Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Getting There

Cool, another brave soul . Mr. Ice, thank you. Just so everyone knows, Iceman is a friend of mine from work. He dresses funny but he's a good guy.
Why is it that no one else wants to talk about this? It's the same on our local talk radio show. Jim Cates has been pushing this issue for the last week. There have been a few scattered calls. But for the most part there is silence. I think the Ice Guy hit it on the head.
Just to let you know. Linda and I just got back from Colorado. We donated to Colorado's economy by spending two days in Cripple Creek. Tuesday on the way home we stopped by Lone Duck campground to say hi to our friends Steve and Lisa. They own the place. This is this first time in ten years we haven't hauled our trailer out there. It was so good to see them. I met a really cool guy in Manitou. We stopped by one of those places that sell the bears that are carved out of a lof with a chainsaw. He did the work himself. We had a good talk about vetrans and the war in Iraq. It's funny that we can be 525 miles from home and have the exact same conversation with someone I just met as I would have back home.
We stopped by Frank and Ruthie's Tuesday afternoon. Linda cracked me up on the way to their house. She wanted to stop by Burger King. After all these years, she still doesn't understand my family. I assured her Ruthie would feed us. Sure enough, within two minutes they had both emptied the fridge. They set up a virtual buffet of sandwich fixings, canalope, watermelon, steawberry Jello, and a pumpkin cake. How cool was that?
Both are looking good, but I think Ruthie is lonely. Give her a call if you get a chance.

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