Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kool-Aid Drinkers

Hey Obama supporters, the warehouse just called and asked me to let you know the truckload of “Hope” flavored Kool-Aid you ordered just arrived.
Yeah I know, that was a cheap shot and I’m sure it probably offended someone out there. Maybe some of you even believe I should apologize for it. I’ll tell you right now, that’s not going to happen.
Tell me, do any of you on the left worry about offending me? I‘ll go ahead and answer that. No, it doesn‘t bother you a bit. In fact, that’s what you do best. Do you worry about offending me when you make fun of and mock John McCain because of the way he holds a microphone? Do you worry about offending me when you make fun of him because he can’t raise his arms as far as most people or because he has trouble using a computer. No, you‘re okay with that. Do you worry about it when anonymous bloggers on the left continually use stupid catch phrases like John McSame and Sarah “Pagina“? No, personal attacks are your speciality. Did it bother you when these same anonymous bloggers started the rumors that Sarah Palin’s new born baby was really her daughter’s baby? How about the t-shirts that are going around proudly proclaiming that Sarah Palin is a bitch? Did that bother you? No, people have the right to say what they want, right? I’m sure the latest one’s calling her a “C-word“, you know the word I’m talking about. It rhymes with hunt, bunt, punt, runt, take your pick. You haven’t spoken out against it, so I’m assuming you’re okay with that one too. Whatever.
It cracks me up to listen to you go after Sarah Palin over the made up scandal now being called “TrooperGate.” You call it the worst abuse of power you’ve ever seen. And because of this alone, you claim she’s unfit to serve her country. But let someone question the Messiah (Obama) about his associations with people like Bill Ayers, the admitted terrorist, who’s living room Obama launched his political career from and you call them a liar. You won’t even entertain the possibility that your guy’s anything less than perfect.
If someone has the nerve to ask why Obama would stay in a hate-filled, racist church led by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright for twenty years and all hell breaks lose. He claims he and his wife attended church there two or three times a month and wants you to believe he never once heard any of the racist comments we all listened to a few months ago and you swallowed those lies hook, line, and sinker. Besides, he quit the church right? Yeah, he quit it alright but not until he figured out it was an issue that could damage him politically. Yeah, he’s really looking out for you alright.
It’s laughable to hear you guys whine that Sarah Palin doesn’t have enough experience to be a “heartbeat” from the Presidency. Sorry, but you’re the one’s who made it perfectly clear that experience doesn’t matter when you decided to jump on a “community organizer’s” bandwagon as the guy that’s going to save us all.
Explain this if you will. If Obama was such an accomplished community organizer, why is the Southside of Chicago still one of the most dangerous places of any city in America? Why is it that armed robberies, drugs, gangs, and drive by shootings are the rule of the day rather than the exception? Maybe they just didn’t understand his massage of hope as well as you do.
No, I don’t care whether you believe anything I’ve written here today or not. Check it out for yourself. All I really wanted to do was to let you know your Kool-Aid’s in. Drink up.
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  1. Hey Kevin .. Myrn here, another Internet blogger.

    Keep it up my friend ...

    I was asked to be the master of ceromonies for Sonny last week.

    Check out my public blog and reply in kind if you so desire.

  2. Thanks for stopping by today Myron. And just so you know, I do stop by your blog from time to time.