Friday, January 30, 2009

So Much For Working Together...

I’m not sure what would compel a person to run for elected office in Topeka Kansas these days. Surely it’s not the pay. $10,000 and a lap-top computer for a seat on the city council. And $20,000 and a lap-top for the privilege of becoming the Mayor of our quaint, little city. That’s not much compensation when you consider what a person’s going to have to put up with both personally and professionally if they end up being elected to whatever position they’ve decided to run for.
Hopefully, they’re the kind of people that are simply fed up with the fighting, bickering, and non-stop drama that our city government seems to thrive on and they believe they’re the one’s who can actually make a difference, work together, and finally get things done.
I don’t know if such a person exists in the 25 or so people who have signed up to run in our upcoming elections but I hope for the sake of all of us, there is. Whatever their reasons are, I wish them the best of luck because hate is alive and well in Topeka, Kansas these days.
Don’t believe me? Just look at the thrashing Kim Borchers has had to endure simply because she had the nerve to ask the Shawnee County Public Library to keep four sexually explicit books out of the reach of little kids. I’m not sure why, but because Kim has asked the library to put such important literary works as “Sex for Busy People,” “The Lesbian Kama Sutra,” “The Joy of Sex,” and, “The Joy of Gay Sex” behind the counter the left-wing bloggers have had a field day with her. She’s been called every name in the book. She’s been accused of censorship and of trying to ban and burn these books. She’s been repeatedly compared to Adolph Hitler, Fred Phelps, and the left’s favorite target, that crazy, deranged, out of control, Phill Kline.
Predictably, she’s being called a “bigot” and a “religious zealot,” who’s simply trying to cram her religious beliefs down everyone else’s throats. The left’s battle cry has become “don’t you dare tell me how to raise my kids,” “what my kids read is none of her business,” and, “you can keep your God Squad, Kim, we don‘t need it.” She’s been accused of bringing more shame and ridicule to Topeka by showing the world just how intolerant and backwards we really are. Wow!
Look, I’m not here to pick a fight today but, come on. Don’t you think maybe some of these people are over-reacting just a little bit. Here’s the way I see it. The whole thing has more to do with common sense than it does religious beliefs. The one’s yelling that it’s none of Kim’s business what their kids read are exactly right. It isn’t. All four of these books will still be readily available and if you’re okay with your kids reading them all you have to do is check them out yourselves and hand them over. What’s the problem? And I believe the people trying to turn this whole thing into a gay bashing thing are way off base. But then, that’s just my opinion.
For the last several years all we’ve heard from the Obama supporters and the left in general is that for the good of everyone we must be tolerant of each other’s beliefs and above everything else, we must learn to work together. Hmm.
I know there’s a lot of people out there that are going to hate what I’m about to say but I’m going to do it anyway. This tolerance and working together stuff you claim to be so big on works both ways. You might want to try it sometime.
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  1. Should these books be burned or banned? Hell no! Should access be limited to them? Hell yes! I don't believe any books should be banned. Let's pretend that the library has a book that shows how to make a bomb out of ordinary household items. Most commonsense people would think that a young person shouldn't have access to that kind of infomation. But someone in law enforcement may need access to that infomation. Maybe your son or daughter has been busy out in the garage and you go to the library to check on their project. Is this going to extremes. Not in this day and age. Anyone too young to be having sex dosen't need a book showing them positions that most adults couldn't achieve. Those adults that are limber enough to give it a go should have access to these books.

    Lets put this in perspective of todays sue happy society. Say your child comes over to my house and I let them "check out" my book on lesbian kama sutra. Would you sue me? Would you win? Commonsense says that these books should only be available to those that are mature enough for the content.

  2. I agree my anonymous friend. But keep mind, common sense isn't as commmon as it used to be...

    How about the rest of you? I know someone else out there has to have an opinion on this issue. Lay it on us and let's talk about it...

  3. I wish common sense was more common. I don't know when we lost it. But I wish we would get it back. Don't get me started on how the government has lost it.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Open road. I'm not sure when we lost it either. But since you brought it up. How has the government lost is. I'm just asking...

  5. You conservatives need to understand that your kind is slowly dying out and the world will be a better place because of it.

  6. In fact, what the public library is doing is promoting its own agenda by making a big deal out of parents trying to restrict children's access to sexually explicit books. What they don't tell you is that a few months ago a similar complaint was lodged concerning The Spycraft Manual by David Owens (!horizontest&view=subscriptionsummary&uri=full=3100001~!899705~!19&ri=2&aspect=subtab24&menu=search&ipp=20&spp=20&staffonly=&term=espionage&index=.SW&uindex=&aspect=subtab24&menu=search&ri=2&limitbox_1=CO01+%3D+co_bk)
    The complaint alleged that the book contains instructions for bomb-making, money laundering, breaking into vehicles and houses, disabling municipal power supplies and manufacturing counterfeit identification documents. The library didn't have a problem with this book's enabling budding young felons to prey on the community, but you didn't read about that in the Capital Journal. This is could be because the library wants to position itself as promoting sexual openness, so they out complaints about the Lesbian Kama Sutra. At the same time, could it be that they don't want people to realize that their sympathies are firmly on the side of the anarchists and criminals, so they won't say a word about complaints concerning criminal behavior DIY manuals? Nah. That couldn't be it.

  7. Oh, and why would somebody run for elective office? Two reasons come to mind:
    1. Take your money.
    2. Run your life.

  8. The library promoting their own agenda, hmmm...
    Could be, I never really thought of it that way.
    Good point...

  9. I saw some of the commotion about this on CJonline. And you're right Kevin, a lot of those cowards were beyond ignorant with their comments about her. Kim is a very good person. And even though I don't always agree with her, I DO respect her views.

    And in this issue with the library, I'm on her side. Because you're right, it IS common sense to keep adult-sexually-oriented materials out of reach for kids. If their parents want them to be able to read it, then let them check out the books for their kids.

    Those who are so chickenspit to anonymously call Kim names like in that CJo article? They tend to be the worst kind of cowards. It sure is easy to talk trash on someone else when you hide your own identity. It's like a sniper, ready to pop off shots from their hiding place, but begging and pleading for mercy when a real soldier finds them.

    I say Kim has a VERY good point. And I'm actually interested in helping her with this campaign.

    Thomas Lessman

    Talessman's Atlas of World History

  10. Good to hear from you Thomas. Thought maybe you'd skipped the country or something...

  11. LOL That'll never happen - doesn't it take money to skip the country?

    I'm still around. Got too many things going on right now. We're having at least 2 concerts out here at the farm this year, plus I've got some maps to design for a history book, plus I need to get a column written for Matt Cates' "Themis Magazine" ( Oh and full-time work, my daughter's with me now, and we're ready to go get some lunch.

    And then I... lol so how's everything going your way?


  12. Been good on this end Thomas. Just working and doing what I can to get this blog off the ground.
    Been traveling a lot lately. Last week's travels took me to Garnett, Lawrence, Hutchinson, Salina, Osborne, Smith Center, Phillipsburg, and back. Met some pretty cool people and got some good pictures. Can't wait to see what next week brings...
    Hey, let em know when your column appears on Matt Cates' web-site. Pretty cool deal...

  13. Sorry, I'm chiming in late, Kevin. I'll check in here more regularly from now on. I'd like to point out that the library is just a way to mooch off the public. Real conservatives go out and buy our own porn like our forefathers did.

    And, conservatism is not slowly dying, whichever anonymous said that. You're just fantasizing again.

  14. Chime in whenever it's good for you fredwrite. And thank you for a good laugh and for reminding us that conservatism is alive and well...

  15. Incidentally, a check of the web site shows that four people are waiting to check out The Lesbian Kama Sutra. The rest of the books in TSCPL's "Sex Instruction Lesbian" collection are not on the shelves. The library says they're either missing or just...gone. Go figger.
    What I think may be going on is that the library may have quietly solved the problem while maintaining their reputation as defenders of freedom of expression. They make all the right noises about defending the First Amendment (which don't seem to apply to magazines like "Cigar Aficionado" that don't match their agenda), whild getting the controversy to blow over. All without being seen to yield to the hatemongering fundamentalist, repressive Christofascists.
    I guess they really are smarter than we are.

  16. Maybe they are. But then most people are smarter than I am, so it's really nothing to brag about...

  17. Hey Kevin .. Myron here

    Great article about Kim. I'm with you too and thanks for following me too

    Myron Holter
    Topeka KS