Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Commies strike again

My wife was one of those people who posted the video of the Doctors speaking about the Chinese flu and some of the things they disagree with that are currently making the rounds. This video has been viewed by an estimated 22 million people. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are taking it down, suspending accounts that post it and blocking it as much as possible. They suspended the President's son for posting it for God's sake. They have launched a full blown propaganda attack, trying to smear the doctors and discredit them, because they have no answer to their questions so they are giving them the Saul Alinski treatment. The Marxist from Kenya taught them well.

This is how far the commie rat bastards are willing to go. This video raises some important questions about this whole issue. About how the democrat/communist party is feeding our country false information with the goal of keeping America shut down, confused, scared and on economic decline.

Now you may ask, but Safe, why would anybody want to do that? Isn't that a bad thing? Well, yes it is. But the goal is to win the upcoming Presidential election. The democrat/communist party realized long ago it had no chance with the economy reaching historical measures, people working, businesses thriving and America finally out of the stagnant doldrums the obama/biden commie apparatus left us.

So, they leveraged the pandemic. Then they drove their apparachiks to the street by the thousands to burn, loot and destroy, as well as spread the virus again just when it was starting to decline.

Along comes hydroxychloroquine
First President Trump speaks positively about it, then more and more physicians spoke about it. Then trials began to show promise. So the communist party fired up the propaganda machine and went into full attack mode. All their tools, the media, facebook, google. All of them went to work to discredit it. And for a couple of reasons.

The obvious reason is because President Donald Trump endorsed it. The hatred for Donald Trump (and us, by the way) is so deep and so profound, it reaches the level of a mental illness. Anything he likes they automatically hate. Everything. It's amazing. And so predictable.

The less obvious reason is that it may actually work. And if it works before the election, that shuts down one of their best propaganda issues. And they can't have that.

So they are searching it out and destroying it. Because that's what commies do. They forbid opinion that they don't approve of. That's called Totalitarianism. It's typical with fascist commie machines.

This is the future if the demented Joe Biden wins. And if the democrat/communist party wins even a simple majority in the Senate, it's game over. They will kill the filibuster and every commie dream will come true.

This is the America they dream of. Where only they can speak. Where the party tells you which opinions you are allowed to have, and which you are not. 

Let's not let that happen, friends. Let's keep this fight up. Let's show these commie rat bastards America isn't ready to roll over and let the mob rule us. Because that's what is waiting if we lose this one. Make no mistake. 


  1. If this isn't glaring, I don't know what it is. Opposition to a public health remedy. But, combined with urban destruction and pandemonium and lawlessness in the streets?

    It's the depths of communism, for sure. I'm sure they can and will go deeper.

    As far as digging in? Well, I for one don't plan on changing one bit. But my plan is generational. I know there's more, that think like me.

    My two boys, with others' children can put a dent in this. They are the ones that can win. We but attempt to hold back the hordes. The next will have to undermine it.

    Crazy? Sure. But it's the only shot we've got. It starts with the youth, amd I'm focusing on mine. I believe others have or are, too.

    At times, I pray for that 33%. We may need it. Hope not, but prepare like we do.

  2. "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." Ephesians 6:12

    One of the doctors in particular is under heavy attack. She has spoken often about Satan and his Demons and their influence in our world. She is also black, and got her medical degree in Africa, so that is particular fodder for the democrat/communist party, the party of racism.

    God warned us our fight was not with men, but with Satan and his demons. And they are waging war with us, using the people they have carefully cultivated for many years.

    I know not everybody believes that, but I know some of you do. If you are a Christian, this is knowledge you need, because this is your fight.

  3. The Commie rat bastards have a plan for everything they must and will be defeated..

    And Good Morning room 235...

  4. Well I am thinking this may be a good time for a Nap, Later you all.

  5. Good morning America. Just dropped by from my undisclosed location and I'm very happy to report that not all is lost. Not yet anyway.

    I've seen more Trump yard signs, t shirts, hats, and bumper stickers in the last few days than I've seen in a long time.

    I don't imagine things would turn out very well for anyone that tried to start their anti American bullshit around these parts.

  6. G'mornin' y'all

    Just saw this on the Washington Examiner

    Trump suggests delaying the election until Americans can vote 'securely'
    by Katherine Doyle, White House Correspondent | | July 30, 2020 09:00 AM

    President Trump suggested that the election could be delayed, questioning whether Americans can "properly, securely and safely vote" this year.

    "With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history," Trump wrote in a Thursday tweet. "It will be a great embarrassment to the USA. Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???"

    Donald J. Trump
    With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history. It will be a great embarrassment to the USA. Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???
    7:46 AM · Jul 30, 2020
    40.5K people are Tweeting about this

    My 2 cents worth and thensome - good sentiment - logical sentiment - however I have serious doubts that the National Election will be moved - the Democrats won't hear of it.

  7. Unrelated to topic - got this in an email. Wanted to share.

    Advice from an old farmer:

    Your fences need to be horse-high, pig-tight and bull-strong.

    . Keep skunks and bankers at a distance.

    . Life is simpler when you plow around the stump.

    . A bumble bee is considerably faster than a John Deere tractor.

    . Words that soak into your ears are whispered… not yelled.

    . Meanness don’t jes’ happen overnight.

    . Forgive your enemies; it messes up their heads.

    . Do not corner something that you know is meaner than you.

    . It don’t take a very big person to carry a grudge.

    . You cannot unsay a cruel word.

    . Every path has a few puddles.

    . When you wallow with pigs, expect to get dirty.

    . The best sermons are lived, not preached.

    . Most of the stuff people worry about ain’t never gonna happen anyway.

    . Don’t judge folks by their relatives.

    . Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.

    . Live a good, honorable life… Then when you get older and think back,
    you’ll enjoy it a second time.

    Don ‘t interfere with somethin’ that ain’t bothering you none.

    . Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a Rain dance.

    . If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin’.

    . Sometimes you get, and sometimes you get got.

    . The biggest troublemaker you’ll probably ever have to deal with,
    watches you from the mirror every mornin’.

    . Always drink upstream from the herd.

    . Good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgment.

    . Lettin’ the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier than puttin’ it back in.

    . If you get to thinkin’ you’re a person of some influence, try
    orderin’ somebody else’s dog around..

    . Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the
    rest to God.

    . Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll
    just kill you.

    . Most times, it just gets down to common sense.

  8. Hell Trump was asking a question or maybe chumming the waters, He like up setting the left. LOL

  9. Ben, that's interesting. We took a drive up over the Greenhorn mountains into the central valley the other day. Drove through some small farm towns and saw lots of large Trump signs. Not small yard signs, big signs. The central valley of California is Trump country.

  10. Herman Cain passed away from the virus. RIP...

  11. You know, Joe Biden may be God's choice for America. It seems to me God has let a lot of troubles fall on America these days. A pandemic. Riots and the streets filled with crazy demonic radicals. The evil godless democrat/communists gaining power. All signs God is getting fed up with this country.

    God gives us the leaders we deserved. He gave us obama. A Christian hating Marxist who brought decline to America and seeded the anarchy we are now seeing run wild. America began to show signs of repentance, electing a Republican House and Senate, so God gave us Donald Trump to return to us the America we loved.

    What happened? The country forgot again. They turned back to their wicked ways. The godless left launched a hate campaign like America has never seen. Immoral, wicked, satanic. Doing everything they could to reverse God's direction.

    So he may be ready to hand us over again. God always has a plan. His plan may be to separate the wheat from the chaff. Joe Biden would be just the guy to usher in the tribulation and the Antichrist. Give the country over to the godless left for a time, again, to remind America, again, that evil lives among us and walks the earth.

    Just some theological speculation, friends. Something to think about.

  12. Trump is playing with the democrat/communists like he would play with a laser pointer and a cat.

    He baits them into embarrassing themselves by acting like fools. The is the master troll and they bite every single time.

  13. You know I think all these people at the John Lewis funeral think's he is really in that casket. Hummmm

  14. y'all be careful iffen y'all gotta be out and about.... flash flood warning for T town.

  15. Nasty flood over here, I am still sucking out water.. Good Grief!!!

  16. So the newest godless commie talking point is that Herman Cain went to the Trump rally, caught the chinese flu there and died from it. The commie media outlets are calling the Trump rally the "super spreader rally". This seems to be an accepted commie talking point, because even on FOX I don't hear the godless commies called out for it.

    So the same people who are absolutely convinced that Herman Cain caught the chinese flu because he didn't wear a mask at a Trump rally will also tell you with a straight face that having thousands of screaming meemies rioting in the street shoulder to shoulder, yelling, spitting, crapping in the streets and God only know what else are completely safe and not spreading the chinese flu at all because reasons.

    These lying commie rat bastards have no evidence where Herman Cain caught the kung flu. He was also a survivor of stage four liver cancer, and having had a family member go through that, trust me when I tell you that you are immunocompromised the rest of your life.

    But the godless commie bastards never let a propaganda opportunity go to waste, even if it's a total lie. And virtually everything they say is a lie.

  17. And by the way, I've heard all these clips of all the commie bastards at this Lewis guy's funeral talking about how he was some kind of American hero who was the "conscience" of the country or some such bullshit.

    This guy pronounce on multiple occasions that Donald Trump was an illegitimate President. In other words, all of us who voted for him don't count and our votes meant nothing. A funny thing for some guy who was the "conscience" of America to say. He was just another godless commie hack.

  18. And one last thing. I've deleted at least a dozen comments submitted for moderation by the commie rat bastard troll who keeps stalking us even though nobody ever reads anything he posts. Is that just a little bit crazy? Submitting comment after comment that nobody reads.

    The new format is kind of nice, all I have to do is look at the name of the poster, then click delete or post. I don't even have to select his comments.

    What a friggin weirdo. I think if I knew after this long that nobody was ever going to read what I posted, nobody was even going to see what I posted I might take the hint. But I guess this just proves what we all suspected. Mental Illness of a high degree.

  19. Just deleted three more. This guy is some kind of crazy. I wonder, do you think he believes his comments appear on the blog?

  20. LOL, Idiots they are SSAH...

  21. Good morning room 235. And Now to see what was destroyed last night, I'll be back...

  22. The infamous Wall of Moms in Portland, a group formed to front for the black lives terrorist group and the pantiefa terrorist group is collapsing. This was a group of primarily white women who claimed to be "moms" to provide a face for the terrorists that the media could exploit. And exploit they did.

    So now they are fighting with the black lives terrorists for control of the group. They are filing for non profit tax status and such, and the terrorists don't like the white people being in control. It's a big mess.

    The part that's interesting to me is that given time, all these terrorist groups will turn on each other. Over money, camera time, amount of publicity or something. It's the best hope we have. They will rip each other to pieces if we just wait patiently. It always happens. It's happening now, so just wait and watch. They are their own worst enemy.

  23. Democrats have blocked the Senate attempts to extend unemployment for the out of work and extend the moratorium on evictions, leading the way to people being homeless and broke.

    Why do the democrat/communists hate the American people so much? Why do they want to see the most disadvantaged among us suffer? The democrat/communists are heartless people, seeking only to advance their own quest for power at the expense of the most desperate people in the country.

  24. Just deleted two more comments. Nobody reads your comments, troll. I'm the only one that sees them, and I sure as hell don't read them. Just weird, that's all.

  25. the troll always did like to keep hitting his head on the wall ya know.... maybe he's trying to knock sense into that brainless head of his....

    ha ha ha :)

  26. Well, they did it. The Senate democrat/communist party blocked the extension to the unemployment benefits and then went home. Guess they still like that filibuster, you know the one the Marxist from Kenya called a "relic of the Jim Crow era" and said needed to be done away with. He said that at the campaign rally that was hidden as a funeral for that Lewis guy who died.

    Man, the democrat/communists hate unemployed people I guess. So if you are getting the benefit now, you can thank the dem/com party when it stops next week. No extra unemployment. And if you get evicted because the eviction moratorium expired thank the same people. The dem/coms blocked that too.

    And then they went home to campaign. What a mean bunch of people.

  27. Maxine Waters is completely insane. I watched her campaigning for the dem/coms during the hearing with the chi flu doc. Instead of actually asking him a question, like he was there for, she spent five minutes listing every lie the democrat/communists have made up as agitprop to try to derail America. It was just a laundry list of lies.

    Why do these democrat/communists lie so much? They just seem incapable of telling the truth these days. You can tell they are lying, if they are saying anything at all. Because that's pretty much all they do. Is lie. Bunch of lying liars who lie is what they are. I thought it was illegal to lie to a House panel. If it is Crazy Maxine should be in cuffs right now being read her rights.

  28. Agitprop is agitation and propaganda. Which is about all the democrat/communists spout these days.

  29. My ? is why is there so many libtards going along with the DNC and these lying jerks. After watching this weeks hearings and the so called funeral [aka campaign rally] how in the same heck can a person with any intelligence, back these fools up? But then again I have seen it on local social media. These people have been taught this BS in school. Most of them are in their early 20's and late 30's. Not to mention the younger ones who are being taught to hate at home. I have seen grade school kids that will cuss you out and Trump who were and are being taught this by their parents at home. Just think what these parents are and have been teaching their kids during this shut down.

  30. Do you really want the Post Office handling our entire Presidential election?

    It's estimated they lose 10% or more of our mail already. I get mail for people who haven't lived at my address for years. I get my neighbors mail, and they get mine. Always been that way.

    Millions of people will get ballots delivered to the wrong address, to old addresses that haven't been updated, to dead people and every other possible mess. Hell, I'll probably get a ballot sent to me in Kansas and California.

    DId you know if you mail a letter in Topeka to someone in Topeka it goes to Kansas City, gets sorted and then comes back to Topeka. Real efficient.

    And the dem/coms want to prepay postage so there will be no postmark. No way to know when ballots were mailed, if they were mailed on time or after the deadline.

    The dem/coms being completely crooked will gather every ballot they can get their hands on and use them illegally. They will harvest ballots. They will alter ballots. They will do everything and anything to win this election.

    Vote by mail is every bit the threat to our Republic as our President is warning us it will be.

  31. I get mail and packages all the time that go to KC MO first and then over to KCK and then to me. Now thats just a dumb idea to send to two K C post offices. They need to get some truck drivers there to give them directions to the fastest and quickest way.

  32. If they let them go ahead with this mail in ballot Presidential election it will be the most single corrupt election in our history. There will be so many lawsuits, and so many times they catch the dem/coms cheating it will be years before they can decide on a winner. So who holds the office while they try to figure it all out?

    This is the dirtiest trick the democrat/communists have ever tried to pull. If the Republicans let them get away with this with anything less than a Supreme Court decision this country is doomed. And with the Supreme Court handing down unconstitutional decisions right and left, that doesn't really settle much.

    I guess since the damn dirty democrats can't win an election fairly, they figure the only way is to steal it. But then, they are the democrat/communist party.

  33. The polls are turning. They are getting closer. Biden hiding in the basement is not serving him well. But then coming out in public and letting the world see his dementia up close won't help either.

    The democrat/communists have themselves in a real pickle now. Don't be surprised at anything these desperate bastards try now.

  34. Well I am at the point that I really don't give a shit about whats going on theses days, what I do know fuck with me or my family, I will shoot to kill anyone that comes on my property to do harm. Kind of simple...

  35. Thats why they are so big on this VP pick. Ole Joe is history and they know it. he wont make it a year if he makes it through this year. The libtards are putting all their eggs in the VP basket and hoping for ole Joe to crack so they can move her in.

    1. The libs VP pick will be some one who will go after Trump. She wont go after VP Pence. Its all about taking Trump down and they know ole Joe cant do it so the VP pick is the money bet.

  36. You know, I'm starting to see things turn around. Our President has been giving some great speeches to responsive audiences. He can still fill an arena anytime he wants.

    On the other hand, Sleepy Joe can't read a speech to save his life. We know he doesn't write anything he reads, he just reads whatever they shove in front of him which is why he comes across as insincere. Because he is. If he tries to talk without reading a teleprompter, he sounds like the blithering old senile fool he is. And he's afraid to come out of his basement, while our President is all over the place. Biden's going to have to come out sooner or later, and the dem/coms are scared to death of that day. They know if he debates our President, he'll collapse like the worn out senile old fool he is.

    President Trump is speaking for the rest of us. That's why he doesn't wear a mask. Because the rest of us know what a phony democrat/communist move the whole mask thing is. The dem/com goal is to keep America unhappy, off balance and fearful. But our President is showing America there's nothing to fear but fear itself. And the democrat/communist party. They scare the hell out of me.

    The polls are turning around. The President is gaining every day, and every day Sleepy Joe stays hiding in the basement he loses more voters.

    The dem/coms are banking on getting one of their party apparachiks in the VP spot so they can take over. They'll push Joe out so fast his head will spin. The latest is some commie woman named after a fish I think. Big Mouth Bass. She's a real piece of work.

    But now the dem/coms are pushing the announcement back another week. Probably trying to figure out how the hell to get Sleepy Joe to read the announcement without screwing up and naming the wrong person. That probably takes a couple weeks.

  37. I love hearing all the godless commies lecturing the rest of us about masks now. They're a bandaid!! They keep out the nasty germs. Except they don't.

    Masks are a political tool. They are being used to divide us, keep the less informed afraid, and keep the control on.

    I spent many years in the medical supply business. Here's some facts about masks.

    N-95 masks are probably the best protection available to the average person, except they are almost impossible to find. They block 95% of airborne particles. And as long as you don't touch your mask, then touch your face, they help. Except the chicom flu particles are too small for even an N-95 mask to block effectively, but if you can find one, that's probably the best.

    The blue surgical masks you see and probably wear do virtually no good. They are minimally effective, but provide very little protection. They are designed for single use, then discard which nobody is doing. Again, touch the mask and you get every germ it has caught.

    The cloth masks, bandanas and such are useless. The make people feel better but provide virtually no protection for airborne particles coming or going. But it makes people feel virtuous.

    And by the way, if you see a mask with exhalation valves, like an N-95 or many of the aftermarket masks, be aware that means every exhale of the wearer passes unfiltered into the air unobstructed. Those masks are designed to wear into a known contaminated area where the concern is to protect the wearer, not the other people in the area.

    So next time some godless commie starts lecturing you about masks, you can be satisfied knowing they likely don't know shit about anything they talk about. They are generally idiots, or they wouldn't be godless commies, right?

    Masks are a tool of the political left commie rats. And very little else.

  38. The actual fact is the masks people are wearing and the way they are wearing them are probably spreading more chinese flu than preventing it. Which obviously is the goal for the godless commies. Anything to stop the bad orange man.

    Fuaci said as much before the commies got to him and made him an apparachik.

  39. And frankly, I couldn't care less if baseball, football and basketball cancel their seasons. Bunch of commie rat bastards insulting my flag and my country. Hope those kneeling commies all go broke and have to beg for jobs from the people they disrespected.

  40. It was fun watching Fauci squirm yesterday when Jim Jordan squeezed him for saying any gatherings were wrong, except the commie riots which were fine. Should have mentioned that campaign rally the Marxist from Kenya spoke at that was pretending to be a funeral for some congressman.

    So now I'm hearing the godless commies trying to defend masks by whining "but doctors wear them". Typical dipshit response. What they don't tell you is what you don't see is the doctor putting on a new mask when he enters the room, washing his hands, then taking off the mask and disposing of it, then washing his hands again. One use masks. Constant hand washing. Nobody is doing that. They're wearing the mask, taking it off when they get in the car, not washing their hands, then using the same mask over and over.

    If anything they are spreading more chicom flu germs than they are preventing. But then, that's the whole point, isn't it? Keep this thing going until the election. Anything it takes to beat the bad orange man. Even killing another couple hundred thousand people so they can falsely blame it on our President.

    The dem/coms are evil people, don't doubt me on this. They are lying about virtually everything about this chinese flu. All so they can win the election. These are sick people.

  41. I hope everyone has Noticed that the Liberals in the House now are calling that $600.00 added dollars to unemployment is a benefit. So you see how that works, the GOP is trying to cut peoples benefits, and that is a lie, It was a one time aid package and that's it. Good Grief!!

  42. The Communists have many tools, I suppose.
    Subversion to Crisis everywhere.

    Turning from God, has its consequences. Only in him is the answer.

    Cliché of the day:

    If things don't get any better, they are going to get worse.

    We win at the polls in November, or we are only going to see more of this. Eventually citizens will have enough. And good or bad, will engage the situation. Participation will increase. The views will be much different, if we reach critical mass.

    I also reassuringly know that the left has gone nuts. Rogue on to itself. Quadruple-Triple doubledown every time. They too are desperate, and that's speaks to the real numbers and low participation confidence of a common goal and mindset of these people. No diligent dedication to produce a result other than dismantling. Even victims of their own virtue signaling tribal identity politics at times.

    No. It's pissant demonstrations fueled by low esteem from not enough labor-force participation, and enough self-loathing to make any strong-willed self-made person to dry heave.
    Since none of these people have an endgame or expectation for any common goal, other than rabble rousing? It's amateur hour at best. I'm confident in that for now. They have no God. They possess "emotion" not "revolution". Big difference.

    Orange man is their trigger, and he's coming for another helping. Things can be settled down.
    But by chance that he's not? Participation may increase. Only pointing that out. That's all.

  43. Sure wish the damn democrat/communists would stop blocking the stimulus bill. I want my $2,400. Screw a bunch of illegal aliens and whatever other pork the dem/coms are trying to load this up with.

    And especially forget money to make up for stupid spending by New York and the other commie controlled states. They made their beds, now they can sleep in them. You dem/coms want the country shut down, and you want people to suffer, don't look for the rest of us to bail out your fellow commies. They can suffer just like the rest of us.

    1. Lol We never got a dime of the first stimulus money, don't expect we ever will...

  44. Lol, it only took 7 hours before anyone heard me say good morning. hehehhe

  45. Sorry Sarge, the wife and I drove in from eastern Tennessee last night and didn't get home till a little after 11:00. To say I was a little worn out would be putting it mildly.

  46. No Problem I was the only one up anyhow, I am use to talking to my self anyhow, welcome back by the way!!

  47. Well, the damn democrat/communists blocked even an extension of the unemployment benefits for the poor folks the dem/coms have left unemployed. The Republicans are trying to help the folks, but the damn dem/coms want people to suffer because they think that will make them vote for old demented Joe Biden. It's not working. The American people are seeing through this crap.

    The tide is turning friends. Watch and see. The damn democrat/communists are going to go ape shit when President Trump wins his second term. Prepare for all out war from these people. Won't go well for them. Americans will send them a message. No more commies. Stop the insanity.

  48. Homeland Security had access to the Portland commie rioters encrypted messages on an app called Telegram. They were getting their messages the commie rioters thought were secret.

    Gosh, wonder how that happened. Somebody out there has the skills to hack into the commie communications system and pass it on the the Feds? Or are the Feds that savvy? Must be kind of scary to the commies to know the Feds are into their communications and probably their databases and files. Man, you just can't keep secrets these day.

    I say good job Feds. Thanks and keep it up.

  49. Old demented Joe is looking at Bass pretty hard for VP. Or I should say the actual people who will pick the candidate for Joe are. Joe has nothing to say about it. He just has to pronounce the name right.

    She's a commie who has praised Castro repeatedly. Apparently she sees him as a great leader, not the mass murdering commie who turned an island paradise into a commie prison camp. And she is a big fan of Scientology, a cult that believes we all came from space aliens or something. Now I admit, democrat/communists might have, but the rest of us were created by God. Sorry dems. No cults in the White House.

  50. The mayor of Washington DC had Georgia on his list of states that if you visited and returned to DC you has to serve a 14 day quarantine. 14 members of congress went to the political rally that was disguised as a funeral for some guy. The Mayor exempted them from the quarantine.

    You know how the democrat/commies work. Rules are for the little people and the serfs. Not the overlords.

  51. I thought George Floyd was supposed to be a Christian? That's what they told us. Bible studies between home invasions. The George Floyd commie rioters in Portland had a big bible burning event. Guess if there was any doubt what these people are really about there is no more. Godless commies one and all.

  52. Burning bibles and flags won't turn your votes blue.

    Pretty sure of that.

  53. Members of the Progressive Party aka Communist are allowed special privileges and President Trump gets blamed for Herman Cain's death. Hmmmmm. The MSM seems to he downplaying the Portland violence. This includes Fox. Only difference is the Oregon State Police and Portland PD are being attacked by the Federal Courthouse. Scumbags still rioting despite what the Democrats spout.

  54. I really hate to critize fell veterans but the so-called Wall of Vets in Portland are misguided morons. Any intelligent combat experienced vet would approach a heavily armed individual, who has been attacked every night for at least two months, with extreme caution. Doesn't matter whether you believe you have the right. Use your brain. How do the Feds guarding the courthouse know who you are? While some might be peaceful, the individuals approaching the courthouse are not and deserve whatever happens to them. The Wall of Moms are suburban guilt-ridden peaceniks who are being used by subversives. The Wall of Vets allegedly was formed because one was beaten for approaching to ask an innocent question.

  55. And in other news I hate to be this way BUT The mayor has been told this over and over. I dont understand why the people haven't recalled her.

    21 Shot, 6 Dead, Friday-Saturday Afternoon in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago

  56. I wish the news media would let every one Know that a absentee ballot and the mail in ballot is two different things,One you request as a voter and sent to you, the other is anyone on the voter rolls get sent one even if you are dead, who gets their palls on it??????

  57. That's what the left wants. So the media isn't going to tell any different. And those libs that are so for this don't even know the difference. Ask any libtard and they will tell you its all the same.

  58. Good day, was very happy to see NBA and MLB tank. So tired of spoiled rich athletes thinking they can insult those who pay their wages.

  59. Amen to that. I broke down and and watched the Chiefs last year after a two year boycott and was looking forward to this year.

    Then they ruined the whole thing all over again.

    That's fine. The thing they don't understand is that that life easily goes on without them.

    Good riddance you multi millionaire spoiled pieces of shit...

  60. Anybody watch the splashdown today? What a thrill for me, we haven't brought a capsule down that way since 1975. All this done by Elon Musk. I never gave him much thought until I found out recently my son-in-law has a Tesla on order. Made me look into the whole Tesla/Elon Musk thing. Quite a guy. Went to war with the commie governor of California and won. Now he's moving his plant to Texas because Newsome tried to screw him over. Guy is interesting to say the least.

    I think what was most important to me was that our President has NASA doing what NASA should be doing. Going into space. Our last president, the Marxist from Kenya pretty much killed the whole space exploration adventure. Remember when he announced that NASA's new job was "Muslim Outreach". That was a giant crock of commie America hating bullshit, typical of him. Thank God we have a President who loves America and all her greatness again.

    And we're going back to the moon, then on to Mars, thanks to President Trump and Elon Musk.

  61. And I'm with you guys. No baseball, football or basketball for me. Bunch of commie rat bastards.

    Remember when the story was about a guy or two who kneeled at the games? And it seemed so odd that they would do that. Now the story is about the one or two guys who don't kneel. And the commie media tries to make them the out of touch ones. Damn commies. Their goal is to destroy everything about this country. Everything. And they're doing a pretty good job of it. What a mess.

  62. I also excited by NASA, et. al. We toured Houston Space center 5 years ago and it was such a disappointment, we toured it last Christmas break and there was stuff going on everywhere, the parking lots that were 3/4 empty under Obama were 3/4 full and new stuff everywhere.

  63. Today's useful info. Your welcome.

    Did you know ants never get sick?

    Its because they have Anty Bodies.

    1. How do you count cows?

      A: with a cow-culator! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha giggle giggle giggle

      gees I quack myself up.... and I ain't had an coffee yet!

  64. Well, if you're unemployed and you were getting that extra bonus it just stopped. The Republicans offered a one week extension but the dem/coms said no way. They prefer people to suffer so they can blame the bad orange man.

    These dirty damn democrats are heartless villains. They should be punished come Nov 3, run out of town on a rail. Evictions also start soon. More homeless people, more broke people, more starving Americans. That's the democrat/communist goal. Seems like the wrong direction for the country to go, but then I'm not a godless bible burning democrat/communist so I guess I wouldn't understand.

  65. The strategy for authoritarianism throughout the ages is to divide and conquer. Now listen! All "public forums" are presented as opposing sides, or opposing politics or opposing theology or opposing morality.

    What few of us ever discern is that the good guys and the bad guys are the same guys. The good politicians and bad politicians are the same politicians. The good religion and the bad religion is the same religion.

    "All the world is a stage." -- Shakespeare.

    What I am writing here will challenge your mind and test your discernment.

    There is an axiom of geometry that applies to the masquerade of politics, to wit: "Things that are equal to the same thing are equal to each other." This is incredibly easy to see once the political party labels are removed. But this is a difficult or impossible task for the crowd. They love deception and delusion. Politics and propaganda tickle their ears and so it will always be as it always has been.

    Isn't it time for us to stop believing in the Santa Claus of the two-party system? Does it matter what labels devils wear? Washington is a cesspool of corrupt politicians who badly need to stay in office to keep their wealth-stealing activities trundling on.

    So badly do they need political office that Joe Biden, the presumptive nominee of the Democrat Party, recently said, regarding the upcoming election, "We put together 600 lawyers and a group of people throughout the country who are going into every single state to try to figure out whether chicanery is likely to take place."

    Not to see if anything untoward is actually taking place during the election. No, 600 lawyers just to tell us if anything is likely to happen. That's how much it's worth to win the election. This should disturb the average person greatly. And yet, the public still fights with one another, locked into the left-right paradigm.

    Three years after Trump's election and still no legitimate criticism of his policies can be made without an Obama derangement syndrome-like "but Obama..." response.

    And, no legitimate criticism of Progressive ideas can be made without a corresponding "Trump is a fascist, authoritarian elitist because..." response.

    If this is what you do, you are caught in a trap. It is rarely recognized or seen, and not of your own making. The arguments we see and hear are not about Democrat versus Republican. They are about freedom- and liberty-loving American patriots versus the control-seeking, socialist elected class.

    If you watch the media carefully, you will see ample proof of the fact that those in power play one economic class against another, one race against another, one party against another.

    Then they prostitute the intellectual elite — through high-minded writing in media publications and "teaching" in elite educational institutions — to conceal the nature of the war the elites and their "elected" messengers wage on us every day.

  66. Oh yes, big government does work, dear reader. It works perfectly for those who covet power to channel human thought, human energy and human production and wealth to themselves. It is organized crime and organized force at the national and international level. It just doesn't work for the people, it works against them.

    Every bit of information we get from the very beginning of our existence "sells" us on authority. This goes on through "public education" and throughout life. The only acceptable social and moral thing to do is to accept authority, conform to authority and, above all, never question authority.

    The individual feels oppressed and confused because he is dealing with government doublespeak that he cannot confront. He imagines that he understands government but has to deal with many complicated fictions as he strives to conform to "the law."

    What is the law? Is it really a collection of rules of behavior that we have all agreed upon in order to live in our society? Or is it a set of rules designed to restrict your behavior and funnel your work and the product of that work away from you and toward the government?

    Income tax, sales tax, property tax, licensing fees, permitting fees, traffic tickets, excise fees, road tolls and a hundred other taxes and fees you pay every day are not designed to make you free or wealthy. They are a regulatory apparatus designed to maintain financial control in the way the code phrases I have described to you in the past aim to maintain control over your mind.


    Revolutionary Communist Party leader backs Biden
    By Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times - Monday, August 3, 2020

    Bob Avakian, founder and leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, told followers in an email Monday that ousting President Trump is too important a goal to miss, so they should vote for Democratic candidate Joseph R. Biden.

    Mr. Avakian, a controversial figure who over the decades has backed violent fringe movements worldwide, said that means no protest votes for third-party or independent candidates. Mr. Biden must be the pick of the far left.

    He said he still considers Mr. Biden and the Democratic Party “representatives and instruments of this exploitative, oppressive, and literally murderous system of capitalism-imperialism.” But Mr. Trump and the Republicans are even worse, he said.

    “Biden is not ‘better’ than Trump, in any meaningful way — except that he is not Trump and is not part of the move to consolidate and enforce fascist rule, with everything that means,” he said.

    He continued: “To approach this election from the standpoint of which candidate is ‘better’ means failing to understand the truly profound stakes and potential consequences of what is involved. The fact is that there can be one — and only only — ‘good’ that can come out of this election: delivering a decisive defeat to Trump and the whole fascist regime.”

    Mr. Avakian sent his missive by email Monday, after releasing it online over the weekend at the Revolutionary Communist Party’s website.

    Mr. Avakian is a major figure among the Maoist faction of the communist movement. In the late 1980s and early 1990s he supported the Shining Path, a Maoist rebel movement that sought to overthrow the government of Peru.

    Other far-left movements are grappling with the same questions.

    The Communist Party USA, in a post in June, warned followers against approaching the election worried about “lesser evilism.”

    Joe Sims, co-chair of CPUSA, said Karl Marx “worked to lend aid” to Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party over the Confederacy and its president, Jefferson Davis, in order to end slavery.

    Mr. Sims said the Democratic Party is “an imperfect vehicle” that at times subverts the labor movement.

    “Yet an imperfect vehicle is still a vehicle, and Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and others in the African American, Latino, women’s and labor movements have run effective campaigns through it,” he reasoned.

    The Democratic Socialists of America, meanwhile, said in May that it would not back any Democratic nominee other than Mr. Sanders, the independent Vermont senator who has now twice been runner-up for Democrats’ presidential pick.

    Mr. Sanders, though, is working with Mr. Biden, as is Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, the rising star of the left. They helped write a unity plan that is the furthest left of any major party on big issues like health care and immigration.

  68. It's creepy how the communists have infiltrated America via the Democratic Party.

    Just my 2 cents worth - they don't think Biden is better than Trump but they're going to vote for Biden anyway. In essence, their hatred of Trump is stronger than their "dislike" of Biden. If only the Democratic supporter who vote these idiots into key places would just wake up and smell the coffee!

    The left is making noise louder than they did over Hillary.... but they're still going to see Donald Trump re-elected and will have him 4 more years!

    So my words to the loony left.... once again you're going to lose beyond MEGA!

  69. NEWS FLASH just heard

    The King of Spain has been quarantined on his private jet.

    That means the reign in Spain stays mainly on the plane.

  70. And in local news

    A guy named ‘Bill’ decides which Kansas businesses are essential

    A spreadsheet obtained in an Open Records request details a pattern of arbitrary and questionable decision-making by a guy named ‘Bill’ on whether businesses could be classified as ‘essential’ when Governor Laura Kelly shut down the state. Another investigation is underway to determine which state agency employs the faceless bureaucrat named ‘Bill’ and so far, the Kelly administration hasn’t been able to tell us.

  71. Good Morning and I'm headed to the polls in person to cast my vote

    Hugs, Rikki

  72. Good Morning again, just voted at the polls! No mail in ballot for me.... nope.

    If folks can go to Walmart, they can go to the polls!

    I'm Rikki and I approve of this message!

  73. Going on two days without having to delete any comments from our troll.

    It'd be a shame if he died or something.

    1. well our troll can't post his nonsense over on the Capital Journal, he can't post his nonsense here.... maybe he's just resigned himself to being silent.

  74. I prefer advance voting at the Election Office. Voted last Tuesday just after they opened. No wait unlike in past years. Took about 10 minutes.

  75. I and the wife receive our ballots for advance Voting by mail and sent them back last week. What happens after that is not our problem, Just saying...

  76. advanced voting and "mail in" voting are two entirely different things. advanced voting is secure.... mail in voting????

  77. Maybe the troll finally figured out nothing he posts will ever show up on our blog. Not only that, but I can use his nonsensical posts to attack everything he says without him being able to respond to a word of it. It's been kind of fun. For me, I don't imagine for him.

    And this is true justice. The godless commie left wants us shut down. They have had their effect on America's blog. So them being banned forever from disputing anything we say is only justice. They read us faithfully, by the way. So it must be especially frustrating to never be able to dispute a single word we say, or rudely and profanely insult us.

    1. It just doesn't get any better than that SSAH....

  78. There's no way he quit.

    He's in the process of another burner, I'm sure....

  79. I'm still going with the theory that he died.

  80. What's the worse thing that can happen to an attention whore?

    Being ignored, mocked, and ridiculed.

    Could be that he became so distraught that he finally jumped off a building or something.

    Just throwing that out there.

  81. Good morning room 235...

    One can only hope Ben,,, Just Saying...

  82. Well, I voted on the way home last night. Have seen a few of the results and not too many surprises. Kobach apparently defeated AGAIN, which I don't think will be a surprise to many. If you believe all of the ads, Marshall is already a part of the swamp, and was not a strong Trump supporter. If so, maybe he has "seen the light". I guess time will tell. Kobach had pushed all of the right buttons for me but was not able to handle the attacks from the Left in the Governors race and did not fare any better this time around. Whatever happens, the GOP needs to keep the spot in the Senate. I think the Repubs will support him and get him elected. The Senate, at the end of all of this, can and would be, the game changer! Dems take over the Senate, then the country as we know it is "toast"!

  83. How did the voting go? I don't follow Kansas politics much. I did look at the returns but didn't notice many names I knew.

    One I saw was the Topeka Mayor, a grifter by the name of De La Isla winning the nomination for the House district 2. She's a long time leftist, mooching off other people and leaving a trail of people she's taken advantage of before being reborn as a godless democrat/communist political animal. She's as far left as you get. And as phony as it gets, I might add.

    Hope Kansas can keep leaning to the right. You've got a commie governor now and you're seeing the results of that. Not where Kansas needed to go, but there it is.

  84. Well Safe, they went about like I thought they would. I voted for Bob Hamilton because I don't care much for Marshall but it is what it is.

    For me I'd love to see Kobach in there but we all know how that would turn out.

    I voted for Eric Rucker because I know him personally but lost that one too.

    I haven't heard anything about voter turnout but like always I'm sure it was pathetic. That's the problem.

  85. Well, this just might sway more "un-decided" folks not to vote for Biden in November!

    Keystone XL puts Biden on hot seat by striking deal with four labor unions
    Democrat woos labor vote while opposing massive pipeline project

    By Valerie Richardson - The Washington Times - Updated: 2:38 p.m. on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

    Keystone XL has struck a deal with four leading unions to build the Alberta-to-Nebraska oil pipeline, creating a potential headache for former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, who has vowed to kill the project even as he woos the labor vote.

    In a Wednesday announcement, TC Energy said a project labor agreement has been reached with the Laborers International Union of North America, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the International Union of Operating Engineers, and the United Association of Union Plumbers and Pipefitters.

    “We’re proud to reach today’s agreement with TC Energy that will put UA members to work on this project, bringing safe and efficient energy to American families,” said Mark McManus, general president of the pipefitters’ union. “This project will bring good paying jobs to our members, all while keeping energy costs low and delivering a boost to local communities and their economies. We’re ready to get to work.”

    The agreement adds another wrinkle to the 2020 presidential campaign on a contentious, high-profile issue that pits Mr. Biden, a staunch opponent of the pipeline, squarely against President Trump, who has championed it.

    President Barack Obama blocked the Keystone XL in 2015 by rejecting a border-crossing permit, citing the impact on climate change, only to have Mr. Trump approve the $8 billion oil-sands pipeline two years later.

    In May, Biden campaign policy director Stef Feldman said in a statement that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee would “stop it for good by rescinding the Keystone XL pipeline permit.”

    For Mr. Biden, Keystone XL encapsulates the political tension that comes with embracing the climate-change movement while casting himself as a champion of blue-collar workers in energy-producing states like Pennsylvania, which sits atop the massive Marcellus Shale natural-gas reservoir.

    In his $2 trillion energy plan released last month, Mr. Biden said that “millions” of union jobs would be created by investing in infrastructure improvements, while the Trump campaign has said that oil-and-gas jobs “will be on the chopping block in Joe Biden’s America.”

    The Keystone XL pipeline will support 42,000 U.S. jobs, including “more than 10,000 high-paying construction jobs that will be filled primarily by union workers,” said TC Energy.

    “We are proud to partner with these union trades and craft workers to ensure this pipeline will be built by qualified professionals with specialized skills to the highest safety and quality standards,” said Keystone XL president Richard Prior. “We are especially proud of the new Green Jobs Training Program, which is an investment in thousands of current and future union workers.”

    The $10 million program will help train union workers for jobs in the renewable-energy sector. The company also agreed to hire locals whenever possible and bring on tribal consultants to reach out to Native American workers.

    The 1,210-mile Keystone XL pipeline would stretch from Hardisty, Alberta, to Steele City, Nebraska, where it would connect with existing pipelines to send crude oil to U.S. Gulf Coast refineries. The pipeline represents the fourth phase of the Keystone Pipeline System.

    In June, the U.S. Supreme Court let stand a lower-court order vacating a permit for dredging and filling wetlands, which TC Energy said “continues to delay large portions of construction on our Keystone XL project.”

    There are a couple of tweets in the article if you go to the link.


  86. Rikki, I can back up your post.

    I assure you, most "unions" will always team up with democrats. Their hands are in each other pockets.

    But, I can also assure you that "union members" don't always vote Democrat. In fact, there's no way in November they will anything against the man that jump started the economy, created jobs, and put America first before this Sars-cov2 bullshit.

    And to clarify, I'm speaking to skilled trades, truckers, etc... I interact with these types of folks everyday, from all over.
    Not public service unions which I have no use for, and absolutely have taxpayer protections. A taxpayer has no interest in a public service union. Public service unions like the NEA make no product better, provide no better safety, and can cost taxpayers more by politicizing current issues in a negotiation year while not even having the best interest of their members in mind. Just had to add that.

    Great post Rikki.

    Biden Campaign Says He Is So Close To A VP Pick He Can Smell Her

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden's campaign announced that he would be making his pick for Vice President soon, adding that the former Vice President had recently stated, "I'm so close I can smell her."

    Biden's staff says Joe has been pacing the halls of capitol buildings, congress, and the Senate sniffing the air like a starve-crazed bloodhound in search of the perfect female candidate. "He's huffing longer, deeper inhalations," said his campaign manager Greg Schultz. "That means he's getting really close."

    Biden's staff says at the rate he is sniffing, he'll definitely have a VP pick by the first week of August.

    1. If that is the case Skippy, then he might pick some 10 year old girl for the spot. Come to think of it, that might be the best option!

  88. I see the left media all 3 of them didn't show any time on the Yates hearing Zero. That is disgusting.

  89. first Biden says to syndicated talk show host Charlamagne tha God..."If yo uhave a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."


    Biden: Unlike the Black community, Hispanics are an 'incredibly diverse community.'

    By David Sherfinski - The Washington Times - Thursday, August 6, 2020

    Racist! Racist! Racist!

    But will the pro Liberal media bash him for this?..... I ain't holding my breath!.

  90. Just published on the Washington Times !!

    CNN: 'Trump is within striking distance of Biden'
    'The president is staying in the hunt,' says new analysis

    By Jennifer Harper - The Washington Times - Thursday, August 6, 2020
    Even CNN now admits that the race between President Trump and Joseph R. Biden is close. Very close.

    In an analysis released Thursday, senior political analyst Harry Enten wrote that Mr. Biden has had the “upper hand” in national polls and those conducted in such battleground states as Arizona and Florida.

    “Yet, while Biden has maintained advantage, Trump has one thing going for him: His position is no longer deteriorating. A look at the polls shows that even as coronavirus cases and deaths rise, Trump remains within striking distancing of Biden,” Mr. Enten noted.

    “An Iowa poll out Wednesday from Monmouth University makes the point well. Trump comes in with 48% to Biden’s 45%, a 3-point margin and a result within the poll’s margin of error,” he said.

    Mr. Enten also cited a Des Moines Register survey which found Mr. Trump with 44% support, Mr. Biden at 43%. He pointed to other polling evidence, both state and national, which suggested a positive tilt for the president, noting that Mr. Trump’s ratings have stabilized — “and perhaps improved a few points.”

    The influence of the coronavirus pandemic and ongoing civil unrest has also been a factor in voter sentiment, the analyst wrote.

    “The current difference between the polls at this point and the result isn’t wide enough to suggest Biden has this locked away given how much polls have moved from this point to the election historically. Yes, Biden has held a relatively steady lead, which makes him a clear favorite,” Mr. Enten said.

    “But in a year in which we are facing unprecedented circumstances, Trump is staying in the hunt,” he said.

    1. maybe CNN is waking up ? then to, maybe not.

    2. strategy? either CNN is waking up or is trying to outrage the liberal leftists to vote Biden?

    3. Will other pro left media outlets follow suit?

    4. Is CNN abandoning Biden?

  91. What will be will be.Just hang on your hats Trump will win bigger than last time. Right Miscreant, hahahahahhahahahahaahahahahhahahahh

  92. from Newt I agree trump should put it out and slam these libtards

    "President Trump should give a major speech to the American people outlining every offer, and the sequence of offers, which the Pelosi-Schumer legislative dictatorship has rejected. He should note each group that was being hurt by the Democrats’ intransigence. He should indicate that their partisanship was a threat to the country and that as president he owed it to the American people to solve problems – even while the Democrats do everything they can to obstruct progress and cause the country pain.

    Then he should announce an amazing sequence of executive orders designed to achieve as much as legally possible in dealing with the pandemic, reopening the schools, strengthening the economy and other efforts that would help Americans.
    Finally, he should announce a new set of legislative proposals being sent to the Hill and ask every American to call their House and Senate members and ask them to put patriotism above partisanship to get something good done. He should indicate he was asking Congress to stay in through August until it did its job.

    This is a far better outcome for America, the Republicans and President Trump than any plausible surrender to the absurd demands of Pelosi and Schumer."

    1. And he should also say why this family never received a dime of that $2400.00... Lol And who got it?

  93. Good morning all! Just thinking about Riki's post. We all know that the polls have been twisted, for the most part, to make it more favorable for Biden. It's the same game as 2016 and the silent majority is still out there! If anything, they may be trying to cover their miserable asses for what they know is really going to happen. It is just like all of this crap they are putting out about Trump not accepting defeat, if it happens, and having to be dragged out of the WH! What I think they are doing is just setting the tone for what they are going to try to do, if it is a close election, to allow them to contest the election, put it in a crisis mode, find tons of "mail-in" votes, if needed, and install a "temporary" President, I.E.; Nancy Pelosi, while the election is in dispute and chaos! What other course do they have? They have tried impeachment, a silent Coo, faked Trump colluding with the Russians, gave out "false" (lied) about everything concerning the fake FBI investigation, Peeing Prostitutes, called Trump a murderer, said he is the fault of the virus, tax returns, yada, yada, yada!!
    The only way to shut them up will be to take them out at the ballot box, not just Biden, but all of them! The Senate control HAS to be maintained and taking over the House would be a true Blessing! But will the average citizen, who does not follow all of this other than listen to the garbage and lies of the MSM be smart enough to figure all of this out? Like Sarge says, What will be will be!

  94. And now, the New York state AG is trying to eliminate (Wipe out!) the NRA! There is no end to all of the Bullshit!

  95. Its another one of their thousands of tricks that they pull out of their rears.
    They know the NRA will give Trump a lot of money. If they cant defeat them in court they will make them spend $$$$$ trying. And that money will be $$$ that Trump will not get. They know they cant beat the NRA and its members. they have tried many times. Bloomberg tried and lost.

  96. The political partisan hack attack on the NRA is despicable. This is one of the worst cases of tampering with an election in history. The NRA is a powerful actor in the election. They were a big part of why President Trump was elected. Their voice and their money, or I should say the money we give them was a big factor.

    They had said they intended to spend $70 million this election. So the godless democrat/communists had to do something. They have recently discovered the power local DAs and Prosecutors can have over public opinion and how much they can handcuff the other side.

    This will obviously stop the NRA from using funds they will need to defend themselves against this malicious prosecution. That was the intent.

    This DA should be impeached and the NRA should sue the state. This cannot be allowed to happen. It's probably too late to stop this, but the feds and the NRA need to reign fire down on these commie rat bastards so they don't try this one again.

    This is a civil rights violation, and as such the Justice Dept should immediately get involved.

    1. I was just going to say that Safe, but like always you beat me to It. :):)

  97. If the Republicans have any sense or balls they'll use this attack on the NRA as a major campaign issue.

    It's no different than us vowing to take out their beloved Planned Parenthood.

    Hopefully the talking points and ads are already in the works...

    1. Anther fine answer from Big Ben... Just what they should do...

  98. Well, the nasty troll is back. Guess he didn't have the chinese flu after all.

    He's back begging for our attention. I must have deleted a dozen posts. What a fruitcake. Spending all that time posting comments nobody reads, just mass deletes. Guy is definitely a nutjob. Maybe he's just really lonely and pretends we are his friends so he sends us comment and imagines we must be reading them.

    Sorry troll. Nobody cares, and nobody reads anything you post. But you keep doing you. We'll keep deleting everything you post.

  99. Lol... So much for my theory that our bottom feeding troll did himself in.

    The pathetic little thing has been trying to comment all night.

    Hey troll, all your attempts come to me via email which I delete without even opening them.

    Keep em coming all you want. Just know you're the only one who ever sees them.

  100. Well, the psychopath just can't help himself. He's so starved for attention - he can't post his croakings of crapola over on the Cap journal and he can't post anything here :)

    Now he's boo hoo-ing begging and pleading.... I can hear him now "Oh please Safe and Ben....I'll behave, let my posts show again....I promise not to slander anyone, post lies, post erroneous garbage"!!!

    But alas, he finds the truth... (not that he's not been told over and over and over).... his posts never see light of day, never get read, they just go *poof*

    pardon a bit of evil laughter... (mu-wah-ha-ha-ha-ha).... :)

  101. I dislike 2020 with a passion.

    I thinks it's good for us when the Dems attack the NRA and the 2nd this close to November.

    I think it's good that the President uses an executive order to pressure Pelosi and Schumer on stimulus. This close to the election.

    I think Michelle Obama is a man.

    I think Nerf wars are super fun to do with adults and kids together.

    I hate wearing masks, and only participate because of misinformation and not 100% positive I can't hurt someone else my fellow man. No fear of me getting sick, I believe in herd immunity.

    I think it's odd Cuomo and Trump are the only politicians who approve opening schools, that the media will talk about.

    I like that I'm going shoot tommorow, in the heat, with full gear...

    And in closing, just to reiterate I really hate 2020. Really.

    Just what's on my mind currently... Later peeps.

  102. LOL, and good morning room 235...

  103. I wonder who was up to approve my 1.54 AM comment?? I think I know!!! :):)

  104. And the mental illness begins all over again. I've already had the pleasure of deleting 6 or 7 desperate attempts to comment on America's Blog.

    Sometimes I start feeling a little Sorry for the guy so I ask myself, Ben, should I give him another chance?

    Screw that.

  105. Ben we all are with you - none of us feel sorry for the troll.

    Wow, just the visual of the troll on his hands and knees begging and pleading for his posts to be published pleases me to no end....

    Feeling sorry for the psychopath? Nope, not one bit.

    He's got no where else to go, no where else to post his garbage comments.

  106. Sounds like a good plan Big Ben leaving them wasting their time, no one here miss them.


    AG Barr stops motorcade to thank 'Back the Blue' demonstrators

    By Jessica Chasmar - The Washington Times - Friday, August 7, 2020
    Attorney General William Barr stopped his motorcade to personally thank a group of pro-police demonstrators in Virginia Thursday night.

    “That time you’re driving in Virginia and the Attorney General spots a group of people in front of a police precinct showing their support for the police,” Mr. Barr’s spokeswoman, Kerri Kupec, tweeted.

    According to Ms. Kupec, the attorney general asked his federal protective detail to make a U-turn so he could jump out of his vehicle and thank the demonstrators.

    Ms. Kupec included a video that showed Mr. Barr doing a few elbow bumps with the protesters, posing for photos and telling them to “keep up the good work.”

    Some of the demonstrators carried “Back the Blue” signs and the Thin Blue Line flag.

    “This is awesome!” one of the demonstrators exclaimed in the video.

    “You did wonderful on your testimony,” a woman holding an American flag told the attorney general. “It was spectacular, I thought.”

    Mr. Barr testified last month before the House Judiciary Committee on a range of matters involving the Justice Department, including the federal response to the Defund the Police riots in Portland.

    Kerri Kupec DOJ
    That time you’re driving in Virginia and the Attorney General spots a group of people in front of a police precinct showing their support for the police.

    AG to FBI Detail: “Can we make a quick U-Turn? I want to jump out and thank those people.”

    Watch! #SoundOn 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


    I applaud AG Barr for doing this.

  108. Not sure who to attribute this to. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results."

  109. I just deleted a dozen more. It's sad and pathetic that this poor sick guy has to post literally dozens of comments to a blog that deletes them without even reading them. How sad. The only friends you have are apparently total strangers who view you with absolute contempt, but you keep sending them dozens of messages every day.

    Pretty much the definition of a stalker, isn't it?

  110. Looks like Susan Rice is gaining traction to be hidin binen's VP pick. Which is good for us, because there is a ton of footage of her lying on talk shows. A ton. And well documented, long exposed lies. The big one of course Benghazi, but plenty more. She was the appointed public liar for the Marxist from Kenya.

  111. I can just hear the troll now.... as he's on his hands and knees begging and pleading.... blubbering his pleas to have his comments published.

    Well troll.... you don't have a snowball's chance in hell of seeing your comments published on here.

    But keep trying - I guess you don't have enough bumps on the head from hitting your head against a wall.

  112. Your comment is more timely than you'll ever know, Rikki.

    I've been deleting his comments all day long.

    The only thing I can figure is he thinks he's being annoying or something.

    Truth is watching him him slowly lose his mind is giving me great pleasure.

  113. Trump signs executive order allowing $400-per-week unemployment payments

    President Trump signed four executive orders Saturday aimed at delivering relief to Americans struggling with the economic fallout of the coronavirus while accusing Democrats of stonewalling greater aid. Trump announced a $400-per-week supplemental unemployment payment to out-of-work Americans -- short of the $600 weekly benefit that expired in the end of July. He unveiled a payroll tax holiday to Americans earning less than $100,000 through the end of the year, an extension of student loan relief to the end of the year and protections from evictions. I am not happy with that, but who am I?

  114. I just deleted like a dozen more. What the hell is the deal with this guy? I think if I was posting to a blog that deleted my comments without even reading them every single time I might give up and stop. But not this guy. He just keeps posting, and we keep deleting. It would be funny, but I think it's a cry for help. Please Troll. Get the mental help you need. The people who have to put up with you will appreciate it. I'm sure they are just as sick of your weird and frankly disturbing behavior as we are.

  115. Trump just bitch slapped pee-losey like a boss. She probably spit out her false teeth when she heard that. I bet she'll be polishing off a whole bunch of wine and opioids tonight.

    This guy is playing at a level these dem/com morons can't even fathom.

    My hope is now they'll sue him to try to stop his exec order. That would just be the icing on the cake, wouldn't it? Those commercials will write themselves. Come on now dem/coms. You know you want to sue him. Just do it.

  116. Liberal, why do you need more bullets than your gun will hold?

    Me, For the same reason I don't buy toilet paper by the square when shit 💩happens I want to be prepared.

  117. Good Morning :)

    yes, it' too early for me to be up, but wanted to say good morning anyways.

  118. Nothing like a good morning and a ice cold Beer mixed with a V8...And a storm right over us. May not have mow the yard.. Doesn't get any better.

  119. Good grief. I'm deleting dozens of troll posts a day. I don't know how many Ben deletes but probably the same.

    This poor weirdo so seeks your attention he is willing to embarrass himself every day by posting comments nobody reads. Sad, but this is the result of a life of drug abuse and isolation, no doubt. Poor guy. He's down to begging to be listened to.

    Still not letting him through. He may beg, but no dice. He's still nothing but a commie rat bastard troll.

  120. Just remember troll, these people you so despise and hold yourself superior to are laughing at you, not with you. And these folks are obviously your mental superiors because they aren't posting dozens of comments that never get seen to a blog that rejects them. Each and every one of their comments gets voiced.

  121. And in real news, our President decides to bypass the democrat/communists in congress and give the American people some of the relief they so desperately need. The damn dirty dems have blocked every attempt to bring relief to the suffering they have imposed on America so our President fixed it.

    And in the most brilliant political move of the year, the dem/coms are condemning his order, lying about it and threatening to sue. If they were deliberately wanted to lose the election, they couldn't find a better way.

    Please Nancy Pee-loosey. Sue him. Right away. Stop the relief. Make people suffer. You're doing the President's campaign work for him. This is so much an example of the stupidity of the democrat/communist party. What a sad bunch of losers. But this one....this is golden.