Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump's Already Draining The Swamp...


Quote of the day:

"There's just no math that allows for a Trump victory."

Battlestache  7/24/2016 on that other website

Checkmate, bitch!

At my house anyway, last night was one of those nights none of us will likely ever forget.

Once the results started pouring in things were moving along pretty fast.

There were high fives and fist bumps all around.

Then around midnight or so everything stalled.

The kids had to get home. My brother-in-law bailed on us so it was me and my wife.

Finally around 2:00 she'd had all she could take and fell asleep on the couch.

That lasted until 2:30 when I woke her up with the fireworks I was setting off in the driveway.

She yelled out the window, "are you trying to tell me something?"

I just laughed and told her, I was trying to tell the world something.

"Tonight, we've taken the first step toward making America Great Again!"

Against all odds Donald Trump and the American people beat the hell out of the Clinton political machine.

We beat the hell out of the media.

We beat the hell out of the republican elites.

We beat the hell out of them all.

We beat the hell out of the snotty college professors and their brain dead under achieving delicate little snowflakes.

We beat the hell out of the Black Lives Matter domestic terrorist group.

And we beat the hell out of the Mexican flag waving masses that tried everything they could to silence us.

We've been laughed at and mocked.

We've been called every name in the book.

We've been told we are a dying breed who just needs to sit down and shut up.

And we've been told we'd never win a national election ever again.


Last night the American people told them all to go to hell and blew up the entire rigged system.

Never again will we sit down.

Shut up.

Nor will we ever comply.

Yes, last night was a night we'll always remember but now the real work begins.

And for the record. I'm proud to be standing with every single one of you as together we face the battles that lie ahead.

Ridding America of the Clinton crime family once and for all is a good way to start draining the swamp.

Welcome to the Revolution...


Kevin McGinty


  1. He started draining the swamp last night when he bumped off Hillary, number one snake.

  2. You damn straight. Just think.....

    Obamacare....poof, gone!

    Hundreds of thousands of onerous oppressive regulations crushing the life of small businesses across America....poof, gone!

    Illegal aliens flooding across our border.....poof, gone!

    Thousands and thousands of muslim immigrants from terrorist harboring nations.....poof, gone!

    Liberal Supreme Court....poof, no way!

    Second Amendment.....poof, safe from our enemies!

    Law enforcement across America.....A friend in the white house who will support them and have their back!

    Our military....once again will stand tall and be supported by our government instead of being a godless liberal social experiment!

    Corrupt Department of Justice run by godless left wing partisans seeking to subvert the rule of law.....poof, gone, along with the most corrupt Attorney General in our history!

    IRS hounding and harassing conservatives....poof, gone along with the criminal that is running it!

    Our friends Israel feeling abandoned by the United States.....never more! You need a friend, you got one!

    ISIS....done for! No more sympathizer living in our white house! They better pack their shit and head for the high ground!

    First lady living in our house while calling us a bunch of racists and talking smack on all of America.....poof, gone! A first lady who loves this country and has always been proud of it.

    Federal courts stacked with lawless activist judges appointed to carry out the destruction of America by the godless left....poof, gone!

    And I could go on all day. And probably will.

    It's morning in America. I feel like America has a chance now to recover from the damage done by the godless left.

    #Make America Great Again

  3. Oh, and here's the list of people who promised to leave America if Donald J. Trump was elected President:


    Bryan Cranston
    Samuel L. Jackson
    Lena Dunham
    Neve Campbell


    Miley Cyrus
    Barbara Streisand


    Amy Schumer
    Chelsea Handler
    Jon Stewart
    Whoopi Goldberg
    Keegan-Michael Key
    George Lopez

    Political Figures

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
    Al Sharpton

    See anybody there we can't live without? Looks like a net gain for America to me.

  4. You know, guys, it was so damned entertaining to watch the response of the little cupcakes in the Javits Center last night on TV (I watched CBS, but I know they were on the other channels, too). As my dad used to say "for cryin' out loud." They even showed some woman assuming a fetal position on the floor. And before you think this was too mean an activity, just remember that these are the exact people who deem others "deplorable."

    And a bunch of campuses are needing "safe spaces" today! For Chrissake don't write the President-elect's name in chalk on the damned sidewalk there.

    In fact, if you're really wanting a third consecutive term in office, it might be an idea not to choose a shop-worn, entitled has-been as a candy-date. Trump himself was far from an ideal candidate, but one must credit him with a hell of a lot of political acumen. "Pundits" including a lot of conservatives thought he was nuts to campaign in impossible places like Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota on his last weekend of campaigning. This was of course either a mark of political genius or one hell of a coincidence.

    At any rate, we've been spared, at least for the moment.

  5. I thought he gave an excellent victory speech! Even gave Hillary a lot of credit that she did not deserve but he is certainly showing his diplomatic side.
    Draining the swamp will not be easy! Pick a target. Stay focused. Keep on it until a resolution has been reached! Kick them to the curb and go on to the next!

  6. Hey Gary I hit my daily limit of comments on Kevin's blog on CJ, I counted them and I had 5 comments, has anyone else had that problem, Limited speech is not good.

  7. I'm sure I don't have to jog anyone's memories much to remind you of the approach that Batty, Boswell Blue, J-j-j-Jimmy, Ashley and Patty used to take - that Trump's cause was hopeless and that the Harridan was a sure-fire winner! If any of those would show themselves we could have a good horse-laugh at their expense.

    How many mai-tais do you think Batty had to down last night to get through the evening?

  8. Planned Parenthood is in a panic right now. They are launching a huge fundraiser. Pro life President and Vice President and a Republican congress. They have good reason to panic.

    Of course they might have thought of that before they donated $38 million to the hillary campaign.

    But it's a little late for that, right?

  9. Hey Ken, you and I were both hanging around the urinal in 2008 when barack obama got elected.

    Seems like I remember a hell of a lot of taunting and gloating. And a lot of "get over it, we won". Don't remember anybody being to gracious of a winner back then.

    Donald Trump reached out to the other side, extended an olive branch and offered to work with them already. Remember what obama said when he rammed his giant porkulous spending bill through and the Republicans offered some input?

    I believe his words were "We won".

    Things are looking different already.

    #Make America Great Again

  10. The urinal's resident Dems were positively gracious in 2008 compared to their performance in 2012. Remember that jerk with the weird avatar who was taunting us that we were dying, there would never be another GOP president, the blue wall was there to stay and other rubbish. I'd like to see his ass now. J-J-J-Jimmy was pretty snarky, too, then. Yeah that Blue Wall. Trump was a political genius to make a beeline toward the end at the Great Lakes states, wasn't he? Wonder what ol' Alan Lunn or Batty think of that? Ol' Boswell Blue could enlighten us with his extrapolation of Kansas' backwardness with, say, Ohio's and Wisconsin's.

    Since Kansas' electoral votes were going for Trump anyway, I felt free to vote for Johnson (who about doubled his vote of 4 years ago), but you could tell I wanted Bill's wife to lose. Which she did. I hope this puts her out to pasture, but I've been wrong about that, too. I thought Obama put her out of my misery before, but the stake must have missed her tiny, hard heart.

  11. I exceeded my limit too. Sucks.

    I miss having bluestater and Lucinda posting - would love to read their reactions.

    1. KTT - so good to see you..... sending you hugs.

      How are you? (outside of being overjoyed like the rest of us deplorables over the Trump victory)


  12. Lol... I can still remember when Blue assured me that he'd be the one having the last laugh.

    Somehow or another I doubt he was laughing last night...

    1. I remember all the countless attempts the lefties posted in opposition to Trump....

      you tried to tell them how it was going to go down but like usual, they had their ears plugged..... If they keep holding their breath, they'll turn blue..... (i.e. blue is gonna turn blue)...

  13. Trump's potential cabinet was brought up over on the other website a little while ago.

    I definitely think it's worth discussing.

    Right off the bat I think he'll appoint either Rudy Guiliani or Chris Christie as Attorney General.

    Ben Carson as Surgeon General.

    And I'm sure Jeff Sessions can pick any spot he wants...

  14. Newt Gingrich is hopeful that he'll be on the cabinet too.

  15. Yeah, I'm pretty sure there will be a spot for Newt, too...

  16. Loretta Lynch probably has a bright future ahead of her over at CNN...

  17. I told my hubby.... ya know Donald Trump was more gracious to Hillary in his victory speech than she was to him in her concession speech.

  18. I think Comey is on a short leash also, drain the swamp.

  19. KTT, I found out I can still comment after my limit, as long as it is in a reply to someone, so I will reply in the form of a comment, I never give up!

  20. Hey who would have thought Hillary's first 3 AM call would be to Trump?

  21. The richness of positivity I sensed in people today was amazing. The feeling of positive change from the negative direction we have been headed brightened everyones perspective.
    I don't beleive its a honeymoon, I sense most are in this thing and want to continue far beyond the victory of one election night.
    Personally, I feel like I still have a chance to hand over to my kids a better country than I was handed. That's all I can ask. And it should be everyone's mission.
    Thanks to all for letting me participate and hang out in this forum and for being true Americans. Congratulations on the tremendous victory!
    And Kevin and Safe, let's keep going. There is plenty of work to be done. Thank you for your past work, and the work you will bring, going forward.
    Let's roll!!!!

    Trump 2016!

    And Lester(El Trollski) eat a big pile of warm shit, would ya? The math worked perfectly against vermin like you. And before it's all said and done you'll love president Trump too.

  22. Interesting how we started this conservative revolution a year ago and the lefties mocked us relentlessly. They said they'd be the last man standing and today they are all gone. We are still here and Trump is the next president.

    Good job all.

  23. Protesters in streets. They dont have a clue. And half of them didnt even vote

  24. Revenge is a dish best served cold. I know I should take the high road here but the godless left was so snarky and nasty and relentless. They were so sure of themselves and were so happy to laugh and make the most stupid outrageous statements.

    Nothing worse than someone who thinks they are a genius and you're a moron and you watch them walk right into an open manhole while you're warning them it's right in front of them.

  25. And what the hell do these mobs in the street want anyway? Are we supposed to hand clinton the presidency so they won't riot in the streets?

    They better watch out. There's a new Sheriff in town and he might turn the fire hoses on them.

    #Make America Great Again

  26. Ooohhhh this is real scary. Bet President Elect Trump is shaking from fear.

    This from the communist front group ACLU. In case he actually does any of his campaign promises.

    ‘If you do not reverse course and instead endeavor to make these campaign promises a reality, you will have to contend with the full firepower of the ACLU at every step. Our staff of litigators and activists in every state, thousands of volunteers and millions of card-carrying members and supporters are ready to fight against any encroachment on our cherished freedoms and rights.’

    Bet that'll keep you awake tonight!

    #Make America Great
    Screw the ACLU

  27. Oh, they are actually protesting?
    My bad, I thought it was just a couple of kids playing Pokémon Go... Guess I should pay attention more.

  28. Good morning folks,Oh and screw the ACLU, who gives a rats ass about them anyhow?

  29. Given enough time the domestic terrorist group known as the ACLU just might find they no longer have the left-wing federal judges to go running to...

  30. Cut off the head of the snake (George Soros) and every one of these so-called protests go away.

  31. Top of the morning to you Kevin.

    I just finished watching the news. The protesters are really causing a ruckus. It will all be over in a couple of days. Just like the BLM routine. They make me tired.

  32. Not on the Urinal, yet again but would like to thank them.

    Dear Capitol-Journal staff,

    I wish to thank you, and all the leftist mass media, for your diligent work in helping to elect Donald Trump as President.

    Your blatant and obvious dishonesty and shenanigans in full support of Hillary Clinton have certainly contributed greatly to Hillary's deserved loss.

    The leftist media's clear hatred and disrespectful tone and attacks on Trump, as well as WikiLeaks, has validated what good, decent, hardworking taxpayers of this country always knew, but now is proven, beyond any doubt.

    Hillary Clinton is embroiled in the worst of the deep corruption and incestuous relationship with big money, media propagandists, foreign influence and those who hate America.

    The Capitol-Journal foolishly turned all their cards by reveal their hand, starting last December with the "Great Christmas Massacre"...their attempt to silence conservatives...and continuing throughout the year with ridiculous objections to everyday words and phrases in order to boot conservatives, and finally, their obvious timing of the "format change" of the online blogs, and webpage update, designed to cause confusion, less conservative traffic and opinions and ideas. To "control the narrative".

    The pure, blatant dishonesty and hypocrisy has resonated to convince more and more people to fight back against the corrupt "establishment", of which the "news" media has decided to become, completely abandoning any ethics and "journalistic integrity".

    When you are playing 5-card draw, it's best not to lay your cards face-up on the table, for all to see. The Capitol-Journal, locally, and the main stream media, nationally, bet on a single dog-eared queen-high, with the rest low cards. You have managed to disgust millions and millions of Americans who are sick and tired of the dishonesty and lies, and the obvious pure-vitriol flowing from the pages and mouths of the leftist "journalists".

    You have managed to turn many, many people against Hillary, who might have even backed her, if not for the blatant hypocrisy. In essence, you have insulted the intelligence of millions of Americans. Of course, the rock-solid evidence from WikiLeaks of her "high crimes and misdemeanors" , and backing the FBI and DOJ into a corner, to expose their Obama-installed pure-corruption, opened peoples' eyes, and caused the piecing-together of the corruption- puzzle that everyone suspected...and now know.

    Even people who MIGHT have voted for Hillary were so disgusted that some may have sat it out, and some may have even voted Trump, in protest.

    So, THANK YOU, Capitol-Journal, and the rest of the biased mass-media, for helping to stop the march of anti-American, anti-Constitutional liberal-socialism, and keeping a lying, dishonest, disrespectful criminal out of the White House. You have accomplished what angry anti-American liberals always seem to accomplish. Your petty vindictiveness and blatant dishonesty backfired, and did what it does. Failure at everything...AND with great enthusiasm!

    Thank you for helping to elect President-elect, Donald J. Trump!

  33. Well Nunya it is on CJ now, over on Kevin's vlog, I may get booted but I couldn't pass that up, thanks.

  34. Hope you don't get booted, Sarge! I left it clean as a whistle!

    Of course, the commie staff at the Urinal isn't going to like it, so...who knows?

    Mild weekend coming up. Wonder what Kev is up to all weekend? I think I should buy him a six-pack of whatever craft beer he likes, as a thank you for his tireless efforts, and providing a "safe space" for all us "deplorables"!

    Off to work, folks! And, thanks to all of the fine men and women who, are, or have, served our country in the military, I have tomorrow off to contemplate their dedication and sacrifices! A heartfelt "Thank you" to all, and deserving of the deepest respect from ALL Americans.

  35. Oh, and to all the whining, crybaby, giime-gimme anti-American, anti-Constitution, losers and delicate little college students so traumatized and out to cause chaos...

    Screw you. As Obama said..."We won".

  36. Nunya Kevin doesn't drink, but I could be his stand in! Lol

  37. Oh and a big good morning back to ya Texas Rose.

  38. The stuff I'm reading on facebook and seeing on the campuses from the college garbage babies is just amazing.

    So everybody remembers the riots after Romney lost, right? Those were pretty bad. Oh wait, that didn't happen.

    And everything we said about obama turned out to be absolutely true. He was an anti-American Marxist godless left wing radical. A muslim. Associated with radicals and hard core left wing organizations. Funded by Soros. And look what happened. But the left just had a fit when we said those things. You're all racist they repeated ten million times. But suddenly they can make the most outrageous claims about President Elect Trump and it's just fine and dandy.

    I guess it's exactly what I expected. It's going to get ugly. But when you don't have a president who supports that godless left wing crappola, and instead have a President who is working to make America great instead of destroy it, that stuff eventually fades. They have had eight years of support at the highest level possible in America. So no wonder they have gotten stronger and louder.

    When the black lies terrorist group calls for the murder of cops, and then even follows through and then gets invited to the white house and praised by the racist in charge of course it's going to empower them. But when the President turns the fire hoses on them instead and invites the Police to the white house and praises them I bet things begin to change.

    It's going to take some time. These people have grown bold and been given a lot of power. Racists like Sharpton advising the radical in chief. That just builds that power base. But those days are over.

    #Make America Strong Again
    #Morning in America

  39. I keep hearing from these people who claim they are scared now in their own country. They say they are filled with fear. They are crying and having the vapors. Scared of what? What are they scared of today that they weren't scared of yesterday? Mobs of Trump supporters roaming the streets attacking them?

    On the other hand....

    Infowars....Shock Video: Black Mob Viciously Beats White Trump Voter
    "You voted Trump? You gonna pay for that shit!"

    Daily Mail....Anti-Trump protests turn violent: Cops clash with 6,000-strong crowd in Oakland and activists block roads in LA amid nationwide demonstrations that saw Madonna and Cher join 7,000 in NYC

    ‘People Have to Die’: Anti-Trump Protester Calls For Violence on CNN

    Daily Caller....Twitter Erupts With Calls For Donald Trump To Be Assassinated

    So who exactly should be scared right now? Delicate little snowflakes, campus garbage babies, all those people who as Jonathan Turley describes as "emotional hemophiliacs"?

    Nobody is threatening them. Nobody is attacking them. Nobody is doing anything to them. Frankly, nobody cares one way or the other about them. I'd say it's the rest of us who are under attack at this point.

    As for me and my house, we're packing so you better back the f**k off us.

    #Make America Great Again

  40. Yes, we voted for President Elect Donald Trump. And if you don't like it, that's just too bad. Don't start nothing, won't be nothing.

    Come after me and my family, things will get wet in a hurry.

  41. From Instapundit.....


    Will anyone blame Hillary for her campaign’s fear-mongering rhetoric that incited this reaction? And is Jan Schakowsky’s (D-IL) husband Robert Creamer involved in promoting violence post-election the way he was when he was working for Hillary’s campaign?"

  42. All these little snowflakes had better get it all out of their system before trump is sworn in. When Trump is the POTUS these little cry babies are going to have a real rude awakening. They are going to see what happens when you break the law. The police will have a new rein to put their BS to a rapid stop. They all better get their bail bonds paid up.
    And all you Libtards on the urinal had better take notice. There's a new sheriff in town and you are a endangered species. Like your God and Queen have said before. WE WON and you will suffer the consequences of a Trump election.

  43., come on man!! Is that you St Jacques? Sit back pal we won Hahahahhaha

  44. Ah poor Jackoff Doesn't have a place to play any more. maybe he should look up some of his gay buds from the urinal. They could all sit around in a circle and talk about the old days when they ruled on CJ

  45. Keri is full of misleading falsehood!….. posting the sequel to her twisted blasphemus blog from 2014. I had a detailed discussion with Keri about this very same issue back in 2014 – pointed out that you cannot add to nor subtract from what is written in the Bible. I even posted a blog countering Keri’s misleading falsehood.

    1 – the Holy Spirit (in reference to the Holy Trinity 1. God the Father, 2. God the Son, 3. God the Holy Spirit) is male in reference to scripture in the Bible (God’s Word).

    2 – Keri is misquoting Proverbs Chapter 8. I’m glad there’s an online version of many translations of the Bible (i.e. KJV, NIV, NASB, NLT, The Message….. etc.). From the NIV:
    3 – From the Compelling Truth article “Does the Holy Spirit have a gender?”
    In the Bible, God the Father and God the Son, Jesus Christ, are both addressed as male. What about the Holy Spirit? Often, people refer to the Holy Spirit as an "it," yet Scripture refers to the Holy Spirit as a male, just as it does for the Father and the Son. Some critics point out that the Greek word for "spirit," pneuma, is neuter (not gender specific) or that the Hebrew Old Testament word for "spirit," ruach, is used as feminine in Genesis 1:2. However, the gender of a word in Hebrew or Greek does not specifically indicate the gender identity of what the word identifies. As an example, in English, we often refer to a boat or a nice car as a "she" (as in "ain't she a beauty?"). However, the boat itself is not female.

    Further, the Holy Spirit is referred to as a person, not an impersonal force. The Holy Spirit has insight (1 Corinthians 2:10-11), knowledge (Romans 8:27), and a will (1 Corinthians 12:11). The Holy Spirit also performs many actions only a person can accomplish, including convicting people of sin (John 16:8), doing miracles (Acts 8:39), and guiding humans (John 16:13).

    Actions can also be directed toward the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit can be lied to (Acts 5:3), resisted (Acts 7:51), grieved (Ephesians 4:30), blasphemed (Matthew 12:31), and insulted (Hebrews 10:29).

    But is the Holy Spirit male, female, or neuter? From a grammatical standpoint, the words used to refer to the Holy Spirit are consistently masculine. Theologically speaking, we must remember that God is not human and therefore does not fit within our definitions of male or female. It is appropriate to speak of the Holy Spirit in male terms as Scripture does, but we must understand that God is wholly other and does not exist in the same form as we do (with the exception of Jesus as God in human form).

    In summary, the Bible uses masculine terms to refer to the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is a "He," not an "it" or a "she." However, God is Spirit and exists in a form that defies male/female categories. There is no justification for belief in a female member of the Trinity.

  46. Keri is a Pagan. She believes this heresy but the real sin is speading this stuff as if it were true.

    God reserves his harshest judgement for those who lead people away from Him. It's not something He takes lightly.

    Talk all you want about you Pagan fables but when you start trying to tie them to God and his Word, you are entering pretty dangerous territory.

  47. About these damned protestors' reaction to President Trump....

    If you Hillary supporters continue to vandalize, injure others, cause disruption..... if you hinder America coming together as a Nation (which is extremely important by the way) then you may as well put out the welcome mat for our enemies, bury the American Flag (along with our futures) and let the enemies take that what you want?! I know I don't want that - I want America to continue, to grow.

    So, suck it up Hillary supporters - stop your kindergarten aged childish temper tantrums!

    The United States needs to unify now more than ever -

  48. Its really sad to warch all those back stabbing RINO's kissing up to trump now. They were out there saying how he was going to ruin all those trying to keep their jobs in the senate and the house. How he was going to take them down. Now that they got to ride his coat tails back in they are out in force kissing up. I hope some people remember them when its time for them to make a stand. Cheap ,lying POS they are. Back stabbing RINO's

  49. Does any one besides Libtards really think that Obamma is going to roll out the red carpet for Trump to take over? He and his Libtards will do every thing they can to make him and every one around miserable trying to change. Remember when Clinto did to all the PC when Bush came in. And what about all the stuff Hillary and Bill stole out of the W H. Think Obamma and his queen are going to leave any thing for Trump. LOL

  50. Poor bastards. So much gnashing of the teeth and crying going on right now.
    At least they will still make the grade in their gender studies degrees because I'm sure the professors excused then.
    Or I'm sure they will still get their monthly government checks, combined with a nice little per diem thrown in by Soros.

    But I do know this much. Copper, aluminum and zinc have really jumped in the last two days. I couldn't be happier. Those can be the biggest indicators to growth in the industry I work in.
    Any guesses to the last time levels were close to where they are now?
    Yep, you guessed it.
    Odd isn't it? What exactly happened between then and now?
    Yep, you guessed right again....

  51. I hadn't seen anybody post this.
    A demonstration of the brass balls President Trump has. And I admire him for it. I hope we get it all passed and signed.
    A contract for the American voter.
    Here it is, just to refresh everybody.

    Plan for MAGA!

  52. Poor little butthurt liberal pansy protestors! "Trump's going to ruin our country!!!" they set about rioting and ruining our country calling for destruction, mass murder and asassination.

    Typical liberalism. Pure "hypocrisy" is the patented trademark of liberals. Without hypocrisy, there would BE no liberalism! It would be impossible!

    Now, this from the Pravda-Urinal.

    Here's Maggie calling for the media to double-down on their leftist agenda. The very thing that GOT Trump elected, in the first place, because they disgusted so many people!

    And, for 'clueless', here's an excerpt:

    "What we (the commie-liberal media) can’t do is buckle. What we can’t do is slink off and hope someone else will take care of it. We have to keep doing our jobs of truth-telling, challenging power and holding those in power accountable — as the best journalists did during the campaign itself."


    "Truth-telling"?!!! You were ALL LIES, you twit!!!

    "...challenging power and holding those in power accountable..."

    WTF???!!! dumb shit...y'all REALLY "challenged" the Clinton Crime Syndicate, and held them "accountable"...didn't you??!!!! Lyin' bitch? Just clueless and stupid? Both? You decide.

    " — as the best journalists did during the campaign itself."

    Well, I guess she must be referring to those who actually DID do their jobs with 'journalistic integrity" and "ethics". But, it ain't YOU babe. Or, your bought cohorts, those openly supporting Criminal Clinton, feeding her advance debate questions, pumelling Trump and stroking the Shrill's ego during the debates, working "behind the scenes" that were actually exposed for all to see. Who the hell do you morons think you are kidding?!

    Oh...we know a LOT of people bought into your lies and corruption. they all voted "D", and many are out to destroy America, as we speak, because they didn't like the outcome.

    Screw you, Magpie!!

  53. Hammer...first 100 days?

    "FIRST, propose a Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress;"

    Congress is not going to vote "yes" on giving up any of their own power and longivity, though that's what most citizens would like. They are too self-serving...on BOTH sides of the aisle.

    "SECOND, a hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce federal workforce through attrition (exempting military, public safety, and public health);"

    Good first start. Then, bring in the bulldozers to start clear-cutting many duplicitous, overlapping, ineffective, outdated, unnecessary agencies (regulatory), and drain the swamp of ineffective workers. Once he does the Tax Relief and Simplification, and nukes Obamacare, the IRS can be greatly downsized, and it can be neutered. That will save millions per year in collected taxes that have been squandered just to pay people to collect taxes!!!

    Won't go through ALL of them...most are good, though.

    FIRST, cancel every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum and order issued by President Obama

    * SECOND, begin the process of selecting a replacement for Justice Scalia from one of the 20 judges on my list, who will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States

    * THIRD, cancel all federal funding to Sanctuary Cities

    * FOURTH, begin removing the more than 2 million criminal illegal immigrants from the country and cancel visas to foreign countries that won't take them back

    * FIFTH, suspend immigration from terror-prone regions where vetting cannot safely occur. All vetting of people coming into our country will be considered extreme vetting.

    High Five, baby!

    * THIRD, a requirement that for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated;

    No. Don't limit it to that. Start rooting out MASSIVE over-regulation...obsolete, ridiculous, harmful to the economy but not proven harmful to anything else (EPA, anyone?), non-dependent on 'new' regulation. No set tit-for-tat, Donald. No 'scalpels'. We want and need those giant loggers' chainsaws!

    That's all, about that, for now.

  54. Lots of talk about Obama giving the Shrill a blanket pardon, to cover ANY illegal activity, treasonous acts, or anything...for all of Clinton's past, even though she has yet to be officially charged with anything (because of the deep Obama-installed corruption in the DOJ).

    He CAN do it, and it will be legitimate, according to the Constitution.

    But...WILL he?

    Think about it. If he does, it's a clear admission that he KNOWS there are indictable crimes that she could eventually be charged for. Why would you pardon someone that you KNOW is as pure as Ivory soap?

    So, if he pardons her, it's an admission that HE knows, and it's an admission that he flat-out lied to the faces of the American people as he continually-insisted that she was innocent!

    Also, it still doesn't stop REAL journalists from delving deeply into it all, and publishing their findings...even though she won't be able to charged. It also won't stop them from publishing the direct links that prove Obama knew about all along!

    Unless they end up putting three bullets in their own head, with their non-dominant hand, or something.

    So...will Obama gamble with that? To pardon her for "nothing...yet", he is ADMITTING he KNOWS she is a criminal!

    For lying about it to the American people, wouldn't that make him a co-conspirator in her crimes, for covering them up, and violating his oath?

    If he DOESN'T pardon her, his deep corruption tied to all this is certain to be revealed. a condundrum! What's a criminal to do, and how far should a criminal go to protect a co-criminal?! OH...the stress!

    One thing for sure. We KNOW 100% that he will NEVER admit he EVER did ANYTHING wrong. EVER!

    IF he pardons the "then-admitted" Criminal Hillary, it doesn't cover anything from that second, forward.

    The Clinton Crime Syndicate's Clinton Foundation is so saturated with corruption and sleaze that it would have to cease existing no later than about 1 second before her pardon. Since it is so entrenched in corruption, it will be impossible to keep it running, and it will be impossible to completely clean it up before Trump takes office.

    So, any investigation started AFTER her pardon, and any evidence THEN found (FBI starts "new investigation") can then be used to prosecute her.

    Will Obama be stupid enough to admit that he knows Hillary is a criminal, therefore becoming an admitted co-conspirator in her illegal activities?

    Or, will he stand back, and throw the Shrill under the bus...maybe with 'a deal' to shield himself from further scrutiny?

    "Now...uh...LOOK. I'll give you EVERYTHING you want, in exchange for my immunity, and you steering all this away from ME!!!"

  55. Come to think of it,the FBI might have actually done the right thing, letting her off, after the pre-election news-blast?

    We MIGHT have to thank them!

    Think about it....think about what I just wrote in my previous post.

    Pressure from Obama or the corrupt DOJ MAY have had nothing to do with it, after all?

    Why would I say that?

    Simple. If she HAD been charged, then that would have given Obama an actual charged-crime that he could have justified his decision to issue a pardon. Right NOW, with NO charges...he would look as guilty as her!

    Maybe the FBI is continuing to dig furiously, and holding off until after Obama is (thankfully) gone, and THEN indict her?!

    No pardon then, baby!!


  56. Kev...I'm sure the accolades and congratulations for Kellyanne Conway's "first"...a nice achievement for "women's rights" and the advancement of the cause, from the left, will start pouring out any time now.


  57. Just kidding! I'm sure if any of the unholy left has anything to say about her, it will be in the most-vile and disrespectful terms, using every mysoginistic derogatory name in the book.

    It's their innate "hypocrisy". It's automatic, with them.