrying them at the riots. A bunch of terrorists in Nashville marched around carrying their rifles and wearing some kind of tactical gear. Why the sudden love for firearms? Well, I think that's pretty obvious.

They want us to fear them. They want us to think they are armed now, and a big threat to us. They want us to think if it comes to an armed conflict they will be a match for us. Well.....

Sorry. My money is still on the patriots. The Austin example tells me a lot. Guy had a gun. Guy was prepared to use the gun, even fired some rounds. Guy got three rounds center mass from someone who wasn't playing around.

This is what will happen. Bunch of commies with guns, that don't know how to use them, have no training and lack any discipline believe they are a match for people who own multiple guns, millions of rounds of ammo and train seriously with their weapons.
Our example in Austin shows us what they can expect. I hope it doesn't come to that, but they have about destroyed everything they can destroy in the cities and it won't surprise me if they head to Suburbia next. And there is where the shit will hit the fan. The commie mayors might make the police stand down, but all those guys and gals who are armed and prepared won't stand down.

I'm sorry a rioter met his end so violently, but it was his choice. He made this happen. Hopefully the other rioters will learn something from this, but I sadly doubt it. They aren't very smart, or else they wouldn't be commie rat bastards.

Friday, July 24, 2020

The Late Great Charlie Daniels

Wanted to let you know I'll be out of the loop all next week. Don't worry I'll still check in to approve your comments and deny our desperate little bottom feeder access as time allows.

And I thought instead of talking about the never ending leftist meltdown I'd do something worthwhile.

We lost a great American patriot a few days ago and it still kind of bothers me.

Rest In Peace Mr. Daniels. Your contributions and music will be felt for generations to come.






Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The rise of insanity.

I'm not sure whether President Trump caused it or if he simply exposed what has always been there.

I'm talking about the raw and dangerous insanity that has consumed nearly half the country.  

I actually long for the days when we fought over sanctuary cities. In today's insane world the left celebrates armed take overs of their cities. Murder, assaults, and rapes have become the new normal in democrat strongholds all across the nation. And their reaction? Defund the police.

That'll fix it.

The constant cry from the left is that Trump is a danger to democracy. 


Anybody with half a brain knows better. 

It takes a hell of a lot of nerve to attack the president for sending in federal agents while the mayors and governors wallow in their burned out,  shot up, self-made shitholes.

Today's so called media is all in supporting the chaos.  

Are we to believe this is the America the American people want?

This is the vision they'll vote for in November?

I think not.

Well, mindless robots like your favorite trolls will happily vote for whoever he's told to vote for. 

But I absolutely reject the idea that idiots like them represent the majority. 

We all knew this was going to be a tough year but keep your heads up, stay informed and whatever you do watch your back.

This too shall pass.



Thursday, July 16, 2020

You through groveling?

Maybe I'm over reacting.  If so it's not by much.

I'm going to give you a condensed version of a disgusting article I just read.  You can make up your own mind.

West Virginia University Police Chief W.P. Chedester hosted a Zoom meeting with a bunch of college snowflakes the other day when they  noticed a Blue Lives Matter hanging on the wall in his office.

Of course the delicate little bastards were immediately traumatized. Calls for his resignation were immediately.

The University released a statement saying how sorry the chief was for all the hurt he caused. 

Then the chief issued a groveling apology to the very bastards trying to destroy him. 

"I participated from my office, and on the wall was an American flag with a blue stripe that had been given to me as a gift.  For me personally, it has always represented a way to honor the commitment I made as a first responder to protect our community. I understand now that it represents something else to many others,  something I now know was traumatic to some of our community tuning in for our conversation . I sincerely did have any intent to suggest that police lives matter more than black lives nor was I trying to cause any harm or offense."

Well Chief, if you're through groveling you might as well put on your vagina hat and get back to work. 


Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Pick a side or get the hell out of the way.

Now that we've gotten the formalities out of the way I think it's time get down to business.  Hopefully by the time I'm finished I can live up to that asshole label McGinty handed me.

I don't know whether any of you saw it but President Trump gave a press conference last night and during it he listed 42 things Biden would implement if elected. 

Just the fact this country is even considering this kind of shit makes my blood boil.

1. Abolish immigration dentation. 
2. Stop all deportation. 
3. End prosecution of illegal border crossers.
4. Support sanctuary cities.
5. Incentivize illegal alien child smuggling. 
6. Expand asylum for all illegal aliens. 
7. Cancel all asylum agreements with Honduras,  Guatemala,  and El Salvador. 
8. Tax payer funded lawyers for all illegal aliens. 
9. Abolish immigration enforcement. 
10. Restore catch and release. 
11. Automatic work permits for illegal aliens. 
12. Provide welfare to all illegal aliens and new immigrants. 
13. Free community college for illegal aliens. 
14. End requirements for immigrants self sufficiency. 
15. End all travel bans including from jihadist regions. 
16. Grant mass amnesty. 
17. Vastly expand low skilled immigration.
18. Increase refugee admissions by 700%.
19. Abolish law enforcement as we know it. 
20. End cash bail.
21. Completely abolish the death penalty. 

And that's just half of the list. You can read the rest of it by following this link.

I believe I mentioned earlier about how I hate weak assed people. What I mean by that are the assholes who claim to be undecided when it comes to voting.

With two completely different visions for this country how in the hell can you be undecided?

Either pick a side or get the fuck out of the way.




Sunday, July 12, 2020

Round Two.

A couple other misconceptions I'd like to address before we get into the business of saving America.

Again McGinty didn't do me any favors when he told you I wasn't a Trump supporter. Yes it's true he wasn't my first choice.  I've always liked and respected Dr. Ben Carson.  I  like the way he doesn't get rattled. He's always mild mannered and respectful. But I also came to realize early on that Hillary Clinton would have eaten him alive.

As much as some of the things Trump says makes me cringe I realized he's a fighter and a street brawler and he was the only one willing to do whatever it took beat back that nasty bitch.

For the record.  Even though Donald Trump still says things that make me cringe I unapologetically and proudly stand with him through any and all fights that lay ahead .

And just so you know McGinty brought this entire situation with his blog on himself.

I tried forever to get him to quit using his real name on these things . But he's stubborn and wouldn't listen to me.

So as a direct result of his stubbornness you all are stuck with me.

Here's to a fresh new start of what I hope will be a mutually beneficial experience.



Friday, July 10, 2020

Hello America's Blog...

Not sure where or how to start other than to say McGinty didn't do me any favors by telling you guys I'm some kind of raging asshole.

I think it depends on who's telling the story. 

I know you guys have a lot of questions and concerns. 

I think for now though it's important to say that for the most part we'll all be on the same page politically.

I have lots of likes and dislikes as do you. 

Without getting into a long drawn out conversation I'll just come right out and say one of the things that piss me off more than anything is weak ass people. 

I'm usually blunt and straight forward when dealing with people, especially those I oppose. 

I thought maybe this video would help explain my philosophy in life. 

Maybe I am an asshole.