Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Move On

I suppose it’s time to let it go. I had planned this long, point, counter point argument of why Greensburg should be put back the way it was. But after thinking it over I’ve realized the Greensburg I knew is gone. No matter what they do I’m not going to like it. Just a couple things though. I still hope Dillons does the right thing and rebuilds their store. And I hope the government decision makers look up from their notes and statistics long enough to remember they’re dealing with people’s lives. One last thing. They’re really pushing for ZEH (Zero Energy Homes.) Basically, the homes are designed, and built to produce more energy than they use. Pretty cool way to beat the electric company. They’re built to be more or less airtight and in order for a ZEH home to reach it’s full potential it needs to be built on a concrete slab. Not exactly a strong selling point in Greensburg these days. Good luck with that.
Today I’m proud to call Topeka home. I’ve lived here for the last seventeen years now and I can’t imagine wanting to live anywhere else. I’ve pretty much finished raising my family. They all live here and aren’t going anywhere, mainly because I won’t allow it. Hey, it’s worked so far.
Topeka’s home because it feels like it. It’s a feeling of belonging. Know what I mean? Almost every time I’m out I’ll run into someone I know. It’s knowing I can turn on the radio any weekday and hear Steve Forman or Jim Cates. I’ve had the privilege of meeting several of their callers in person. I went to a meeting last Saturday with two of them. Paul Degener and Myron Holter. Paul is the President of an organization called C.F.I.R. (Citizens For Immigration Reform.) Myron is the Secretary. They’re both retired military guys who are very unhappy with the way our country’s headed. Instead of sitting in their rocking chairs like they’re supposed to, they’re doing something about it. They conned me into helping them run the C.F.I.R. booth they’re setting up this Saturday and Sunday during the Gun Show at the Expo Centre. Stop by and say hi if you can.
Things like having lunch every Friday with Steve, Randy, and the guys at the “Eagle’s Nest,” make Topeka feel like home. The “Eagles Nest” is a sandwich shop at the Harley Davidson Dealership. Marsha and the girls do a wonderful job. Like in the old days, minus the adult beverages, we have the answers to all the world’s problems. If people would just listen to us the country would be in a lot better shape.
Do you know any Harley people? There’s a bond there. Don’t believe me? Just have lunch at the Harley shop. They all talk Harley. Ever seen two Harley riders meet on the road? There’s that Harley wave, they both lower their left hand and just keep going. They know.
Instead of getting a Harley for my mid-life crisis, I bought a Jeep. We have our own little club too. Just watch, anytime two Jeeps meet anywhere, we give each other a two finger wave. “It’s A Jeep Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand.” Yeah, it’s nice to feel like you belong to something.
Yeah, we have our problems in Topeka but it’s home and I love it. Oh yeah, apparently I’ve joined another exclusive club that prompts the use of hand signals. I was driving down the street the other day when two young girls flipped me off as they sped by. Looks like I’ve joined the “old men that drive to slow club.” Hey, you can’t win them all.
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