Thursday, August 28, 2008

An exaggeration? Maybe, for now anyway...


  1. hey kevin! i just wanted to stop by to see if you still bothered with your pathetic little blog here.
    i guess i got my answer. LOL

    on a quick scan, i am laughing my fuckin' ass off at all the attacks on obama! that's so typical of you whackjobs when you have nothing profound or inspiring to say about anyone you support.

    mr. jiggles.

  2. Don't worry Kevin, Mr Jiggles is just wanting the government to take care of him because he can't do it himself.

  3. Wow,
    mr.jiggles, I am impressed that petridish experiments can evolve from tree samples that are cultivated from the socialist bacteria that is becoming the modern black plague, can you not bring more to the table than hollow jabber, " we are a nation of whiners" WOW Graham was right on
    that statement.

  4. Ah, you guys just misunderstand my old buddy jig.
    He's just frusrtated because the liberal utpoia he's been longing for has just been destroyed...